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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

25 August - Surfing Notes II

Samir Allioui debat Wikileaks at Waag SocietySamir Allioui debat Wikileaks at Waag Society (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bill Keller and the US Government

Keller boasted that the Obama administration had only criticized WikiLeaks, but not the NYT, because -- Keller proudly explained -- the NYT, unlike WikiLeaks, was guided by the U.S. Government regarding what should and should not be published. Carne (along with the BBC host) openly mocked and derided Keller not only for his subservience to the U.S. Government’s directives, but also for being so proud of that subservience 

My husband asked me to dress up as a nurse tonight to fulfill his fantasy...that we have health insurance. 

Concise summary of how Gawker docs show that Mitt Romney committed a felony:

What is driving Lebanon's sectarian clashes? - Inside Story - Al Jazeera English

aljazeera.com - Street battles are continuing in Lebanon's two major cities – the capital Beirut and Tripoli in the north – as the unrest in neighbouring Syria spills over across the border. In Tripoli, the violen...  HT  Blue Girl

Syria Live Blog - Al Jazeera Blogs

blogs.aljazeera.com - Violence in Syria has escalated into what the Red Cross calls a civil war. Activists say at least 17,000 people have died since the uprising began in March last year. The government of Bashar al-As...

Asylum seekers in Libya: one man`s story of prison conditions - :

Marvin Hamlisch, Pussy Riot, And The Perils Of Judging By Appearances

tnr.com - There’s something wrong with the way the three women of Pussy Riot have been portrayed in much of the coverage of their arrest and sentencing last week, and the same thing is wrong with the way Mar...

Breaking the Silence's new report: "Children and Youth - Soldiers' Testimonies 2005-2011" via

Back Pain Treatment for 9 Different Triggers


Stop plastics from killing ocean animals:

Bioengineered Bacteria Pump Out Fuel for Cars


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