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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

12 February - iGoogle

SyriaSyria (Photo credit: ewixx)
EgyptEgypt (Photo credit: Daniel Voyager)
Egypt: ThebesEgypt: Thebes (Photo credit: Brooklyn Museum)
Egypt: GizehEgypt: Gizeh (Photo credit: Brooklyn Museum)
 We Support HR 3562 - Ban Toxic Dispersants Act of 2011 ~ Dixeyland
Florida Coastal and Ocean Coalition: Updated Blueprint released

9 contests down, yet GOP political soul-searching for White House nominee far ... - Washington Post
Arabs want swift action on Syria after UN veto - Reuters
Women Get Closer To Combat; Many PracticallyThere
The Contraception Compromise Plays Out Politically
  • Threshold broken for tiny lasers
    Researchers build efficient lasers just 100 billionths of a metre across that may be used to make faster computer chips in the future.
All Things Considered - NPR
N.C. Regulator Tapped To Handle $25B Mortgage Deal
Week In News: A Week Of Deals For Obama

American Water Intelligence

Khirran IWPP

Big News

Journalist arrested on suspicion of starting Egypt protests 
Greek PM gives final austerity warning 
Five people arrested at The Sun tabloid 
Woman breaks into top Mexican police role 
News on other Topics 

Blog of Rights - ACLU

Why the Contraception Mandate Matters
Let Eileen Vote.

Are cigarette companies right this time?

The cigarette companies -- and, boy, it's hard to say this -- may turn out to be right.
Greece Parliament to vote on austerity measures


Litigation lunacy: Silicon Valley's lost its collective mind
How to choose your Valentine by star sign

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Alternative Federal Budget Roundtable: Can Canada Escape a Lost Decade?

Center for Climate and Energy

Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) conference
Alcoa Foundation and the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions Launch School-Based Carbon Footprint Challenge
Circle of Blue -water news
The Stream, February 10: Danube River Freezes Over
Paul Vallely: There's something about Harry
Katy Guest: The Rant & Rave of romance (12/02/12) 
Common Dreams
Daily Bell
Dr. Yaron Brook on Ayn Rand, Capitalism and the War on Terror
Daily News - Egypt
Malaysia deports Saudi journalist in Twitter row
Bahrain king dismisses opposition as disunited 
Democracy Now!
Spanish Judge Garzón Disbarred in Trial Seen as Retaliation for Trailblazing Human Rights Work
50-State, $25B Mortgage Settlement: Relief for Struggling Homeowners or Bailout for Big Banks? 
Elephant Seals Swimming Deeper as Waters Warm
Elephant seals are spending more time in deeper, cooler waters as temperatures warm. The change may limit their feeding.
Concordia Captain: 'OK, Whatever' as Ship Teeters: Video 
Food and Water Watch
Europe Has Every Right to Be Emotional About Fracking
Walmart Gets an Earful From Activists on National Call-In Day to Stop GE Corn 
food consumer
The Limits of Ebay Buyer Protection: Is Ebay buyers' protection real? A Personal Story
Pumpkin Bundt Cakes Recalled 
Force Change
Save the Great Bear Rainforest From Industrial Logging
FreakOut Nation
Grover Norquist at CPAC: “The Left Is Made Up Of Competing Parasites”
Guardian UK
Syria eases bombardment of Homs
A few families have been allowed to leave opposition districts of the city, Syrian activists saySyrian security forces have eased their week-long...
Fukushima readings raise reheating fears 
Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin under investigation
Inside Facebook
New this week on the Inside Network Job Board: Atari, GREE, Lolgames, more
Facebook IPO filing includes $100M discrepancy 
Use Sugru to Fix a Leaky Hose [Sugru]
Use a Pillowcase to Dry Lettuce Without a Salad Spinner [Video] 
The Bishops make their move (Dennis G./Balloon Juice)
Santorum suggests Romney may have rigged CPAC poll (Josh Lederman/The Hill) 
Steve Munro
After the Vote: What Does the Future Hold for Council and the TTC?
Metrolinx Contemplates LRT vs Subway (Updated) 
12-013: NRC Concludes Hearing on Vogtle New Reactors, First-Ever Combined Licenses to be Issued
I-12-004: Licensing Board to Hear Oral Arguments Feb. 21 in Norristown, Pa., on Limerick Nuclear Power Plant License Renewal Application 
New Scientist - online news
Ocean current slowdown made Earth spin faster 
Obama Conspiracy Theories
Donofrio’s “dirty little secret”
The dog ate my attorney 
Oddly Enough
The last huzzah?
You’ve got till tomorrow to pay up, pal… 
Open Channel
Conviction: A reporter's 10-year quest for answers in a little-known murder case
Jon-Adrian Velazquez, convicted of murdering a retired NYPD officer in 1997, is serving 25 years to life in Sing Sing Correctional Facility. A...
Thursday reading: the best investigative reporting on the Web 
Open Secrets
Brothers Cardona Made State Party Contributions in Addition to Bundling for Obama
Back to the Wall, Planned Parenthood Hangs Tough 
Outlook Blogs
'The Three-Ring Circus Of The Tamasha Culture' 
Payvand Iran News
Iran: Anniversary demonstrations on 14 February must be allowed to take place peacefully
Iran Marks Anniversary Of Islamic Revolution 
Officer accuses U.S. military of vast Afghan deception
Car Crashes Through Home… For The Fifth Time 
Pesticide Action Network
Clean water battle takes "perplexing" turn
New leadership on pesticides in California 
Philippines News
Pope Names New Davao Archbishop 
Secrecy News - Deep Politics Forum
Political MoJo
The $25 Billion Foreclosure Settlement: Breakthrough or Raw Deal?
Psychology Today
The Dangers of Self-Diagnosis
 Satellite News
NASA's THEMIS Satellite Sees a Great Electron Escape
When scientists discovered two great swaths of radiation encircling Earth in the 1950s, it spawned over-the-top fears about "killer electrons" and...
Science Daily
Scientific American
Senators Consider Banning Automatic Media Sharing on Facebook
Alien Life May Not Survive on Planets With Uranus-Like Tilts 
NYC Public Hearing of the revised draft SGEIS 11/30/11
Sovereign Independent
Greece and the Rape by the Rentiers
The Star Online : nation
M'sian students scramble to safety through window as roof collapses
RM200mil fund for JB's waterfront development project 
TED Blog
Have you visited Inside Out Project lately?
Mighty Buzzard's Favorite Techdirt Posts Of The Week
Ten Percent
Friday. Cat Power- The Greatest
99% of voters registered at the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Azerbaijan, voted in the presidential election
99% of voters registered at the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Azerbaijan, voted in the presidential election.
Voter turnout in presidential elections in Turkmenistan hits 80.55 percent
 U.S. EPA Radiation News
EPA and U.S. Department of Energy to Develop Renewable Energy on Previously Contaminated Sites; Two Sites in Buffalo Area Among Those to be Assessed for Renewable Energy Projects
USA Today
Unexplained Mysteries
Scientists investigate egg-laying rooster
Why do plants never get sunburn ? 
Web MD
Adele's Grammy Comeback After Vocal Cord Surgery
To better understand the procedure Adele underwent and the reasons for it, WebMD spoke with Gerald Berke, MD, director of the UCLA Voice Center for...
Sweet story alert: Love Hearts factory most romantic workplace in UK
 White House
Russ Baker on Deep History and Little-Known Origins of Current Problems
Is Israel Really Iran’s Main Adversary? The West Doth Protest Too Much
Zoe - It's our Nature
The Prize Isn’t Right
Daily Galaxy
Weekend Feature: Opening of Antarctic's Lake Vostok May Reveal Life from Earth's 20-Million-Year Past
Saturn's Enceladus: Part 2 --Does it Harbor a Vast Underground Ocean?
Milky Way's Stellar Halo --Filled with Stars Almost as Old as the Universe (Today's Most Popular)
NewsFlash: A Gigantic Comet-like Dwarf Galaxy Discovered
Comment of the Day: "Maybe That's How a Nascent Planetary Civilization Ends"
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