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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

29 July - iGoogle

To Do

Helped along by record setting solar power generation, energy from renewable sources climbed from 21% in the first half of 2011 to break the 25% barrier for the first time. The BDEW (Energy and Water Industries Association) reports that wind energy ...
BBC News
Mainstream Renewable Power is seeking consent from Marine Scotland to erect up to 125 turbines about nine miles off the Fife coast. It said the facility would be ready by 2016 and could generate 450MW of electricity, enough to power 325000 homes.
Oneonta Daily Star
A fractivist ended a recent Otsego County Natural Gas Advisory Committee's meeting by intoning "a dollar spent on natural gas is one less dollar spent on renewables." Deep, man, but what does this mean? It's probably about subsidies so let's scroll ...
Marin Independent-Journal
"Renewable energy" refers to energy sources that the California Energy Commission certifies as coming from inexhaustible or quickly replenished sources, such as the sun, wind, ocean, biomass and biogas. Large hydroelectric power and nuclear power are ...
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Human Habitat

Morristown Green
A hidden-away Ecology Center at the Alexander Hamilton Elementary School has taken the interest of environmentally friendly organizations in helping to renew the outdoor classroom to its former glory. After a storm in October 2011, this Ecology Center ...
Whidbey News-Times (blog)
Pacific Northwest shellfish have been a critical food source and economic commodity for centuries. Currently the shellfish industry in Washington State brings in $107 million a year and provides over 3200 jobs. “Few people realize how important the ...
Daily Democrat
Leal, a chemical ecologist and professor and former chair of the UC Davis Department of Entomology, is the recipient of the coveted Silver Medal, the highest award given by the International Society of Chemical Ecology (ISCE). Leal, who researches how ...
GreenAnswers (blog)
Continue to follow Tropical Ecology 101 and learn about a variety of different organisms, people, and conservation projects focused in the Neotropics. You will be so amazed you will probably find yourself online checking out airfare to a tropical ...
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Water Power

San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
There's no reason behind spitting out pool water; it's just something some swimmers do. A habit, if you will. When you spend 30 hours a week in a 50×35 meter rectangle of water, suddenly, dipping your chin into the water and swishing around some ...
For many it looked like politics, not water, was behind the problem - a measure of how high tensions are running ahead of national elections that must be called by early next year and which may be the closest in Malaysia's history. "Of course, it's a ...
LONDON (Reuters) - Serbia upset defending champions Hungary in a thrilling early water polo group match on Sunday, powering to a 14-10 victory and signaling to the Hungarians that they a have a huge battle on their hands to win a fourth consecutive ...
Singapore, which relied on Malaysia for its water needs, spent S$600 million ($481 million) to S$800 million a year since 2006 on new technologies to boost its supply. The push to develop the industry has drawn businesses including General Electric Co ...
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All Things Considered - NPR

American Water Intelligence
Mezitli WWTP
Nassau County O&M, NY

Syria vows to crush Aleppo rebels

Renewed heavy fighting is reported in Syria's largest city, as the government pledges to defeat rebels who control parts of Aleppo.  
Mitt Romney backs Israel on Iran
  • Rescue frogs in breeding success
    Critically endangered mountain chicken frogs airlifted out of the Caribbean to rescue them from a killer fungus successfully produce a bumper brood.
  • Net-casting spider's hunt filmed
    Rarely-seen behaviour of a wild net-casting spider's ambush hunt is recorded on a high-speed camera in Central America "for first time", according to film crew.
  • 'Hit-and-run' idea in Moon origin
    A computer simulation shows the Moon's birth may not have been through the impact of a slow, Mars-sized object, but rather something much bigger and faster.
  • War of words over Irish GM trial
    The go-ahead for the first trial of GM potatoes in Ireland angers campaigners who say it threatens Ireland's green image.
  • Big horned beetles are healthiest
    The size of a male rhinoceros beetle's horn is a genuine indicator of its health, according to researchers.
  • Coating heals itself after damage
    Scientists have taken a new approach to creating coatings that heal themselves when they are damaged.

Blog of Rights - ACLU

Pennsylvania’s Voter ID by the Numbers

Gymnastics, basketball headline Day 2

Queen Elizabeth's grandchild makes debut U.S. vs. France in men's basketball Swimmers will compete for gold China tops medal count with six -- four...  


Road Trip Pic of the Day, 7/29: What is this?

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Improve seniors care to improve healthcare for all

Carbon Farmers of Australia

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

Carbon Forum North America 2012
Is Global Warming Causing Wild Weather?

Circle of Blue water news

The Stream, July 27: Is India Facing Drought?

Common Dreams

Katy Guest: Why don't men take a stand against wearing a tie?

Daily Bell

Jeff Berwick on Dollar Vigilantes, Inflation Protection and the Profitable Allure of Permanent Tourism

Democracy Now!

Rev. Canon Byamugisha Makes History as 1st African Religious Leader to Reveal HIV-Positive Status

Get Touchy-Feely With Olympic Beatbox

Coca-Cola's Beatbox is an interactive pavilion for visitors to London's Summer Games.  
TWiDN: Olympic Rejects and Blade Runner

EPA Radiation News

EPA Regional Administrator Judith Enck and Congressmember Rodney Frelinghuysen Announce System to Treat Contaminated Ground Water at Rockaway Borough, NJ Superfund Site; Tour Six Superfund Sites in Morris and Essex Counties

EPA Water Science

Final National Recommended Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Carbaryl--2012
2012 Beach Grants

Food and Water Watch

Fishing for a Way Out Iceland’s Struggle to Dismantle Its Privatized Fishery System

food consumer

Vitamin D deficiency linked to myocardial infarction


Tell the Army to Stop Using Ferrets for Training


Elizabeth Warren on America’s Infrastructure: Why Aren’t We Rebuilding?

Guardian UK
Syrian rebels: 'We are besieging Assad's army'

Regime forces have been pulverising rebel-held districts using artillery and helicopter gunships. But the rebels are upbeatThe green tanks of...  
No agreement on arms trade treaty


What Role Do You Want Government To Play In Your Life?
Jindal’s Going To Be All Over The Place Next Week

Inside Facebook

Facebook shares tumble, company triples lobbying spending, expands bug bounty program and more on this week’s roundup


This Week's Top Downloads [Download Roundup]
DIY Bacon Fat Candle [Bacon]



R.I.P. Inkblot - I hate to write this post, but all of you ... (Kevin Drum/Mother Jones)

Steve Munro

How Can Transit Serve a Revived Ontario Place?
How Long Will Rebuilding The SRT Take?


The Olympics' Salahi Moment: Mystery Woman Gatecrashes Opening Ceremony
Let's Catch Up: In Skeet, American Kimberly Rhode Wins Gold


12-086: NRC Issues Bulletin on Potential Design Vulnerability in Electric Power Systems at Nuclear Power Plants
12-085: NRC Approves Increased Power Output for Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, Unit No. 1

New Scientist

Flaring black holes may solve cosmic ray puzzle

News 24
Panetta heads to Middle East

Pentagon chief Panetta is in the Middle East to consult with leaders of Tunisia, Egypt, Israel and Jordan  

Obama Conspiracy Theories

The Colombian connection

Open Channel
Decades on, kin of serial killer's victims after wrongful arrest want answers

By Dan ChristensenBrowardBulldog.orgFt. Lauderdale Police DeptSerial killer Eddie Lee Mosley killed 10 women and children after police arrested an...  

Open Secrets

Midwestern Bank PAC Funds Kochs' Americans for Prosperity


The Latest Bond Girl
Rajesh Khanna (1942-2012), R.I.P.


The murders so brutal they shocked even South Africa:
Politicians – Same the World Over

Payvand Iran News

How Iran Censors Foreign Films

Pesticide Action Network

A big step towards stronger chemical policy
Minnesota mom rallies against pesticide drift

Philippines news

140 OFWs to return from Syria 1404 more waiting in the wings
Suspected ranking Abu Sayyaf militant arrested in southern Philippines

Politics Security Secrecy

Psychology Today

This Week's Top Posts
Desire Deficits


Women who flirt get better deal
Experts condemn plans to lift ban on research into deadly H5N1 birdflu virus

Science Daily

Discovery of new white blood cell reveals target for better vaccine design
Even Usain Bolt can't beat greyhounds, cheetahs...or pronghorn antelope

Scientific American

Is Any Group Challenging the Canadian Prime Minister's Efforts to Weaken Environmental Protections?
Evolution: Out Of The Sea

Shaleshock Media

Bishop, Branigan & Northrup on Hydrofracking

Star Online

TVWHO: Russ Baker on Syria


100-degree day will close out the weekend


Relive the Olympics Opening Ceremony in TEDTalks


Drew Stephenson's Favorite Techdirt Posts Of The Week

This Week in Science

Insights into Type 2 Immunity
Fiber with a Twist

Turkmenistan develops entrepreneurship in agro-industrial complex

Speaking about the importance of developing and promoting small and medium business in various sectors of national economy, Turkmen President...  

USA Today

Bomb threats at seven Walmarts

Unexplained Mysteries

'Door to Hell' has been burning for 40 years
Are birds as smart as a 7-year-old ?

Web MD
Ecstasy Pills Cause Memory Problems

People who use the club drug ecstasy (MDMA) can develop memory problems, a new study shows.  
Yoga Improves Balance After Stroke


Six couples get married simultaneously in UK's first mass wedding
US store launches man aisle with beer, condoms and beef jerky

White House

WEEKLY ADDRESS: The House of Representatives Must Act on Middle Class Tax Cut Extension
Statement by the Press Secretary on the President’s Meeting with Ambassador Crocker

TVWHO: Russ Baker on Syria

As people around the globe marked World Hepatitis Day on Saturday, a unique awareness campaign was underway in Canada. Mike MacDonald, a Canadian comedian living with hepatitis C, is continuing to speak out in the hope he can convince others to get ...
Shift workers are slightly more at risk of having a heart attack or stroke than day workers, research suggests. An analysis of studies involving more than 2m workers in the British Medical Journal said shift work can disrupt the body clock and have an ...
Hot and humid conditions are continuing in Manitoba. And, Communities in the south part of the province, including Winnipeg and surrounding areas, are expected to reach high humidex values. The chief provincial public health officer is reminding ...
At this week's meeting with Canada's premiers, it was clear just how hard all provinces and territories are working to offer innovative solutions to deliver better health care for patients. In Nova Scotia, we don't always boast about our successes.
In this photo taken Monday Feb. 20, 2012, a mother shows the burnt arm of her child suffering from nodding disease at their home in the Kitgum district, Uganda. Uganda this week hosts a four-day international conference on nodding syndrome that health ...
VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - Be careful when eating bivalve shellfish, particularly if it's raw or undercooked. That's the warning from the BC Centre for Disease Control. There are a few things to keep in mind when eating oysters, clams and other locally ...
We spend a lot on the frozen dairy treat, and we should since we live in the Dairy State. However, we're not No. 1 and itmay surprise you who beat us out. By Heather Asiyanbi Wisconsinites and those of us in the Milwaukee area love our ice cream, ...
Terrified patients fled from a hospital in western Ug
 Daily Galaxy
 Are Polygons of Mars Proof of Ancient Oceans? Are Polygons of Mars Proof of Ancient Oceans?
Image of the Day: 'Fomalhaut' --A Spectacular Alien Star SystemImage of the Day: 'Fomalhaut' --A Spectacular Alien Star System
Massive Stars Found to Orbit a Partner --New DiscoveryMassive Stars Found to Orbit a Partner --New Discovery
Image of the Day: Stratospheric! -- "Extreme Space Jumping"Image of the Day: Stratospheric! -- "Extreme Space Jumping"
NASA Researchers Discover the Origin of a Major Aspect of Creation of LifeNASA Researchers Discover the Origin of a Major Aspect of Creation of Life

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