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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Friday, February 24, 2012

24 February - iGoogle

Satellite News

NASA's THEMIS Satellite Sees a Great Electron Escape
When scientists discovered two great swaths of radiation encircling Earth in the 1950s, it spawned over-the-top fears about "killer electrons" and...

News24 Top Stories

Change way provinces are run - Gordhan
Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has called for sweeping changes to be made in the way provinces are run.

Witness describes attempted hit on general

Gautrain bus shooting is 'attempted murder'
Police are investigating an attempted murder after a person opened fire on a Gautrain bus in Midrand, Eyewitness News reports.

Prosecutor in court for suitcase murder



Camp Stove Charges Your Phone, Cooks Your Goose
BioLite stoves make cooking on wood as clean, safe and easy as modern fuels while generating electricity to charge phones, lights and other...

Aspirin, Walking Can Reduce Leg Pain From Narrowed Arteries
Low-dose aspirin may be just as effective as the more expensive Plavix when combined with a walking program to treat leg pain that’s associated...

Diabetes, High BP During Pregnancy Increase Middle-Age Heart Risk
Dementia: Some Antipsychotic Drugs Riskier Than Others
The FDA has warned that treatment with antipsychotic drugs increases the risk of death among elderly patients with dementia, and now a new study...

Citrus Fruits May Lower Women's Stroke Risk


Addiction is not hopeless
Substance abuse is one of the most pervasive and costly problems in our country. Every year, millions of lives are lost because of it.

Team Tip: Add an Editor's Note
The Editor's Note is an excellent tool for providing context around your Paper.li and is your space to say "Hi" to readers and share...

UK to recognise Syrian opposition - live
• Arab League calls for UN resolution for a ceasefire• UN accuses Assad regime of crimes against humanity• Efforts to evacuate wounded reporters...
Game Over? Justin Bieber Blasts App Developer for Cribbing His Image
It’s Destroy David Icke Time…”
Rick Santorum leads rivals in Twitter, Facebook buzz, new analysis shows
Presidential candidate Mitt Romney wasted no time today trying to capitalize on Rick Santorum's performance in Wednesday's debate. NBC's Peter...
Deadliest day in Koran protests
At least 12 people are killed as protests continue for a fourth day across Afghanistan over the burning of Korans at a US air base.

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