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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

21 July - My Feedly

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Violence rages across Syria
Intense clashes reported in Aleppo as rebels battle to take control of border crossings into neighbouring countries
Medieval Warm Period found in 120 proxies. Plus Roman era was similar to early 20th Century.
Two major proxy studies, larger than ever, were released in April and June 2012. They show that the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) existed, and was similar to current temperatures. These comprehensive studies suggest current temperatures are not unusual, and that itself is not all that surprising — I’ve mentioned before how there are hundreds of proxy studies showing it was as warm or warmer back then. (CO2science has been documenting them.) But these studies are worth a mention because they are so large. Climate models cannot explain what caused the warming 1000 years ago, nor the cooling 300 yea
Interview 525 – Leon Pittard on Free Speech in Australia
Leon Pittard of FairdinkumRadio.com joins us to discuss the Australian government’s attempt to censor his website for its promotion of natural health alternatives. We discuss the complaint that he has received from the Australian government over his guest’s attempt to share her personal experience of the therapeutic effects of Black Salve, and the ramifications this has on the issue of free speech in Australia, and freedom of expression on the internet.


State Department: World Intellectual Property Organization Did Not Violate UN Sanctions on North Korea or Iran
The UN’s World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has been the target of some relentless criticism from certain quarters for transferring computer equipment to two of its member states: North Korea and Iran. FoxNews published a big report last April that brought the North Korea transfer of about $50,000 of computer equipment to light. Since then, pundits of a certain persuasion have piled
MN Supreme Court Justice Suggests Photo ID May Be Unconstitutional Even If Approved By Voters
Guest blogged by Ernest A. Canning This week, the Minnesota Supreme Court heard the League of Women Voters' argument against language set to be used in a ballot initiative this November which, if passed by the electorate, would amend the state's constitution to require that valid, Government-issued Photo ID be presented at the polling place before voters are allowed to vote. The initiative was pla
New Jersey's big fat corporate ed reform liars
Al denounced the idea of charters when it became clear that the concept had changed and was being hijacked by corporate and business interests. In Al’s view, such hijacking would result in the privatization of public education and, ultimately, its destruction — all without improving student outcomes. — Edith ShankerIt all started a few days ago when Edison scoundrel and Broadyte Chris Cerf publish
5.2 Magnitude Earthquake OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - 21st July 2012
A magnitude 5.2 earthquake has struck OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA at a depth of 0.6 km (0 miles), the quake hit at 06:04:21 UTC Saturday 21st July 2012The epicenter was 81 km (50 miles) West from Petrolia, CaliforniaNo Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time


A Chicago story
My first two thrillers are now under contract with Exhibit A.  Both are set in Chicago and both heavily influenced by the city’s history of corruption. To mark the occassion, I thought I’d tell a little Chicago tale. My grandfather, Bartholomew “Bat” O’Shea, was typical of Chicago. He got here fresh off the boat from the Auld Sod in 1917, shunted off alone to the New World by his parents because


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James Holmes Identified As Alleged Aurora, Colorado Theater Shooter That Left 12 Dead
AP |     By THOMAS PEIPERT and P. SOLOMON BANDA Posted: 07/20/2012  8:36 am Updated: 07/20/2012  4:00 pm AURORA, Colo. (AP) — Police say 71 people were shot in a suburban Denver movie theater early Friday during midnight shows of the new Batman movie. Twelve people were killed, ten of them at the theater. CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST UPDATES ON THE SHOOTING. Another 59 adults and children were woun
Bain Capital Started With Help Of Offshore Investors
Mitt Romney’s firm raised more than a third of its first investment fund from wealthy foreigners — who mostly used companies in Panama, then known for tax advantages and banking secrecy. Los Angeles Times By Joseph Tanfani, Melanie Mason and Matea Gold July 19, 2012, 3:00 a.m. Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — When Mitt Romney launched Bain Capital in 1984, he struggled at first to raise enough money
First Lady Michelle Obama: “It Takes One”
Published on Jul 19, 2012 by     BarackObamadotcom It starts with you: http://OFA.BO/xJQfHT First Lady Michelle Obama announces the launch of “It Takes One”. “It Takes One” is a new effort that asks you to inspire one more person to join you every time you take an action to move this country forward. If you’re making phone calls or knocking on doors, take a friend along. If you’re registering to

The Corbett Report
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Corbett Report Radio 175 – 7/7: 7 Years Later
7 years on from the July 7, 2005 London bombings we take a moment to look back at what has been covered up–and what has been uncovered–regarding that tragic event. Joining us to help us do that is Tom Secker of investigatingtheterror.com. Works Cited: The Last Word on CCTV 7/7 in 7 minutes Tom Secker on GRTV
Corbett Report Radio 177 – Why James (Probably) Won’t Sign Your Petition
Everyone knows our political system is broken, so the real question is how to fix it. Tonight on the broadcast James outlines some of the political ‘solutions’ that are often proposed, from petitions to marches to movements, and how the real answer starts at home. Works Cited: The Change.org business model Anonymous hackers pick up litter in Tokyo protest How Many Checkpoints in One Morning?! Wel
Episode 235 – Meet Alexander Hamilton
An illegitimate child born in the West Indies, Alexander Hamilton was an unlikely choice to be a founding father of the American Republic. Still, a founding father he was and he did his best to leave his mark on the fledgling American nation. Meet Alexander Hamilton, advocate of debt, central banking, corporate welfare, an elected king, a standing army, and a tyrannical central government. For tho
The Protest Effect and Food World Order
Tonight on the broadcast James goes over some of the protests taking place around the world and examines what type of effect these protests are having. In the second half of the broadcast we’re joined by James Evan Pilato of FoodWorldOrder.com to talk about all the latest in the land of food, health and the environment. CLICK HERE for the mp3 audio of this broadcast. Works Cited: Dutch Version Of

The EnvironmentaList
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Shining a Light on Light Pollution
Film Review: The City Dark
Climate Change Is Raising Sea Level — and Threatening Havoc
RISE: A Six-Part Video Series. Part 2: “Hard Choices”

Syria Comment
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The Damage to Assad’s Security; Death Rate Soars; Fighting in Damascus; Border Crossings Taken
Landis on C-SPAN at Woodrow Wilson Institute talking about Syria and the Revolution: Joshua Landis spoke about political unrest and violence in Syria, as well as strategies to … Video of the Syrian Army troops after their “victory in Midan” with proclamations that their moral is high, The Midan is a downtown Damascus neighborhood that FSA had taken under its control on Thursday. Government troops
Tremseh: Lopsided Battle with Rebels; Rebel Commanders Angry; Fares Says Assad Ordered Al-Qaida Bombings;
I will be traveling for the next month and spending time in Vermont on vacation. Syria Comment will be published only intermittently.  Best, Joshua Details of a Battle Challenge Reports of a Syrian Massacre – New York Times The United Nations observers still on the ground in Syria sent a team in 11 vehicles to the village of Tremseh on Saturday to investigate what had happened, … Their initial rep

Obsidian Wings
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Walking in the past
by Doctor Science The Kensington and Chelsea Library system (in London) has been posting clandestine street photos taken by Edward Linley Sambourne in the early 20th century. It's not clear if Sambourne had a fetish for taking pictures of women who didn't know they were being photographed or if these were intended as reference photos for his cartoons, but they are *fascinating*. What really stri
your eye pad open friday thread
by liberal japonicus Unfortunately, not a misspelling. My vision went blurry yesterday, went to the eye doctor at 10 am, was diagnosed as suffering from a detached retina, on the operating table at 4, and getting this open thread up at 9, though I wish I didn't have such a strong anecdotal example of why shopping around for medical care is not such a good idea. I'm in the hospital for at l

(title unknown)
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Pesticide Action Network
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EPA sidesteps chance to protect bees
All too often, the rules of pesticide regulation are cumbersome and make for slow change. But EPA had an opportunity to take swift, decisive action to protect bees — and they let it pass.  Today, the agency announced it is denying the request by beekeepers to declare Bayer's pesticide, clothianidin, an "imminent hazard" to bees and will not be suspending the chemical's use.   rea
Feds ask, "Are the Big 6 too big?"
Eighteen months ago, PAN’s Dr. Marcia Ishii-Eiteman testified at the historic USDA and Dept. of Justice (DOJ) joint hearings on corporate control and competition in agriculture. The hearings were attended by thousands of farmers, ranchers and civil society organizations from across the country, with particularly strong participation in the heartland states. Then last year many of you joined PAN in

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Do We Need ICBMs?
The Commander of the US Strategic Command, C. Robert “Bob” Kehler recently offered support for the Triad — the trinity of bombers, land-based missiless and ballistic missile submarines — that some people have chose to characterize as tepid. Now, admittedly by “some people” I mean two interns at the Heritage Foundation, one of whom now writes for Air Force Magazine. Nukes of Hazard has posted Kehle
Team B
Thankfully, I have never laid eyes on plans to fight a nuclear war. The biggest advantages to not knowing these plans are that my sleep habits and powers of analysis have not been further impaired. Knowledge is usually a good thing, but knowledge of nuclear targeting plans can be a hindrance — if this material is taken as gospel. On most topics, strategic analysts load up on caveats, but doctrine

Amused Cynicism
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Edinburgh Pirate meeting, Mon 16 Jul
Edinburgh Pirate meeting, Mon 16 Jul.

American Leftist
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How I Became An Anarchist
Mel, known for the excellent Broadsnark blog, explained her evolution back in 2009. It remains well worth reading in its entirety today. Here's an excerpt that provides a provocative insight into the origins of Occupy: . . . . . But, in the end, the nonprofit work wasn’t much better than the for profit work. We were helping people, but not as many as we should have been. We were government funde

WWF - Latest News
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WWF-Spain removes honorary figure from its governance body
Members of WWF-Spain have voted today to amend their constitution by removing the position of honorary president of the organisation. 94% of voters decided that this position should be made redundant. The meeting followed controversy surfacing in April 2012 over the King Juan Carlos hunting of elephants during a trip to Botswana. WWF-Spain requested a meeting to convey its profound discomfort and
China’s 20 billion dollar pledge to Africa needs social and environmental safeguards
Beijing – At the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Ministerial Conference (FOCAC) 2012 China pledged US$20 billion in credit to assist African countries to develop infrastructure, agriculture and manufacturing projects. WWF asks that green lending principles are applied and that robust strategic environmental and social assessments accompany the roll-out of the package. “The challenge now is to t
Seabird Sanctuary: On the Wings of Change
By Gregg Yan The combined stench of rotting fish and guano is incredible. Soaked and shivering, we shelter beneath a dripping grove of Argusia trees on Tubbataha’s South Islet and count birds. Chilly raindrops are the least of our concerns – more exciting things are falling from above. I wipe steaming gobs of fresh seabird guano from my hat, shoulders and writing slate then trail my partner thro
WWF calls for China and Africa to go green
Beijing, China - WWF, the global conservation organisation, calls for inclusion of bold environmental commitments in the outcomes of China-Africa discussions this week in Beijing at the Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC). “This Forum is an opportunity to establish a new model of cooperation between emerging economies and developing countries,” says Jim Leape,

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The Recent American Pop Capitalism
by Ohm:    Out of luck. ....and out of favor?
Tragedy in Colorado, was it higher education, drugs or what?
by Mark Vogl:    While its inevitable that the left will point to the guns, the larger question is was this terrorist and what was his point?
Are Business Schools Actually Schools of Crime?
by Bill Gee:    Are Americas best business schools actually training grounds for tomorrows financial criminals?
Sigh! Whatever Happened to Communication?
by Richard in Japan:    One of my adult students has complained that I'm sighing during class. Actually, I'm just EXHALING. Pardon me for breathing.

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What You Should Observe When Selecting Any Michael Kors hand bags
The Michael Kors online provides the classy feminine an exceptional accessory to stand out. His tiny Mesh Hobo is truly a outstanding option – attractively made out of dark nylon uppers and leather-primarily based trim, the sparkling purse is truly the first-class add-on for some cocktail attire.Michael kors timepieces Michael Kors” satchels less difficult a lot more casual and could effectively b
Be Sensible Whenever you are Store Searching
It seems as though many people are trying to find a purchase michael kors outlet online as well as unique, when they locate a discount they want to notify everyone over it. Means that good along with effectively to go looking for pre-owned things, but they’re normally outdated along with unfashionable. michael kors outletshopping is an excellent way of getting items that remain style at a discount
Red Bottom Shoes on hot selling for girls at the fair price tag
Red Bottom Shoes with shiny red lacquer for the sole of the high heels maintain a fantastic appeal to modern-day females worldwide. These signature shoes through the collection of the renowned France developer Christian Louboutin Red Bottom Heels are utilized by Celebrities, renowned celebrities and society females. About Christian Louboutin Christian Christian louboutin can be a shoe developer of
The best way to preserve someone healthier brought on by TN foot shoes or boots
Nike Requin Try a number of good great place without having dewlap, updated day after day, carry out training aerobically 72 hrs enough. Physical exercise would’ve simply no actual requirements, are capable of doing shot extra few pounds, conditioning, principal target. Prior to powerful as you develop the harder typically you’re taking a glance at education made for attractive place, http://www.n

Texas Liberal
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Houston Mayor Annise Parker Makes Strong Statement About The Right Of Working People To Engage In Civil Disobedience In The Fight For Fair Wages
Yesterday I wrote that on the blog that Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s police were reportedly ticketing people who were honking their horns in support of striking janitors. I also said that Mayor Parker was no place to be found in support of these janitors as they fight for a living wage. I’m glad to report that Mayor Parker made a strong statement today backing the janitors. Beyond that, the Mayo
Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s Police Reported To Be Ticketing People For Horn Honking In Support Of Striking Houston Janitors—Mayor Parker & Houston Council Democrats Can’t Be Looked To For Very Much That Is Hopeful Or Progressive
(Update 7/21-12–Mayor Parker has spoken out strongly  in favor of the strking janitors. Let’s hope this is the beginning of consistent support for working people in Houston from Mayor Parker.) There are reports that Mayor Annise Parker’s police are writing tickets for illegal horn honking for people honking in support of striking Houston janitors. This horn honking is taking place as people drive
The Role Of Luck And Circumstance Means That We All Need Help And That We All Must Help Ourselves
I was walking around a few days back here in Houston and saw the scene you see above where one tree was still living and another tree right next to the living tree was cut down. Who knows why stuff like that happens? It does not remove any of the meaning from life to say that the only reason one tree made it and the other tree did not was simply blind luck and circumstance. Acknowledging  the rol
Colorado Shooting
I’m sorry for the folks who were killed, injured or harmed in any way by the Colorado movie theater shooting. Here is a list of the 26 mass murders in the United States in the past 30 years. This nation is violent and sick.

The Truth is Where?
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UK MET Pc Simon Harwood cleared over Ian Tomlinson manslaughter.
This is a real example of Britsh Justice gone very wrong.  There is so much video footage of this incident out there on the internet, it is just quite incredible that Harwood can be found  “Not Guilty” unless the Jury were “Lent On”… You might think that but “I couldn’t possibly comment”. By Paul Peachey  19th July 2012.  Find Full article Here:- Harwood                                         
The Syrian opposition: who’s doing the talking?
By Charlie Skelton  12th July 2012.  Find Full Comprehensive Article Here:- The media have been too passive when it comes to Syrian opposition sources, without scrutinising their backgrounds and their political connections. Time for a closer look … The director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdulrahman, speaks on the phone in his home in Coventry on December 6, 2011. Photograph
Pentagon plans $40m fiber optic cable from Guantanamo Bay to US mainland.
6th July 2012.  Find Article Here:- A U.S. Army soldier stands watch in a guard tower as the moon rises over Camp Delta in the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Photo: John Moore/Getty Images The Pentagon plans to install a $40 million fiber optic cable between the US military jail at Guantanamo Bay and the US mainland, a spokesman said Thursday – an indication the facilit
UK Home Office wasted nearly half a million pounds on ‘unusable’ rubber bullets .
By Richard Alleyne  16th July 2012.    Find Full Article Here:- The Home Office wasted nearly half a million pounds on unsafe rubber bullets they are not allowed to use.  A fruitless payment of £427,000 was made for baton rounds that passed testing in the country of manufacture but not in the UK. The decision meant they could “not be used in the UK”. The procurement, made to bolster police fo
Steve Bell on the government’s economic problems

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