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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

28 July - Exploring Delicious


 Anthropogenic Global Warming as posited by a UN agency mistaken for a scientific office runs a scare designed to generate an international tax on the use of fire and energy. The Denier meme is a Logical Fallacy known as Poisoning the Well Argumentation. It limits 'discussion' to a prechosen racetrack of possibilities under conditions 'framing' an argument.

 Delicious Blog

Introducing the Delicious-Facebook Connector
We know finding links you’ve shared on Facebook can be a pain, which is why we’re thrilled to announce the introduction of our new Facebook Connector for Delicious! Much like the Twitter Connector we rolled out in March, our new connector imports every link you’ve ever shared on your wall, and can even maintain the original privacy settings given to your links on Facebook!
The Facebook Connector can be found on the sources page of your account settings.


Consolidating tags and stacks
We introduced stacks last year as a visually rich way to think about your links and we’ve been blown away by the amazing content you’ve created. But given the upcoming launch of new products from Delicious’ parent company, AVOS, and our focus on simplifying the Delicious site, we realized the value of stacks is limited for our users moving forward.
For this reason, we’ve decided to simplify how users organize links on Delicious by consolidating stacks into tags. Users will no longer be able to create stacks on Delicious starting in early August, 2012.
So what does this mean for existing stacks?
  • You will not lose your links.
  • All stacks will be converted automatically into tags. Stack titles will transition into new tag names, and will be applied to all links currently in a stack.
  • Stack-specific descriptions, categories, comments, link order, and stack followers will not be included as part of the migration.
  • Your existing links, tags, and notes outside of stacks will not be affected.
  • More details on the conversion process are available here.
These changes are a direct result of feedback from our community.  We welcome all input – good or bad – so please continue sharing your thoughts, comments, or questions with us at feedback@delicious.com!
We’ll have more to say soon here on our blog about the exciting developments we’ve been working on – so stay tuned!

An update to those users seeing spam in their saved links

Over the last few days, some users have reported that spam links have appeared amongst their saved links. We wanted to post a quick update with more information regarding this issue, and what we’re doing to get to the bottom of things. Here’s what you need to know:
  1. We believe the spam is posting to accounts through an HTTP API endpoint, as well as through d.me, and seems to have impacted several thousand users by posting unsolicited links into their Delicious account.
  2. We have disabled some legacy API functionality, and are digging deeper into the root causes in order to enable some longer term solutions. Future versions of the Delicious API will be based on OAuth 2.0 and not legacy authentication methods – we will notify developers as newer API endpoints are available.
  3. We have temporarily disabled posting to Delicious accounts via email with d.me to close a spam opening.
  4. Users who are seeing random spam amongst their saved links should delete those links. If the problem re-occurs or if there are more than a few please send a few sample URLs along with your username to feedback@delicious.com so we can investigate further.
Apologies to those users who have been impacted; we will post again when we have more details to share.

Update on the browser extensions

In the past one of the ways of working with Delicious has been the browser extensions. For users of those extensions, it’s been frustrating that some of the features are not working.  There’s also inconsistency between the features in different browser extensions.  We want to clarify our position on the extensions and where we are going from here.
The original developers of the extensions did not anticipate Delicious users with thousands of bookmarks. As users noticed before the AVOS acquisition of Delicious, the extensions can at times transfer so much data that they cause problems with internet connections and browser stability. Rewriting the extensions to avoid these problems will take time and resources.
The challenge this creates is that our focus is on innovating and moving Delicious forward.  We are re-building it into a site that once more attracts millions of people to enjoy the best content the web has to offer.  How the Delicious site works and operates is changing. It will continue to grow and change more quickly and this is where we are directing our efforts.
We recently reviewed the status of the extensions. Rather than keep people “hanging on” in the hope that we will work on them soon, we want to be up front about the following decisions we have reached:
  1. We’re putting the extensions “on ice”.  We will remove some broken options to avoid having non-functioning features deployed. This point is most relevant to the Firefox extension which always had more features than the others. Beyond this we have no current plans to continue developing them.
  2. We will promote the bookmarklet as the best way to interact with the site.  For the next few months this is where users will experience and see the changes we are bringing to delicious.
If you already use a browser extension and are happy with it, then this has no impact on you.  If you want to experience the best that Delicious has to offer with the new features and changes we are launching, then we recommend that you use the bookmarklet.
We do believe extensions still have a place, but at the moment our priority is to focus resources on the experience at the front end of the site.  We’ll review the role extensions play with Delicious in several months time once the front end experience has further matured.
EDIT: Updated the link to reflect the new tools page location.

 ( I've used the Shareaholic multi tool button for months if not years in multiple editions of Firefox. I'm exploring Epic in composition of this post  )

House GOP’s Cuts To Social Security Could Cost Taxpayers Alm... 

A House Republican plan to slash funding for a Social Security program would cost taxpayers far more than it would save, according to a letter from Social Security’s chief actuary.  The cut would hamper the highly-effective program that roots out waste, fraud, and abuse


Lenin: Imperialism, The Highest Stage of Capitalism! 

to explain the utter falsity
of social-pacifist views and hopes for world democracy.


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Folium Book Studio | EPUB & MOBI eBooks | Convert, Format, Design
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These pieces are wrapped up together to create the EPUB and MOBI files.
FBS produces distribution-ready f ...

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Microsoft Voice included All functions to read aloud any text in your computer Change speed and speaker Miniboard to read any text in other applications
NaturalReader highlights each word as it is read. This helps those who have learning difficulties improve reading , comprehension , and spelling skills.
No longer strain your eyes trying to read tiny fonts in emails or web pages. Just relax and have NaturalReader read out loud.

Sync Welcome Listeners to the first week of free audiobook downloads from SYNC!
This week we have a Young Adult dystopian title by the riveting writer, Jeff Hirsch paired with the classic, The Grapes of Wrath. What theme unites this pairing? Well, the R.E.M. lyric, “It’s the end of the world as we know it…” comes to mind. Let us know what YOU think connects the two.
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Science buddies
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