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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

17 July - iGoogle

An indigenous Malaitan Chief of the Solomon Is...An indigenous Malaitan Chief of the Solomon Islands in Oceania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)English: Aerial view of SOlomon IslandsEnglish: Aerial view of SOlomon Islands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)English: The Jabal Al Akhdhar mountain foothil...English: The Jabal Al Akhdhar mountain foothills, and a road, in the northeastern Cyrenaica region of eastern Libya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Officially registered cases of HIV-infection a...Officially registered cases of HIV-infection among drug users from 1994–2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Español: Escudo de Armas de las Islas SalomónEspañol: Escudo de Armas de las Islas Salomón (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Kitty WellsCover of Kitty Wells
Kitty Wells, Pioneering Country Singer, Dies

Can Science Plant Brain Seeds That Make You Vote?
American Water Intelligence
Melamchi Water Supply Project, Kathmandu

Umm Al-Hayman WWTP
Liberal success in Libya election
Results from Libya's first elections after the overthrow of Col Gaddafi show gains for an alliance led by former interim PM Mahmoud Jibril.  

G4S boss regrets Olympic contract
Blog of Rights - ACLU
Gil Kerlikowske: Please Put Our Money Where Your Mouth Is

Your Boss Shouldn’t Read Your Email
Best iPad accessories

Former Apple executive joins Leap Motion
Bar shooting suspect charged
The suspect in a shooting at a Tuscaloosa, Alabama, bar is in custody, police said. He's identified as Nathan Van Wilkins. The shooting left 17...  

Fugitive pilot tries to steal jet, kills self
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Improve seniors care to improve healthcare for all

CCPA-NS 5th Annual Fundraiser: Dinner and an Evening with Armine Yalnizyan
Carbon Farmers of Australia
Comparing methodologies - how to find which one works for you?

Understanding Carbon Credits
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
Carbon Forum North America 2012

June 2012 Newsletter
Circle of Blue water news

Federal Water Tap, July 16: Climate Change and U.S. Agriculture
Common Dreams
One Billboard At A Time
Daily Bell

Debt Protests and Occupy Wall Street - Perfect Together?
Democracy Now!
Twilight of the Elites: Chris Hayes on How the Powerful Rig the System, from Penn State to Wall St.

Headlines for July 17, 2012
Ancient Hellenistic Harbor Found in Israel
The harbor is the largest and most important found in Israel from this period.  

Could Laser Beams Induce Rain?
EPA Radiation News
EPA Water Science
Final National Recommended Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Carbaryl--2012
Food and Water Watch
Aquaculture is dirty, unsustainable and inefficient. So why is the UN pushing it?
food consumer
Western diet linked to type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease death
By David LIu PHD Tuesday july 17, 2012 (foodconsumer.org) -- Eating Western diet, which often consists of high fat, high added sugar and high...  
Don’t Allow Catholic Hospitals and Universities to Deny Contraception to Employees

Stop Use of BPA Alternative Until Proven Safe
FreakOut Nation
Guardian UK
Clashes continue in Syrian capital
• Fighting in Damascus enters third day• Rebels claim to have downed helicopter in capital• Senior defector accuses regime of working with...  

North Korea names new vice-marshal
Paul Ryan Absolutely Trashes Obama On The ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Speech

Our Kids Are Outta Control, It Seems…
Inside Facebook

Facebook adds new duplicate page finder tool for admins to report unofficial pages
Most Popular Android Web Browser: Chrome [Hive Five Followup]

The Heavenly Home Screen [Featured IOS Home Screen]
The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin Problem, Redux
John Sununu: 'I Wish This President Would Learn How To Be An American' (Luke Johnson/The Huffington Post)
Steve Munro
The Fate of OneCity (Updated)

Queen East Construction News (Updated July 12)
Human Rights Watch Says Chávez's Government Intimidates Opponents
III-12-030: NRC Issues Confirmatory Action Letter to Palisades Nuclear Power Plant
New Scientist
Today on New Scientist: 17 July 2012
News 24
Hazardous containers adrift near PE
A huge cylinder measuring 6m and with a diameter of 2m, has washed ashore near St Francis Bay and two more are adrift.  

Mthatha Airport beefs up security for VIPs
Obama Conspiracy Theories
Sign up to view WorldNetDaily ad tomorrow
Open Channel
Body wranglers at work: Inside the global trade in human corpses
By Kate Willson, Vlad Lavrov, Martina Keller, Thomas Maier and Gerard RyleThe International Consortium of Investigative JournalistsOn Feb. 24...  
Open Secrets
More Romney Bundlers* Are Identified

Pro-GOP Outside Spenders Clash in NC-08
'What Are You Doing? What, How...STOP IT!'

'The Underachiever'
‘Flash Rob’s” a growing menace

When animals attack – Again
Payvand Iran News
Iran's Police Chief Rails Against TV Images Of People...Eating Chicken

Photos: Flooding in Rudsar, Gilan
Pesticide Action Network
House Farm Bill: Bit of good, mostly not

Buffer zones: Just common sense
Pesticide-Induced Diseases Database
Political MoJo } Mother Jones
Sex Allegations Draw Odd Denial From Florida's Lt. Governor

Corn on Hardball: Romney Still Refuses to Come Clean About Leaving Bain
Politics Security Secrecy
Transparent Pentagon Politics | Sunshine State News

Mystic Politics: Obama's Excuses for Secret Assassinations
Psychology Today
The Great Communicator
Satellite News
NASA Expands Consideration to Poindexter family on Loss of life of Former Astronaut
Former NASA astronaut and space shuttle leader Alan "Dex" Poindexter passed away while on holiday with his family September 1 in Pensacola, Fla. An...  
Science Daily

New evidence links immune irregularities to autism, mouse study suggests
Scientific American
Five-Sigma What's That?

Pace of Widespread Arctic Drilling Still Uncertain
Shaleshock Media
Truth and Consequences of Fracking

Developing Road Preservation Local Law and Road Use Agreements
Star Online
PJ police: Security in malls must be improved

Dewan Negara adjourned, eight bills passed
Perry holds rare press conference to discuss Obama visit

Private investigator believes two missing teens aren't runaways
Fellows in the Field: Michael Karnjanaprakorn envisions everyone as student and teacher

Do we need more worldwide development goals? Some surprisingly upbeat stats

Is This Chemical Why File Sharers Buy More Music?
This Week in Science

MMS19 Joins the CIA
IRI President special envoy confers with Serbian president
President Ahmadinejad's Special Envoy and Deputy Foreign Minister in Europe and America Affairs in a meeting with Serbia president here submitted...  

Israel's Kadima votes to leave government coalition
USA Today
The torturous, winding path of Sandusky's 'Victim 1'

Impatient passengers blamed for Egypt train crash
Unexplained Mysteries
Whale shark filmed sucking fish out of net

Tony Blair briefed on alien defence policy
Web MD
Big Babies May Boost Mom’s Breast Cancer Risk
Women who deliver big babies may be at greater risk for developing breast cancer in the future, a new study suggests.  

Milk Thistle Doesn't Help Hepatitis C
Runaway cows trample through Harrogate neighbourhood  

FACT SHEET: White House Advanced Manufacturing Initiatives to Drive Innovation and Encourage Companies to Invest in the United States

Notice -- Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to the Former Liberian Regime of Charles Taylor

Obama, Bradley Manning, and the Politics of Gay Marriage
Zoe - It's our Nature
The Perfect Cat – on Nat Geo Wild

First Internet Cat Film Festival

US health regulators have for the first time approved using an HIV drug to prevent infection of people at high risk of contracting the virus that causes Aids. Gilead Sciences' Truvada was approved for people who are not infected but might have sex with ...
A widely prescribed drug for multiple sclerosis may not slow the disease from progressing, a British Columbia study shows. Beta interferons are prescribed for the relapse-remitting form of MS, which affects about 85 per cent of people with the disease ...
In this Tuesday April 26, 2011 photo blood units are prepared for storage. (AP Photo/Valentina Petrova) Canadian Blood Services is putting out the call to Canadians to encourage them to donate blood before taking summer vacation, so that supplies don't ...
The mandatory requirement that Ontario hospitals report their C. difficile rates seems to have been followed by fewer such infections, a new study suggests. C. difficile is the most frequent cause of infectious diarrhea in Canadian hospitals and ...
Obese women may not respond to hormone-suppressing drugs used in breast cancer treatment the same way normal-weight women do, a new British study has found. After treatment, the levels of the hormone estrogen go down but still remain much higher in ...
Sodium levels in meals served to patients in three Ontario hospitals are "unacceptably high," a new University of Toronto study has found. Researchers looked at meals served in three acute-care hospitals and found 100% had more than the recommended ...
OTTAWA — Three months after her double-lung transplant, Hélène Campbell is back in Ottawa and back at work on the organ donation advocacy that catapulted her to international attention earlier this year. The 21-year-old is writing a book about her ...
By Antonella Artuso ,Queen's Park Bureau Chief Premier Dalton McGuinty talks to
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