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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

15 February - Blogs I'm Following II

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What is Iran at? Are they looking for War? 

Iran has provided the United States and Israel with another excuse to attack – the country has announced it will now produce yellowcake. 

Yellowcake, also known as urania, is a concentrated powder produced through processing uranium ore. It is used in the preparation of uranium fuel for nuclear reactors.
In Bush’s 2003 SOTU, he made the now notorious “sixteen words” statement that Saddam Hussein had obtained yellowcake from Niger and was secretly working on the development of a nuclear weapon.
In fact, Iraq did not have a nuclear program and Bush’s statement was a lie based on a crude forgery originating with Italian military intelligence and then hyped by the Bush neocons as one of several pretexts to invade the country – in other words a war crime little different than the Nazis’ Gleiwitz false flag incident that kicked off the Second World War and resulted in the slaughter of over 60 million people.

We've ploughed this ground before

and had discussions like this
and strategy from Cheney

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