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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

26 August - Blogs I`m Following

Ehud Barak's New Report 


As the dispute between Israel and the Obama administration over how to address the Iranian nuclear threat rages, a senior Jerusalem official has said Iran has made significant progress in assembling a nuclear warhead.
The official, who asked to remain anonymous, said new intelligence obtained by the United States, Israel and other Western countries shows that the Iranian activity around the "weapon group" - the final stage in the development of a nuclear weapon - is progressing far beyond the scope known to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Don`t you love those reports by unidentified officials.  It`s enough to make one think Dick Cheney was still commissioning fake intelligence.


26 August 2012 at 21:27 |
There are reports and reports. I suggest you check out CASMII for a history of false reports about Iran and WMD - just like Iraq. The use of bluster and b.s. is official policy throughout NATO countries, so no `negotiation`is possible. Think about it. The nation certified WMD free is the nation posited as the WMD threat. Is a more insane `threat assessment`possible

Iran Already Has a Deterrent

Will the US do what Israel wants?  .....an attack on Iran would give them the reason to develop nuclear weapons and a level of international support for that action. There would be other consequences as well: an Iranian missile attack on Israel, a rapid rise in the oil price, and knock-on effects in the already unstable Middle East. Mark Hibbs points out today that an attack would imperil the IAEA inspectors in Iran.

 Blogger opit said...Iran already has a deterrent all right - Russia - but it seems that people prefer not to acknowledge it.
That is a shame, for it leaves the U.S.- U.K.- NATO meme about giving Iran cause to develop nuclear weapons technology as a realistic appraisal. Yet all it is is a bad case of Projection : attributing to others one`s own motivations and thoughts. Such a representation is integral to propaganda about Iran. In actual fact, Russia is interested in promoting its own nuclear power generation technology as a hedge against western domination and control of global power resources. Keeping technical assistance, fuel supply and technology itself ``ìn house`` allows security in its back yard. The U.S. should rather be seen as a jealous suitor wishing to tie arms sales into a `support` package. Iran would be well aware of such after its Tomcat purchases were orphaned. Such would be part and parcel of measures taken to bring Iran back under direct U.S. domination in the style of the Shah.
These are all listed in the sidebar at Opit`s LinkFest! at present
8/26/12 5:12 PM


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