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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

29 August - iGoogle

The Truth about the New Orleans Flood

All Things Considered - NPR
Speakers At The Republican Convention
Debate Pits Strasburg's Health Against Wins

American Water Intelligence Project
Kalyani Municipality WWTP
Willcox O&M

Hurricane floods sodden Louisiana

The US city of New Orleans faces the high winds and rain of Hurricane Isaac, after sea water breaches a levee in an area to the south of the city.  
London set for Paralympics opener
  • Chimp grooming postcode lottery
    Chimpanzee grooming habits are influenced more by where they live than by genetic or ecological influences, according to research published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
  • Double-star system hosts planets
    A new study shows that planetary systems can form and survive in the chaotic environment around pairs of stars.
  • Australia joins EU carbon market
    Australia plans to link its carbon trading scheme with Europe's, enabling Australian firms to use EU permits to emit CO2 from mid-2015.
  • Dwarf pair pump out gravity waves
    Astronomers spot the first visible-light evidence for gravitational waves - ripples in space-time predicted by Einstein that have never been directly seen.
  • Tuning a piano 'moulds the mind'
    Tuning a piano also tunes the brain, say UK researchers who have seen structural changes to brain areas that deal with memory and navigation.
  • Rover's first find in Sharp focus
    The US space agency's Curiosity rover snaps increasingly informative images and relays audio from Earth ahead of its trip to the Glenelg junction.

Blog of Rights - ACLU
At the RNC? Know Your Rights!
Twitter Appeals Ruling in Battle Over Occupy Wall Street Protester’s Information

Sprint adds four markets to its slow-growing LTE network
Sony releases first 4K TV: the 84-inch XBR-84X900

Isaac tests new levees
The fury of Isaac slammed into Louisiana with strong winds and pounding rain, generating the first real test early Wednesday of flood control... 

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Next Up: Calling young leaders in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon
Crime and Declining Unionization

Carbon Farmers of Australia
Journey to a Carbon Credit - Making it work for you
Watch what you say about Carbon Credits

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
Carbon Forum North America 2012
New car rules get it right on energy, the environment and the economy

Circle of Blue water news
The Stream, August 29: Arctic Ice Reaches Record Low
Preparing for Isaac Means Hoarding Water

Matthew Norman: Will it be off with his Ed, or bye George Osborne?
Robert Fisk: Inside Daraya - how a failed prisoner swap turned into a massacre

Common Dreams
Morally Indefensible: Tutu Refuses to Share Platform with Blair
anti-apartheid icon and retired Archbishop Desmond Tutu has withdrawn from a leadership summit in South Africa to protest the presence of former prime minister Tony Blair, whose support for the Iraq War Tutu condemned as "morally indefensible." Meanwhile, calls are mounting for the arrest of Blair for crimes against humanity when he appears.

Southernfink 6 hours ago

Full respect to Desmond Tutu.
Bummer that that bastard Blairs name wasnt added to that short little list drawn up in Malaysia recently,and what if there was a cash reward for war criminals?
Blair would have to do like the others and not venture overseas no more.
this girl is good!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...
Coal Miners Stand with Mitt (Because They're Forced To)

Daily Bell
The American Onslaught Against International Law
Why Is the UN Installing Mutual Credit/Pure Fiat Systems Around the World?

Democracy Now!
In Ascent to GOP's Top Ranks, "Money & Pandering" Leads Paul Ryan to Drop Opposition to Cuba Embargo
Hurricane Isaac Makes Landfall in Louisiana, Threatening New Orleans With Heavy Flooding

Star Wars-Like Planet With Two Suns Spotted
Could a Luke Skywalker-like alien be gazing at twin sunsets each evening from a far away planet? 
Penis-Headed Fish Found: DNews Nugget

EPA Radiation News
EPA to Extend Public Comment Period On Air Permit for Arecibo Waste to Energy Facility; Agency Will Hold Five Public Hearing Sessions August 25, 26 and 27
EPA Region 7 Tribal Program Awards Grants to Sac and Fox Nation of Missouri for Water Monitoring, Radon Protection

EPA Water Science News
Final National Recommended Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Carbaryl--2012

Food and Water Watch
What Happens When Antibiotics Stop Working?

food consumer
The Soap You Should Never Use -- But 75% of Households Do
Dietary Fats and Risk of Sudden cardiac Death in Women
( in relation to this sort of thought I tried Oudo's oils...and rather fudged any conclusion, though I have it still and use some sporadically )

Make The Ohio State University Campus Smoke-Free
Increase Wages and Living Conditions for Platinum Miners

FreakOut Nation
The Republican Convention was a badly managed Circus with a Klan-like mob mentality
Elizabeth Warren on Convention’s ‘We built that’ theme: We built America together & that’s what makes America great.

Guardian UK

Hurricane Isaac soaks New Orleans
Isaac breaks through levees, trapping some residents, with up to half a million homes and businesses without power.Tom McCarthy  
Syria crisis: Daraya deaths reach 400

More Isaac Pictures
Quote Of The Day, August 29, 2012


Poverty Shadow Conventions

Inside Facebook
Facebook updates Camera app for iPhone with notifications to draw users back in
SumAll helps businesses see correlation between social activity and sales

Plan Your Free Online Education at Lifehacker U: Fall Semester 2012 [Video]
Look At Yourself Objectively [Progress]

How the US might Begin to Rethink Egypt

Send a Tip - ***UPDATE: ABC News reached out Breitbart News ... (BREITBART.COM)
Schweikert Bests Quayle in Bitter Arizona Primary (Naftali Bendavid/Washington Wire)

Steve Munro
Queen East Construction News (Updated August 28)
Service Changes Effective September 2, 2012 (Updated)

US: India, Stop Censoring Websites! India: Wikileaks, Hello? US: That's Different!
The Inevitable Crowdfunding Backlash When People Realize Projects Fail & Change
Former Navy SEAL's Account Of Bin Laden Raid Differs From Govt. Version

Everybody is so busy worrying about how the story is perceived you have to wonder at the lack of note of a basic fact : the FBI never listed Osama bin Laden as wanted for perpetrating 9-11. There are stories of how he was located and ignored, frustrating operatives. Plus there is the intimate connection with Bu$hCo and the fact he was a Saudi prince. Do you realize Taleban requests for legal documentation to facilitate extradition were ignored ? The videos ? Long revealed as as a disinformation ploy by Mossad. I still think the claim a 6'4" dying guy on dialysis evaded capture for 10 years is odd in the extreme.
August-29-12 12:16:27 PM  I forgot to mention he was a CIA paymaster for Charlie Wilson's War where the USSR was sucked into interminable war in Afghanistan because of...wait for it...fears of Islamic terrorism. It would be funny if not tragic. 
BTW Reports of downed NATO and US helicopters today remind me of the military materiel support given...which included handheld antiaircraft missiles.
Convention Lineup Aside, Minority Votes Still A Tough Sell For GOP
When Flu Hits, Kids With Neurological Problems Are Vulnerable
GOP Platform Aims To Garner Female Votes
Reading For Life In South Bend, Ind.

IV-12-034: NRC Enters Monitoring Mode in Advance of Hurricane Isaac

New Scientist
How cool water eased hurricane Isaac's rage

News 24
Ex-Somali PM must pay $21m for torture
A former Somali prime minister denied diplomatic immunity must pay $21m in damages to the victims of his alleged torture and human rights abuse, a... 
Orange-picker killer by tractor

Obama Conspiracy Theories
Burning in the bosom v. Shaking in the boots
Amazing fact found in the National Archives: birthers will believe anything

Open Channel
Navy sought to stifle concerns of radiation on S.F. Bay island, emails show
Noah Berger / AFP/Getty ImagesTreasure Island in the San Francisco Bay. San Francisco officials plan to build high-rise residential developments on... 
What ID do I need to vote in my state

Open Secrets
Capital Eye Opener, August 29: Romney's Gender Gap, Quayle's Defeat and Hall & Oates Strike PAC
Capital Eye Opener, August 28th: 'Turncoat' in Tampa, a $6000 Campaign, and Convention Spending Down

A.K. Hangal (1915–2012)

Make a Splash With Paper.li Pro!
You spoke, we listened and last month we launched Paper.li Pro, the first phase of our Paper.li premium services. We are really excited about the... 
5 Top Tips for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Russian Expert Predicts Obama Will Declare Martial Law in America by End of 2012
Orion Technology and Other Secret Projects
Student Debt as a Moral Issue
Who says Hate has no benefit?
Airmen and Soldiers Conducting Police Activities In New York City Train Terminals

Payvand Iran News

NAM foreign ministers start second day of Tehran meeting
UN chief arrives in Tehran

Pesticide Action Network
Prop 37: Just the facts, please
MN court backtracks on pesticide drift

Philippines News

Philippine Airlines to Buy More Than 50 Airbus Planes
Philippines Softens Position in China Sea dispute

Political MoJo  Mother Jones

Small Businessman Who Hit Obama at GOP Convention Got $850,000 in Government Loans

Politics Security Secrecy

What's still wrong with the Secrecy Bill | The Media Online
ANC Makes Concessions Concerning Secrecy Bill | Freedom Info

Psychology Today

So Anxious


'Murder' body found at Hadrian's Wall was from overseas
A new low for global warming: Sea ice retreats to furthest point on record

Science Daily

Scientific American

Shaleshock Media

Street Theater & March, Albany Pledge to Resist Fracking Rally, 8/27/2012
Silica Sand Cloud During Fracking on Teddick Gas Site

Star Online

Thief dies after struggle with students while breaking into hostel
Additional KTM Komuter services for Merdeka


Breakfast with Bevo: Wiki, Wiki, Wyoming


You Tell Us: What would you do for the world with $1 million? Part 3!
9 talks on the wonderful world of water


US: India, Stop Censoring Websites! India: Wikileaks, Hello? US: That's Different!
The Inevitable Crowdfunding Backlash When People Realize Projects Fail & Change

This Week in Science

Stellar Explosions
Interrogating Growing Nanoparticles

Georgian Interior and Defense Ministries again bring units in Lopota gorge

Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense of Georgia in the second half of Wednesday again have brought units into the Lopota gorge...  

USA Today

Romney, GOP urge aid to Isaac victims
Book has new story on bin Laden's death

Unexplained Mysteries

British CAA interested in pilot UFO reports
Chimpanzee regarded as 'genius ape'

Web MD
Teen Smokers Show Early Signs of Heart Disease

For teens who smoke, heart health troubles may start early.  
New Test Helps Decide if Heart Patient Needs Stent


Couple climb 900ft for mountain top wedding ceremony
World's biggest tennis racket built in honour of Billie Jean King

 White House
 Remarks by the President at Campaign Event -- Fort Collins, Colorado

Press Gaggle by Press Secretary Jay Carney aboard Air Force One en route Ames, IA


Syria: We Can Learn a Lot From the “Small Stuff”
When I was a boy Fidel Castro and Che Guevara were giving the military lessons on effective use of guerrilla forces in asymmetrical warfare
Obama’s Buds Sunstein and Wolf Overboard!

A Witchy Life

Guest Post: Margarita–A Witch of Russian Descent
Guest post by Anna from Witchcraft and more I have a special place in my heart for this book. Its incredible author, M. A. Bulgakov, created a...  
Money isn’t Everything

Recent cases of salmonella infection in California are part of a cluster of cases in several states and Canada that appear to be linked to tainted mangoes, health officials say. At least 73 Californians have been sickened in recent weeks by salmonella ...
More than 100 people have contracted legionnaires' disease in Quebec City since July, including eight who have died from related complications. Here are seven things you should know about the bacterial infection: Name was coined in 1976 "Legionnaires' ...
CALGARY — A team of Alberta researchers is embarking on the largest long-term study of its kind looking at the link between exercise and survival rates for breast cancer patients. The study, a collaboration between scientists from Alberta Health ...
Health officials described the outbreak of hantavirus at Yosemite National Park as rare as the park took steps to warm the public. Jana McCabe, a Yosemite park ranger, called the hantavirus outbreak "unprecedented." "We take this extremely seriously," ...
Aug 29 (Reuters) - Evidence is mounting that MRI scans may be safe for people with pacemakers or implanted defibrillators, according to the latest study on the issue that appeared in the American Journal of Cardiology. Manufacturers currently warn ...
They say it is never too late. And the saying seems very much true when it comes to going for a walk, as experts have found a daily stroll could save one's life by protecting against a host of chronic diseases. According to the US study, just a little ...
A Winnipeg woman is demanding answers about paramedic wait times after her mother waited for hours in excruciating pain in a hospital emergency room with a paramedic by her side. Kim Segal told CBC several paramedics were there waiting with patients ...
A Brampton couple is enjoying the rare pleasure of becoming parents to identical triplets. It
 The Daily Galaxy
New 1st-Time Discovery of Key Building Block for Life in the Universe New 1st-Time Discovery of Key Building Block for Life in the Universe
Image of the Day: Billions of Years of Mars' History Etched into Mount Sharp's LayersImage of the Day: Billions of Years of Mars' History Etched into Mount Sharp's Layers
"Light Traveled Faster in the Early Universe" -- The Varying Speed of Light Theory (Today's Most Popular)"Light Traveled Faster in the Early Universe" -- The Varying Speed of Light Theory (Today's Most Popular)
First Recorded Human Voice from Earth to Another Planet and Back --NASA Mars' Curiosity MissionFirst Recorded Human Voice from Earth to Another Planet and Back --NASA Mars' Curiosity Mission
Did DNA Exist Before Life Began on Earth? New Study Suggests "Yes"Did DNA Exist Before Life Began on Earth? New Study Suggests "Yes"

Disease-ridden Fish, Eyeless Shrimp, Mutated Sea Life – Welcome to the Toxic Gulf of Mexico

Maou Tsaou says:

The Earth has something like 60,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 total water molecules.
An old Life nature library volume The Sea tries to put this unimaginable number into perspective.
It mentions that a water molecule is only one eighteen-billionth of an inch in diameter yet together they would make a column of water 75 miles in diameter and 70,000 miles high.
But it then points out the connectiveness of the system with another example.
Take an 8 ounce glass of water and mark the molecules so they can be identified then take the glass and pour it in the ocean.
After a few thousand years of “mixing” every glass of water in the sea would hold about 1500 molecules from the original glass.
So what about the Gulf spill?
1 gallon is 128 ounces or 16 glasses of water per gallon.
BP public admissions of Gulf oil spill >200,000,000 gallons of oil.
BP officially admits to spilling over 3,200,000,000 glasses of oil.
That’s 4,800,000,000,000 oil molecules per glass when mixed and independent estimates put the flow rate MUCH higher (the coast guard typically seems to lie by an order of magnitude), not to mention that the thing is still “seeping” along with other wells in the gulf including 8 wells owned by Taylor Energy that have been leaking since Ivan in 2004 and this group is just over ten miles off the coast and not a deep water cluster.
1 cubic mile is about 10,000,000,000,000 gallons.
A gallon of gas weighs about 6.3 pounds 5.5 pounds of which is carbon.
Actually, a barrel of oil is 42 gallons. When the barrel is processed, you may get something like 15 gallons of gasoline, 9 gal. of fuel oil (See Gasoil / D2), 10 gal. of jet fuel (Kerosene) and 4 gal of other “heavy” products such as lubricants, grease, asphalt / bitumene and plastics and 4 gallons of lighter condensates/naphtha.
In energy equivalents, 1 barrel=42 gallons of oil is estimated to be around 19.5 gallons of gas (natural gas) so this is a very loose estimate.
The Earth’s water is about 330,000,000 cubic miles in volume.
Carbon is the tenth most common element in normal seawater at 132,000 tons per cubic mile.
200,000,000 gallons of oil would have loosely 1,100,000,000 pounds or 550,000 tons of carbon.
That would add over 3 pounds of carbon per gallon of Earth’s water by admission and more likely around 30 pounds and growing additional carbon per each gallon of Earth’s water from this one event.
There have been plenty of others.
From the early 1970s through the ’90s, offshore rigs and pipelines averaged about four spills per year of at least 50 barrels, according to the Minerals Management Service (MMS). One barrel is equal to 42 gallons. The average annual total surged to more than 17 from 2000 through 2009. From 2005 through 2009, spills averaged 22 a year.
The spills — and the amount of oil that leaked — grew markedly worse even when taking increases in production into account, a USA TODAY analysis of federal data shows. The leaks came as the oil industry repeatedly claimed that offshore drilling was never safer.


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