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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

15 Fenruary - News Notes

English: inImage via Wikipedia
English: inImage via Wikipedia
The Four Freedoms engraved on a wall at the Fr...Image via Wikipedia

‎"... as with Iraq, the role of the world's largest oil companies in the unfolding Iran tragedy is ignored by the mainstream press." - Nick Mottern
Nick Mottern: To understand what we are heading into, it is important to look first at Iraq, not Iran, to see what the US government/Big Oil combine wants to achieve in the Middle East.
( 'Post Saddam Iraq' in Documents ... or the PNAC website )
A report recently released by DEBKAfile, an Israeli military intelligence website, which is believed to have close links to Israeli intelligence sources, has shown that the UK is providing logistical support to armed terrorist groups in Syria. Interview with Michel Chossudovsky.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt was subject to the kind of vitriol we often see directed at Barack Obama today. But some of FDR's opponents didn't stop at talk: a new book details a starting plot to overthrow FDR and replace him with a fascist military government.
In this online interactive I-book, we bring to the attention of our readers a selection of feature articles on the Syrian crisis. Our objective is to dispel the tide of media lies and government propaganda, which presents the events in Syria as a "peaceful protest movement".

MNN Daily: Beauty treatments that can kill you

Check out our new dynamic map to see the impact of individual B.C. Salmon Farms in terms of disease, marine mammal deaths, and bycatch of birds and wild fish:
Living Oceans Society is Canada’s largest organization focusing exclusively on marine conservation issues. We are based in Sointula, a small fishing village on the Central Coast of British Columbia.
PORTLAND, Ore. - When the Save Our Wild Salmon coalition put out the word asking its supporters to sign a valentine message to Dr. Jane Lubchenco, it didn't expect more than 1,200 responses. 

Last week, Republicans ordered Capitol Hill police to arrest Josh Fox, director of Gasland. His crime? Filming an open hearing on fracking. Demand an apology and respect for the First Amendment in Congress.
FrackingWater on fire? Toxic waste in our rivers and streams? It’s time for a national moratorium on gas drilling. Add your voice to the call for national action!
The thing about cancer is it’s hard to prove somebody gave it to you on purpose—but Chloe Taylor can prove it. In fact, she proves it for a living. She sues oil refineries that would rather save a buck than comply with safety regulations designed to do important things like, you kno...
The Interior Department would see only a 1 percent increase in overall funding next year under President Obama's 2013 budget proposal, but a significant boost is proposed for oversight and development of offshore oil and gas resources in keeping with the White House's recent push to expand domestic energy production.
Obama again proposes ending tax breaks for oil and gas companies.
From November, 2011 and worth re-reading and saving. The impact on life of all types is immeasurable, and much to come is admittedly unknown as defined by scientists and researchers. This is part and parcel as to why a trial MUST be held, and why transparency is critical. All life is impacted, and there are too many undefined and unknown outcomes for this to be taken with any but the severity and seriousness it deserves. This DISASTER remains truly the greatest man-made (corporation dictated) act in all of history, and BP cannot be allowed to walk. It doesn't matter where you live - this disaster WILL (not MAY) impact your life.
Evidence is mounting that the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster caused wide-ranging ecological damage in the northern Gulf of Mexico.
A platform and pipelines mangled by 2004’s Hurricane Ivan have been leaching oil into the Gulf for more than seven years, but its operator, Taylor Energy, has failed to quash the flow of oil, a group of environmentalists allege in a lawsuit filed this month.
ExxonMobil has issued bid documents to South Korea’s three super fabricators to build a huge 30,000-tonne deck for its groundbreaking US$8.3 billion Hebron project off Newfoundland, Canada.
From Popeye FederalJack: If anyone out there knows anyone that wants to get the truth out about the B.P. Oil spill aftermath email me at: contactdtrh@yahoo.com I will get you on air on my radio show. Let's get the truth out about the health issues, the oil that is still there and anything else that needs to be known.
At least 260 dead dolphins have washed up over the past week on a 66-mile stretch of coastline 500 miles north of Lima, Peru, but no one knows why.
Updated continuously by citizens like you, Newsvine is an instant reflection of what the world is talking about at any given moment.
Washing synthetic clothes—such as nylon, polyester, and acrylic—is polluting the oceans with billions of microplastics: plastics that measure less than one millimeter. It may sound innocuous, but research has shown that these microplastics are accumulating in marine species with unknown health impac...
Focus Of Blowout Preventers Increases After Macondo Incident: Barclays Oil Services Analyst Picks Cameron (CAM) As The Market Leader
Detailed Industry Reports for Investors and Business Research Professionals. In-depth interviews with analysts, CEOs and money managers.
Major global incidents such as the Macondo accident in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 and the Montara blowout off Australia a year earlier have prompted multinationals to centralize management at head offices overseas, Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) director general Magne Ognedal stated in the agency’s annual safety review.
ExxonMobil has issued bid documents to South Korea’s three super fabricators to build a huge 30,000-tonne deck for its groundbreaking US$8.3 billion Hebron project off Newfoundland, Canada.
NEW ORLEANS -- A federal magistrate has appointed a doctor to examine a BP PLC employee who claims medical problems prevent him from being questioned under oath about the deadly 2010 rig explosion that spawned the nation's worst offshore oil spill.
A federal magistrate has appointed a doctor to examine a BP PLC employee who claims medical problems prevent him from being questioned under oath about the deadly 2010 rig explosion that spawned the nation's worst offshore oil spill.
Unfortunately, the damage has been done and the terrible consequences are already being felt by local inhabitants and the environment. To start off with, the spill has polluted the GuarapicheRiver, from which much of the potable water used by the people in Maturìn, the state capital, comes. Worse still, the spill is spreading, killing all river life in its path. Unofficial reports indicate that ...See More
Mexico's oil regulator is sounding an alarm over plans by the country's state oil monopoly to drill two ultra-deep-water wells near U.S. waters this year, saying neither the company nor his commission is prepared to handle a serious accident or oil spill there.
HOUSTON, TX, Feb 14, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- No longer a best practice, but rather a moral imperative, global oil and gas standards body, OPITO, sees a continuing demand within the Gulf of Mexico oil and gas community to establish a global safety standard. For the first time, OPITO, along with the oil and gas industry, has developed an online, global standardized basic safety training which will reach an estimated 1.5 million people employed in exploration and production activities of oil and gas worldwide.
For those who wish to undermine or underestimate the impact of oil and dispersants on not only sealife, but mammals (and that includes human beings), please read and remember - what you are seeing in the level and increase of infectious diseases in the Gulf states is not an accident. I'll copy this article to "Notes" so when it too disappears, we can refer back to it. Class dismissed.
Off-shore oil spills can do great harm to many components of natural ecosystems. Some of the most conspicuous effects of oil spills are apparent among larger species of wildlife, such as marine mammals and seabirds.
SAO PAULO – Global oil giant BP PLC's (BP, BP.LN) Brazilian biofuels division plans to quadruple its sugarcane-crushing capacity in the next five years as it seeks to capitalize on the growing market for ethanol, the company confirmed Tuesday.
Global oil giant BP PLC's (BP, BP.LN) Brazilian biofuels division plans to quadruple its sugarcane-crushing capacity in the next five years as it seeks to capitalize on the growing market for ethanol, the company confirmed Tuesday.
Last October indigenous groups, local people, and domestic NGOs formed the Save Sarawak's Rivers Network to fight the planned construction of a dozen dams in the Malaysian state on the island of Borneo. The coalition opposes the dam-building plans, known as the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (...
This is no mere cold snap. There is tragedy unfolding in Europe daily since January, thanks to extreme cold and snow. Heavy snow and record cold continue to slam countries from the UK to Italy, Bulgaria and Russia. Even Northern Africa is shoveling snow. Across Europe, snow drifts reaching above the rooftops have kept tens of thousands of villagers prisoners in their own homes.
Historic cold continues to grip much of Europe, killing 550 and trapping 140,000 people.
BP Plc plans to start drilling at the 43/11 deepwater block in the South China Sea this year, after receiving approval recently from the Chinese government, a company executive said today.
BEIJING, Feb 15 – Oil giant BP Plc plans to start drilling at the 43/11 deepwater block in the South China Sea this year, after receiving approval recently from the Chinese government, a company…


Have You Read The 15 Biggest Lies? 

When the ads went up, Mother Jones’s Kevin Drum commented,

And that, boys and girls, is how the game is played. Just portray a bill meant to rein in banks as a bill meant to bail out banks... Maybe suggest that instead of protecting consumers, it will remove consumer protections. Or that instead of regulating derivatives, it will set them free. Simple. Why bother making up complicated lies when simple ones will do just fine?

"Bad weather or lack of farming knowledge did not cause the pilgrims' shortages. Bad economic incentives did."

So, pretty smart to implement a massive austerity program during recession/high unemployment. Pro-growth!

Seriously RT : RT : Army downgrading PTSD diagnoses to save money?

This needs to stop now!

Thai official: "We haven't concluded that they are in fact Iranians":

Iran says Israel Involved with Bangkok Blasts, Not Tehran

I did get alerts to look out for false flag attacks to blame on Iran

More 2002-like "reporting" on Iran - Diane Sawyer & Brian Ross belong in a fear-mongering museum
End of game in the Middle East
Iran claims uranium enrichment advance
Sometimes it feels weird shouting at politicians, then I remember they are the leaders of an imperialist nation that exploits for resources

Noam Chomsky completes his dazzling anatomy of US decline: “The Imperial Way, American Decline in Perspective, Part 2”

Today's news from Sen. Bernie Sanders:

 The New Republic
James Rowe's advice to Barack Obama
Fallows quotes at length a memo that the New Deal lawyer James H. Rowe, Jr. wrote for Truman after the House and Senate went Republican in 1946. The memo’s basic message is, “It’s impossible to cooperate when the other party controls Congress. Don’t even try. Instead, marshal public opinion to your side.”
The Rowe memo (click here to read it) is fascinating to peruse today. It includes a list of Don’ts. Among these are “The creation of joint or bipartisan policy committees”

Red State

The Highway Bill and ANWR: It’s a Trap!

Ron Paul and Ralph Nader talk about the electoral system in the US and the need for real change from the "democratic" system where there's only two choices, ...


US-EU Announce Organic Trade Partnership: two largest organic-producers in the world establish equivalency beginning 6/1/12; $50B market #organic #Biofach  

These toys, like the one on the right side of this page are being sold online and also in toy stores across the United States, to children three years old and older.  They are mislabeled in many cases and do not advise parents of the hazards of the toxic chemicals inside of these packages.


Sun staff line up human rights challenge to News Corp inquiry team

Journalists approach NUJ with view to hiring leading lawyer to question legality of internal investigation

Anthony Bologna is back in hot-water. Bologna, the NYPD officer-turned-YouTube legend, is being sued by the two young women he infamously assaulted with blasts of pepper-spray on the streets of New York during the early days of Occupy Wall Street.

NSW police to patrol public transport http://m.smh.com.au/nsw/police-to-take-over-security-on-public-transport-20120214-1t3d2.html

Millimetre-wave Body Scanner Health and Safety Information Sheet

Move over, SOPA and say your prayers, PIPA. There’s a new bill in the works that, if passed, will pull the plug on how the Internet is used in Canada.

Stop the invasion of our privacy! Join 80,000 Canadians who signed the petition. Government to reintroduce unwarranted spy bil...

This is a crucial moment, in which many threats to our communications choice and affordability are emerging. We need your help to win back our connected future.

At this critical juncture, we want to know: What do you think are the best ways to step up our campaign to safeguard the open and affordable Internet?
As you probably noticed, the Internet is under siege from all angles at the moment. Communications seem be at a crossroads in Canada, and indeed around the world. Will we live in a connected society t

An American Teacher's View Of British Assessment Practice

Institute for Responsible Technology shared a link.
In a major victory for public health and what will hopefully lead to other nations taking action, a French court decided today that GMO crops monster Monsanto is guilty of chemically poisoning a French farmer
Food safety agency's reliability faces fresh criticism EurActiv, 15 February 2012

The EU agency charged with reviewing the safety of biotech crops, food and fertilisers has "frequent conflicts of interest" with the industries it is supposed to evaluate, says a report that adds renewed doubts about its scientific assessments.

The report by two campaign groups, the Corporate Europe Observatory and...See More
Independent specialised European Union affairs portal for EU policy professionals. Expert EU policy journalists follow a wide range of European legislation and topics. Stories, interviews and articles are available in English, French and German.
Sen. Boxer and Rep. De Fazio wrote a “Dear Colleague” letter which went public today, February 8th, urging U.S. legislators to support the labeling of GE foods. This is the first initiative of the kind in Congress, and a great opportunity to urge your Congressional representatives to sign on to the letter and support mandatory labeling.

The letter also creates the opportunity to bring back to li...Continue Reading
Just another WordPress.com site

"DRUGS" to give you the ILL-lusion ...See More
PICTURES and SKROLLz of UN-HEALTHY FOODS, DRUGS, CHEMI-KILLz and their DANGEROUS KONSEQUENCES and REPERCUSSIONS. "Your Health Is Your Most Precious Wealth" "Sickness Is Big Business In America" 
“Hundreds of citizens, (even including NYC chefs in their white chef hats) joined Occupy the Food System groups, ie Food Democracy Now, gathered outside the Federal Courts in Manhattan on January 31st, to support organic family farmers in their landmark lawsuit against Big Agribusiness giant Monsan...
Hey there! Thanks for dropping by Occupy Monsanto! Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. See you around!
It is part goat, part spider, and its milk can be used to create artificial spider's web. It is part of a new field of research, synthetic biology, with a radical aim: to break down nature into spare parts so that we can rebuild it however we please.
Please Subscribe To The EvolutionDocumentary YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/EvolutionDocumentary
Broadcast (2012) Adam Rutherford meets a new creatu...
Weaning Antibiotic-Resistant Bugs Out Of Pork

After nearly succumbing to an antibiotic-resistant infection contracted from one of his hogs, Russ Kremer went cold turkey. He exterminated his diseased pigs and swore off the antibiotics he'd long-used to boost his herd's growth and prevent the illnesses so common in concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs.
pigs pigs pigs . . . and more pigs. Joel Salatin (www.polyfacefarms.com
), in an email about the swine flu outbreak, wrote "I guess you saw where Smithfield h...
( Aug 13 2009 I posted 2 collections on farming problems and disease risks. Viral threats were among the problems noted )
The European economic numbers flow across my computer screen, not quite as quickly as the ticker tape crawl at CNBC or Bloomberg, but there are a lot of them and virtually every one is bad. And in or out of the euro zone, they all point to the same thing: austerity isn't working.
In Greece: the economy contracted by 7 percent in the last quarter. Since austerity budgets began to be implemented two years ago Greece's debt had jumped from 115 percent of GDP to 166 percent of GDP, the Guardian reports.
In Britain: Unemployment is at 8.4 percent according to the Office of National Statistics, a 16 year high (I have reported on other sources of unemployment statistics here).
As in the U.S. today's overall British unemployment number tells only part of the story. The crucial figure, as reported in the Daily Telegraph, is this: "A record number of people are working part-time because they cannot find full-time jobs - up by 83,000 over the latest quarter to 1.35 million."

Unmanned Vehicles: Liberating or Enslaving?
Unmanned aerial vehicles are great for spying over enemy territory, but they are a huge drain on human resources. In fact, a combat air patrol that relies on UAVs demands more operators and support staff than if it were conducted by conventional aircraft with a pilot in the cockpit.
“Over 150 people are needed to do one combat air patrol” with U.S. Air Force Predator or Reaper drones, says Reginald Brothers, deputy assistant secretary of defense for research.
“That’s a lot of people,” he adds. “These unmanned systems require more people to operate than tactical manned aircraft,” Brothers tells an industry conference Feb. 14 hosted by Aviation Week & Space Technology.
How to make unmanned systems less labor intensive was cited by Brothers as one the Pentagon’s pressing technological challenges. “We are seeing increasing reliance on UAVs” but the military cannot afford the soaring personnel demands associated with these systems, he says.
One reason why so-called “autonomous” vehicles require so much human oversight is that machines and humans are not able to share a “common perception” of what is happening, he explains. As a result, machines are not yet fully trusted to conduct missions independently.
“The challenge is having shared situational awareness, a shared perception between the machine and the human operator

rt.comRussia’s top military boss says an attack against Iran, which the west suspects of developing nuclear weapons, could begin as early as summer.
( They last said that Jan-Feb 2007 )

Predator: The Fascinating, Twisted History of the Drone

Leak exposes how Heartland Institute works to undermine climate science

( Do we get a leak on how the IPCC works to fabricate it ? ) 
BREAKING: Activists protest at HQ in Charlotte, call out dirty energy agenda

NWF: Disclosure of deforestation grows:

EPA Sued For Failure To Issue Air Pollution Standards:


Leak exposes how Heartland Institute works to undermine climate science 

The race for the White House may cost more than two billion dollars. What’s getting trampled into dust are the voices of people who aren't rich. 

By Ed Kilgore | Washington Monthly Political Animal

For The First Time Ever, Bank of Japan Says It Wants Inflation

American Catholics Don't Blindly Obey the Bishops

Federal tradition of protecting the religious freedom of individual employees over claims from employers that their rights trump those of employees. You can’t cut someone’s salary because they don’t share your religious belief, after all, so why should you be able to cut their benefits?

democracynow.org - Greece continues to face political turmoil over a sovereign debt crisis that has embroiled the country for almost two years. On Monday, th...
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