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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

16 August - Quick Notes

South african native national congressSouth african native national congress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)National Union of Mineworkers (South Africa)National Union of Mineworkers (South Africa) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)English: South African Police Services Bo 105.English: South African Police Services Bo 105. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Congress of South African Trade UnionsCongress of South African Trade Unions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)www.realnews24.com
Osama bin Laden died a natural death nearly 5 years before it was announced that he was eliminated by the 

Miners, Police Spar in South Africa
Wall Street Journal
By DEVON MAYLIE And PATRICK MCGROARTY A policeman gestures in front of the bodies of miners who were shot dead outside the Marikana platinum mine in South Africa.

According to eNews, 12 protesters were killed. Two other news outlets at the scene said  
they counted seven dead. A reporter from the South African Press Agency counted 18 bodies at the scene, but it wasn't clear if all were dead. The South African police didn't provide a final toll.
"The South African Police Service was viciously attacked by the group, using a variety of weapons, including firearms," a police spokesman said. "The police, in order to protect their own lives and in self-defense, were forced to engage the group with force."
The account was corroborated by Lesiba Seshoka, a spokesman for the National Union of Mineworkers. But Joseph Mathunjwa, the president of a rival union, the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union, said it wasn't clear who fired first. He blamed the mine's management and the NUM for not recognizing his union, which led to the standoff.
10 people had died in clashes leading up to Thursday's confrontation.

The NUM is part of South Africa's Congress of South African Trade Unions, an ally to the country's ruling African National Congress, which played a key role in anti-apartheid protests.
"This is the first time a substantial body of workers is splitting away" from the ANC's union, said Devan Pillay, a labor-relations professor at Wits University. He said worker frustrations that NUM leaders have become too close to company management, and that the ANC's union has become too close to the government, have opened opportunities for rival unions.
Protests are common in the mining industry, where workers say conditions haven't improved in two decades.
Lonmin said the latest strike, and workers staying away out of fear for their safety, has forced the company stop all but essential mine maintenance. That has led to the loss of 15,000 troy ounces of platinum output, an expected 8.5% increase in unit costs for the year and a risk that the company would miss its full-year production target of 750,000 ounces
Just before the shootings on Thursday, the company gave striking workers until Friday to return to work or face dismissal.

BFP Update: Gone- But Not Fishing

 Moving from Washington to Oregon

Why Psychopathy May Not Be the Best Defense

Right on! Sign and share, but never forget that it won't be enough to find great new clean energy sources unless we start a deliberate phase-out of dirty energy as the cleaner energy comes on line. Otherwise they will just invent even more gadgets to get us to use even MORE power so they can keep polluting our world with filthy fossils and dirty nukes.
Take action--> Sign the petition telling Congress to expedite renewable energy: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2012/08/why-not-just-take-whats-falling-from-the-sky/
9:02PM PDT on Aug 16, 2012
I was sure my comment disputing reliable reporting would be deleted. So much for an open forum for discussion. Push polls mould opinion by moving perception of common sense. That is propaganda - not science nor discussion.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/only-2-of-canadians-now-deny-climate-change.html#ixzz23lzFCIBH

You are receiving this Green Star for the comment on the C2NN Story Only 2% of Canadians deny climate change, suggests poll:

"Among others. Did you realize the IPCC is a UN organization and not a scientific forum ? Debate is politicized by the Denier meme and positing disagreement is backed by polluters. Not only is that Strawman Argumentation ( taking b..."
 U.S. carbon emissions at 20 year low

Jonathan and Charlotte - Semi Final
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