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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

21 August - The View on Facebook

CIA InterestsCIA Interests (Photo credit: jurvetson)
Seattle Times ELF Al QaedaSeattle Times ELF Al Qaeda (Photo credit: GreenIsTheNewRed.com)
Português do Brasil: O presidente Lula recebe ...Português do Brasil: O presidente Lula recebe o presidente da República Árabe Síria, Bashar al-Assad, no Itamaraty. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So where does this leave the "war on terror"? Shouldn't it be changed to the "war to help terrorists that we previously had a war against"?
Besides the Ever So Important Information/Culture/Psych War...

It has been studied that Thoughts / Music / Sound Vibrations Have the Effect of Restructuring Water Molecules. Our Bodies & Earth itself is mostly made up of Water.

There is much more to life than the Royal Academies of Sciences can even cover up, or ignore.
Feature: "The world is on the brink of a food 'catastrophe' caused by the worst US drought in 50 years, and misguided government biofuel policy will exacerbate the perilous situation, scientists and activists warn." Read more here: http://aje.me/NDEI3E
Analysts say crippling drought in the US likely to trigger unrest in impoverished nations dependent on food imports.
“There’s virtually nowhere left in the United States where someone can get long-term, inpatient, free treatment on demand today...”
Pictures of the day: NASA captures stunning images of U.S. wildfires at night


NASA is now able to capture images of wildfires—at night. Using the The Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership satellite (S-NPP), which has instruments that are particularly sensitive to light, NASA was able to take images of fires burning nocturnally across the American West in what has been a record year, to date, for fires in the country.
Why do we continue to use fluoridation? "It's senseless to keep subjecting our children to this ongoing fluoridation experiment to satisfy the political agenda of special interest groups," says Paul Beeber, an attorney and president of the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (NYSCOF).
Yes, fluoride makes you stupid
Yes, fluoride makes you stupid

The second page of this article is quite scary. What are your thoughts?
California GMO Bill Is Top Priority for GMA
California GMO Bill Is Top Priority for GMA
FOX News targeting immigrants....again.
Right-Wing Media Completely Distorts Education Initiative for Undocumented Students
How poorly can FOX report a story on a new 
( Hey. You shall not teach the slaves to read )
Russia warned the West on Tuesday against unilateral action on Syria, a day after US president Barack Obama threatened "enormous consequences" if his Syrian counterpart used chemical or biological arms or even moved them in a menacing way.
Lavrov warns against unilateral action after Obama threatens military force if Syria uses chemical weapons.
Forget super PACs, their much-hyped cousins, which can take unlimited contributions but must name their donors. More money is being spent on TV ads in the presidential race by social welfare nonprofits, known as 501(c)(4)s for their section of the tax code, than by any other type of independent group.
How Nonprofits Spend Millions on Elections and Call it Public Welfare
Social welfare nonprofits have emerged as a prime vehicle for political money for several reasons.
Reader Supported News shared a link.

'So let's look at the five basic features of this 'marvelous' Ryan plan.' Robert Reich's Blog

What if you were in a prison cell facing possible execution for saying god didn’t exist? Wouldn’t you want all the atheists, Christians, Muslims, and who the fuck ever back in the United States to pull out all the stops to try and help? You bet your ass you would. We got 8,000 signatures on...
http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2012/08/conservative_group_challenges.html#incart_river_default Check out this, and the great number of reader responses generated thereby. They argue that putting a 17 foot steel cross, weighing many tons, that has been blessed, sanctified, and worshiped, in the...

MJ-12 is really Project Aquarius?
Kevin Randle, a premier UFO researcher and often a good critic of various UFO conspiracies, gives a treatise on the possible theory of the MJ-12 
What toxin is DuPont using in their non-stick cookware and how dangerous is it? PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) is pretty much in anything wrinkle-free, heat-proof, stain-resistant, and more.

Real Coastal Warriors
 - Destin Beach, FL under florescent lighting that shows the deposits of oil and corexit in the sand.



That GOP talking point about the "giant Obamacare tax hike?" Funny story…

Reader Supported News shared a link.

'Ryan and Akin's personhood bill could render the act of using many forms of oral contraception the  

It is unacceptable that the U.S. government continues to spend millions for the operations of the School of the Americas and for the militarization of the Americas, while cutting money for essential programs for jobs, healthcare, and education. Every dollar spent on the training of repressive foreign militaries is a theft from the poor!

Woman Faces $600 a Day Fine for Giving Free Lunches to Poor Children

“Today, more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise.” ~ Mike Adams, the Health Ranger http://www.naturalnews.com/036724_toxic_foods_additives_avoid.html
Just a little reminder of the structure of the giant food conglomerates during the boycott so you know what to avoid a bit more clearly.

Companies who have supported Prop 37!
Reader Supported News shared a link.

For many years the stories from devastated parents have been eerily similar. A young, bright child vaccinated with MMR, has minor side effects such as high temperature and being off food, and then develops the debilitating disability of autism.

Whilst the mainstream medical profession deny the link between autism and the triple shot of measles, mumps and rubella, there have been many who have argued to the contrary. Statistics show the increases in autism correlate alarmingly with the introduction and uptake of the MMR vaccine. And Now in an Italian court, there has been a landmark ruling for a child whose parents claim that his autism was triggered by MMR.

The parents of Valentino Bocca have been awarded 112,000 Euro to be paid by the Italian ministry of health. They are now seeking a further 800,000 Euro in a civil case. The story is a tragic one, Valentino, developing normally, was given the shot at 14 months and started to suffer from diarrhea, lost interest in food and within a few days lost the ability to use his spoon. Worse was soon to come when he began to be restless at night, screaming in pain for hours. It was later found that he was suffering from a painful bowel condition that is common in autistic children. With an adjusted diet of no wheat or milk, he was able to sleep but the autism symptoms continued, and even at the age of nine, he still does not speak.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036255_MMR_autism_court_case.html#ixzz2409CALwY
Underground News Network shared a link.
White House hopeful Jill Stein: Time to empty prisons of non-violent marijuana users | The Raw Story
Speaking at Seattle’s Hempfest last week, Green

A clean-water advocacy group has reached a settlement with South Carolina Electric & Gas that will require the company to clean up coal ash impoundments at its Wateree plant in Richland County, S.C. that have contaminated groundwater and the nearby Wateree River with cancer-causing arsenic.

How To Deprogram Your Own Mind

lukewearechange Become a WeAreChange Sponsor and get exclusive behind the scenes content while helping us grow! http:///www.wearechange.org/

donate From: wearechange Views: 157 19 ratingsTime: 02:28 More in News & Politics

Any journalist worth his or her salt should be questioning why Mitt and Ann Romney haven't used the specific term income taxes to discuss how much they have paid in taxes in general over the years.

‎"A government’s banning of journalists or blocking of news and social-media Web sites that were previously allowed should itself be regarded as an early warning sign of a crisis meriting international scrutiny. The presumption should be that governments with nothing to hide have nothing to lose by allowing their citizens and internationally recognized media to report on their actions."

(Illustration by Paul Lachine)

Order the Map of US Interventions in Latin America and the Caribbean under Republican and Democratic administrations:
Map of US Interventions in Latin America and the Caribbean
Order this extraordinary map of U.S. interventions in Latin America and the Caribbean. It lists the


Twenty-six U.S. companies paid their CEOs more than they paid the federal government in taxes in 2011, according to a new study, earning an average of $20.4 million last year by companies that are profuse with profit, yet pay little or no federal taxes. The list includes well-known corporations such as AT&T, Boeing, Viacom, Motorola, Walmart, Haliburton, and Exxon Mobil. It also includes Citigroup and AIG, both of which still exist due to taxpayer bailouts.
CEOs Earn More Than Their Firms Pay in Taxes | PR Watch
Twenty-six U.S. companies paid their CEOs more than they paid the federal government in taxes in
Our campaign against the Trans-Pacific Partnership is aiming to liberate our Internet freedom from restrictive measures and implications, but here in Canada we're still pushing for affordability and choice when it comes to our Internet providers.

This focus on affordability is particularly stark when comparing our Canadian cable options to American counterparts, especially when they offer similar speeds and packages. We shared data on this relationship a few weeks ago, but now even more Canadian cable providers are being compared.

An interesting note to keep in mind while viewing the chart is who's competing with who. Four of the five providers listed directly compete with Bell, while the only one that doesn't is Shaw. Share what you make of this data and if your provider is listed in the comments below.
The curtain goes down. Special thanks to all the beta testers and usability lab participants. #lastmile http://www.feedly.com/index.html
International Rivers shared a link.

The produce you get from your grocery store doesn’t have the same level of vitamins, minerals or fiber it did years ago. In fact, you would have to eat 26 of today’s apples to equal just one apple from 1914.

South African authorities have ordered the removal of our ads in Johannesburg's airport that urge President Zuma to ban the lion bone trade. This smells of political censorship and attacks the voices of over 700,000 global citizens who have joined the call. We have objected, told the press and are reviewing our options to ensure that our voices are heard and we win protection of the lions. Read more: http://j.mp/OVPLtr

We'll keep you updated. Sign the petition and share it here: http://j.mp/5aveL1ons

‎"Once again, an analysis of alleged election fraud reveals that in-person voter fraud is nearly nonexistent."
Report: Despite GOP Claims, Voter Fraud Virtually Non-Existent in U.S.
Once again, an analysis of alleged election fraud reveals that in-person voter fraud is nearly
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