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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

12 February - feedly - Weekend Edition

English: Greek riot police - using tear gas, A...Image via Wikipedia
AthensAthens (Photo credit: dms2006)
AthensAthens (Photo credit: theworldscreams)

Weekend Edition 

Feed your mind


Nothing But The Truth About the U.S.-Orchestrated Arab Spring
I guess we can still be grateful that the internets haven't been shut down yet (with a huge "thank you" going out to Global Research), but I imagine the plans are being finalized as we breathe. Washington Reaps the Rewards of Its "Arab Spring" Destabilization Campaign U.S. Funded Tunisian President Prepares to Withdraw Recognition of Syrian Government By Tony Cartalucci Global Research,
Street Clashes As Greece Gears Up For Cuts
Street clashes have been breaking out in Athens as tens of thousands of people gather in anticipation of parliament's vote on a fresh raft of austerity measures.The country's prime minister, Lucas Papademos, has warned of "uncontrolled chaos" if if the spending cuts are not approved.Sky's Europe correspondent Robert Nisbet, in Athens, said thousands of police were in the area of the parliament bui
Greek police fire teargas at protesters in Athens
Greek police fired teargas at protesters hurling stones and petrol bombs outside parliament in Athens on Sunday, as lawmakers inside debated deeply unpopular austerity measures to secure an EU/IMF bailout.


Obama: ‘Middle Class Taxes Will Go Up, It’s That Simple’
Intel Hub At the end of February, taxes will be raised on 160 million working Americans (the middle class) now openly admitted by the POTUS (President of the United States) in a recent weekly address. Congress needs to stop this tax hike, we need to respond in mass. President Obama stated in a recent White House Weekly Address: “…. Middle Class taxes will go up, it’s that simple…. in wake of the w

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Dear pissed-off dad, I’m not hitting the LIKE button
Here's a dad who likes to get famous by humiliating his daughter I saw your video – the one where you emptied your .45 into your daughter’s laptop because you didn’t like her Facebook post.  Maybe you’re hoping I’m one of the thousands of people who shared it, usually with a comment like “I love this guy!” or “This is my new hero!” I didn’t, I don’t, and you’re not. Oh sure, as theater, it was
The sky is falling by executive order and Obama is our new dictator
I work at home full time now, so I don’t get out of the house much, and I’m trying to walk or ride my bike on some of my shorter errands. That all eats in to my driving time. When I am in the car, I’m more likely to listen to a CD than the radio, and when I do listen to the radio, I’m more of an NPR guy or a classic rock guy or, during baseball season, a WGN guy. I’m missing Ron Santo already.  Bu

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The EnvironmentaList
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New Report Indicates Lax Oversight of Drilling on Federal Lands
Little or No Fines for Over 2,000 Safety and Drilling Violations by Oil & Gas Outfits In Past Decade
30,000 Rock: A Peek into New York City’s Geological Underpinnings
In a City Where Everyone’s Rushing, Few Ponder the Relentless, Plodding Progression of the Ground Beneath Their Feet
Wolf Advocates’ Rage Against The Grey Might Be Misdirected
Hollywood Film Isn’t Part of the Assault Against Real Wolves

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CPAC Straw Poll Results 2012: Mitt Romney Wins Conservative Vote
Huff Post – Posted: 2/11/12  |  Updated: 2/11/12 Mitt Romney won this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) straw poll. Rick Santorum came in second, with Newt Gingrich in third place and Ron Paul in fourth. Here’s a breakdown of the results for the presidential contenders: Romney: 38% Santorum: 31% Gingrich: 15% Paul: 12% Romney addressed the crowd at CPAC on Friday. “My path
String of Positive Economic News Helps Boost Obama’s Job Approval
FDL- By: Jon Walker Thursday February 9, 2012 1:34 pm Recently we have seen a string of positive economic indicators that all point to the same general pattern. While the individual pieces are subjectively good compared to pre-crisis level, the data gives the clear impression that the economy is modestly trending in a positive direction. The GDP increased at an annual rate of 2.8 percent in the fo
Joseph Kennedy III Switches Congressional Districts Ahead Of Anticipated House Bid
02/ 9/12 07:46 AM ET  Associated Press  via: Huff Post BROOKLINE, Mass. — Joseph Kennedy III has moved to a different Boston suburb ahead of an expected congressional bid to replace retiring U.S. Rep. Barney Frank. Brookline’s town clerk says the 31-year-old Kennedy came to town hall Tuesday and registered to vote as a Democrat, listing a Brookline address. He’d been living in Cambridge, which is
CPAC 2012: No Ronald Reagan In The Room
First Posted: 02/ 9/2012 12:02 pm Updated: 02/ 9/2012  1:16 pm Huff Post By – Howard Fineman WASHINGTON — Conservatives begin their annual jamboree here Thursday certain of two things, although they don’t say them out loud. They need another Ronald Reagan. They don’t have another Ronald Reagan. Invoking the Gipper is almost a religious requirement on the Republican campaign trail this year, but n

The Corbett Report
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Blackballed: How the FBI Bends FOIA
by James Corbett BoilingFrogsPost.com February 7, 2012 The Freedom of Information Act is intended to be one of the American citizens’ key checks against the fraud and corruption that inevitably happens in the corridors of power when information can be hidden behind a secrecy classification. Originally enacted in 1966, it has been used to bring to light a number of startling documents over the year
Episode 217 – Against Technocracy
We are told that an elite class of experts (or perhaps some benevolent supercomputers) can transform our world of want and despair into a world of milk and honey. But this is not a new idea, and it has always been propounded by the very elites who have put the current system into place. Join us in this week’s edition of The Corbett Report as we go digging up the roots and examining the fruits of e
Corbett Report Radio 063 – Morality Pills and Food World Order
On tonight’s broadcast James goes over the latest from the wacky world of social engineering and takes your calls. Then, in the second half of the broadcast we cover the Food World Order with James Evan Pilato. Works Cited: Are We Ready for a ‘Morality Pill’? What’s Wrong With the Teenage Mind? Raising Awareness about the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit Records Show Critical Violations at Stupo
New World Next Week – 2012/02/02
Welcome back to http://NewWorldNextWeek.com – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week: Story #1: FAA delays new rules for operating small drones in US airspace http://ur1.ca/7z4pz Related Video: “Towards a Swarm of Nano Quadrotors” http://ur1.ca/7yumt Civilian Deaths Due to Drones Are Fe
Interview 458 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
Welcome back to http://NewWorldNextWeek.com – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week: Story #1: FAA delays new rules for operating small drones in US airspace http://ur1.ca/7z4pz Related Video: “Towards a Swarm of Nano Quadrotors” http://ur1.ca/7yumt Civilian Deaths Due to Drones Are F
Corbett Report Radio 062 – Around the World with Michael Vail
Tonight we break down all the latest news from around the globe with Michael Vail of StratRisks.com. From global geopolitics and the great game to inner space and our sci-fi reality, StratRisks is a thoughtfully curated archive of news and open-source intelligence. Works Cited: US Intelligence: India may be drawn into ‘limited war’ with China ‘Great power’ politics making a comeback in the Middle

The Angry Black Woman
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Why Do People Keep Calling Me A Racist? An Explanation For (Some) White People
I’m posting this here on ABW even though the conversation originated on Tumblr and most of the context is there because I think some might find it illuminating. I often come across white people who are convinced they are not racist and warriors for social justice but, by their actions and words, reveal themselves to be… not that. This type of person can usually be found railing against angry blog
Whitney Houston Has Died
Part of me really, really hopes this is some horrible rumor. The source is Whitney’s publicist though. If true, it makes me really heartsick. Whitney was an awesome singer and an inspiration. I played her second album almost non-stop (except for the hours I was playing Michael Jackson’s Bad), dancing around and singing, coming up with choreography. I loved her voice and her spirit. I’m sure we’ll

Syria Comment
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Ehsani: What About The Regime?
By Ehsani for Syria Comment You’ve shown your true colors, “Ehsani”. Of course, you conveniently consider and accept the irrational killing automata of the regime as a fact that we must accept in order to present a sound analysis, while not affording the protesters such convenience in their irrational and emotional response as having any influence on your analysis. That’s the scandalous premise th
“Syria’s Opposition Must Find a Different Way,” By Ehsani
Syria’s Opposition Must Find a Different Way By Ehsani for Syria Comment February 10, 2012 As the death toll mounts on the streets in Syria, it is important to remember how we got here. Damascus has decided to reassert control over its restive cities by using the full might of its military. This should not come as a surprise to observers and policy makers. Indeed, the surprise is that the governm
“Why Homs is the Center of the Revolt” by Joshua Landis
Syria Crisis: Why Homs is the Center of Revolt, February 8, 2012 ⋅  The Syrian city of Homs has been the center of the rebellion against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Marco Werman talks with Syria expert Joshua Landis about why Homs has played such a pivotal role in this conflict. Audio: Play | Download Thomas Friedman: “In most of the Arab states awakening today, the borders came first, drawn b
Rockets Fall on Homs as West and Turkey Weigh Support for Opposition
Charlie Rose – Crisis in Syria http://www.charlierose.com/view/interview/12139 The crisis in Syria with Fouad Ajami; Thomas L. Friedman; Joshua Landis; and Anne-Marie Slaughter West Reluctantly Weighs Military Aid For Syria Rebels By: Nicholas Blanford | The Christian Science Monitor After diplomatic efforts at the UN failed Saturday, there is a growing consensus that supporting the rebel Free S
Landis and Heydemann on PBS News Hour Discuss Diplomatic and Military Options
Watch Syrian Instability: How Would Rest of World Respond? on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour. Ray Suarez discusses other countries’ diplomatic and military options and the mounting pressure on Assad’s regime with the University of Oklahoma’s Joshua Landis and Steven Heydemann of the United States Institute of Peace. Many readers have asked me to post the location of the League of Arab States Obs

infowarsnews at Yahoo! Groups
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Leftist Media Resorts To 'Conspiracy Theories' To Sell Syria Invasio
Leftist Media Resorts To 'Conspiracy Theories' To Sell Syria Invasion Despite Arab League confirming opposition rebels are committing violence, Guardian blames
DHS To Launch Insurgent-Tracking Drones Inside America
DHS To Launch Insurgent-Tracking Drones Inside America Technology used to hunt enemy combatants in Afghanistan will be used for "non-emergency incidents"
Democrat: Evicting TSA From Airports Could Cause New 9/11
Democrat: Evicting TSA From Airports Could Cause New 9/11 Sheila Jackson Lee's glib, surly and completely inaccurate response to new law Paul Joseph Watson
FBI: Paying Cash For a Cup of Coffee a 'Potential Indicator of Terro
FBI: Paying Cash For a Cup of Coffee a 'Potential Indicator of Terrorist Activity' Advisory aimed at Internet Cafe owners characterizes mundane behavior as
Senate To Vote On Bill That Could Kick TSA Out Of Airports
Senate To Vote On Bill That Could Kick TSA Out Of Airports Federal agency would be forced to consider applications to remove TSA screeners Paul Joseph Watson
US Warns Iran Not To Fight Back Against Israeli Attack
US Warns Iran Not To Fight Back Against Israeli Attack US warship remains in Strait Of Hormuz amidst simmering tensions Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.com

American Leftist
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Doctor Hedges Misdiagnoses the Decline of Occupy
The police have raided many of the encampments across the country. Protests and actions called by Occupy are declining in number, with reduced participation. Workers and marginalized people, like the homeless, who were initially drawn to Occupy have, in many instances, departed. It is discouraging, and someone or some people must be responsible.Chris Hedges has the answer: Occupy has a cancer k
Anonymous and the Black Bloc
UPDATE: Please consider reading t's highly original and provocative objections to the methodology of Chris Hedges' condemnation of the Black Bloc over at PInk Scare.INITIAL POST: For now, I am posting this for your personal evaluation. I have some thoughts about the subject of Occupy and the Black Bloc, and I expect to post them soon.Hat tip to Louis Proyect at the The Unrepentant Marxist.
Chilean School Occupations
Recently, I was pleased to discover Raul Zibechi is now writing reports for the Americas Program. Zibechi, a South American academic, is well known for his studies of South American social movements, such as the ones associated with the indigenous peoples of Bolivia, as related in Dispersing Power: Social Movements as Anti-State Forces. Dispersing Power is, sad to say, one of those many books th
No, No, Please Don't!
David Ignatius of the Washington Post provides yet another in a seeming proliferation of stories to the effect that the US really doesn't want Israel to attack Iran: Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has a lot on his mind these days, from cutting the defense budget to managing the drawdown of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. But his biggest worry is the growing possibility that Israel will attack Iran ove
Franz Walsch Takes the Fall at firedoglake
At breakfast over the weekend, I told my wife that I had visited a website where someone had called me a Department of Homeland Security agent. I haven't heard that sort of spontaneous, surprised laughter in awhile. I didn't have to elaborate any further about the site, firedoglake, or the person who did it, Jane Hamsher. Interestingly, I have participated in the rough and tumble comment pages

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“Engage Iran” — What Does It Mean?
During the second half of this week there will be a flurry of meetings in Washington on the subject of negotiating with Iran about its nuclear program. These will include this one hosted at the Stimson Center and held by the Arms Control Association, and a discussion at the University of Maryland with former Iranian negotiator Seyed Hossein Mousavian, now a visiting scholar at Princeton. Just befo
Two DPRK Nuclear Tests in 2010?
By now, you have undoubtedly seen press reports claiming that North Korea may have conducted a pair of clandestine nuclear tests in April and May 2010.  The reports are based on a forthcoming paper by a well-known Swedish radiochemist, Lars-Erik De Geer. I don’t buy it. At least not yet. Look, I would be the first person to jump at the possibility that the CTBTO’s IMS detected a well-hidden nucle
Complaints about the Code
Major diplomatic accomplishments for space are as rare as triple crown winners in baseball. The last year both occurred was in 1967, when the Outer Space Treaty was finalized and Carl Yastrzemski powered the Red Sox into the World Series. (Yaz and outer space have something else in common: shift the number 8 on Yaz’s jersey along its axis and you get infinity.) The Obama administration has now exp
DIAC has a Scud!
Did you know there is a Scud missile in the lobby of the Defense Intelligence Analysis Center.  A colleague sent along this little video, noting that if you look closely, there it is at 0:13! (Apparently, they also use it as a rally point as in “meet by the Scud”.) I know that the United States acquires foreign military equipment, including Scuds, on a fairly regular basis.  Still, I’d love to kn

(title unknown)
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“Certain Signs of Societal Decline” ‏By Deneen Borelli
Op-ed submission by Project 21 There were reports of babies out in the cold for hours in Houston. In Indianapolis, two dozen police officers used pepper spray to control an unruly crowd that pried shopping center doors off their hinges. These were just a few of the scenes caught on video across America as people tried to get their hands on a pair of sneakers. These instances point to a moral break
Byts and Bytes
His Story: An Anointing Message To Fathers for 2012 Black America Always Invests in the WRONG People The Invisible Black Men How Brothers and Sisters in the Black Community Can Help the Invisible Black Men
About Africa
“The above outlines the root cause of things in Nigeria and I am sure there is not much difference in other countries.  So, at this juncture, are we, black people of the westen hemisphere, truly obligated to step in and do for Africa what it appears that many Africans won’t do for Africa?  Are we to assume the Africans are less informed than we?  They somehow do not know and understand that they a
Boko Haram: The New (Black) African Al-Qaeda?
I’ve been following the news events about Nigeria’s supposedly Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram. However, something doesn’t sit right with me in the way the whole situation is being reported. Of course, western media as usual simplifies all conflicts into 2 opposing sides… in this case Muslims vs. Christians… with these Muslim extremists confirming all we are told to believe and expect from I
“The US Plan to Destabilize Sudan” by Thomas C. Mountain
As South Sudan implodes in a growing mass insanity of ethnic violence and once again tens of thousands have to flee for their lives the warning signs all point towards the US plan to destabilize Sudan having begun to hit its stride. To start with, the US pays the salaries for the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA, the national army of South Sudan), over $100 million in 2011 alone. Does a country
The Spell of the Albino
From Aljazeera English: Africa Investigates  

Green & White
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Qurtaba takes their Urdu App to Kindle
Team at Qurtaba have added another front to their impressive Urdu language based apps, they have launched their Alif Bay Pay app for Amazon Kindle, as well. Earlier it was released on iTunes. I love what Qurtaba are doing in a niche area of Urdu Language. Although their start was from Nan-Map for which they now have an iPhone App.There love for Urdu language related apps has been flourishing in

News Center PK
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Real Opportunists of War against Terrorism
By Sajjad Shaukat While, almost all the countries in general and the US and Islamic countries in particular have continuously been facing the drastic aftermath of the September 11 tragedy, but India and Israel are the real opportunists of the US-led global war against terrorism. Since 9/11, by availing that golden opportunity, both India and Israel have perennially been manipulating the world phen
Secret Agencies Accelerate ISI Role
By Sajjad Shaukat Pakistan’s media anchors are so engaged in conducting controversial debate among rival political leaders that very important news could not get coverage on our TV channels. In this regard, internal security chief of Norway, Janne Kristiansen resigned on January 18 this year after revelation of confidential information that there “are intelligence agents, working in Pakistan.” It

The Truth is Where?
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Madonna fans in Israel ask government to delay any war with Iran until after May concert.
By David Hinckley / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS  Friday, February 10th, 2012.  Find Article Here:- Facebook page is rallying point; some advocacy groups are calling on artists to boycott Israel. Madonna performs during the Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show; her Israeli fans want their government to hold off on war at least until after she plays a spring concert.  Kevin Mazur/WireImage Israeli Madonna fans
Bill Gates backs climate scientists lobbying for large-scale geoengineering.
John Vidal, environment editior The Guardian, Monday 6th February 2012.  Find Full Article Here:- Other wealthy individuals have also funded a series of reports into the future use of technologies to geoengineer the climate. The billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates is backing a group of climate scientists lobbying for geoengineering experiments. Photograph: Ted S. Warren/AP A small group
China And Japan Currency Swap – The Nail In US Dollar’s Coffin?
Written by: Pambazuka News  January 27th, 2012  By Horace Campbell  Find Full Article Here:- On 25 December 2011, the government of Peoples Republic of China and Japan unveiled plans to promote direct exchange of their currencies. This agreement will allow firms to convert the Chinese and Japanese currencies directly into each other, thus negating the need to buy dollars. This deal between China a
We’ve been here before – and it suits Israel that we never forget ‘Nuclear Iran’.
By Robert Fisk Wednesday 25th January 2012.  Find Article Here:- The Ayatollah ordered the entire nuclear project to be closed down because it was the work of the devil. Turning round a story is one of the most difficult tasks in journalism – and rarely more so than in the case of Iran. Iran, the dark revolutionary Islamist menace. Shia Iran, protector and manipulator of World Terror, of Syria a
UK D-Notices to Go Worldwide.
Kurt Nimmo   Infowars.com  January 27th, 2012.   Find Full Article Here:- Google and the British government are working together to sweep websites into Orwell’s memory hole. It is a joint effort that will soon go worldwide as the global elite continue to build and refine their censorship apparatus. Google told The Telegraph today that national security is “the single biggest category” among the r

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More of Rupert Murdoch's Lackeys Arrested in Britain
Senior editors and reporters at The Sun were arrested today, "over allegations of inappropriate payments to police and public officials," as The Guardian delicately puts it. Murdoch is on his way to London.Investigations into wrongdoing by Murdoch's news empire have been resulting in arrests since last summer.That empire includes Fox News. No arrests there yet.
Mainstreaming teh Crazy
In an attempt to give both sides equal time, Brian Resnick today looks into the question of fluoride in water supplies. As he admits, it's the Tea Partiers who are bringing up this pollution of our precious bodily fluids, which might supply a clue to his question But why is politicized opposition to fluoride happening now?Or one may consult General Jack D. Ripper in the video clip above from "Dr.
Bits and Pieces - February 8, 2012
42,000 year old drawings of seals, from Spain. The oldest human drawings found so far. via The Agonist.Where are the leaks on the Obama 2013 budget?In case you still harbor any respect for Congress, check out this and this.The state of California has cut off all its funding for libraries.No, radical muslims have not been a problem in the US for quite some time now.If Israel weren't freaking out ov
Bits and Pieces - February 7, 2012
My partner reappears and plunges the blog into darkness. I think he is waiting for the muse to inspire something even more beautiful than what we've had in the past. Why It's Kicking Off Everywhere: the contagion of revolution. A lot to think about.Why the free market is the wrong way to fund medical research.Nuke your house using NukeMap.
On the Beaches
A new round of EPA grants totaling almost $10 million will help states monitor and assess the state of their beaches — something that’s sorely needed, according to the Surfrider Foundation’s State of the Beach report findings, which explains the challenges of tracking the condition of beaches around the country.The EPA is also launching the new BEACON website to provide timely information on beach

WWF - Latest News
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Rare mountain gorilla found dead in poacher’s snare
An anti-poaching patrol in Rwanda has discovered the carcass of a young mountain gorilla caught in a poacher’s snare, according to International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP). The animal was one of only about 780 critically endangered mountain gorillas left in existence. The male gorilla, estimated to be approximately three years old, was determined to have been dead for a few days bef
Heart of Borneo beating strong on fifth anniversary
Jakarta, Indonesia - A new report released by WWF to commemorate the Heart of Borneo (HoB) Declaration’s 5th anniversary shines a positive light on the environmental status of this iconic 220,000 km2 landscape. The Heart of Borneo Declaration, signed five years ago on February 12, 2007, committed the governments of Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia and Malaysia to the conserve and sustainably develop
Roses & Rhinos
In Naivasha, Kenya, one flower company’s commitment to “conservation through trade” demonstrates how to marry business and environmental interests. Dashing through the supermarket on the way to a dinner party, you grab a bottle of wine and a bunch of roses for the hostess. In that moment, the image of white rhinos grazing in central Kenya probably does not cross your mind. What’s the connection?
Our Far South voyage to highlight pristine ocean under threat
Wellington, New Zealand - Our Far South, a voyage to Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic Islands, will set sail tomorrow (Fri 10 Feb) to highlight the global importance of this last great unspoiled wilderness and the urgent need to protect it from growing human-made threats. WWF-New Zealand’s marine advocate Bob Zuur will be joining scientists and other Antarctic experts for the month-long voyage or
WWF finds US grocery retailers stocking toilet paper linked to rainforest destruction
WASHINGTON, DC:   American companies and consumers are inadvertently contributing to Indonesian rain forest and tiger habitat destruction by buying toilet paper and other tissue products made with fiber from Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), according to a World Wildlife Fund report released today. Don’t Flush Tiger Forests: Toilet Paper, U.S. Supermarkets, and the Destruction of Indonesia’s Last Tige
Rare Irrawaddy dolphins found in Indonesian waters
Jakarta, Indonesia - Vulnerable Irrawaddy dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris) have been discovered for the first time in West Kalimantan, a part of Indonesian Borneo that best known for its dense tropical forests and rich wildlife.  WWF-Indonesia and the Regional Office for Marine, Coastal & Resources Management Pontianak  (BPSPL) found the rare dolphins while conduicting a study in the narrow

Texas Liberal
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Just Imagine If The Catholic Church Advocated For The Poor And For Peace To The Extent They Advocate To Deny Women Birth Control
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is still not satisfied with President Obama’s stance on the provision of contraceptives by entities affiliated with the Catholic Church. Just imagine if the Catholic Church had taken such a forceful stand against the unjust war in Iraq, or growing American poverty, or the failure of its own officials to protect young people who trusted the Church. R
Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up—The Pecan Tree Is The State Tree Of Texas
Here is  the weekly posting of the  Texas Progressive Alliance round-up. The TPA is a confederation of the best political bloggers in Texas. TPA members are citizen-bloggers working for a better Texas. (Above–The Pecan Tree is the State Tree of Texas. What you see here is a copyright free picture of Pecan Tree in Abilene. Here are facts about these trees. Here are some things to do should life ta
Why Not Show Some Valentine’s Day Love And Respect For Your Fellow Working Person?
Valentine’s Day 2012 is Tuesday, February 14. If you have a Valentine or not is your concern alone. The gender of that person is your concern alone. I’m not like these conservatives out there prying into your bedroom and your personal life in the name of limited government and personal liberty. My Valentine’s message here is that we show some love for each other as working people. Above is a pict
Staying The Course—Visit Corpus Christi
Like the ship you see above, I’m staying the course. There is a lot to do today and so just time for this brief post. Either you run the blog or the blog runs you. The picture above was taken a few years back in the great Texas city of Corpus Christi. Corpus Christi is worth a visit. The Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History was very good. Thanks for reading Texas Liberal.
Republican Houston Councilwoman Helana Brown Denies Full Time Work & City Health Benefits To Her Staff—Is This How We Want To Live?
Republican Houston District A Councilwoman Helena Brown could offer her City Hall staff full time work and health benefits, yet she chooses not to do so. From the Houston Chronicle— Houston District A Councilwoman Helena Brown, whose lone “no” votes against city spending have differentiated her from the rest of the 17-member council, also is an outlier as an employer: She is the only council membe
Good Jobs=Great Houston Organizing Training Session On 2/11 & 2/12
There will be organizing training sessions held by Good Jobs=Great Houston this weekend. These meetings will be at 2955 Gulf Freeway in Houston. Here is the website of Good Jobs=Great Houston. Here are details of the two sessions— A weekend of learning, sharing and training. Presented by veteran organizers Lisa Fithian and Juniper, and hosted by Good Jobs=Great Houston. RSVP now for your free spac

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The new fat cats (or nice work if you can get it).
Nice as it is to see the Daily Mail getting stuck into A4E and Emma Harrison, their splash is overly kind to both her and the company she set up. Rather than it being just the bulk of the £8.6m she awarded herself coming from the state coffers (her salary being topped up by the dividend paid out, 87% of which went to herself), the entirety of it did, as A4E's CEO Andrew Dutton confirmed to the pu
Syria: get used to our impotence.
There is only one way to describe you can describe the attack on the city of Homs by the Syrian army: it is nothing less than an attempt to crush the uprising against Bashar al-Assad through wholesale murder. Especially hard to take is that if Benghazi had been subject to a similar siege, rather than just a threatened one, it would have been incredibly difficult to oppose intervention in Libya on
The same mistakes.
It's odd the way the slowly turning wheels of justice can have an effect out of all proportion to the the punishment that can be passed when they stop grinding. Had John Terry's trial for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand (maximum penalty: a £2,500 fine) been scheduled to take place in March as it was thought it would instead of being postponed to July, then Fabio Capello would tonight still be in
Abu Qatada: same shit, different month.
One of the problems of doing much the same thing creatively over a long period is that you can fall into the trap of repeating yourself to the point where it not only turns off those who previously paid something approaching attention, it also leaves you thoroughly dispirited with how you can't seem to get out of the same old routine. While this is obviously not a problem for Liam Gallagher, and
The revenge of UNSC 1973.
I was going to write a (short) post on the Russian-Chinese veto of the security council resolution on Syria at the UN, but thankfully Craig Murray has said everything I wanted to in his usual fine style.

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Forest Ganja Grow Yields 10 Year Federal Sentence
Jose Esqueda-Garcia, 19, and Moises Lopez-Ontiveros, 21, both citizens of Mexico, were each sentenced today by U.S. District Judge Barbara B. Crabb to 10 years in federal prison for their involvement in a conspiracy to manufacture marijuana in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest during 2011. Both men pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charge in November 2011. The evidence summarized by the gover
Agen Bola Indonesia – M9D.com
M9D.com is the site agent who serves sportsbook and online casino account set-profiles on the leading online gambling sites. M9D.com has served thousands of members since 2001. With more than 12 years of experience, no more doubtful to our reputation and trust. Currently M9D.com been officially linked to facilitate the registration and payment to the account on the site Sbobet, Ibcbet, 1scasino, a
Tips on Getting the Right Type of Men’s Running Shoes
A shoe isn’t just a shoe anymore. Shoes are crucial to the human body, as they help to offer assist where wanted and so they present a stage of consolation for the one that is carrying them. Shoe manufacturers have flooded the market with various various kinds of sneakers, and males’s trainers are no different. Whenever you walk right into a shoe retailer in the present day, you basically see one
Learning Set Phrases and Separable Words
In Chinese language, the set phrases and separable words are important points for those who study in China to learn. Therefore, teachers should pay more attention to the two points. For the set phrases, teachers should make efforts to figure out some effective methods to gain their understanding and help them master the set phrases.   The set phrases contest is a good way for students to remembe
Pallet Racks Used Used In Pallet Racking Los Angeles
When managing a stockroom, possessing ample storage area is important. You need quick access to everyone the material, without having to change by way of a number of other articles. The more quickly and much easier it is to find and select the mandatory substance the better, and that’s why possessing ideal pallet loading is necessary. Pallet loading same kind of stockroom loading you see in a hard
City Pays Drug Kingpin For Seized Marijuana
There was a bit of justice for a New Mexico medical marijuana patient after the local Drug Warriors destroyed her crop. Toni Armijo of Albuquerque will be receiving a check for $3,100 in compensation for the loss of her meds back in August of 2010. It all started when cops came to her home after a neighbor called to say that Ms. Armijo had not been seen for several days and the busybody claimed sh
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