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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Friday, August 17, 2012

17 August - Netvibes 4,5,MSM,Breaking News

English: A map showing the level of Internet c...English: A map showing the level of Internet censorship by country throughout the world. Based on Wikipedia:Internet censorship by country and Wikipedia:Censorship by country. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
DSC09663DSC09663 (Photo credit: dgrinbergs)
DSC09649DSC09649 (Photo credit: dgrinbergs)
English: Comparation between the type of tear ...English: Comparation between the type of tear gas used on Nabeel Rajab's house. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
International Energy Agency prediction of futu...International Energy Agency prediction of future oil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Visit to Freedom House with Abdulhadi...English: Visit to Freedom House with Abdulhadi alkhawaja (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Irish Delegation meet with Nabeel Raj...English: Irish Delegation meet with Nabeel Rajab at his home (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: The military court (of Bahrain defenc...English: The military court (of Bahrain defence Force) issued an order for Nabeel Rajab on 6 pm 31 May 2011. The order accused Nabeel Rajab for spreading false news and statements about the situation in Bahrain and promoting to hate and disrespect a specific sect. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Hollywood rallied around members of the Russian...

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Xiaomi Phones may enter Europe next year, because China ain't big enough

27 minutes ago Here's a bit of good news to soak in over the weekend. After the unveiling of the Xiaomi Phone...

Motorola schedules press event for...

55 minutes ago
September 5th is going to be a pretty busy day, by the looks of it. While...

AT&T: FaceTime over cellular feature...

1 hour ago
AT&T is offering a bit of clarification on the rumors involving a...

Campaign to build Nikola Tesla museum...

1 hour ago
Nikola Tesla may not have gotten all the credit he was due in his lifetime,...
Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. Boy loves boy. Girl loves girl. Whatever. It all works. The only important thing is that you love each other and that you can keep playing your video games in any...

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