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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

25 July - iGoogle

YP58 UGF at London Road, WithdeanYP58 UGF at London Road, Withdean (Photo credit: Mr MPD)

To Do

The measures should also reduce the impact on household energy bills, it said, saving £5-£6 a year on average. Under the current arrangements £44 of the average household bill would go towards renewables in 2013-14, rising to £50 in 2016-17. Under the ...
Solar power, which makes up a tiny part of California's overall energy mix, will account for the biggest piece of the state's renewable energy pie by the end of the decade, according to the state's largest utilities. Last year, Pacific Gas & Electric ...
MarketWatch (press release)
HyperSolar is developing a breakthrough, low cost technology to make renewable hydrogen using sunlight and any source of water, including seawater and wastewater. Unlike hydrocarbon fuels, such as oil, coal and natural gas, where carbon dioxide and ...
Next month, Maine will take a major step forward as a leader in the field of tidal energy generation, when a 180-kilowatt turbine is lowered into the waters of Cobscook Bay, off Eastport. The turbine, built by the Ocean Renewable Power Company, will be ...
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Human Habitat

Great Falls Tribune
Walleye, carp, crayfish, and fathead minnow wriggle in the net as University of Gret Falls Wildlife Ecology campers count and survey them Monday morning. The UGF Camp Exploration and Adventure is led by a number of UGF professors, including biology ...
Ecology Global Network
Ecology Global Network Button · Ecology Campus Network · Forum Button · Shop Ecology · RSS News Feed Button · Twitter · Facebook · Google Plus · Ecology Global Network Logo · Ecology Today · Earth · Air · Energy · Water · Humans · Species ...
The Hindu
Kerala has started reassessing the impact the implementation of the recommendations of the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP) will have on its development agenda. A committee, led by James Varghese, Environment Secretary, has been asked ...
San Jose Mercury News
SANTA CRUZ - A green remodel of the former Sentinel newspaper office downtown has won Leadership in Environmental and Engineering Design gold certification for co-owners Ecology Action and Cruzio. It is the third privately owned project in the county ...
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Water Power

San Jose Mercury News
SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Gov. Jerry Brown and U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar are set to announce Wednesday plans to build a massive twin tunnel system to carry water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to farmland and cities. Officials say the ...
DesMoinesRegister.com (blog)
Water use in the Des Moines area has dramatically increased amid this summer's drought, forcing metro-area officials to issue a formal plea today for water conservation. The goal is to voluntarily cut water consumption by 10 percent. This includes ...
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain introduced a 500 million pound ($776.33 million) tax relief for large shallow-water gas fields on Wednesday in a bid to boost its dwindling North Sea energy output and said it wanted the gas market to play a role beyond ...
Washington Post
KABUL, Afghanistan — An insurgent bomb targeting Afghan police using a fresh water spring to replenish their drinking supplies instead killed seven children grazing farm animals, officials said Wednesday. The bomb, which exploded on Tuesday, was ...
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Ron Paul: Wealth Comes from Work & Savings, Not from Spending ...

All Things Considered - NPR
Part Of Romney's Foreign Itinerary: Raising Money
Black Business Owners Urge Obama To Aid Growth
American Water Intelligence
Nassau County O&M, NY
Willcox O&M
Defections as Syria clashes rage
The US confirms the defection of two more high-level Syrian diplomats, as fighting in the key commercial hub of Aleppo intensifies.  
BBA 'warned weekly' about Libor
  • Forests' biodiversity 'declining'
    Despite having protected status, the biodiversity in a large number of tropical forests is still continuing to decline, a study suggests.
  • Antarctic rift 'speeds ice melt'
    A rift in the Antarctic bed rock as deep as the Grand Canyon is increasing ice melt from the continent, researchers say.
  • Hunter gatherer clue to obesity
    The idea that exercise is more important than diet in the fight against obesity has been contradicted by new research.
  • Cosmic ray haul for 'space LHC'
    The largest-ever experiment in space has reported the collection of some 18 billion "cosmic ray" events that may help unravel the Universe's mysteries.
  • Fossils hint at first grasslands
    Two of the earliest rodents, including the earliest chinchilla, are discovered in Chile
  • Satellites reveal sudden ice melt
    The surface of Greenland's massive ice sheet has melted this month over an unusually large area, Nasa has said.
Blog of Rights - ACLU
Sheriff Arpaio on the Stand
Big Data: NSA, Facebook—and My University?
YouTube breaks records with 4M Creative Commons videos
Mahdi malware creators add new features
Officials suspect Holmes sent package to university
Authorities found a package in a university mailroom apparently sent by the alleged gunman in the Colorado theater shooting, a law enforcement...  
North Koreans walk out over flag mix-up
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Improve seniors care to improve healthcare for all
CCPA-NS 5th Annual Fundraiser: Dinner and an Evening with Armine Yalnizyan
Carbon Farmers of Australia
The first soil carbon methodology arrives
What Gillard should have said about the carbon tax
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
Carbon Forum North America 2012
Is Global Warming Causing Wild Weather?
Circle of Blue water news
With Conservation, Indiana’s Cities Cope With Drought
The Stream, July 25: A World Water Risk Atlas
Robert Fisk: Yes, there's violence, but some Syrians think it's time to return
Steve Richards: Time for a new plan or a new Chancellor
Common Dreams
Breathe Easy, America: Deadly Cardboard Thieves Nabbed At Last
What the Oil Companies Do With Their Record $375 Million A DAY In Profits
Daily Bell
Change Your Brain with Your Mind: Overcome Obsessions and Compulsions
Democracy Now!
Rep. Barbara Lee and Dazon Dixon Diallo on Confronting the Overlooked AIDS Epidemic in Black America
International AIDS Conference Convenes in D.C. After U.S. Lifts Travel Ban on People With HIV
Could YouTube Quell Vertigo?
Watching online videos of a maneuver used to quell dizziness may help sufferers of vertigo.  
'Grand Canyon' Discovered Beneath Antarctic Ice
EPA Radiation News
EPA Regional Administrator Judith Enck and Congressmember Rodney Frelinghuysen Announce System to Treat Contaminated Ground Water at Rockaway Borough, NJ Superfund Site; Tour Six Superfund Sites in Morris and Essex Counties
EPA to Hold Citizen Science Workshops in New York and New Jersey; June 19 in New York City and June 20 in Edison, New Jersey
EPA Water Science News
Final National Recommended Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Carbaryl--2012
2012 Beach Grants
Food and Water Watch
“The Story of Change” and Why We Can’t Shop Our Way to a Better Food System
American Factory Farm Horror Story: Salmonella Scare and Cargill Meat Recall
food consumer
Bath salts may help rheumatoid arthritis
Multiple Sclerosis News: Vitamin D fights multiple sclerosis (MS) - study
Force Change
Protect Whales in San Francisco Bay

FreakOut Nation
127 House members insist on ObamaCare repeal efforts even though it will increase budget deficits
Responses to Obama’s ad: John Kyl, “Stop talking about the middle class, it turns people against the rich”
Guardian UK
Splits widen within Syrian opposition
As Syria's rebels look beyond Bashar al-Assad's overthrow, distrust and jostling for power are eroding their credibilitySyria's fractured...  
Kagame may be charged with aiding war crimes
From The Protest Today…
Want To Hear (And See) Something Beautiful?
Inside Facebook
App Center now available in non-English speaking countries
Facebook adds ‘search the web’ to typeahead results
App Organization, Accessing Downed Web Pages, and Slimming Your Wallet [From The Tips Box]
What are your biggest OS X Mountain Lion annoyances? [Discussions Of The Day]
Familiar Roster of Hawks Calls for Syria Safe Zones
The reluctance that dogs the West’s approach to Iran
The Battle for Ballot Integrity in Pennsylvania (John Hinderaker/Power Line)

Steve Munro
Queen East Construction News (Updated July 25)
The Fate of OneCity (Updated)
Truth In Erroring: IETF Proposal Includes New 451 Censorship Error Code
Are You A Company Or Developer Threatened By Patent Trolls? Please Take This Quick Survey

New Scientist
Liposuction used to create blood vessels for bypass
Chemical internet discovers new ways to make drugs
News 24
The Battle for Ballot Integrity in Pennsylvania (John Hinderaker/Power Line)

Obama Conspiracy Theories
Aaron Klein reverses spin
Cold Case Posse: backed into a corner (Updated 2)
Open Channel
Source: Tip from accused Aurora shooter leads authorities to package
Law enforcement officials have said that alleged gunman James Holmes sent the package to the University of Colorado medical center in Aurora. It...  
Ex-Penn State president says he didn't protect Sandusky, was himself an abused child
Open Secrets
Midwestern Bank PAC Funds Kochs' Americans for Prosperity

Rajesh Khanna (1942-2012), R.I.P.
'Sonia's Poodle' Or 'Puppet'? Or Just 'Underachiever?
Did James Holmes have an accomplice?

Payvand iran News
Photos: Eshrat Kaveh Keeps Spinning...

Pesticide Action Network
EPA sidesteps chance to protect bees
EPA tightens rules on brain toxicant
Philippines News
DFA summons Chinese ambassador over China actions in West PHL Sea

Political MoJo | Mother Jones
CHART: One GOP Super-PAC Has Raised More Money Than Every Democratic Super-PAC Combined

Politics security secrecy
Smith, Honolulu The University Press into his Life, Tea ...
Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - Australian Politics
Psychology Today
The Life of a Twin

The big thaw: Greenland ice cover vanishes in just four days
Facebook to host science lesson live from the Albert Hall
Science Daily
Darker wings for monarch butterflies mean better flight

Scientific American
Drought Devastates U.S. Maize and Soya Crops
Protein Refolds To Perform Second Job
Shaleshock Media
Compulsory Integration
Red Haliburton Frack Trucks
Star Online
M’sian students return from war-torn Syria

City frustrated with lack of progress at Southeast Austin apartment complex
Nation Digest: TV polygamists suing Utah over bigamy law; USDA backs away from 'Meatless Monday'suggestion
In Short: A Grand Canyon in Antarctica, Brett Ratner photographs the homeless

Truth In Erroring: IETF Proposal Includes New 451 Censorship Error Code
Are You A Company Or Developer Threatened By Patent Trolls? Please Take This Quick Survey
This Week in Science
It's the Oxygens
Crater Core

IRI Envoy in Vienna: Iran not interested in blocking Hormuz Straight
IRI Ambassador to Austrian capital city, Vienna, Hassan Tajik, emphasized on July 25 that Iran is by no means interested in blocking the strategic...  
Army, rebels reinforce Aleppo for 'decisive' battle
USA Today
Experts: Don't blame killers' families

Unexplained Mysteries

Skydiver to jump from edge of space
Web MD
Doctors Report Historic Transplant in Child
Ciaran Finn-Lynch is an accidental medical pioneer. With his life in danger, doctors used the 13-year-old's own stem cells to grow him a new...  
Fish Oil Doesn't Lower Heart Risk in Diabetics
Biker has miraculous escape from 'motorcycle fireball'
War, Syrian Style? Has Assad Ordered Mass Rapes?
Romney vs. Obama on Regulation and Big Money
THE CANCER SOCIETY Dr Senthil Muthuswamy created the first living 3D models of the pancreas to better understand pancreatic cancer, a disease that kills 94 per cent of diagnosed patients in over five years. Toronto researcher Dr. Semthil Muthuswamy has ...
Doctors have long puzzled over the link between high-salt diets and increased incidence of problems like osteoporosis and kidney stones. Now, Canadian researchers may have uncovered the reason. Using animals and cells in a lab, researchers have ...
CALGARY — The Alberta government's long-awaited probe into medical queue-jumping took a step forward Wednesday as the province approved a $10-million operating budget for the inquiry. But opposition parties said the money would be better spent on a ...
Let's Make a Miracle - Orangeville Citizen
LET'S MAKE A MIRACLE today (Thursday) at the Dairy Queen on Riddell Road. All day, until closing at 11 pm, the Dairy Queen will give all the proceeds from their Blizzard treats to the Children's Miracle Network. With the support of local residents and ...
OTTAWA, Ont. -- Raw or undercooked sprouts can sometimes be contaminated by harmful bacteria and should be eaten with caution, says Health Canada. Sprouts, such as alfalfa and mung bean, are often chosen because they are low in calories.
Eastern Health has fired five employees for breaching patient confidentiality, including one nurse who looked up the files of 122 patients. The health authority — the largest in Newfoundland and Labrador — described that breach involving 122 patients ...
Fewer then half the practising dotors in BC voted on the deal, but 92 per cent of those that did approved it.Fewer then half the practising dotors in BC voted on the deal, but 92 per cent of those that did approved it. (Kevin Frayer/Canadian Press) ...
By Tom Sandborn July 25, 2012 04:48 pm That's t
 Daily Galaxy
Image of the Day: 1st Ever Comet Storm ObservedImage of the Day: 1st Ever Comet Storm Observed
Odyssey Tweaked to Monitor Mars Science Lab Aug 5 Landing in RealtimeOdyssey Tweaked to Monitor Mars Science Lab Aug 5 Landing in Realtime
SPRAWL! What Our Future Will Look Like When Earth Hits Pop. 10 BillionSPRAWL! What Our Future Will Look Like When Earth Hits Pop. 10 Billion
The 'Galaxy' Poll: "Biological Intelligence is Only a Transitory Phenomenon"The 'Galaxy' Poll: "Biological Intelligence is Only a Transitory Phenomenon"
EcoAlert: Greenland Undergoing Extreme Record Ice MeltEcoAlert: Greenland Undergoing Extreme Record Ice Melt
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