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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

7 July - My Feedly

English: Ivar GiaeverEnglish: Ivar Giaever (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Mario Molina, at the Nobel Laurate Globalsympo...Mario Molina, at the Nobel Laurate Globalsymposium 2011, at Vetenskapsakademien in Stockholm, discussing climate change (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Special Ops trooper on a clearing operation in...Special Ops trooper on a clearing operation in Chak district, Wardak province, Afghanistan (Photo credit: AN HONORABLE GERMAN)Transparency_SlideShare_Front_PageTransparency_SlideShare_Front_Page (Photo credit: The Daring Librarian)Noria Sedequi supervises 25 women at the Veget...Noria Sedequi supervises 25 women at the Vegetable Dehydrates Factory in Parwan Province, Afghanistan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)English: Paul Crutzen, Dutch Nobel prize winni...English: Paul Crutzen, Dutch Nobel prize winning atmospheric chemist, at the University of Helsinki in May 2010. Suomi: Paul Crutzen, hollantilainen kemian nobelisti, Helsingin yliopistossa toukokuussa 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Afghan woman publicly executed near Kabul
Video allegedly shows woman shot dead for adultery in Parwan province; Afghan officials blame the Taliban.
Nobel prize winner — Ivar Giaever — “climate change is pseudoscience”
It was for a moment the clash of the Nobel Prize winners on climate change… just barely, but nothing like this has happened before in the debate-that-isn’t. Normally this is not a show the heavyweights turn up too. But there were three Nobel winners in the room at the same time. Paul Crutzen, Mario Molina and Sherwood Rowland won the 1995 Nobel for work on Ozone. Both of the first two are fans of the man-made global warming theory and they both spoke just prior to notable skeptic Ivar Giaever (who won a Nobel for tunneling in superconductors in 1972). [UPDATE: Watch Giaever speak - the whole s
The Fallout of Fukushima – James Corbett on Danish TV
James Corbett joins Danish TV program Deadline 22:30 to talk about Fukushima and what has occurred in the wake of the nuclear accident. Access the Deadline 22:30 website here: http://www.dr.dk/dr2/deadline2230


On the Transparency Front: Secrecy, Drones and War
Since 9/11 the budget for Special Ops has quadrupled. Under President Obama, the forces of the Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), which includes the Green Berets, Navy SEALS and Army Rangers, have been granted more latitude and greater autonomy, engaged in counter-terrorism, surveillance and reconnaissance in as many as 120 countries around the world. According to an appraisal published in
NEWS: New legal approach — consumer protection laws may protect citizens against misleading BOM statements
We know there is something wrong when we pay public servants to serve us, and they provide us with temperature records that are not the same as the original data, but they won’t explain why they adjusted them. We know the system is rotten when the inexplicable adjustments are used as an excuse to take even more money. We’ve tried FOI to get the information, but they ignore it. We’ve asked the Nati
Brumby’s bakery boss forced to resign over “carbon tax memo”
It was a dumb memo to write: “Brumby’s recommended some “simple things for you all to do to find some extra sales”. “We are doing an RRP (recommended retail price) review at present which is projected to be in line with CPI (consumer price index), but take an opportunity to make some moves in June and July, let the carbon tax take the blame, after all your costs will be going up due to it,” Mr Pri
Assembling Information About Japan Nuclear Disaster
I spent 5 hours today going through early reports and I've assembled the findings as reported in the news media during the week of Mar 11-19 (and a few later reports)EARLY REPORTS GENERAL STATUSMAR 11: “In all, five reactors at the two plants were damaged.”Source: Damage at two Japan nuclear plants prompts evacuations. March 11, 2011|By Thomas H. Maugh II and Ralph Vartabedian | Los Angeles Times




   Dumping Waste into the Ground Is a Shaky Solution
Little is Known About Leaks from the 680,000 Waste and Injection Sites in the US
We Were Wrong on Peak Oil. There’s Enough to Fry Us All
A Boom in Oil Production Has Made a Mockery of Our Predictions. Good News for Capitalists – But a Disaster for Humanity
Rising Gas Prices Exacerbated Foreclosure Crisis, Researchers Find
Housing Bust Linked with Sprawl as Transportation Costs Increase in Suburbs
Fountains of Life in Peril
Florida’s Famed Springs Threatened by Unsustainable Groundwater Extraction


Where the Money Lives
© Ruth Tomlinson/Robert Harding World Imagery/Corbis (beach); by Justin Sullivan/Getty images (inset). BURIED TREASURE Grand Cayman, where Bain Capital maintains at least 138 funds. Inset, Mitt Romney tries to spot his La Jolla home from the campaign plane Vanity Fair August 2012 For all Mitt Romney’s touting of his business record, when it comes to his own money the Republican nominee is

Interview 523 – The Technocratization of Education with James Tracy
Dr. James Tracy of MemoryGap.org joins us to discuss his article “The Technocratization of Education“. We break down the history of the use of psychological conditioning techniques in the classroom, and how these programs are funded by rich, tax-exempt foundations. We also talk about how teachers, students and parents can help break through the conditioning and re-ignite the love of learning in to
Episode 233 – The Kubrick Question
His films have birthed some of the most iconic images in the history of cinema, yet still remarkably little is known about Stanley Kubrick’s life…or death. Today on the podcast we examine the works of the world-famous director for clues as to what he knew, and whether or not he was silenced for blowing the whistle on the powers that shouldn’t be. For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE to do
Corbett Report Radio 168 – Anarchy and Property with Larken Rose
Larken Rose joins us once again to continue discussing the idea of a stateless society. Today we tackle some of the key questions of the anarchist philosophy: what is private property? How is ownership decided? How are disputes settled? Find out tonight as we plumb the depths of a world without government.
The Alternative Currency Solution with Eyal Hertzog
The Brixton Pound. The Volos TEM. The Calgary Dollar. Around the world there are local alternative currencies in almost every large community. Most people are aware of these alternatives, but few are aware of their significance. Today we discuss the next step in decentralization, monetary independence, with our guest Eyal Hertzog.


The New Technology In The Classroom
In the margin of technology, the word disruptive is used for a technology or enhancement that brings about a extreme change in the way a zone functions by introducing efficiency, affordability and convenience, also use ideal education source. The technology subversion in the business zone is represented by the endless use of smarter phones or web conferencing in American offices. However, the repe
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Craig Murray

Assange Conundrum
Dianne Feinstein, Chairman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, has just renewed her call for Julian Assange to be prosecuted for espionage. This a week after US puppet and Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr claimed there was “not the remotest evidence” that Assange might be prosecuted in the US. As a grand jury has already been convened in the US, Carr’s statement, justifying the Australi
The Impossibility of Rest
I had almost brought myself to the point of formally announcing the closure of this blog. I cannot explain to you why the trend of recent political society in the West depresses me to the point of introversion and withdrawal. Almost everyone else manages to get on with it. It is an accepted, even commonplace fact of political discourse that inequality is rampant, that the gap between rich and
“Judge-Led” Bullshit
The hopelessness of New Labour as a vehicle of change is underlined by their fixation with “judge-led” inquiries into anything that crops up. Remember the Hutton whitewash? Will a senior judge really recommend the fundamental reform of casino banking in the City of London and the careers of the banking squillionaires he undoubtedly knows so well at his club, lodge and golf course? Which of the
Shared Values
Following on from yesterday’s post, here is a tiny everyday example of those shared US/Israeli values Dianne Feinstein was on about. Courtesy of the Guardian. Meanwhile another 47 people are killed by a truck bomb in Iraq and over 200 maimed. A slightly larger toll than usual in a single incident so it actually made the media here, but again in Iraq such violent death is an everyday occurrence

Your Friday ex-pat food of choice open thread
by liberal japonicus It is saturday morning, and and I'm in Tokyo for the weekend for some things which I'm looking forward to, but everything is going to be a let down after the hamburger I had for Friday night dinner. It wasn't the classical burger (cheese was there, but I also ordered it with guacamole) but man, it was good. I got soaked in the rain coming back, but it was a small p
Epistemic closure at the Supreme Court
by Doctor Science There's been a lot of ink, pixels, and electrons spilled this week over a CBS News report about Chief Justice Roberts switching his vote to uphold Obamacare. For me, the weirdest thing about this whole circus is that conservatives apparently think the article makes the four dissenting Justices look good, when -- to me -- the article shows them as petulant judicial activists too
Getting used to not knowing
by Doctor Science Ingrid Robeyns at Crooked Timber says my brain needs to know your sex: I find it difficult (at quite an unconscious level, it seems) to correspond with someone I’ve never met without attributing a sex to that person, whereas I don’t think this holds for ‘race’, age, disability or something else. ... Do you recognize this phenomenon? And if my self-analysis is correct, then I w
Waiting for health care
by Doctor Science In the comments to my post on Why the Affordable Care Act is "socialism", McKinneyTX said:BTW, the great fondness for nationalized healthcare in the rest of EU/Australia/Canada may be misplaced. If you think a one year wait for a hip transplant is a good thing, fine. You will change your mind when you actually have a broken hip and have to live with immobility and excruciating


The CCC’s Kyle Rogers Makes Himself Known on Stormfront
As one of the key players in the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), Kyle Rogers has never backed down from urging politicians to stand up for whites. But in recent months, when not mugging for the camera in an ill-fitting suit, the modern face of the council has another life posting anti-Semitic tirades to the [...]
‘Sovereign Citizen’ Daughter Indicted in Telemarketing Scam
In the family of one of the antigovernment “sovereign citizen” movement’s most notorious ideologues, the apple seems to have fallen tragically close to the tree. Jessica Gutierrez, the daughter of the late sovereign citizen Jerry Kane, was among 18 suspects charged by the Ohio attorney general in connection with a telemarketing scam that defrauded elderly victims [...]

Manaf Tlas Defection Confirmed: His Statement from Paris
Bashar al-Assad, left, and Manaf Tlass in Kuwait City in 1999. How important is the Tlass Defection Absolutely important – The Tlass family has been at the heart of the regime from the beginning. They are the keystone of the Sunni-Alawi alliance that has cemented the regime for 4 decades. Abdul Halim Khaddam and the Tlass family were the two leading Sunni families in the state from the beginning,
Regime’s Top Sunni Defects – General Manaf Mustafa Tlass Flees to Turkey
General Manaf Tlass, One of Syria’s top Sunni Military Figures from the Inner-circle of Bashar al-Assad, has Defected. Bashar al-Assad and Manaf Tlass, sons of the President and Defense Minister, attending military training in the 1990s Addendum: My sources in Damascus say that Manaf’s house is being ransacked earlier today. The source went by the house in person. Spokesperson of Turkish foreign M
News Round Up
85 SYRIANS SOLDIERS, INCLUDING GENERAL, DEFECT: AP Turkish media reported that at least 85 Syrian troops, including a general and six other officers, defected to Turkey late Monday and brought 300 family members with them in a mass bid for asylum…. Foreign Policy Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has expressed regret for the downing of a Turkish F-4 Phantom jet on June 22. In an interview on Sunday
News Round Up
When Bashar al-Assad goes, his regime, in all probability, will go with him. His remaining followers will run for the doors causing the Baathist edifice of the Syrian state to come crashing down like a house of cards. After all, it is built on loyalty to the man and family. Many are looking for a way to broker a soft landing for the regime. Although noble, this undertaking may be a fool’s errand.


Bits and Pieces - July 5, 2012
We've all been waiting for the straw that sends the banksters to jail and splits open their power. The LIBOR scandal might just be it. LIBOR is the standard of the interest-charging world. Dylan Matthews explains. It turns out that the big banks were monkeying with it, to their benefit (of course!) in multiple ways. It's only one of the ways that the banksters have been fixing things in their favo
The God Particle
I write a lot of scientific stuff, so I suppose I should write on this. The problem is that I have practically nothing to say on it.I got excited about particle physics once upon a time, when I was very young, and there were protons, neutrons, and electrons, maybe neutrinos. Then they started bringing in muons and gluons and quarks and The Higgs Boson (to be pronounced reverently). They found most
Bits and Pieces - July 3, 2012
Happy Fourth of July to all. And, Mr. President, please don't use a military salute to recognize the troops!Cloning project: need more glyptodonts.I am almost finished reading Red Plenty, by Francis Spufford. It tells the story of the Soviet struggle to redefine prices. That's harder than you might think, if you don't want to use a market. But I wouldn't consider it to justify the current obsessio

Guest Blog: Declaring independence from Monsanto & Co.

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, my thoughts turn to what independence means to me: freedom from corporate interference and control. I am an Eastern Indiana farmer and have experienced, first hand, the ways corporate giants control food and farming in this country. read more


Short Fiction Recs 2012
Over on my personal blog I’ve started doing a thing where I post the short stories i read each month — the good ones, anyway. Since it’s now July and everyone is looking for something to read when it’s too hot to move, I thought you all might enjoy these selections as well. As the year progresses you can keep up with the new things I add by subscribing to this Delicious Stack. Contact by Eileen

People's School @ Lakeview Elementary Raided
For information, go to the Twitter hashtag @Lakeviewsitin. All but two people left the school voluntarily. Rally planned for 5pm in front of the school. It has been reported that the police, a combination of Oakland school district and city officers, threatened to use dispersal agents after issuing a dispersal order at around 4:15 PST. For background about the People's School, go here.


Has Centralization of Power to the PMO Put Canadian Democracy on Life Support?
Don Lenihan has a must-read column up today, on how centralization of power to the Prime Minister’s office over the past several decades has atrophied the connection Canadians — especially youth — had with our government, and what he believes this could mean for Canada’s system of democracy: In the early 1970s, the Trudeau government adopted a new generation of governance tools to make it more eff

China and the POE DPRK Report
As we had anticipated last week, last Friday the United Nations Security Council published its 2012 Panel of Experts Report pursuant to UNSCR Resolution 1874. Here it is. A year ago, the Chinese member of the POE would not sign the final report for 2011, effectively blocking publication of the report. The document was then nearly immediately leaked. This year, contrary to some advance accounts, th
The Team with the Football
Two vignettes and an organizational chart: I. In August 1991, I was part of a group of maybe fifteen Americans who visited with Gennady Yanayev in the Kremlin. Yanayev was a big deal at the time — the Vice President of the Soviet Union. Our visit to his well-appointed suite of offices was part of a series of Track II meetings that bracketed the deep freeze of the early Reagan years and the thaw re

Summer Comes to Green Town
Summer in Green Town, Illinois back in 1928 opened like this: “It was a quiet morning, the town covered over with darkness and at ease in bed. Summer gathered in the weather, the wind had the proper touch, the breathing of the world was long and warm and slow. You had only to rise, lean from your window, and know that this indeed was the first real time of freedom and living, this was the first mo


Danny Glover Takes Up Cause Of Houston Janitors—Harris County Dem. Chair Lane Lewis Takes Up The Fight While Mayor Annise Parker Is Nowhere To Be Seen
Actor Danny Glover was in Houston yesterday to talk about efforts by janitors in Houston to be paid a higher wage, and to talk about larger issues of economic fair play in our society. (Above–A picture from the event yesterday that was posted on the Facebook page of the Houston Janitors.) From the Houston Chronicle— “Noted film actor and social activist Danny Glover met with a delegation of Houst
Raining Outside At Astros’ Game
I’m at the Houston Astros’ game right now. As you see from the picture, it is raining outside. Inside though, the game goes on.
At Core Far-Right Houston Councilmember Helena Brown Is Wasting Our Time—A Woolly Mammoth’s Perspective
The Houston Chronicle reports that far-right Houston City Council Member Helena Brown may have altered the time sheets of her City Hall staff so they would not be paid for all the hours they worked. From The Chronicle— “Houston City Councilwoman Helena Brown subtracted hours from employees’ timecards in apparent violation of federal law, according to records obtained by the Houston Chronicle. The
Mitt Romney Always With An Eye For The Offshore Opportunity
Above is a recent picture from the Mitt Romney Facebook page. You see that there are what look to be some islands in the background of the photo. Maybe these islands could be yet another place for Mr. Romney to stash his millions of dollars in offshore cash. Here is the Vanity Fair investigation of Governor Romney’s offshore millions.  Here is a recent Associated Press investigation of Mr. Romney

The Arabist

Great info-map of Sahel dynamics
I found this map a few weeks ago, at Monde Diplo I believe, and have had it on my desktop for a while. Great illustration of a complex situation. Update: Here's the source of the map.
Qatar: Where's the trust?
Jenifer Fenton sent in this dispatch from Doha, looking at the results of a recent survey and asking wider questions about the future of migration and expat communities in the Gulf. Qataris have little trust in Western expatriates, was the headline many in Qatar took away from newly published research. On a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 representing no trust and 10 complete trust, Qataris gave We
In Translation: Sheikh Yasser Borhami on Morsi and ShariĘża
In this week's In Translation article — provided by the hive mind at Industry Arabic, which you should immediately hire for all your translation purposes — we hear the views of Sheikh Yasser Borhami, who heads the Da'wa Salafiya movement of Alexandria and is in effect the spiritual head of the Nour Party. Borhami and Da'wa Salafiya have emerged as the most important voices of the Salafi moveme
Awesome Google Maps mashup of Egypt's retired army generals and where they've landed
Askar Kazeboon (The Military are Liars), the Egyptian activist group that sprang up to put the lie to the claims of the SCAF and state media after the Maspero and Mohammed Mahmoud St. massacres, have put together this amazing Google Maps-powered database of where retired military officers have landed -- highlighting the common practice of senior officers being given golden parachute that land the
Is the PA afraid of third intifada?
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