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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4 July - Reading the News

Today's Top Medical Stories for July 4, 2012
I was trying out Safari...and became bored with their news items

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first over-the-counter, at-home HIV testing kit. The Oraquick test uses a sample taken from a person's mouth... with results 20 to 40 minutes later. The test is 93 percent accurate at identifying people ...

Physicists find evidence of new subatomic particle that resembles Higgs boson

Assad says Turkey party to bloodshed in Syria-paper
Syria crisis: Erdogan threatens military retaliation - Tuesday 26 June 2012
The Guardian
4.59pm: Here's a summary of the latest developments: • Turkey's prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has threatened Syria with retaliation for shooting down a military jet, and warned that Turkish armed forces will respond to any Syrian encroachment ...

Russia: Downing of Turkish plane by Syria should not be seen as provocation ...

Condoleezza Rice calls on US to arm Syria rebels
CBS News
(CBS News) Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called for the United States to arm opposition fighters in Syria on "CBS This Morning" Tuesday, joining a chorus of Republicans led by Sen. John McCain to provide weapons to rebels against Syrian ...

( I expect many of us figure that has happened and is happening. )Rice: Syria will never be stable with Assad in placeWashington Post

Veterans Today

In Solidarity With and In Support of Evelyn Garcia for Giving U.S. Some Truth »

 "By supporting Israeli occupation with US foreign aid, we are all complicit and guilty of their crimes against humanity."…

Amerika’s Last Independence Day »

 This Independence day we must face the fact that we are neither the land of the free nor the home of…

U.S. Favorite al-Maliki Persecuting His Enemies »

al maliki
 Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s “harassment and persecution of anyone deemed a threat to himself or his party has dramatically reduced freedom throughout…
Jul 2 2012 / 11 Comments / Read More »
Time for the Second American Revolution »NY Times Blasts French “Truth Terrorist” Dieudonn√© »Declaration of Independence from a War Economy »Liars and Thieves, GOP Spends Billions To Misinform about Obambacare and Everything »‘Fast and Furious’ Scandal Covers a Larger Republican scandal »

U Outlines Dramatic New Arctic Policy, 80 Billion Euros »

German Weapons and Warmongering in the Middle East »

 The German government is accused of selling weapons and security systems to dictatorial regimes and supporting them against democracy calls of their nations, especially in the Middle East and North…

 Climate change in the Arctic is advancing dramatically, with change visible on a yearly basis, impacting significantly on its ecosystem and the livelihood of its inhabitants. At the same time,…
The “Brothers” Are Coming, The “Brothers” Are Coming! »Former High U.S.Defense Official Warns Against Attacking Iran »Global Economic Analysis Summary June 2012 (Part 1) »SYRIA: No to Intervention, No to Illusions »Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night: The Tragic Death of Brian Arredondo »Golden Dreams and Delusions »Gulf of Tonkin Redux? »The Arabs; What Went Wrong? »Obama Plays Lead For Jamie Dimon and the Fat Cats »The menacing plots of MKO terrorists for Iran »

Scary Facts about Birds and the Bees and Bayer AG »

 Birds and bees are something most of us take for granted as part of nature. The expression “teaching about the birds and the bees” to explain the process of human reproduction to young…
Jul 1 2012 / 4 Comments / Read More »

Growing Evidence of Agent Orange in Japan »VA Encourages HIV Tests for All Veterans »CaptionCall Continues Helping Veterans With Hearing Loss »Processing of Retroactive Agent Orange Claims Nearly Complete »

The Declaration of Independence and Deism »

Thomas Jefferson
 The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate the creation of a new unique nation. A nation based on the importance of the individual and not on “divine rights” of kings. In…
Jul 3 2012 / No Comment / Read More »

Review of Edgar C. Forsberg’s “Communications from the Front: An Ohio Soldier in World War II” »Magnetic Portals Found in Earth’s Atmosphere »Mario “Never Say Mafia” Cuomo’s Son Now Enforcing for Silverstein? »Why Would Jews Vandalize A Holocaust Memorial? »
Why It’s Worse Than It Looks and Why We The People Are The Only Ones Who Can Fix It »We Need Interfaith Dialogue For A Lasting Peace »The Peace People and Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire says ‘NO to War in Syria’ »UFOs are IFOs »The End Is Near »

9/11: Have We Been Bamboozled? »

Staged viewing Osama raid
 Here are four stories that didn’t make the mainstream news. They range from some you will find easy to believe to some you’ll find incredible. …
Jun 29 2012 / 32 Comments / Read More »

Watch the Vancouver Hearings! They’re Happening Right Now…. »9/11, Criminality, and the Treason of the Intellectuals »Memorial Day Remembrance: Remember 9/11! »911 “MISSING” Posters of Disembodied Souls »9/11 and Islamophobia »Evil, Madness, and Blind Spots: Two New Books on Psychopathy Leave their Selective Empathy Showing »The Debasement of American Intel–Step By Step »9/11 Coup d’etat Triggered Pre-Planned War on Islam »Ed Schultz and the “Mission Accomplished” Fiasco »

Barclays' Diamond faces grilling in parliament
By Matt Scuffham | LONDON (Reuters) - Bob Diamond squares up to critical British lawmakers on Wednesday, a day after quitting as Barclays' chief executive over an interest rate rigging scandal, and could drag the Bank of England, government and rival ...

Pakistani Taliban issue threats over reopening of NATO supply routes
CNN International
(CNN) -- The Pakistani Taliban on Wednesday threatened to attack NATO trucks after Islamabad and the US agreed to reopen routes used for supplies to coalition forces in Afghanistan. The militant group said the supplies are used to target its members ...

Supreme Court strikes down most of Ariz. Immigration law
MSNBC's Alex Wagner talks with NBC's Pete Williams about the Supreme Court's ruling on Arizona's immigration law, and the NOW panel analyzes the Court's decision and the initial response to the ruling. This content comes from Closed Captioning that was ...
Supreme Court mostly rejects Arizona immigration law; gov says 'heart' remainsCNN

Egypt court rejects army powers to arrest civilians
By Marwa Awad | CAIRO (Reuters) - An Egyptian court on Tuesday tossed out a government decree allowing the army to arrest civilians, a setback to military rulers preparing for this week's formal handover to Mohamed Mursi, Egypt's first Islamist ...

Greek Premier Appoints New Finance Minister
New York Times
ATHENS — Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Tuesday appointed Yannis Stournaras, an economist and former government adviser who served as development minister in the previous caretaker administration, as the country's new finance minister.

GOP senators press Holder for special prosecutor into potential national ...
Fox News
GOP senators are putting the pressure on Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a special counsel to investigate whether the White House is responsible for national security leaks. “The numerous national security leaks reportedly originating out of ...
GOP senators seek special counsel to probe leaksNorthwest Cable News

Teen prostitutes rescued, alleged pimps arrested
By Michael Winter, USA TODAY The FBI announced today that agents and local police rescued 79 teenagers and arrested 104 alleged pimps during a three-day sweep against child sex trafficking in 57 US cities. The juveniles -- 77 girls and two boys between ...

White House refers to Issa's analysis of Fast & Furious as 'absurd'
Fox News
WASHINGTON – A challenge to President Obama using executive privilege in the investigation into the federal government's failed Fast and Furious gun-tracking operation was met Tuesday with a strong White House response in which a spokesman referred to ...
Issa challenges Obama executive privilege claimCBS News
Issa Accuses President Obama of Wrongfully Using Executive PrivilegeU.S. News & World Report

Saginaw attorney and ACLU member comments on US Supreme Court's decision ...
By Cole Waterman | cwaterma@mlive.com “It's a welcome step in the right direction,” said William T. Street of the Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling on Monday abolishing mandatory life imprisonment without parole for defendants younger than 17.

Maher Arar: Why Is Canadian Child Soldier Omar ... - Huffington Post

11 Aug 2010 – Why is Omar Khadr being tried by a military court if the government is certain he was the one who threw the grenade? Don't they have trust in ...

From Congo to Guantanamo: Omar Khadr, the invisible child soldier

Omar Khadr is the first convicted child soldier since World War II. His conviction came at an end of a shameful military trial where not a single basic principle of transparency and justice was followed and where the torture and abuse Khadr endured was simply brushed away.
While acknowledging his Charter rights were violated, the federal court stopped short of forcing the federal government to ask the United States to return Khadr back to Canada.
This trial concluded eight long years, during which both Liberal and Conservative Canadian governments refused vehemently to repatriate him home. 

The U.S. president decided that "it is in the national interest of the United States to waive the application of section 404(a) [Child Service Prevention Act] to Chad, to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to Sudan, and to Yemen." This means that the U.S. will continue to work with and potentially provide aid to these four countries known for their use of underage soldiers.
"What the president has done is basically given everybody a pass for using child soldiers," said Jo Becker, the children's rights director at Human Rights Watch.

Bulger's lawyers: We'll prove pact with feds
Boston Herald
By Laurel J. Sweet and O'Ryan Johnson Lawyers for James “Whitey” Bulger are vowing to reveal who inked an alleged immunity deal between the Southie mobster and the feds “for any crimes he committed or any crimes he would” — a supposed pact made public ...

TS Debby relentless in soggy assault on Fla.
CBS News
(CBS News) ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Florida was under a state of emergency Tuesday, with Tropical Storm Debby sitting off the Gulf Coast, and in no apparent rush to make landfall. Debby had barely budged in 72 hours, socking Florida with flood-producing ...

3 Mexican Policemen Killed in Airport Shootout
Voice of America
Three Mexican federal police officers were killed in a shootout with two other officers suspected of drug trafficking Monday at Mexico City's international airport. Authorities say the slain officers were attempting to arrest the suspects when the ...
Shooting leaves three policemen dead at Mexico City airportGlobe and Mail

Elliot Lake mall rescuers consider 'extreme measures'
Rescue crews are preparing to take "more extreme measures" to continue search and recovery efforts at a badly damaged Elliot Lake, Ont., mall, an emergency official says. Part of the mall roof collapsed on Saturday, but since then, beams and slabs have ...

Wildfires leave Colorado tourism high and dry
On Monday FEMA authorized the use of federal funds to fight the fires in Colorado that are burning across the state. The most recent fire, in Colorado Springs, resulted in 11000 evacuations over the weekend. Miguel Almaguer reports.

Facebook replaces users' e-mails with site-specific address
Facebook has done it again — alienated some of its 900 million members by making unannounced changes to the social network. The latest kerfuffle is over Facebook's decision to replace the personal e-mail addresses on a user's profile page with an ...
Everyone, freak out! Facebook changes users' default email to @facebook.com ...Digitaltrends.com
Facebook is trying to hijack your email addressCNN International

Facebook names 1st woman, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, to its board
Washington Post
NEW YORK — Facebook's No. 2 executive, Sheryl Sandberg, has become the first woman on the social-networking company's board of directors. Sandberg was lured from Google in 2008 to become Facebook's chief operating officer. Besides being the first woman ...

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