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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

29 July - Blogs I'm Following


Fisk: Syrian war of lies and hypocrisy

Haissam Harb 16 hours ago

It is about Iran and it has been since 1979. Saudi Arabia and its Satellite puppet regimes in the gulf have financed Saddam's war on Iran for many years. Today, Saddam is gone and the Saudis are doing their own dirty work.
However, you forgot to mention the role of turkey in training mercenaries, at the American base in Turkey near the Syrian borders, from all over the world to go fight in Syria. These mercenaries come from Lybia, Egypt, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Bosnia, blackwater operatives, Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, not to mention British/American/Israeli special forces etc....
Finally, to the naive eye it looks like the only side benefiting from all of this chaos is Israel. Arab regimes are being toppled one by one with no clear leadership. I see this as perfect time for Israel to do as it pleases without fear of criticism by anyone.
May God protect the innocent.

drteeth 17 minutes ago
In Britain, the main thing we should demonstrating against is Western
covert intervention (intelligence agents and special forces) and Western
endorsement of Saudi-Qatari bankrolling of Sunni Salafist death squads
massacring civilians and blaming it on the regime. The object of the
exercise is to turn the clock back and replace the secular nationalist Baath regime with a fundamentalist Sunni regime that will be Saudia Arabia's ally in suppressing the Bahraini Shias and destabilising Shia Iran. The SNC/FSA is dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood. There are thousands of non-Syrian jihadis in Syria coming over the borders on al sides of country.
If the Saudi's cannot topple the regime they will turn Syria into a
sectarian blood bath. We should be supporting the Syrian pro-democracy
movement and workers movement that has been sidelined by the death
squads. The US backed SNC/FSA is calling on the pro-democracy movement to stay at home and the fighting makes it difficult for them to come out on to the streets. We should be denouncing the death squads and calling for hands off Syria.

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