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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

16 February - News Notes

English: CHICAGO (May 28, 2011) Chicago Mayor ...Image via Wikipedia
English: Roman Catholic Reverand Michal Osuch ...Image via Wikipedia


Via the Independent: Leading neuroscientists believe that the UK Government may be about to sanction the development of nerve agents for British police
Behind the NYPD's beating of Jateik Reed and the killing of Ramarley Graham is a long history of police harassment.
As Mayor Rahm Emanuel prepares for the NATO and G8 summits, what new security measure will be announced next? Yana Kunichoff reports from Chicago.
As part of the expanded powers given to Mayor Rahm Emanuel for the May summits, the city has authority to accept contracts for goods or services without approval of the City Council or the expected competitive bidding process.

 Liberals end 2012 convention with internal changes, new president, resolution to legalize pot

Rae said the Liberals are offering a new approach to marijuana to avoid “sending another generation of young people into prison.” Alcohol and cigarettes are the most addictive substances in Canada now, Rae noted. “Let’s face up to it, Canada — the war on drugs has been a complete bust” 


‎'More than 200 nonprofit groups, from animals rights organizations to political activists, said most of their donated funds appear to have vanished after the organization that watched over the money suddenly ceased operations last month. The International Humanities Center closed its offices,
took down its Web page and informed its clients by email that it has ceased operation. The center served as an umbrella organization for small nonprofit groups, handling their donations and performing administrative duties.' Jeff Gottlieb, Los Angeles Times


Land of the free and home of the brave

Why Russians are flocking to Mexican hotspots

Workers fled poverty, dust, chaos in Lima

Valdiviezo died Monday — just two days after arriving in in Canada — on his first day on the job, one of 10 Latin American migrant workers killed in a horrific van crash in Hampstead, Ont. His father was also killed in the crash. 

Indiana makes play for Canadian auto parts makers

Hawker Beechcraft plays the outsource card after losing defense contract

Underground News Network shared a link.
Braving America without a home has always been hard. Now it's becoming a crime.
‎'Like many of you, I was shocked to learn that Senator Scott Brown is supporting the Blunt amendment,
a dangerous measure being pushed by Senate Republicans that would allow insurance companies and employers to deny health care coverage to anyone for any reason, just when people need it most.' Elizabeth Warren, Reader Supported News
The human cost of EU-mandated austerity in Greece is being felt like never before. Cuts and slashes in spending have left hospitals short of medicine, workers short of cash and many ill Greeks out of luck.

The whole truth : Syria

 Did Bahrain expose US double standards? 

Soccer Rioters Could Restore Democracy in Egypt

Vietnam land reform: farmer fights land seizure Scarface style

Eating breakfast toast a simple ritual to start the day. The bread probably came from a bakery or grocery store, but beyond that who knows where the wheat came from - never mind the seeds that grew the wheat. Do we need to know A new documentary, 'Hijacked Future' says yes, because those seeds that ...


Journalists attacked by thugs while investigating land grab protests in Panhe, Zhejiang

The current tension in Panhe began with the local village committee’s selling of villagers’ land to various developers, which took place without either the knowledge or consent of local villagers. The scheme, which had been going on for years, finally resulted in a confrontation between Panhe villagers and a Wenzhou copper company in June of last year. Various residents, including women and the elderly, received injuries in the conflict.
With authorities continuing to ignore the grievances reported by villagers, Panhe residents retaliated in October by attacking the property of another local company. A separate confrontation later in the month between villagers and local police and government officials saw the authorities being temporarily driven out of Panhe.

Searching the souls of dissidents

NYT Jerusalem bureau chief tells WFB she has no “assessment” on claims that Israel is an “apartheid state” 

( Reading the article rather than just the Fox News style  headlines makes it look more like a staged  attempt to establish legitimacy )

 Policing the discourse
The New York Times’ newly appointed Jerusalem bureau chief played Twitter footsie on Tuesday with some of Israel’s most extreme non-terrorist critics.
Yes, thats correct, even ‘non-terrorist’ (!!!!) critics of Israel should be out of bounds for the New York Times Jerusalem correspondent.  I have previously commented on attempts like this to police debate, but I wonder if Adam could tell us, just who the New York Times (and indeed the entire MSM) is allowed to have contact with…to adequately report on a conflict with two opposing sides?

Opinion: UN Special Rapporteur Richard Falk writes that "the case of Khader Adnan is a revealing microcosm of the unbearable cruelty of prolonged occupation." What are your thoughts on this? Read more here:
The Palestinian prisoner's case is a microcosm of the unbearable cruelty of prolonged occupation.

‎'It's 14 years since we started V-Day. We made a determination that we were going to end violence against women and girls.
It was an audacious and almost absurd idea, but we committed to it. We believed we could change human consciousness and make the world a place where women were safe, free, equal, with agency over their bodies and futures.' Eve Ensler, Reader Supported News
is increasingly showing resistance to one of the last known effective antibiotic treatments, leading researchers from the Centers for Disease Control to 'sound the alarm' about potentially untreatable forms of the disease.' Jason Koebler, US News and World Report
Fears of Attack Against West
( I'm too far gone. I actually find it funny how the same al Qaeda b.s. is recycled endlessly long after it is proved propaganda and psyops. And killed bin Laden ! Morons would be  an overstatement to evaluation of intelligence. )

The conflict in Syria is intensifying and the UN is unable to agree on a solution to end the bloodshed. Meanwhile, US politicians are calling to arm oppositi...
Thoughts? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NFJlK2l5zNs
This graphical music video spotlights the importance of Organics and the harmful effects of industrial farming. Texting with the Earth. What does the Earth t...
It's Pigeon Time

 Perpetrator victim cycle

Moody's warns 17 banks could be downgraded

Obama seeks $5 billion to transform teaching

President Barack Obama's administration wants states to compete for a share in $5 billion in federal grants to overhaul their teacher training colleges and create new standards to evaluate teachers.
But that fund is subject to congressional approval, and Republicans have already served notice that they intend to fight new spending initiatives. All four Republican candidates seeking to challenge Obama in November's election have called for greatly reducing the federal role in education.
On the state level, it is unclear where legislators will find the resources to raise teachers' salaries or offer sizeable bonuses to the most effective teachers, as Duncan has urged. Many states have cut tens of millions in education funding in recent years as they grapple with enormous budget deficits.
Duncan's rebuke of teacher colleges is also likely to arouse opposition from the institutions themselves. His description of many schools as ineffective rankles teacher educators such as Michael Morehead, dean of New Mexico State University's College of Education.
In recent years, Morehead said teacher training colleges had dramatically boosted their standards

( Meh. Now think of the ReThug initiatives on textbooks in Texas. Maybe the problem isn't the teachers - but the curriculum.
  1. Texas Hearing Considers Deeper Conservative Stamp on Textbooks

    10 Mar 2010... history and include Republican political philosophies in textbooks. ... rest of the
    country, since Texas is one of the largest buyers of textbooks.

  1. Confessions of a Closet Republican: Saudi Textbooks Teach Teens ...

    24 Dec 2011 ... A while back, the Saudis made promises to clean up school text books, but they
    obviously lied since the books are just as hateful as they were ...

  1. Schools Matter: Republican History: The Great Texas Whiteout of 2010

    22 May 2010 ... Republican History: The Great Texas Whiteout of 2010. The Texas textbook Tea
    Party just wound down, and history will never be the same, ...

  1. Stephen Colbert, GOP takes race out of slavery in textbooks - Kick ...

    1 Feb 2012 ... Republicans have for decades been taking evolution out of textbooks. And you
    know that is not just a denial of evolution, but also of biology, ...

  2. The Texas Textbook Massacre | Republicans for Obama

    I have had to do alot of deep breathing exercises after hearing that the Texas
    School Board actually approved new textbook content which ...


Private corrections firm proposes new rip-off: Buy prisons in 48 states, keep them full for 20 years

Nashville-based Corrections Corporation of America has a plan to expand its growing empire of private prisons it owns or manages. It wants buy existing prisons. The pitch is that this will help states with their revenue problems by providing a one-time lump-sum payment in exchange for a 20-year management contract and assurance that the prison will stay at 90 percent capacity during that time. A sweetheart deal. 

‎'Police in New York City stopped and questioned a record-breaking 684,330 people last year. The figure represents an increase of over 600% since the controversial practice of stop, question and search - commonly known as stop-and-frisks - began in 2002.
The vast majority people who were stopped in 2011 - and in every year since the policy began - were African American or Latino.' Ryan Devereaux, Guardian UK

Sandra Bernhard: War on women is ‘a whole new level of ignorance that we’ve never seen in this country’ 

Earth losing 39 cubic miles of ice per year!

 New drug may treat virtually all viral infections

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