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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

19 August - News Notes

Court forces chemo on eight-year-old Minnesota girl despite family's desire to use alternative medicine

from naturalnews.com: Where once it was rare for courts of law to invade the privacy and purview of parents when it came to raising their children, in today's America the wall between parental rights and the state's Leviathan is increasingly being dismantled by activists disguised as public servants. 
( Or public masters disguised as bureaucrats )

FDA drug reviewer: 'one manager threatened my children'

In a stunning interview with Truthout's Martha Rosenberg, former FDA drug reviewer, Ronald Cavanaugh, exposes the FDA as a relentless criminal mafia protecting its client, Big Pharma, with a host of mob strategies.


Cavanaugh: "...widespread racketeering, including witness tampering and witness retaliation."

"I was threatened with prison."

"One [FDA] manager threatened my children... I was afraid that I could be killed for talking to Congress and criminal investigators."

Cavanaugh reviewed new drug applications made to the FDA by pharmaceutical companies. He was one of the holdouts at the Agency who insisted that the drugs had to be safe and effective before being released to the public.

Phoenix official orders woman to stop handing out free water during extreme heat wave, claims she needs 'permit'

'Wheat-belly' 101 - Five clues that your excess weight is caused by gluten

The big media lie about the US government's purchases of over one billion rounds of anti-personnel

Google Shopping blocks all vitamins and natural products - glitch or deliberate censorship?
From the 1980s to today, an elite group of Western intelligence operatives have backed low-intensity guerrilla warfare in certain African ‘hotspots’.  Mass atrocities in the Great Lakes and Sudan can be linked to Roger Winter, a pivotal U.S. operative whose ‘team’ was recently applauded for birthing the world’s newest nation, South Sudan.  Behind the fairytale we find a long trail of blood and skeletons from Uganda to Sudan, Rwanda and Congo.  While the mass media has covered their tracks, their misplaced moralism has simultaneously helped birth a new left-liberal ‘humanitarian’ fascism.  In this falsification of consciousness, Western human rights crusaders and organizations, funded by governments, multinational corporations and private donors, cheer the killers and blame the victims—and pat themselves on the back for saving Africa from itself.  Meanwhile, the “Arab Spring” has spread to (north) Sudan.  Following the NATO-Israeli model of regime change being used in Central & North Africa, it won’t be long before the fall of Khartoum. 

This is a tale of dark knights, of covert operators and spies aligned with the cult of intelligence in the United States.  Operating in secrecy and denial within the U.S. intelligence and defense establishment, they have helped engineer more than two decades of low intensity warfare in Sudan (alone), replete with massive suffering and a death toll of between 1.5 and 3 million Sudanese casualties—using their own fluctuating statistics on mortality—and millions upon millions of casualties in the Great Lakes of Africa.
Behind the fantasy is a very real tale of war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocides real and alleged, and mass atrocities covered up by these National Security agents with the aid of a not-so-ordinary English professor—their one-man Ministry of Disinformation—Dr. Eric Reeves.
Bill Maher: Voter ID Yet Another 'Tricky, Racist Law' (VIDEO)
Offbeat  (tags: Bill Maher, Video, Bill Maher Voter ID, Election 2012, Hbo, Pennsylvania, Real Time With Bill Maher, Voting Rights, Voter-Id-Pennsylvania, Comedy Newshumor, off-beat, culture, ethics, society )
J.L. - 1 hour ago - huffingtonpost.com
"More people got into the voting booth and get hit by lightening while being attacked by sharks than commit this crime."
Like Jon Stewart, Maher considers the new laws in many states, most notably Pennsylvania, to be alarmingly politically motivated to favor Republicans. According to the GOP, Maher quipped, "There's one big problem with our democratic process: Too much voting."

Thunderstorms Shoot Antimatter Beams Into Space

 Thunderstorms can shoot beams of antimatter into space—and the beams are so intense they can be spotted by spacecraft thousands of miles away...any planet has thunderstorms that can create antimatter and launch it into space is something out of science fiction. The fact that our own planet is doing it is truly amazing

Dirt: The Incredible Ecosystem Beneath our Feet

A 12 Step Program to Stopping Drought and Desertification

Pennsylvania law gags doctors to protect oil company profits

Pennsylvania’s landscape is pockmarked with over 5,000 oil and gas drilling wells, with more being added each week. Clusters of people are getting sick around the drilling wells. According to the logic of capitalism, it is more important to protect the “proprietary secrets” of oil and drilling companies than to protect public health.

US DEA Agents Implicated in Honduran Killings

Forget electric cars, this one runs on compressed air

A Chinese Farmer’s Epic Rickshaw Journey to the London Olympic Games

ARE BLACK-BUDGET OPS STEALING THEIR MONEY FROM THE STOCK MARKET?By Jon RappoportAugust 12, 2012www.nomorefakenews.com The Surveillance State has created an apparatus whose implications are staggering. It’s a different world now. And sometimes it takes a writer of fiction to flesh out the larger 

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