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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

28 July - The Picture From Facebook

Underground News Network shared a link.
The Right’s Schadenfreude as their Austerity Policies Devastate Europe
By William K. Black This column was prompted in part by reading RJ Eskow’s column, which alerted me to Anne
A story of restorative justice http://www.alternet.org/story/156367/how_do_we_break_the_school-to-prison_pipeline
How Do We Break the School-to-Prison Pipeline? | Alternet
When his mother died of cancer three years ago he moved from San Ramon Valley High School to San Leandro High so he could live with his older brother. When his brother was
Underground News Network shared a link.
0711 Police Violence Greets Guitarmy
See Occupy Public Access TV's coverage of this story at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pky1g1abpqw&feature=BFa&
David Mark in Nigeria says that people should not use social media to criticize their governments and politicians, that news should be positive and that the law should be used to control social media. What do you think?
Reader Supported News shared a link.
Reader Supported News shared a link.

Is Wal-Mart's Closing of Unionized Store in Quebec an Unfair Labour

4 Dec 2008 – Labour Board, arguing that the decision of Wal-Mart to close a unionized store in Quebec had the effect of 'intimidating' workers in ...
If this heatwave doesn't push us to action against climate change, what will?!
Drought, Blistering Temperatures and Raging Fires: Are We Screwed? 5 Facts You Should Know | Alterne
In 2007, as a drought-stricken Georgia watched its drinking
 ( Action against climate change. It reminds me of Indian attitude towards the world and people claiming ownership of property : Like fleas dividing up a dog )
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Jaw-Dropping Corruption: America's 47 Million Hungry Mouths Are Just Another Corporate Cash Cow | Al
A unique, hard-hitting report just completed by a California
"Obama's most grievous political wounds were self-inflicted, starting even before his election when he rushed back to Washington to help rescue Bush's Wall Street bailout," write Jeffrey St. Clair and Joshua Frank in their new book Hopeless.
Watch SaharaTV on your facebook page, put this link -http://www.livestream.com/saharareporters- post and play!
Sahara Reporters
Sahara Reporters on Livestream. Sahara Reporters is running both live and pre-recorded clips today. Sahara Reporters is ran online
A study shows that women who work night shifts are up to 4 times more likely to get breast cancer than those who don’t. Yet another reminder that sleep is very important to our overall health.
Working the night shift can throw off your body clock, leaving you feeling tired and sleep-deprived. But, increasingly, evidence suggests that shift work harms health in other ways, raising the risk of diabetes, obesity and even cancer.

FOCUS | Inequality Undermines Prosperity
To fix the economy we must boost demand, so we must address inequality. Joseph Stiglitz, LA Times
Underground News Network shared a link.
Underground News Network shared a link.
Spanish Unemployment Rises to Highest in Democratic History
Spanish unemployment rose to the highest on record after Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy made it easier to fire workers
Underground News Network shared a link.

Occupy Monsanto via Pissed Off Liberal Momma
‎"How many people know that up to 85% of the corn products on grocery store shelves contain genetically engineered corn? How many people actually realize how many products contain genetically engineered corn, as in high fructose corn syrup used in many flavored drinks? Most people aren't aware how pervasive genetically engineered products have become in our food supply. We have the right to know." ~ Pissed Off Liberal Momma

SACRAMENTO - A fight over genetically engineered foods has been heating up in the nation's grocery aisles. Now it'

  1. Legion launching program to help homeless veterans - Nova Scotia ...

    11 Jun 2012 – The Royal Canadian Legion is launching a new fund to help homeless veterans across the country.
  2. Canada's Homeless Veterans - University of Western Ontario

    A national study by assistant nursing professor Susan Ray and nursing professor Cheryl Forchuk, the first of its kind on Canada's homeless veterans, found a ...
  3. Canadian Veterans Advocacy - Pennies for Homeless Veterans

    Pennies for Veterans. Canadian Veterans Advocacy Homeless Veterans Program. VETERANS SLEEPING ROUGH ON THE STREETS Next time you pass a ...
  4. Homeless Veterans: Claude Lord's Life In The Shipping Container ...

    7 Nov 2011 – He credits the program for reaching out to homeless vets. But when it came to the pension application, he was stunned by the daunting amount ...
  5. Homeless Veterans - Veterans Affairs Canada

    1 Oct 2011 – VAC agrees with the Ombudsman that the issue of homelessness among Veterans is an important one. As part of its ongoing study of the issue, ...
Join in the No-GMO Boycott!
Kellog's is actively trying to fight Prop. 37 in California because they don't want people to know the truth about what's in their food. Boycott and tell them what you think!
If they did that the Banksters wouldn't make windfall returns on the spread and have unlimited liquidation to gamble in the Gulag Casino.

very interesting :)
Terence Mckenna - Complexity and Transcension
Words by Terence Mckenna Edited by Agape Satori https://www.facebook.com/agape.insitori
Unite! http://www.alternet.org/belief/us-vs-them-simple-recipe-prevent-strong-society-forming
The 99% vs MON$ANTO, Call to action for non-hierarchical occupation of Monsanto everywhere! http://buzz.naturalnews.com/000419-Monsanto-genetically_modified-GMO.html
Interesting Saturday warriors. Embridge spikes another rupture to it's pipeline operations in Alberta, immediately dumping 1200 barrels of oil yet again into the environment. Get ready for the "we're sorry" line again. BP is found GUILTY (love the way that works) by a Siberian Court of dragging their feet on their Russian sale of operations to Rosneft (a Tony Hayward venture) and fined $3.1 Billion dollars for their arrogance. BP continues to use TRAINS to ship oil in Washington state, while they try to convince the world in the London Games that they are the future of energy. The last leg of approval for the Keystone XL pipeline to extend through the Gulf of Mexico has been received. Uranium mining is set for Virginia, and the size of the dead zone in the Gulf is now delightfully shrinking to the size of Rhode Island. The bacteria in the Gulf (BP calls them "microbes") are now 100x the acceptable limits, and have caused the deaths of 38 people and sickened dozens more. Have a great Saturday!
This is a very cool video of a soldier giving a brief speech upon reenlisting as a chaplain’s assistant in the military. He comes out strongly against bigotry and injustice in all forms. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV6BD6MryY0...
Have you ever tried hugelkulture in your garden?
Hugelkultur, which translates from German as "Hill culture" is a very effective way to design a garden, especially in small spaces. By creating these vertical ...
Bob Burnett in today's Chimp: "Thomas Jefferson believed in renewing democracy by regularly shifting the dominant social paradigm. Jefferson argued that constitutions should be rewritten every generation, declaring the 'dead should not govern the living.' That explains why contemporary Americans are so fractious: we're overdue for a new paradigm."
The state’s academic results—abysmal by just about any measurement—don’t improve as the children grow older. In 2011, the state’s fourth-graders were outperformed on the reading portion of the National Assessment of Educational Progress by their peers in 44 states. In math, they finished second to last in the nation, ahead only of fourth-graders in the District of Columbia.
Hechinger Report | Without high-quality preschool, Mississippi’s kids risk being left behind
Informing the Public about Education through Quality Journalism
July 28, 2012 – SPACE - A disc of planet-forming dust around a distant star has disappeared unexpectedly, leaving astronomers scratching their heads and questioning current theories of how planets are formed. “It’s like the classic magician’s trick: Now you … Continue reading →

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