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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

29 August - My Feedly

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 11:  A free Wi-Fi hotspot ...NEW YORK, NY - JULY 11: A free Wi-Fi hotspot beams broadband internet from atop a public phone booth on July 11, 2012 in Manhattan, New York City. New York City launched a pilot program Wednesday to provide free public Wi-Fi at public phone booths around the five boroughs. The first ten booths were lit up with Wi-Fi routers attached to the top of existing phone booths, with six booths in Manhattan, two in Brooklyn, and one in Queens. Additional locations, including ones in the Bronx and Staten Island, are to be added soon. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
English: The logo for Apple Computer, now Appl...English: The logo for Apple Computer, now Apple Inc.. The design of the logo started in 1977 designed by Rob Janoff with the rainbow color theme used until 1999 when Apple stopped using the rainbow color theme and used a few different color themes for the same design. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Low-Calorie Diet Doesn’t Prolong Life, Study of Monkeys Finds
In a long-running study, rhesus monkeys whose caloric intake was restricted by 30 percent didn’t live any longer than their normal-weight peers.
Women Employed by Vito J. Lopez Describe Sexually Hostile Office
Five women who once worked for Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez described in interviews an atmosphere of sexual pressure in his office, suggesting a longstanding pattern.
Apple to Upgrade AirPlay to Allow Wireless Streaming Without Wi-Fi?
Apple is planning an improvement to its AirPlay audio and video streaming technology, according to a report from The Telegraph. The new AirPlay system would allow streaming devices like the iPhone or iPad to directly send content to a set of speakers or other receiver without a Wi-Fi network. The Telegraph expects 'AirPlay Direct' to be announced on September 12, together with the next-generation iPhone. Sources familiar with the iPhone-maker’s plans said that Apple wants to improve the AirPlay wireless music streaming technology, which currently requires Airplay speakers and a WiFi network.


Lens attachment accessory Olloclip launches spiffy new white edition for iPhone 4 and 4S
One of my favorite iPhone accessories, the clip-on lens kit Olloclip, just got a spiffy new white version that should match up with your lighter shade of iPhone nicely. The Olloclip, if you’re unfamiliar, is a clip that attaches to the corner of your iPhone and allows you to shoot through a macro, wide-angle or fisheye attachment. As a heavy iPhoneographer, I’ve found the thing to be pretty much i
Reddit has its biggest day ever thanks to President Obama's AMA
President Barack Obama showed up on Reddit today for an unannounced Ask Me Anything session at around 4PM. The post set a record for Reddit, with more than 200,000 concurrent visitors during the iAMA. That makes today Reddit's biggest day ever, general manager Erik Martin told The Verge over Gchat. "Chaos here," he said. "Reddit" and "Barack Obama" quickly broke into Twitter's trending
I Am A President -- Obamamania Shuts Down Reddit
In another social-media first, President Barack Obama took to Reddit today to become the first sitting head of state to moderate the site's "AMA," or, ask me anything, series.  The chat lasted an hour, and got so much attention that it shut the site down during his post.  Redditers pitched softballs and hard alike, but the fact that the leader of the Free World partic
President Barack Obama Joins Reddit, Does An AMA
U.S. President Barack Obama is making an unscheduled appearance on Reddit today. Just a few minutes ago, Obama joined Reddit and is scheduled to host an AMA (Reddit slang for “ask me anything”) session starting at 4:30pm ET. Reddit’s moderators have confirmed that this is indeed legit and the questions from Reddit’s users are already coming in at a rapid pace. Obama is scheduled to answer question


Commissioning Work: Micklish Part 3
After what worked out to be a little over a month, the Belomo sideboard was ready for delivery. Last time I saw it was a week prior when all the components were made and legs welded. Waiting those nail biting 7 days was nerve racking. I have the nails to prove it. What if I don’t like it? What if it doesn’t look right in my space? Why the hell am I so pessimistic? Curtis has given me no indication
Magnificent Underwater Photography
I'm terrified of places where I might get vulnerable and exposed to its dangers. My best guess is that underwater I might get devoured by a giant shark or dragged to the bottom of ocean by something with tentacles. But seeing these underwater pictures make my thoughts get lighter and even merrier. These are some magnificent photographs by some really talented photographers that took the time to ta
Paralympic design: Nike Spike Pad for Oscar Pistorius
The London 2012 Paralympics begin tonight and over the coming days we’ll be featuring a selection of cutting-edge sportswear designed for the competing athletes, starting with the Nike Spike Pad as worn by “Blade Runner” Oscar Pistorius. (more…)
30 Inspiring Front Door Designs Hinting Towards a Happy Home
The front door can be considered a great opportunity for personal expression, not to mention the ultimate way to grab the attention of everyone in the neighborhood (if this is what you are after). The main entrance to any home can reveal much about the house and its inhabitants, so why not make the best of it? In today’s post, we gathered 30 inspiring front door designs helping you improvise and


Google's Brin Gives Los Altos a Lift
Google Inc. co-founder Sergey Brin has quietly become a power broker in this Silicon Valley city, in a bid to beautify and transform its sleepy downtown. Mr. Brin, who lives in nearby Los Altos Hills, which doesn’t have a downtown but shares a border with downtown Los Altos, is bankrolling a real-estate investment firm that has bought local properties, renovated them and attracted new tenants, acc
Project Management for Profit: Manage Risk and Uncertainty for Success
The profitability of many businesses hinges on how well they manage projects. Yet often companies and managers lack good systems that provide up-to-date information about the budget and schedule of critical projects. In this webinar, Joe Knight shares his firm's easy-to-implement project-management system, which has been refined in the field for almost two decades. View webinar: A conversation
ATA Trucking index unchanged in July
From ATA: ATA Truck Tonnage was Unchanged in July The American Trucking Associations’ advanced seasonally adjusted (SA) For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index was unchanged in July after increasing 1.1% in June. (June’s gain was slightly smaller than the 1.2% increase ATA reported on July 25.) In July, the SA index stayed at 118.8 (2000=100). Compared with July 2011, the SA index was 4.1% higher, which was
Apple paying up to $345 for your 4S ahead of iPhone 5 launch
All signs are pointing toward a new iPhone. Apple is now offering up to $345 for your iPhone 4S, in return for a gift certificate to an Apple store, according to The Next Web. The deal works like most buy-back programs. You fill out a questionnaire about your phone, the condition it is in, what model it is, how many GB it holds, and then a computer program will give you a quote on its estimated w


Back to School with Nash's Best Carrots!
Did you know that all carrots are not created equal? We learned this elementary lesson in my little kitchen about twelve years ago. My son was only about two years old at the time, and I happened to buy a BIG twenty-five pound bag of juicing carrots at PCC. My favorite produce guy touted them as very very good. When I peeled one of those carrots and handed it to my son, his eyes kind of lit up.
Embracing our beauty
Redheads have to be careful what colors we wear, as things can quickly get clashy. In a million years, I would a) never have expected to wear a red dress, b) never have expected to wear THIS red dress, c) never ever have thought I would post a photo of myself on the Internet in [...]
Coconut Corn Salad
We ventured out of San Francisco last week for a quick, mid-week, two-night camping trip - and this was the last thing I cooked before leaving. Five ears of corn, shaved in quick fashion, then sautéed in a bit of butter. I tricked it out with thyme, red onions, toasted almonds and coconut. And, come to think of it, that might have been the last time I ate a proper meal (kidding!). We got to o
Baked Cucumbers with Pink Turnips
If Julia Child hadn't died in her California retirement home in 2004, she would have turned one hundred this August. Learning this made me realize that she was just a few months younger than my own grandmother, who turned a century old last fall, and passed away in the spring. Looking at Child's biography, it seems the two lived in Paris during some of the same years, and because my grandmother


image notes: after 12 years, i’ve finally given up the idea of learning to play the guitar. i’ve played all 88 keys of the piano since i was 18 and in my mind nothing can come close to bringing me the satisfaction and pleasure i find when i’m lost in a piece of music. i was going to sell this martin guitar, but have loaned it to our oldest son, john who expressed an interest in learning to play. h
Distillery People and Clouds
Distillery District.
The View from the Contemporary Resort
Disney Fireworks Which of the Disney firework shows are your favorite? They have one at all the parks except Animal Kingdom (I think). I’ve seen and photographed them all many times… Daily Photo – The View from the Contemporary Resort After I got off the cruise, we spent a few nights in Disneyworld. I had not stayed in the Contemporary since I was a little boy, so it was kind of fun to be back
The Aurora Borealis - Iceland by Gunnar Gestur Geirmundsson
The Aurora Borealis - Iceland by Gunnar Gestur Geirmundsson Gunnar Gestur Geirmundsson: Photos · Blog


Because Somebody Must Have Asked for It: Michael Keaton Will Play Villain in ‘RoboCop’
Were you thinking that you weren’t going to check out Jose Padilha‘s remake of Paul Verhoeven’s RoboCop because a) remakes turn you off or b) this year’s Total Recall remake was so bad or c) you don’t like that Joel Kinnaman character (tangentially, you might also not like The Killing or even Snabba Cash)? Well, guess what, your reasons for derision no longer have any basis, because the film has
10 Years of Venice Film Critics Week
MUBI and the Venice Film Festival bring you a new collaboration. Venice International Film Critics Week, now in its 27th edition, has long been an exciting and diverse independent section at the Venice Film Festival. MUBI is proud to present a special retrospective celebrating a decade of Critics Week, running now through October 8th. Pictured above is one of the highlights, Year of the Nail, t
Check Out Some Great Art from Gallery 1988's 'Step Brothers' Show
In the four years since Step Brothers was released, it's been pretty clear that people either loved or hated that nonsensical comedy about step-sibling rivalry. And those who love the film, really love the film. Some of those hardcore fans are teaming up for a new art exhibition from Gallery 1988 paying tribute to Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly as Brennan Huff and Dale Doback in Adam McKay's rid
Aubrey Plaza and Donald Glover in Red Band 'The To-Do List' Trailer
Actress Aubrey Plaza is already getting a lot of praise this year for some great work in the indie comedy Safety Not Guaranteed (my favorite film from the Sundance Film Festival this year, which will likely make my Top 10 for the end of 2012 as well). Now it looks like she's keeping the laughs coming in a promising new comedy called The To-Do List marking the feature film writing and directorial


Scanner cart from Molger
Materials: Molger cart, tools, "L" brackets Description: I needed a cart for my flatbed scanner that would give adequate ventilation and a lower work surface than a standard table. The Molger cart was "almost there", with slatted shelves and locking wheels. However, the railing/handle around the top presented a problem. I cut off the extensions that would have held the handle in place and ass
The Simple Styling Trick that Instantly Makes Any Room Look Neater
A few weeks ago I was at a friend's house when the doorbell rang. She wasn't expecting anyone until she opened the door and remembered. It was the photographer from AirBnB, and he was there to take pictures of her space to post on the website. We had, literally, 5 minutes while he unpacked his equipment to take her home from chaos to calm. I pulled out my favorite trick and went to work. Mor
Painter’s Tape DIY Contest: Winners Announced!
We’re busy soaking up the last days of summer, but we wanted to take a small break from our summer break to announce the winners of the Painter’s Tape DIY Contest! It was an awesome competition, and we were so impressed with the level of creativity and inventiveness that people used to transform this simple material. We’re excited to share full tutorials for a few of the projects in upcoming week
Natalie and Kevin's Perfect Parkdale Perch — House Tour
Name: Natalie and KevinLocation: Parkdale, Toronto, CanadaSize: Approx. 1500 square feetYears lived in: 9 months; Rented When searching for a new place to call home, Natalie and Kevin never dreamed they could find such a spacious, bright, and charming place within their budget in the city. Nine months after moving in, Natalie is still pinching herself. While the bones of their two story apart

visual design

The best interface is no interface
“Atmadm.” Getting our work done was an alphabet soup nightmare. “chkntfs.” “dir.” (Source: vintagecomputer.net) Then, in 1984, Apple adopted Xerox PARC’s WIMP — window, icon, menu, pointer — and took us a galactic leap forward away from those horrifying command lines of DOS, and into a world of graphical user interfaces. Apple’s Lisa. (Source: Guidebook Gallery) We were converted. And a
Window Display for Issey Miyake by Drawing and Manual
Created by Tokyo based collective “Drawing and Manual”, this custom made window display uses traditional split-flap mechanics to communicate Issey Miyake brand to passers-by.�Continue reading.... Window Display for Issey Miyake by Drawing and Manual
Beyond Wireframing: The Real-Life UX Design Process // The Roots of User-Centered Design
   We all know basic tenets of user-centered design. We recognize different research methods, the prototyping stage, as well as the process of documenting techniques in our rich methodological environment. The question you probably often ask yourself, though, is how it all works in practice? What do real-life UX design processes actually look alike? Do we have time for eve
Create a Rewarding UI for Your Admins
There is no lack of emphasis on the importance of taking a front-end user's experience into account when designing and building a successful website, but often the needs of site administrators and contributors aren't given the thought they deserve. A usable, well thought-out admin experience can often make or a break a website. After all, if site admins can't accomplish day-to-day maintenance and


Physics as a geographic map
The fictional map of physics by Bernard H. Porter in 1939 reads: Containing a brief historical outline of the subject as well be of interest to physicists, students, and laymen at large. Also giving description of the land of physics as sen by the daring souls who venture there and more particularly the location of villages (named after pioneer physicists) as found by the many rivers. Also the dat
Explore the Words Spoken at the Republican Convention
At the Republican Convention, the Words Being Used [nytimes.com] is an interactive word cloud map that visualizes how frequently speakers at the Republican National Convention have used specific words and phrases. The data is continuously updated based on an analysis of transcripts from the Federal News Service. Readers can add unique words or phrases and change the visualization accordingly. T
Long-exposure fireworks photos
Photographer David Johnson took long-exposure shots of fireworks. Fireworks already leave trails when they go off, the long-exposure versions create a spiky ball effect. Pretty. [via]
The Internet Map: Revealing the Hidden Structure of the Network
The Internet Map [internet-map.net] encompasses over 350,000 websites based in 196 countries, which are clustered according to about 2 million mutual links between them. Developed by a small team of seemingly (Singapore based?) Russian enthusiasts, the interactive Internet map is an "attempt to look into the hidden structure of the network, fathom its colossal scale, and examine that which is imp


  Recently 3M (Scotch Tape) asked me to collaborate on REALLY cool project--combining my love of vintage clothing and thrift store shopping with their product--Duct tape!  What an incredible idea!  Duct tape is no longer just silver, 3M (Scotch) makes duct tape in every color imaginable, prints as well.  You can get it at Target! Check out their selection and other DIY projects. I chose t
Blake Lively Carries the Burberry Orchard Bag
Blake Lively was back at work on the Gossip Girl set yesterday, rocking a head-to-toe berry look that's so on trend for Autumn/Winter 2012 (would you expect anything less from Serena?). Along with printed jeans, suede knee-high boots a low-cut camisole and a statement necklace, Blake carried Burberry's Orchard handbag. The striped tote appeared in the AW12 collection.Shop Now: The Burberry Orchard
Jackson lookbookPh: Zoey Grossman, Styling: Ashley Glorioso, Hair & Make-up: Stacey Tan, Model: TKvia Purse 'n boots Oh man the things I would do to get my hands on one of them leather jackets...FACEBOOK | TWITTER | BLOGLOVIN | INSTAGRAM | PINTEREST
"Asian is so hot right now"
When Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler summed up their A/W 12-3 collection by saying "It's Asian but in a New York way", I had visions of girls running around downtown (or indeed uptown at Proenza Schouler's impending new store on Madison Avenue) scrabbling around and figuring out ways how to "do" an Asian look.  I'm of course deflecting.  Make no mistake that de


Q&A: Leonard J. Paul on Retro City Chiptunes and Vessel Audio
Presenting on sound design for Vessel at GDC 2012 Leonard J. Paul is the lead composer on Vblank Entertainment's Retro City Rampage chiptune score and has designed and implemented the dynamic audio found in Strange Loop Games' Vessel. He will be performing at a pre-PAX showcase in Seattle on August 30 and speaking at the Gamercamp festival in Toronto this November. We caught up with the audio
Review: Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG that actually respects your time
Meet the first world boss we encountered. About 30 adventurers showed up to help kill the Shadow Behemoth and its football field-sized wingspan. ArenaNet Guild Wars 2's land of Tyria is an often stunningly beautiful place. It's the kind of world that inspires intellectual gamers to wax poetic about the potential of the MMORPG. After all, this world that
No refunds for Iranian World of Warcraft users blocked by US embargo
Juan Pablo Olmo Iranian World of Warcraft fans have been left outraged after the US company behind the game abruptly halted access in accordance with trade sanctions and refused to offer refunds. After discovering they were unable to log on, Iran-based players began posting complaints on the Blizzard Activision forum. Days later, an employee delivered the
First two LocoCycle trailers show off gameplay, voice talent, wackiness
Twisted Pixel just released the first two trailers for its latest jam, LocoCycle, and boy howdy does it look as trademark weird as we were hoping. The game focuses on a sentient three-wheeled motorcycle named I.R.I.S. (voiced by Lisa Foiles) who is on the run from her creators and, by extension, the bike they've sent to retrieve her: S.P.I.K.E., voiced by Robert Patrick.As shown in the gameplay t


5 startups that stood out at Excelerate’s demo day
Chicago’s Excelerate Labs held its annual demo day on Wednesday, trotting out the 10 fledgling companies that underwent its intensive accelerator program this summer. At the end of that program come $50,000 grants from Chicago’s New World Ventures as well as the chance to pitch their companies for 200 angel and early-stage venture capital investors from both the Midwest and other regions of the co
Swedish Chef: What do Swedes think of him?
Slate:> If you’ve ever met a Swede, chances are you asked her the following question: “What do you think of [ABBA/Ikea/The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo/socialized medicine/the Swedish Chef]?” > > For Swedes, it’s the last of these questions—the one about the unintelligible, shotgun-wielding, and much beloved chaos Muppet—that is especially vexing.Remember the Fawlty Towers episode where Ba
Another Apple 1 Headed to Auction with $125,000 Estimate
Back in June, we noted the sale of one of only about 50 Apple 1 computers still in existence. That unit, which sold at auction for approximately $375,000, was reported to be one of just a handful of functioning Apple 1's in existence. The Daily Mail now reports that another Apple 1 is headed to the auction block in early October, but with this unit being non-functional it has been estima
Something’s Rotten, That’s for Sure
Michael Wolff, writing at The Guardian, “Apple’s rot starts with its Samsung lawsuit win”: This fierce defensiveness might be rightly understood in a psychological sense: Apple itself is based on stolen iconography. There was first the Beatle’s [sic] Apple and there was Xerox PARC’s desktop design. Apple’s self-righteousness masks its guilt. Indeed, there have been several legal skirmishes b


Google Now updated with new notification cards and team edit options
We have some excellent news this evening. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean‘s awesome Google Now feature, also known as Google Search has just received a very nifty update from Google today adding tons of awesome features. As many of you know Google Now gives weather and traffic alerts, sports scores and more all in neat and easy to read cards. Now they’ve added tons of new notification cards and the option
CyanogenMod 9.1 introduces support for custom NFC wallet system
Mobile phone-based payment solutions are the hot topic of the industry right now. Google is looking to enhance Wallet, Microsoft is introducing Wallet Hub, Apple is playing around with Passbook; PayPal, Square and ISIS are all throwing their hats into the ring. And then there’s CyanogenMod, who just added support for a custom third-party NFC based wallet app called SimplyTapp. Developed for, and i
Samsung: Jelly Bean for Galaxy S III and Galaxy Notes coming “very soon”
Good news was announced today right on stage by Samsung during their Unpacked event at IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany. They confirmed that an update should be headed to your device here “very soon” containing none other than Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. With the Galaxy Note II being announced already running Jelly Bean this update should basically be expected. Previous reports and rumors slated the off
Samsung: Android 4.1 for Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note 10.1 “very soon”
Samsung, speaking at its IFA keynote address, indicated that the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note 10.1 would receive their Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update “very soon”.  Without giving anything more, it’s most likely right around the corner.  Recent leaks and rumors have pegged the update for the devices any day now. As for the original Galaxy Note, Samsung did not mention it out loud, however it was sho

do it yourself

Data from your coffee maker turned into art
This is what your coffee looks like as it is being brewed. The three different art pieces seen above were generated based on data from different parts of a high-end coffee maker. This isn’t a bargain basement single switch drip maker (we reserve those for NES retrofits) but a top-of-the-line espresso machine. And before you cry foul we’ll warn you that the project is a marketing device for the ma
“I’m Limor Fried, and This Is How I Work”
I’m Limor Fried, and This Is How I Work. Ladyada did a fun interview today on Lifehacker! Limor Fried is an engineer best known for her work at Adafruit Industries, the company she founded in 2005. Adafruit’s goals are simple: create the best place online for learning electronics and make the best designed products for makers of all ages and skill levels. The company sells all kinds of DIY kits,
Trend of the Week: Polka Dots
We’re kicking off a new series here at Brit + Co. Seeing as we review different trends and topics in the world of tech on a weekly basis, it only makes sense that we drum up something similar for fashion. Introducing Trend of the Week!Stripes will always be awesome in their nautical by nature way, but clothing racks all over town seem to be all about polka dots. Here are 12 pieces we fell instantl
Nexus 7 Stand... OF DOOM!
So you just spent $200 or $250 on a swanky new tablet. But you forgot something, didn't you? You forgot the stand (or you spent the last of your money on the tablet without budgeting for accessories). In my case, I didn't realize how necessary a stand would be until I laid my tablet flat on my desk...By: CapraRoyaleContinue Reading »


weck-jar giveaway, how i freeze green beans in red sauce in them, and 14 more food-storage tips
SO MANY GREEN BEANS, so little time. That’s how I always feel around now: how to keep up with the glut of one of my favorite vegetables. I don’t like them canned (all olive green and overcooked!) and they can lose crunch or get ice-encrusted when blanched and frozen plain, so I put mine up in canning jars in the freezer, doused in homemade tomato sauce. Read how I freeze green beans and many more
Packing the Season into Jars: Recipe & Giveaway
It’s canning season! To get in the spirit, Margaret of A Way to Garden and I are hosting a canning extravaganza and giveaway thanks to our newest sponsor, Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply. Giveaway details can be found at the bottom of this post. Canning is joyful, fun, and creative activity, but make no mistake, it is work. I’m not sure if it is the creative impulse or the fact of the ha
Find The Data–On Plants
So here’s a new thing.  FindtheData.com is a new site dedicated to gathering data in such a way that allows side-by-side comparisons to be made. And there’s a lot of plant stuff here.  Let’s have a look, shall we? The Plants Database pulls data from USDA sources, but puts it in a format that makes it easier to search by particular characteristics or do side-by-side comparisons of plants.  Searchi
Herbaria (August 22, 2012)
This week (now catching up on last week) I’ve focussed on Zonal Geraniums (Pelargonium x hortorum). Zonals are the colorfully patterned, but stinky cousins of the wonderfully scented pelargoniums aka Scented Geraniums. I’m a scented geranium fan and always grow several each year (I will feature those soon), but I have never been into the zonals, primarily because I do not enjoy their musky odor.


Little Rock Wedding from Drew Cason Photography
Fact.  A good dose of yellow does a wedding good.  And when it comes to perfectly perfect sunshiny affairs, one needn’t look further than this darling Little Rock soiree.  From the brightly clad bridesmaids to the bundles of cheery blooms to the million and one light filled images by Drew Cason Photography, it’s a yellow-infused love-fest in every.which.way.  Care to soak in all of the HAPPY?  Joi
Handmade Oregon Wedding
Sara and Josh’s wedding shot by Anna Jaye Photography is just about the perfect blend of masculine and feminine elements — wooden details mixed with lush pink and orange floral arrangements from Lamb’s Palisades Floral. One of my personal favorite aspects of this wedding is that bride Sara allowed her personality to shine through in her reception dress, opting for a bright coral number to match he
Surprisingly Chic Venue: A Hair Salon!
Last night I went to a L'Oreal Professionnel dinner held at the glorious Ted Gibson salon in NYC (you might know him from TLC's What Not To Wear) and ...
Romantic Paris Elopement: Amanda + Chase
Always mesmerized by the elegance, charm, and seduction of France, Amanda + Chase decided it was the perfect place to get married – with their ceremony taking place at the stunning Palace De Versailles. It was a dream come true for the couple to be able to have their ceremony in the gorgeous Versailles Gardens. Once they arrived at the gardens, they knew that when they saw the right spot to recit

world news

Amazon tribe massacre alleged in Venezuela
Village of 80 people was firebombed from the air, say activists, by illegal gold miners based in neighbouring BrazilA massacre of up to 80 Yanomami Indians has taken place in the Venezuelan state of Amazonas, according to claims emerging from the region, prompting the government to send in investigators.Blame is being placed on illegal garimpeiro miners who cross the border from Brazil to prospect
Drenched New Orleans passes post-Katrina hurricane test
NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Hurricane Isaac brought widespread flooding to the U.S. Gulf Coast on Wednesday, but elaborate defenses built to protect New Orleans after it was devastated by Hurricane Katrina seven years ago seemed to pass their first major test.
University's visa licence revoked
A London university is banned from teaching and recruiting overseas students, leaving more than 2,000 undergraduates potentially facing deportation.
Soldiers strip for Prince Harry
Soldiers around the world are showing their support for Prince Harry after nude photos of him leaked.


Doomed New Orleans: Hurricane Katrina
Doomed New Orleans: Hurricane Katrina For years man-made changes to the landscape of New Orleans have affected how well it could withstand the wrath of a powerful storm. From: NationalGeographic Views: 861 35 ratings Time: 02:57 More in People & Blogs
Perks Of Being a Wallflower - A Toast To Charlie
Perks Of Being a Wallflower - A Toast To Charlie Subscribe ow.ly | Facebook ow.ly | Twitter ow.ly Release Date: 14 September 2012 Genre: Drama | Romance Cast: Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller Directors: Stephen Chbosky Writer: Stephen Chbosky Studio: Summit Pictures Plot: An introvert freshman is taken under the wings of two seniors who welcome him to the real world. From: trailers Vie
Hurricane Isaac's Impact on Oil Prices
Hurricane Isaac's Impact on Oil Prices Hurricane Isaac didn't appear to threaten Gulf of Mexico oil production, sending prices slightly lower. Jerry Dicolo reports on Markets Hub. Photo: AP From: WSJDigitalNetwork Views: 271 2 ratings Time: 03:37 More in News & Politics
Totem Poles are Stupid
Totem Poles are Stupid I'm exotic, super exotic. Subscribe to magnificent Justin Chon: www.youtube.com Intro song by Moose the COOLEST Huge Thanks: Evan Asato for co-producing NovelReel (Reynolds and Chris Ahn) novelreel.com Tiare Brown & Lo Ashford for their acting From: kevjumba Views: 650907 29556 ratings Time: 02:29 More in Comedy


Jason Smyth - Paralympian
Visually impaired sprinter Jason Smyth achieved fame at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games when he won the 100m (10.62) and 200m (21.4 3) T13 races in world record times. He fully merits his nickname of “The Fastest Paralympian on Earth”. The Derry man is based in Florida and trains with US sprint king Tyson Gay, a former world champion and owner of the second fastest 100m of all-time. Gay describe
andre70783.blogspot.ca/ andre70783@yahoo.caCast: andre avillanozaTags:
Fubiz TV 11 - Tyrsa
The new digital video Fubiz TV 11 - fubiz.tv Au sommaire cette semaine : - Samsara Teaser - Antony and the Johnsons – Cut the World - A Journey Through Iceland - Lil Buck Dance - Quiksilver - Awakens The Spirit - Interview de Tyrsa FUBIZ TV : fubiz.tv © All rights reserved Fubiz™ & Adorable StudioCast: Fubiz TVTags: fubiz, fubiz tv, tyrsa, typography, design, lil buck, dance and samsar
The pleasure of
...simple things of everyday life. shot with 7d/ lens f 1.4 24mm canon some shots with iPhone 4S sound Rode svm, zoom h4, micro on camera underwater shots with dicapac edit in premiere pro color correction in adobe pro (music sample > jarabe de palo itunes.apple.com/us/album/depende/id17873808)Cast: VitùcTags: simple things, 7d, iphone 4s, pleasure and life


Red Orange Zinnia ACEO Original Painting watercolor by SharonFosterArt
$6.50 USDThis painting is 2.5 by 3.5 inches. Painted in watercolors on watercolor paper. Signed and dated on the back by me, Sharon Foster - a Mississippi artist. (c) 2011 ACEO = Art Cards Editions & Originals ACEOs are always 2.5 by 3.5 inches. (About Baseball card size)They are fun to collect, can be in any medium and are highly addictive. ACEOs can be framed, displayed on easels, hung in
Poison - Art Print 8x10 by claireswilson
$20.00 USDTitle: PoisonThis is an Art Print!Materials: lightweight cardstock art paperSize: 8x10Date & Signature on back.Watermark will not be on original piece.Print will be sent to you via Priority Mail in a clear acid free sleeve and a photo mailer for safe delivery.Copyright © Claire S. Wilson
CUSTOM order for Winston by skinblaster
$155.00 USDTHIS LISTING IS FOR WINSTON ONLYVisit my shop home here to see more models available:▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼skinblaster.etsy.com▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
Justin Bieber - Someday - Art Print 8x10 by claireswilson
$20.00 USDTitle: Justin Bieber - SomedayThis is an Art Print!Materials: lightweight cardstock art paperSize: 8x10Date & Signature on back.Watermark will not be on original piece.Print will be sent to you via Canada Post in a clear acid free sleeve and a photo mailer for safe delivery.Copyright © Claire S. Wilson
Palestinian farmers ordered to leave lands
Israel sends written message to West Bank farmers giving them 45 days to leave lands and uproot palm trees.
Hurricane Preparation, OS X Quick Look, and Slippery Sunglasses
Readers offer their best tips for staying connected during heavy storms, using Quick Look in Mountain Lion, and keeping your sunglasses on your head. More »
Dozens of cancer victims settle tainted groundwater suit in Florida.
More than three dozen former factory workers have settled their multimillion-dollar five-year legal battle against Siemens Corp. and General Dynamics Corp. over trichloroethene and other toxic chemicals they allege the companies carelessly dumped into drinking water, causing them to develop cancer.


Federal Court Agrees With DoJ: TX Republicans' Redistricting Map Discriminates Against Minorities
As we reported last September, that the U.S. Dept. of Justice found that the Republicans Congressional redistricting map for Texas, as signed by Gov. Rick Perry, was in violation of the federal Voting Rights Act. The DoJ found that the new plan --- which added four Congressional seats in the state after an increase in population was found by the 2010 Census --- was purposefully discriminatory agai
#virtualAPSA2012 - Phil Arena, "Crisis Bargaining and Domestic Opposition"
Phil Arena was supposed to present his paper, "Crisis Bargaining and Domestic Opposition" at APSA. If you are reading this on an RSS feed, you should see the audio. His slides are not integrated, as his audio presentation is in mp3 format. This is the first of what I hope will be more of these. If you need an APSA fix, or are just interested in the topic, take 10-15 minutes to listen to Phil's pre
Convention Report: The GOP's make-believe biggish tent, George W. WHO?, the Horse-Dancing Lady, nutjob NJ intruder, plus platform funnies
The Onion reports: "According to numerous sociologists and political experts, things that should never under any circumstance be spoken aloud in modern society will be said no fewer than 1,400 times this week at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL.""Mitt Romney is like you or me -- he puts his pants on one leg at a time. Oh, wait. He has a fellow who does that for him. My bad."-- Ann "


The EnvironmentaList
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Take the Pledge Not to Frack NY
"If we have to lay our bodies down, I promise I will be there with you."

Drones Over Korea with The Last Defense
Tonight on the program James talks to Haneul Na’avi and Mike Bielawski of The Last Defense about the state of affairs in Korea. From drones to the TPP to eugenics, we cover the spectrum in this wide-ranging discussion.
Corbett Report Radio 206 – Drones Over Korea with The Last Defense
Tonight on the program James talks to Haneul Na’avi and Mike Bielawski of The Last Defense about the state of affairs in Korea. From drones to the TPP to eugenics, we cover the spectrum in this wide-ranging discussion.

Staying The Course In Cincinnati
I’ll be blogging from Cincinnati, Ohio for the next few days. Here is a picture of a coal barge staying the course this afternoon on the Ohio River. I was standing on the Cincinnati side when I took this picture. Across the river is Northern Kentucky.

Ban Ki-Moon Outsmarts Them All
Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made a big deal over UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon's trip to the Non-Aligned Movement's summit in Tehran. He tried to get a social media wave going telling Ban not to go. That didn't work. And you might think that a politician capable enough to become Prime Minister might understand that public pressure on another politician is likely to result in the

A tax on Clegg opening his mouth?
And so the new term fast approaches. The last minute frenzy to buy equipment that'll never be used commences, as does the spending on clothes that only those forced on pain of punishment would wear in this day and age. A new year brings new faces, and new challenges: just who will be the first to christen the toilet ceiling with wet bog roll? Will there be a repeat of last year's highlight, the

Obsidian Wings
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Pressing for the truth
by Doctor Science The Romney campaign has been running ads saying Obama is planning to remove the work requirement for welfare, so "your" money goes to "those" people. As reported by Ben Smith at Buzzfeed [emphasis mine]:"Our most effective ad is our welfare ad," a top television advertising strategist for Romney, Ashley O'Connor, said at a forum Tuesday hosted by ABCNews and Yahoo! News. "It's n

Syria Comment
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The Flood of Syrian Refugees Threatens Regional Stability and Underlines Price of Inaction
The situation in Syria is deteriorating rapidly as the fighting has intensified in urban areas, which are key to the regime’s survival and to the opposition’s progress. The death rate has spiraled upward as has the flow of refugees out of Syria. Neighboring states are beginning to become overwhelmed by the torrent of human misery that is coming their way. There is no end in sight and the outside w

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GMD vs. North Korean ICBMs, Ctd.
Back in April, I asked how the Ground-based Midcourse Defense might be adapted in response to North Korea’s nascent (or embryonic) ICBM force. Thanks to Steven Aftergood of FAS, we now have the official answer. It’s included in the replies to Questions for the Record (QFRs) from a November 2011 hearing of the House Armed Services Committee. The hearing volume and the QFRs now appear at the FAS Sec

In These Times
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Enough With the Rape Gaffes
These are the weeks of "legitimate rape." Missouri Representative Todd Akin's August 19 comment--"from what I understand from doctors... if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,"--betraying a semi-magical, fully medieval view of the uterus's conceptive powers, have sparked massive fury. Unfortunately, it's a fur
Yes, GOP, ‘We Built It.’ But Not Alone.
Listening to the RNC rhetoric, I thought: I could be the poster child for the "We Built It" theme. Without inherited wealth, without financial banking, I founded a small business in 1984 on my wits alone that I have run continuously and successfully for the past 28 years. The Republicans appear to think so, too, as they call me at least once a month asking for money and spouting some screed ab
The GOP Parties Like It’s 1984
The GOP may disdain the liberal Hollywood elite, but it sure has learned the Hollywood art of the sequel. The first night of the Republican convention played out like a new chapter in an unbelievably old movie franchise. It was as if the thirtieth Rambo or Rocky had just been released, and we were supposed to be riveted by the same old formula. That’s appropriate, in a way, since the chart-top

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Republican Convention gets mixed review by this conservative
by Mark Vogl:    GOP Insiders took power from the states in selecting delegates, and did nothing to honor Paul, Newt, Santorum & Pailin but ...
What's worse than throwing nuts at a Black cable cameraperson?
by The Liberal Grouch:    When the cable company that person works for helps the cover up the event. That's much worse. For everyone.
Quietly Into the Night
by Larry Warrick:    2 presidential campaigns reveal the dark, disgusting underbelly of power elite politics.

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Anti-LGBT Zealots Target Fox and Bill O’Reilly
Leave it to extreme elements of the anti-LGBT right to make Fox News look almost “fair and balanced” after all. Frequently the target of left-leaning criticism, the cable news network and its most popular host, Bill O’Reilly, are now coming under fire for “helping violent homosexuals to kill Christians.” Last week, a group of anti-gay activists leveled [...]
Conspiracy Theorists: Isaac Caused by God, Gov’t, or Maybe Chemtrails
Hurricane Isaac has inconvenienced a lot of people. Many thousands of Gulf Coast residents have boarded up windows and sought shelter inland. And many others are now facing the prospect of cleaning up and rebuilding flooded homes and businesses. But the inconvenienced people we’ve been hearing about most are the pundits and politicians who gathered in Tampa [...]

Centauri Dreams
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Remembering the Early Robotic Explorers
Reflecting back on the history of robotic space missions, Larry Klaes offers a look at the early missions to Venus and Mars, harbingers of the far more complex probes we would later send into the Solar System. The Pioneers, Veneras and Mariners were, in their day, on the forefront of planetary research, blazing the trail most recently followed by Curiosity on Mars. As a site focused on deep space

Politicol News
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Issac Packs a Punch 7 Years after Katrina
Hurricane Isaac lands in Gulf with high winds, high water and damage to New Orleans, seven years after Katrina destroyed most of New Orleans.You just finished reading Issac Packs a Punch 7 Years after Katrina! Consider leaving a comment!You just finished reading an article by our staffers at Independent Politics News Thanks for dropping by, we'd love to have you join us on Twitter @PoliticolNews.
Extremist Paul Ryan Introduces Mitt Romney
The extremist views of Paul Ryan who will introduce the nominee Mitt Romney, in the Republican Convention will turn women's stomachs when they hear his speech.You just finished reading Extremist Paul Ryan Introduces Mitt Romney! Consider leaving a comment!You just finished reading an article by our staffers at Independent Politics News Thanks for dropping by, we'd love to have you join us on Twit
Chris Christie- How Great I Am
Chris Christie delivers Keynote Address at the RNC, mostly describing how he would run the country, how great his record is and how hard he works. You just finished reading Chris Christie- How Great I Am! Consider leaving a comment!You just finished reading an article by our staffers at Independent Politics News Thanks for dropping by, we'd love to have you join us on Twitter @PoliticolNews.



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