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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, July 30, 2012

30 July - Notes on the Climate Crisis

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Harper has effectively stripped the B.C. coast of Fisheries and Coast Guard monitors and defenders.   They don't want to explore this supposed oil spill response fleet of vessels that has been assembled; how it can operate only in good weather and calm seas (a relative rarity in the north) and how long it takes to deploy; or how the technology deployed is intended to be used on conventional oil spills and won't work on a bitumen spill.   They don't want to explain how anyone is going to deal with a heavily-laden tanker that loses power or steerage in a Hecate Strait storm where waves can reach 30-meters in height.  They don't want to talk about the closest, ocean-going tugs capable of handling a laden, supertanker failure being based in Anacortes, Washington, three to four days sailing, in good conditions, to northern B.C. They don't want to get into the pipeline operator, Enbridge's sullied and extensive safety record.   They don't want to discuss the seismic and topographical challenges the pipeline would be subject to crossing the B.C. wilderness or the problems associated with cleanup of pipeline spills in that vast emptiness.   They don't want to refute what the Coast Guard types out here are saying, that a supertanker disaster in the Hecate Strait or Dixon Entrance isn't a matter of "if" but a matter of "when and how often."   They don't want to talk about what a bitumen spill would do to the seabed 600-feet down, what it would do to the local ecology or how there's no technology in existence or coming down the pike to do anything about it.   And they sure as hell don't want to talk about the liability cut-outs planned for the Chinese supertanker operators, for Enbridge, for Big Oil and for Alberta and Ottawa that will leave British Columbia on the hook.   Why if this is such a damned good thing for Canada, such a safe venture, have all the key players put in place means to escape liability when it all goes wrong?  If the tanker operators are afraid of it, and Enbridge is afraid of it, and the oil producers are afraid of it and Alberta and Ottawa are afraid of it, shouldn't British Columbians be allowed to ask why?

 effect of destroying 740,000 acres of boreal forest (a vital sink for greenhouse gases); the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted in extracting the oil from the tar sands (a highly energy-intensive process); and the gases emitted by burning the oil. 
Climate change acts as a “multiplier of other resource crises,” according to Timothy Snyder, a professor of history at Yale University, causing uncertainty about resources, leading to “the ecological panic that I’m afraid will lead to mass killings in the decades to come,” Mr. Snyder told the symposium.

“We’ve entered into this moment of ecological panic,” he said. “Global warming will itself almost certainly directly cause mass killing, but it will likely indirectly cause it” as major states like China and the United States seek to feed their citizens, possibly touching off shortages elsewhere, in places that would then be at risk. China has already begun to act and, in a potential harbinger of future problems, has been investing in farmland in Ukraine and in parts of Africa for a few years.

 With the specter of mounting violence in some countries, the threat of future mass killings was a prime concern. 

“The United States and our partners must act before the wood is stacked or the match is struck,”[Secretary of State Hillary] Clinton said, “because when the fire is at full blaze, our options for responding are considerably costlier and more difficult.”

Blogger opit said...

Just because I differ on the rationale behind climate change does not mean I ignore upcoming water shortages....which will be permanent BTW If you have read Frank Herbert's 'Dune' we are looking to duplicate the effect - on a water world !
The basis for desert warfare is poisoning the well - an affront to nature and life. Empire and monopoly perpetuate themselves by restricting access to necessities of life - conditions for instituting the stable misery of forced slavery. The cost ... is irrelevant to the scheme. It's a feature - not a bug. But things are getting pretty crazy.
You need not worry about population driving consumption.
"How to Destroy the Earth's Fresh Water Supplies Without Anyone Finding Out"
Nearly 90% of all diseases caused by unsanitary water conditions
Access to safe drinking water is not just a poverty issue. It affects everyone. And the reason has to do with how industry disposes of its waste.
http://www.independent-bangladesh.com/2007121869/health/nearly-90-of-all-diseases-caused-by-unsanitary-water-conditions.html Want to know where the water is going ?
Just a couple of links illustrate the point.
I blog articles about water and energy. And these are hardly the most sane seeming ideas.
But; what if ?
1:05 PM, July 30, 2012

Do you imagine such commentary is available here ?

Climate Change and the Next US Revolution

The heat wave has helped convince tens of millions of Americans that climate change is real, overpowering the fake science and right-wing media - funded by corporate cash - to convince Americans otherwise.
Republicans and Democrats alike also erect roadblocks to understanding climate change. By the politicians' complete lack of action towards addressing the issue, the "climate change is fake" movement was strengthened, since Americans presumed that any sane government would be actively trying to address an issue that had the potential to destroy civilization.
But working people have finally made up their mind. A recent poll showed that 70 percent of Americans now believe that climate change is real, up from 52 percent in 2010. And a growing number of people are recognizing that the warming of the planet is caused by human activity.
Business Week explains: "A record heat wave, drought and catastrophic wildfires are accomplishing what climate scientists could not: convincing a wide swath of Americans that global temperatures are rising."
This means that working class families throughout the Midwest and southern states simply don't believe what their media and politicians are telling them.
It also implies that these millions of Americans are being further politicized in a deeper sense.
Believing that climate change exists implies that you are somewhat aware about the massive consequences to humanity if the global economy doesn't drastically change, and fast.
This awareness has revolutionary implications. As millions of Americans watch the environment destroyed - for their grandchildren or themselves - while politicians do absolutely nothing in response, or make tiny token gestures - a growing number of Americans will demand political alternatives, and fight to see them created. The American political system as it exists today cannot cope with this inevitable happening.
The New York Times explains why: "...the American political system is not ready to agree to a [climate] treaty that would force the United States, over time, to accept profound changes in its energy [coal, oil], transport [trucking and airline industry] and manufacturing [corporate] sectors."

John Farnham (51)
Sunday July 29, 2012, 8:37 pm
overpowering the fake science and right-wing media - funded by corporate cash - to convince Americans otherwise.
And who is promoting Anthropogenic Global Warming for all they are worth ? A bureaucracy of the United Nations charged with convincing the world to remit a tax on the use of energy to its coffers.

I haven't been chasing the climate chimera this past 2 1/2 years not to realize the Con is On.
Note the avatar on the last link.

Keeping the U.S. outside an international energy treaty gives the U.S. a version of trade advantage difficult for individual nations to deal with. They are signing away ability to deal with changes in fortune for themselves - and freezing the poor to boot. Check out the effects of winter on the reserves. Chavez' cheap oil was a Godsend.             

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