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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

28 August - The View on Facebook

A Tragic Legacy, by Glenn GreenwaldA Tragic Legacy, by Glenn Greenwald (Photo credit: elycefeliz)
Slinky Dog .. Toodles was issued a trespass wa...Slinky Dog .. Toodles was issued a trespass warning for the entire FSU campus (Jan. 29, 2012) .....item 2..I'm a college student, I'll party if I want to -- don’t go experiment stupidly. (Feb. 1, 2012).....item 3..Atomic Dog [Original Extended Version] . (Photo credit: marsmet526)
English: Cover of ARAW T-Mobile report "S...English: Cover of ARAW T-Mobile report "Setting the Standard or Lowering the Bar?" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Pic for WikiProject Political parties...English: Pic for WikiProject Political parties and politicians in Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Portrait of Glenn Greenwald -creator of Unclai...Portrait of Glenn Greenwald -creator of Unclaimed Territory blog and contributing writer at Salon.com (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Hand-gun fired: Nebraska school says deaf toddler’s name sign violates weapons policy
A Nebraska public school is barring a deaf three-year-old boy from using sign language to sign his name because, it 

Underground News Network shared a link.
Police outnumbered protestors Monday as demonstrators took to Tampa’s streets to protest the Republican convention.

Among our most shared: Howard Davies on the sorry state of academic economics.

(Illustration by Paul Lachine)
"Economics in Denial" by Howard Davies
Four years into the worst financial crisis in 80 years, it is not at all clear that a majority of the economics profession has drawn relevant lessons for their models of markets and prices. Worse still, it appears that many of them are 

Does the sun cause cancer or is it really the sunblock?
The Sunscreen Myth (comic)
The Sunscreen Myth (comic)

Underground News Network shared a link.
Methane Making An Appearance In Pa. Water Supplies : NPR
Water wells and streams in Leroy Township, Pa., have been bubbling up with methane gas in the past few months. The state's Department of Environmental Protection blames 


Join Jeffrey Smith at the Seeds of Doubt Conference on Oct 6th in Los Angeles!

Renowned experts present the latest science & research behind the detrimental
effects of GMOs and the impact on our health and environment.

video of the compelling 1994 Ariel School UFO landing in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. Cynthia Hind interviews some of the 62 children who witnessed the incident.
Here's a video of the compelling 1994 Ariel School UFO landing in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. Cynthia Hind 

Canada is seen as a friendly nation but many indigenous communities say they have a dirty secret. Canada's mining industry, the largest in the world, controls a majority of Latin American mining. Activists say they pollute and violate human rights without accountability from the Canadian government. Mining companies argue they build schools, health centres, roads and provide jobs.
Beneath Canada’s mines in Latin America lies an unregulated industry.

Africa News In Brief: Muslim Cleric On U.S. Enemies List Shot Dead In Car | Sahara Reporters
Africa News In Brief: Muslim Cleric On U.S. Enemies List Shot Dead In Car | Sahara Reporters
Aug 28 (GIN) – Riots erupted in Kenya’s touristic port city of Mombasa over the contract-style killing of a popular Muslim 

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US Army guerrilla faction planned terror, Obama's assassination
A group of US soldiers planning to take over their base, blow up targets around the country, wrest control of the government and kill the president – it could be a Hollywood 

‎"Nobody ever believed that there was this great a risk of convicting an innocent person, much less executing them." Barry Scheck, director of the Innocence Project, talks about how the debate about capital punishment has changed in the US.
The Death Penalty Doesn't Even Make Sense To People Who Support The Death Penalty
Ineffective, incredibly expensive, and sometimes used on innocent people? Gee, sounds like a winner to me.

'True strength is the strength to be honest.'
Real talk....

‎3rd single from Akala's third album "Doublethink" featuring Cassell The beatmak
er on drums, Jodi Milliner on bass and Angelo Kangellaris on guitar. Both albu...

Brazil's controversial Belo Monte back on track after court decision overruled


Brazil's Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered work on the controversial Belo Monte dam in the Amazon to resume, overturning a lower court order that suspended the project less than two weeks ago. Construction activities by the Norte Energia, the consortium building the dam, resumed immediately.

Supreme Court Justice Ayres Britto granted the request for an injunction made by the Attorney-General on the grounds that the lower court "disregarded" an earlier decision by the Supreme Court. However Britto said the new ruling could still be revised.
 ·  ·  · about an hour ago · 

Clashes have broken out as tens of thousands of students and their supporters demanded improvements to Chile's public education system in the streets of Santiago. Police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the most radical protesters.
READ MORE: http://on.rt.com/xlfvda

Photo by Reuters / Eliseo Fernandez

This Thursday at 9pm EST (UTC-5), we’ll be sneaking a peek into our distant future, where cannibal telepath supermutants harangue some atomic war survivors. Judging from the reviews on IMDB, it looks like the primary pass-times in the future are drinking moonshine, complaining, and being eaten. I...
 The Course Of Russian Repression

The Kremlin did not waste any time this summer preparing for the next protest wave. Putin's latest invention is a real political perversion. Law and justice have been abused as 
Bakunin: Elections and Democracy

El siguiente texto es un resumen elaborado a partir del compilado de escritos de Mijaíl Bakunin en base al capitulo llamado “Crítica de la sociedad existente” correspondiente 
Comprehensive Cooperatives...The Future Is Assemblies and Self-Management...español

Cooperativas Integrales Una propuesta de transición para construir un modelo de sociedad basado en la autogestión 
DID YOU KNOW… that antidepressant drugs can potentially do you more harm than good? Properly prescribed exercise has been proven to be effective not only to help relieve depressive symptoms, but also help prevent them from recurring. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/01/04/the-dr-oz-show-information-i-couldnt-share.aspx?np=true

We've seen how the Bell/Astral deal is bad for consumer choice before (http://bit.ly/Pa8q4l), but a new report is shedding further light on this vertical integration of Canada's communications. Currently, 81.4% of the value of Canada's TV distribution market is controlled by companies that also create content, meaning that Big Telecom companies are not only transmitting our programming – they're producing it as well.

With the CRTC's impending review of the Bell/Astral merger coming next month – the time to speak out is now. Join concerned Canadians in speaking out against Bell's monopolistic takeover athttp://StopTheTakeover.ca/.
How Bell's takeover will worsen Canada's media concentration
Canada has the most concentrated TV industry ownership of any G8 country, and the Bell/Astral takeover will make it worse.

China Miéville may write fantasy and science fiction novels, but when it comes to our world he combines a radical vision with a clear-eyed insight into political, social and economic realities.
Trembling on the Verge: An Interview With China Miéville (Part 1)
"There is a really baleful sense around [in London]... The riots were a very concrete expression of that fact."

Al Jazeera English
Can and should the internet be controlled? Who gets that power? How far will the US government go to gain power over the web? And will this mean the end of a free and global internet? Fault Lines looks at the fight for control of the web, life in the digital age and the threat to cyber freedom.
Are US authorities increasingly trying to limit user freedom on the internet in the name of national security?

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'Humiliating!' Anti-radicalism campaign causes outrage among German Muslims
A German ad campaign aimed at fighting Islamist radicalism has provoked an incensed response from offended Muslims.

AlterNet shared a link.
It's not just the GOP that has gone from floor fights over the nominee at conventions to scripted made-for-television ads for the pre-chosen nominee, says Mark Karlin.
The Republican and Democratic Party Conventions Are Just Television Ads
The quadrennial conclaves have become theater to influence voters, just like a Coca-Cola ad.

“After the United States, Greece is the second biggest defense spender among the 27 NATO countries in relation to its GDP. That is astonishing for a country in a deep economic crisis.”

The EU should use Greece's financial crisis to push ahead with pooling and sharing resources. But it won't.

Underground News Network shared a link.
Hong Kong Protesters Defy Court Order to Leave
An unusual intersection of legal issues, local politics and weather has allowed Occupy Central to defy the authorities longer than similar movements elsewhere.
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Kim Dotcom has promised to “turn this world upside down” with a new, revamped MegaUpload. The “massive global 

Some kind folks at A+ Scribe have transcribed the hangout we had recently on the topic of Atheism Plus, labeling, divisiveness, and looking forward. It was a great discussion, and while I honestly thought I was talking everyone’s ears off, looking at this transcript makes me feel better about how...

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post has a different comment policy than my standard one. It’s at the end of the post. Please read it and respect it. Thanks. As many of you know, there’s this new game in Atheism town, called Atheism Plus. Started as a germ of an idea about wanting a new wave of [...]...

QUOTE OF THE DAY From: The Houston Business Journal: 'Up to 1 million barrels of oil from the 2010 BP spill embedded in sediment in the Gulf of Mexico could reportedly resurface when Tropical Storm Isaac makes landfall.' == Proof that BP's Lies & Propaganda Campaign, TV Commercials and Facebook Media Joke are just that - LIES & PROPAGANDA. It's out there - and it's time we hold them CRIMINALLY & NEGLIGENTLY responsible for their actions, as well as their advertisements. - Maureen, Real Coastal Warriors

Bridge the Gulf
‎"The storm surge will likely be carrying oil and sludge, so coastal communities must be careful in the post-hurricane environment” - Wilma Subra on the threat of BP's oil and dispersant being washed up by Hurricane Isaac: http://bridgethegulfproject.org/node/690

Gulf Coast Fund Louisiana Environmental Action Network

Assumption Parish officials, battling its giant sinkhole in Bayou Corne, issued a parish-wide mandatory evacuation Tuesday for all 23,000 residents as Isaac, now a hurricane, barrels toward the Cajun swampland. Locals face Hurricane Isaac with no cots, no checks, no liquor or looting, no rescue

Assumption Parish officials, battling its giant sinkhole in Bayou Corne, issued a parish-wide mandatory evacuation Tuesday for all 23,000 residents as Isaac, 

Real Coastal Warriors 
People who notice oil, oily material or oiled debris along Louisiana's coast in the aftermath of Isaac are being asked to report their findings.

People who notice oil, oily material or oiled debris along Louisiana's coast in the aftermath of Isaac are being asked to report their findings.

The super trawler is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) threat to the oceans right now! Get informed, get involved, sign the petitions - this needs to be ...

U.S. boosts fuel economy standard to 54.5 mpg


The Obama administration finalized rules that will boost the national fuel economy standard for cars and light trucks to 54.5 miles per gallon for the 2025 model year.

President Obama said the new rules would reduce oil imports by half.

Large truck completely submerged in Port Saint Lucie. **DO NOT DRIVE INTO STANDING WATER** Please SHARE this reminder of the dangers with your friends and family. 

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