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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

14August - iGoogle

INVERNESS, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 22: Scottish Nat...INVERNESS, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 22: Scottish National Party Leader and Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, addresses he 77th annual Scottish National Party conference at the Eden Court Theatre on October 22, 2011 in Inverness, Scotland. Alex Salmond called for independence as he addressed the party's first conference since its landslide election victory in May's Scottish elections. The SNP are set to have a referendum on independence towards the end of the five year term in government. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)


Germany will have to deploy a range of technologies and strategies to protect its grid from a continuing power supply overhaul, after shutting a swathe of its nuclear fleet and with a rapid rise in renewable power. The country last year closed the ...
Environmental Leader
As the current centralized model of power generation, transmission, and distribution grows ever more costly, the use of renewabledistributed energy generation sources such as distributed solar photovoltaics, small wind power and stationary fuel cells ...
The Market Oracle
We were fortunate enough to have some time with Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond where we discussed a broad range of topics from Scotland's ambitiousrenewable energy targets and North Sea oil & gas to Scottish independence and Donald Trump.
Energy Collective
The U.S. currently has a mandate called the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) that requires consumption of 15.2 billion gallons of renewable fuel. While there is no specific requirement that corn be used – in fact, there is a cap that a maximum of 13.2 ...
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ScienceIndex.com is a Biotechnology and EcologySciences Social Network established in 1998 to index the very latest news, headlines, references and resources from science journals, books and websites worldwide. The site covers news in all fields of ...
"In this particular case we didn't see anything in their application that suggested to us that a waiver was appropriate," said Larry Altose, a Department of Ecologyspokesman. "The ball is on their side of the net and we hope that it will be returned ...
CO2 Science Magazine
And they therefore logically add that "their relevance to long-term exposure in the field and the potential for ecological or evolutionary adjustment are uncertain." What was done. In a study that they designed to resolve some of the uncertainties ...
Post independence yatri rush caused a lot of adverse effect onecology of the Gangotri area.. As per survey conducted by NASA, in conjunction with Scientists from United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the National Snow Ice Data Center (NSIDC) this ...
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Yes, just hours after photos of her suffering a wardrobe malfunction at Raging Waters in San Dimas, California, began making the rounds (Napoleon was probably too busy on the water slide to notice), Perry took to her Twitter account to address the ...
Huffington Post
The United States is the third largest exporter of water in the world -- a wild thought against the backdrop of a national drought. That's because every "thing" we export has a water component built into its production: a specific volume of water ...
KNSD - Vandals damaged an iconic lily pond in front of San Diego, California's Botanical Building over the weekend, according to Balboa Park officials. A midnightwater gun fight, with an estimated 1500 to 2000 people taking part, is believed to have ...
United Utilities Group Plc (UU/), the U.K.'s largest publicly tradedwater company, rallied as much as 18 percent today to a four-year high following a report that the utility may be the subject of an overseas breakup bid. United Utilities was 7.6 ...
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All Things Considered - NPR
Favored In GOP Senate Primary, Linda McMahon Faces Critics Left And Right

American Water Intelligence
Carbon Forum North America 2012
Promoted in Energy Efficiency section:  0 Mon... 

  • Neanderthal breeding idea doubted
    A new study casts doubt on the finding from recent genome studies that modern humans and Neanderthals interbred.
  • Hypersonic jet aims to hit Mach 6
    Hypersonic jet WaveRider is to undergo a test flight aiming to reach Mach 6 - more than 4,300 mph - above the Pacific Ocean.
  • Giant python caught in Florida
    The biggest Burmese python ever caught in the wild in Florida has been captured in the Everglades, US scientists say.
  • Rover makes detailed crater image
    Nasa has released the first high-resolution colour mosaic from its Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars.
  • Fukushima butterflies 'abnormal'
    Exposure to radioactive material released into the environment has caused mutations in butterflies found in Japan, a study suggests.
  • Arctic sea ice 'melting faster'
    Arctic sea ice is vanishing much faster than generally expected, according to preliminary data from the Cryosat spacecraft.
Why 4K TVs are stupid (still)

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Crime and Declining Unionization

Blog of Rights - ACLU
States to Young Voters: We Don’t Want a Repeat of ‘08

Is Ryan for or against Ayn Rand?
Paul Ryan's interest in the novelist Ayn Rand may put him at odds with the Christian right and the Roman Catholic Church, says Gary Weiss 
Ryan in college

Center for Climate and Energy
Carbon Forum North America 2012
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Circle of Blue water news
Oregon Congressman Proposes Clean Water Trust Fund

Simon Kelner: PM should look to the BoJo effect – and take notes

Common Dreams
Splendid Planet Earth

Daily Bell
VIDEO: IMF Launches Old-Fashioned Propaganda on YouTube

Democracy Now!
Sharif Abdel Kouddous on Zabadani, a Syrian Town Under Siege with No End in Sight


Monster Python Caught in Everglades: DNews Nugget

The record-setting python was over 17.5 feet long and was carrying 87 eggs. 
'Sex in the City' Icon Dies at 90: DNews Nugget

EPA Radiation News
EPA to Hold Citizen Science Workshops in New York and New Jersey; June 19 in New York City and June 20 in Edison, New Jersey

EPA Water Science
2012 Beach Grants

Food and Water Watch
A Texas City Resorts to Building a Water Reclamation Plant; Meanwhile, Oil and Gas Companies Get a Free Pass to Groundwater

food consumer
Diabetes mellitus ups sudden cardiac death risk in myocardial infarction survivors

Let New Haven Family Keep Their Pet Rabbit

FreakOut Nation
The underwhelming Ryan: The past 7 elections, only Cheney & Quayle rated lower when it came to their impact on the vote

BERGERON ATTACKS: State Rep. Erich Ponti Feted By Utility Companies At Alabama Retreat

Inside Facebook
Facebook gives developers new setting to publish more prominent stories from Open Graph apps

Give Your Old, Slow, Overheating Laptop New Life and an Extreme Makeover [Laptops]

Lobe Log
Should the United States Rethink Sanctions Against Iran?

Cut This Ad! Clinton COS on Ryan: 'This Guy is Amazing.' (William Kristol/Weekly Standard)

Steve Munro
CLRVs Visit Boston

Reach For The Fries? Apple Slices Recalled For Possible Listeria Contamination

12-091: NRC, FEMA Seek Public Input in Updating Emergency Preparedness Guidance Meeting Aug. 22 in Kansas City, MO.

New Scientist
Highlights from August 4 to August 10

News 24
Spies blow for Springboks
The Springboks have received a blow with No 8 Pierre Spies ruled out of the entire Rugby Championship due to injury. 
3 dead in violent Cape service protests

Obama Conspiracy Theories

Open Channel
Rossen Reports: The backyard danger beneath your feet
Outdoor decks are collapsing and every summer, more people are being hurt. NBC's Jeff Rossen investigates these accidents and offers ways to... 
Mormon church earns $7 billion a year from tithing, analysis indicates

Open Secrets
Super PACs Utilize Secretive Nonprofits to Hide Funding in Pennsylvania, Utah

When Sonia Gandhi Lost Her Cool

LGBT Group protest anal exams on suspected Lebanese homosexuals

Payvand Iran news
First foreign aid shipments arrive in Iran

Pesticide Action Network
Big 6 pesticide corps want your vote

Philippines News
Another Storm Threatens Philippines

Political MoJo | Mother Jones
Obama Has Attended, On Average, One Fundraiser Every 60 Hours While Running for Reelection

Politics Security Secrecy
South Africa: Mbeki's Toughest Eight Days | panafrican

Psychology Today
Highlights from August 4 to August 10

Universities report boom for sciences

Science Daily
Feedback can have a negative impact on performance

Scientific American
Oregon Breakthrough in Generating Electricity from Wastewater

Shaleshock Media
2/2 Protest and Shutdown of Schlumberger Frack Facility

Star Online
Jobless plane pilots asked to consider flying helicopters

County will cash in on its parking lots during F1 race

In Short: Gotye crowdsources a remix, scientists near a blood test for cancer

Indian ISP Penalized For 'Overblocking' In Obeying Court Order To Try To Stop Infringement
Anonymous CowardAug 14th, 2012 @ 8:06am
'this highlights some of the many problems that occur when you give copyright holders the power to order outright censorship'

it shows how (being kind here) uninformed the courts and specifically, judges are when it comes to dealing with copyright and supposed infringement. it also shows for the 10 millionth time what a complete bunch of lying arseholes the various entertainment industries are, regardless of in which country and what lengths they will go to to achieve their overall aim of total control of the Internet. when they can say, through the lies and bribes they put out, who can up what to the internet and who then can access it and download it, then they will be happy. when governments can prevent all people from doing anything on the 'net except booking holidays, paying bills, checking bank accounts, buying items or services (whilst still paying store prices so tax levels remain high!) and reading/sending e-mails (that are constantly read in case of terrorist or subversive activities!), then they will be happy! and all in order to say 'fuck the people'! we're in charge!
Citations & Sarcasm: How Gizmodo Got A Defamation Lawsuit SLAPPed Down

This Week in Science
UN Coordination

Egyptian court sentences 14 to death for Sinai attacks
An Egyptian court Tuesday sentenced 14 Islamists to death after finding them guilty of attacks last year on a police station and bank in the Sinai... 
Azerbaijan interested in building refineries in foreign countries

USA Today
As Syrian rebels advance, intervention holds promise

Unexplained Mysteries

New insect species discovered on Flickr

Web MD
New Drug for Diabetes-Related Vision Loss
The FDA has approved using the drug Lucentis to treat diabetic macular edema, a common, vision-threatening complication of diabetes. 
White House

It is difficult to imagine a more constricted federal role in health care, or a more stark confirmation of the government's intent to take an entirely hands-off approach to health care in Canada. But as sketched by federal Health Minister Leona ...

VANCOUVER—A new study has concluded Vancouver's young users can find the illicit drug they're looking for in about 10 minutes on the street. Dr. Evan Wood, who helped lead the study conducted by the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV AIDS, ...

TORONTO -- A new study suggests that low-income Ontarians with diabetes have a 51 per cent higher risk of dying than their wealthier counterparts. Research from the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences and St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto found ...

A Health Canada warning aimed at health-care facilities says three people have died and nine have been injured since 2009 after becoming trapped in hospital beds. The warning, issued Monday, says there have been 12 reported incidents of patients ...

TORONTO -- A commonly prescribed antibiotic appears to increase the risk of severe liver damage in some older patients, researchers say. Levofloxacin is often prescribed to treat respiratory and sinus infections, as is another drug in the same class, ...

A research from Western University in London, ON, has come out against eggs. Those delicious and, so we thought, healthy breakfast pieces of protein and carbs are apparently almost as bad for your arteries as smoking, he says.

TORONTO -- Children are far more likely to pick a healthier fast-food meal when promotional toys are offered only with those menu options and not with less nutritional fare like burgers, fries and a pop, a study has found. Canadian researchers set out ...

For the world's athletes, months of sweat and sacrifice come to a head in a few short moments 

CBC.ca - all 84 related »

Republican ticket faces growing pains, Dems attack - Businessweek

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