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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, February 27, 2012

27 February - My Feedly

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The EnvironmentaList
The Corbett Report
World Awash In Environmental Armageddon
JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax
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Truth Frequency News
Dr. John v. Kampen -
They gave us a republic... - Front Page
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A7 motorway Bus Fire, Bispingen, Germany: Miracle escape for dozens of school children
Dozens of children fled in terror when a school bus burst into flames in Bispingen, Germany - after its toilet caught fire.Eight teenagers were treated in hospital for burns and smoke inhalation after the coach caught fire as it sped down a motorway in the early hours of Saturday.Eyewitnesses say the quick-thinking driver pulled over onto the hard shoulder where the youngsters scrambled to safety

Conclusive Evidence That BP Misrepresented Gulf Oil Spill Sent To Congress
PRESS RELEASE: Conclusive Evidence That BP Misrepresented Gulf Oil Spill Sent to Congress Gulf Rescue Alliance (GRA) has just sent a briefing package to the Attorney Generals of Alabama and Louisiana which presents evidence they believe has never seen the light of day concerning the how and why of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster and subsequent release of toxic oil into the Gulf—oil that is still gu



Top Obama Officials Assigned to Take On Meat Monopolies Quit in Frustration
Congress' Continued Backing of Big Ag Stymies Govt Efforts to Support Small Farmers and Ranchers
Public Outcry Compels Amazon.com to Pull Whale Products from Site
Retail Giant’s Japanese Subsidiary Was Selling 147 Food Products Made from Cetaceans, Including Endangered Whales


Food World Order: Episode010 – Arctic Flowers, Brand Battles
audio/notes: http://ur1.ca/8dkyd On Thursday nights, Media Monarchy joins Corbett Report Radio live on Republic Broadcasting to go over all the latest stories from the world of food, environment and health. This week’s menu features Arctic flowers, brand battles, inhalant amusements and more… Thanks as always to WikiWorldOrder for hosting this video on their YouTube account.
Episode 219 – Three Debates That Will Blow Your Mind
Debates help us to better understand what it is we believe and why we believe it. Occasionally, they even change our minds. Join us today on The Corbett Report podcast as we explore three debates that will make you think. For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE to download a smaller, lower file size version of this episode. For those interested in audio quality, CLICK HERE for the highest-qua
Corbett Report Radio 077 – Philosophical Explorations
The unexamined life is not worth living, so tonight on the broadcast we dip into the corbettreport.com archives for some philosophical conversations on a wide range of subjects, from the conspiracy of the spectacle to the philosophy of education to the problem of uncertainty in science. Works Cited: Clare Swinney interviews James Corbett Douglas Lain on abundant cities, situationism, and the consp
Corbett Report Radio 076 – 1000 Words and Food World Order
James takes your calls and goes over some news headlines in the first half of the show. Then James Evan Pilato of FoodWorldOrder.com joins us to discuss all the latest news from the world of food, environment, and health. Works Cited: The People Don’t Know Their True Power (picture) David Headley, Tahawwur Rana extradition may be difficult under 1997 treaty Bill Gates: We Need Genetically Modified
Interview 468 – Eric Shine on the Rules of the Game
Eric Shine of MartialLaw911.com joins us to talk about his ongoing court case, currently in the 9th circuit court of appeals. We discuss the background and developments in the Coast Guard-initiated proceedings against him and the attempt to label him medically mentally incompetent, and we talk about how the rules of his case have been rewritten even as the proceedings were already underway.
Interview 467 – Nick Wright on Suing the Toronto G20 Police
Nick Wright, President of Geopoliticalmonitor.com, joins us to discuss his lawsuit against the Toronto police for their unlawful arrest of him during the 2010 G20 summit. We discuss the background and context of what happened at the Toronto G20 and how people can stand up for their rights in an age of increasing police state measures.

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Santorum: Separation Of Church And State ‘Makes Me Want To Throw Up’
The Huffington Post Alana Horowitz First Posted: 02/26/2012 11:12 am Updated: 02/26/2012 12:40 pm Rick Santorum on Sunday took on of separation of church and state. “I don’t believe in an America where the separation of church and state are absolute,” he told ‘This Week’ host George Stephanopoulos. “The idea that the church can have no influence or no involvement in the operation of the state is
Jan Brewer Endorses Mitt Romney, Then Disrespects President Obama
February 26, 2012 Addicting Info  By- Wendy Gittleson In an interview today, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer endorsed Mitt Romney for President. And for the second time in a month, she publicly disrespected the President. On NBC’s Meet the Press, Brewer said of Romney, ”He handles himself very very well,” she said. “But more than that he has that pro-business background.” For Brewer, an endorsement o
How the GOP Primary Became A Contest Among America’s Rich Drunk Uncles
Gawker-  By Mobutu Sese Seko Feb 23, 2012  2:05 PM The after effects of the Citizens United ruling shouldn’t shock anyone. Corporations were granted the ability to spend ungodly sums on campaigns, and guess what they’re doing? They’re spending ungodly sums on campaigns. There is one byproduct of this mess, though, that is unintentionally fun to observe: Americans get to watch billionaires hijack
The Gang That Couldn’t Bomb Straight
Robert Scheer | TruthDig | February 23, 2012 Here we go again. With the economy showing faint signs of life and their positions on the social issues alienating most moderates, the leading Republican candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul, have returned to the elixir of warmongering to once again sway the gullible masses. The race to the bottom has been set by Newt Gingrich, the most desperate
Karen Handel, Susan G. Komen Executive, Quits Over Planned Parenthood Dispute
Huff Post- Posted: 2/7/12  |  Updated: 2/7/12 By- Laura Bassett Karen Handel, vice president for public affairs at Susan G. Komen for the Cure, resigned on Tuesday following public outcry over the announcement Komen would pull funding from Planned Parenthood. After Komen reversed its decision, The Huffington Post reported that Handel drove the decision to defund Planned Parenthood over abortion p

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All human life is there (or, no further comment necessary).
The paper features new columnists, including model Katie Price and chef Heston Blumenthal, Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, "fashion expert" Nancy Dell'Olio and political writer Toby Young.
The Sun may yet set.
On Saturday and Sunday, both the Guardian and Independent suggested that rather than it being an atypical moment of Murdochian chutzpah and genius, the bringing forward of the launch of the piss-poor Sun on Sunday (or The Sun Sunday as the paper's front page has it) was to ensure it hit the streets before the worst of the allegations against the paper had come to light. And so it has proved. You
Somalia: a dangerous moment.
It's Thursday, it's London, so it must be the Somalian conference. Having previously not been the slightest bit interested in this most benighted of hell holes, instead leaving it to the Americans to occasionally blunder in, it was curious to learn yesterday that we too are now looking at the possibility of sending guided missiles into yet another poor Muslim state. The leader of the transitiona

Centauri Dreams
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Project Icarus: Contemplating Starship Design
Andreas Tziolas, current leader of Project Icarus, gave a lengthy interview recently to The Atlantic’s Ross Andersen, who writes about starship design in Project Icarus: Laying the Plans for Interstellar Travel. Icarus encounters continuing controversy over its name, despite the fact that the Icarus team has gone to some lengths to explain the choice. Tziolas notes the nod to Project Daedalus lead
FTL Neutrinos: Closing In on a Solution
The news that the faster-than-light neutrino results announced to such widespread interest by the OPERA collaboration have now been explained has been spreading irresistibly around the Internet. But the brief piece in ScienceInsider that broke the news was stretching a point with a lead reading “Error Undoes Faster-Then-Light Neutrino Results.” For when you read the story, you see that a fiber opt
M-Dwarfs: A New and Wider Habitable Zone
I want to work a new paper on red dwarf habitability in here because it fits in so well with yesterday’s discussion of the super-Earth GJ1214b. The latter orbits an M-dwarf in Ophiuchus that yields a hefty 1.4 percent transit depth, meaning scientists have a strong lightcurve to work with as they examine this potential ‘waterworld.’ In transit terms, red dwarfs, much smaller and cooler than the Su

Oligarchy in the U.S.A.
In 2005, Citigroup offered its high net-worth clients in the United States a concise statement of the threats they and their money faced. The report told them they were the leaders of a "plutonomy," an economy driven by the spending of its ultra-rich citizens. "At the heart of plutonomy is income inequality," which is made possible by "capitalist-friendly governments and tax regimes." The danger
Forgetting the Past, One Military Movie at a Time
When philosopher George Santayana said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it," he meant it as an admonition--not as an endorsement of mass amnesia or historical revision. This should be obvious. Yet those operating at the shadowy intersection of the Pentagon and Hollywood either don't understand--or, more likely, refuse to understand--the thrust of the aphorism. Instead,


How To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers Without A Math Background
The Black Book written by Larry Blair, a mathematics professor, can teach anyone how to pick winning lottery numbers, even those who know nothing about math probabilities or random number theory. You will not need to memorize technical math principles, nor even understand them. Professor Blair has already taken care of that part, exposing those lottery secrets that can make all the difference betw
reparatii masini de spalat
Executam reparatii masini de spalat la domiciliu clientului. Zona de acoperire pentru reparatii masini de spalat Bucuresti si Ilfov. Deplasarea si constatarea GRATUITE. Daca aveti o masina de spalat rufe defecta, o masina de spalat vase cu probleme sau doriti sa reparati un uscator de rufe, apelati la serviciile firmei noastre si in cel mai scurt timp un specialist se va deplasa la domiciliul dvs.

Texas Liberal


The Ladder Of Success In America Is Often Placed Out Of Reach
In America, the ladder to success is often out of reach. With so many policies in our nation favoring the most wealthy, one might even say that it is willfully placed out of reach. Here is an article on some of the difficulties of advancing up the social and class ladder in American from the radicals at The Economist. And on the same subject from The Huffington Post.  This blog is a big believer
Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up—I’d Rather Take My Chances With Occupy Houston Then Suck Up To Some Elected Official Wasting My Efforts
At the end of this post you will find the weekly posting of the  Texas Progressive Alliance round-up. The TPA is a confederation of the best political bloggers in Texas. TPA members are citizen-bloggers working for a better Texas. Above you see two pictures from the Occupy Houston strategy and planning meeting held last week. Thanks to Burnell McCray for taking the pictures at the meeting. I can
Respecting Women & Pro-Life Policies For Texas Republicans Involves Forced Sonograms And Denying Cancer Screenings
In Virginia a forced sonogram bill in which the state would be permitted to violate women against their will has been stopped. However, here in Texas–despite all the tough talk about intrusive government– such a law is already on the books. From the Texas Tribune— “The original Virginia bill that garnered so much national outrage required doctors to perform a sonogram in advance of the abortion, u
Occupy Houston Protest On Tuesday 2/28 For The 99% And For Free Expression
There will be an Occupy Houston Protest this upcoming Tuesday, 2/28. The focus of the protest is the ongoing national official repression of the Occupy Wall Street movement. This protest will address specifically events in Houston as detailed below. Here is the Occupy Houston website.  There is also an Occupy Houston Facebook page. Here is Occupy Wall Street. Here are details of this event— Stop

19 Paper Giants disclose their ecological footprint
Gland, Switzerland - WWF is launching the second WWF Environmental Paper Company Index, a rating of paper producers on their global ecological footprint. In this round of the Index, 19 globally significant producers of fine paper, tissue and packaging have allowed WWF to scrutinize their global paper production on key environmental criteria, such as fibre coming from well-managed forests, clean
Denmark tops first-of-its-kind Global Cleantech Innovation Index
Denmark, followed by Israel, Sweden, Finland and the US provide the best conditions today for clean technology start-up creation, with companies in the Asia Pacific region following closely behind when it comes to commercial success, the first Global Cleantech Innovation Index shows. In Coming Clean: The Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2012, Cleantech Group and WWF looks at where entreprene
WWF welcomes China’s green credit guidelines
Beijing, China – The green credit guidelines issued today by the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) provide a leading regulatory framework in green lending, says WWF, the global conservation organization. "This is a transformative development for China. The guidelines, which apply to both national and overseas credit by Chinese financial institutions, acknowledge the essential role of th
WWF calls for total ban on set nets in rare dolphins’ range
Wellington, New Zealand - WWF-New Zealand today reiterated calls on the Government to ban set net fishing throughout Hector’s and Maui’s dolphins’ habitat, to prevent more dolphins dying needlessly in nets. The call came as two Hector's dolphins were reported killed by the illegal use of set nets within a sanctuary for the endangered species[1]. WWF-New Zealand’s Marine Programme Manager Rebecca

News Center PK

Reality Behind Mehran Bank Scandal
By Lt Col Zaheerul Hassan (R) Everyone knows that Pakistan is facing multiple crises of grave nature, which have continuously been threatening the security of the country. But some internal elements such as our media, so-called NGOs and politicians leave no stone unturned in maligning Pak Army, especially ISI at this critical hour. It seems that while playing in the hands of foreign enemies, these
Why Internal Elements Target ISI?
By Sajjad Shaukat At this critical juncture, while Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is countering the sinister designs of secret agencies like American CIA, Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad which have continuously been supporting suicide attacks, target-killings, abductions, bomb blasts etc. in Pakistan, it is most regrettable that without knowing the ground realities and services of this agency, ju
Dangerous Consequences of Attacking Iran
By Sajjad Shaukat Very tension arose between Iran and the US-led EU which imposed tough sanctions against Tehran in January this year, which included a freeze of the country’s central bank assets and an oil embargo set to begin in July. These sanctions are part of Western efforts to curtail Iran’s nuclear programme, which the West says is aimed at developing atomic weapons. While Iranian leadershi
Indian Attempt to Entrap Saudi Arabia
By Sajjad Shaukat Pakistan’s media is so engaged in indicating various issues,  threatening the security of the country that very important news about the Indian Defence Minister AK Antony’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia went unnoticed. It is of particular attention that it was the first visit of any Indian defence minister to Saudi Arabia. However, on February 13, Indian Defence Minister AK Antony

What's Happening in Saudi Arabia?
From The Global Mail: It's all happening in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province, home to most of the Kingdom's Shia minority, and 90 per cent of its oil. Seven people have been shot dead by Saudi security forces since October 2011, two in the past month alone. The Saudi Interior Ministry says these deaths resulted from gun battles between protesters and police. But in all amateur videos that show prot
Reflections of an Aging Leftist
Last night, I took my son to a movie, The Secret World of Arrietty. To see it, we had to go to a multiplex at the Arden Fair Mall. Now, I rarely go to a mall at anytime of year other than just before Christmas, so it is always a small culture shock for me. I was surprised to be among so many people at night, even though, by mall standards, it was semi-deserted, because I am invariably home with


The Quest for Somali Oil
Just back from Accra and just about to set off for Berlin. I am very rude about the partiality of the Guardian’s focus on occasions, but they deserve congratulations for getting it spot-on with this article explaining Cameron and Hague’s sudden activism on Somalia.
Question of the Day
Why is self-determination an inalienable right for the people of the Falklands, but a gross example of Iranian meddling for the people of Bahrain? Answers on a postcard please with a twenty pound note and framed photo of William Hague to Wars’R'Us, Oil and Armaments Ltd, House of Lords.
Truth Sneaks Out
“Afghan civilians frequently prefer Taliban governance over GIRoA [the Afghan government], usually as a result of government corruption, ethnic bias and lack of connection with local religious and tribal leaders”. That is a direct quote from a NATO report. This blog has been telling you for six years that the Afghan government rigged its elections, is enormously corrupt, full of warlords and dee
Honours Among Thieves
Personally I don’t care if he is called His Holy Magnificence Viceroy Goodwin of the Water of Leith. The Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Battenberg familiy three times offered to honour me (LVO, OBE and CVO) and three times I politely refused. I did not think my worth as an individual would be enhanced by being covered in bling by Greco-German midgets. Come to think of it, German Liz has been subsidising Gr

Obsidian Wings

Dante in Japan
by Doctor Science I'm finishing up a work project, so I don't have time to write about anything where I might have to monitor the comments closely. So you get culture. On Tuesday we trained in to NYC and I went to the Met. I didn't get all the way through the exhibit on Storytelling in Japanese Art -- I hope I can get back before it closes in May. These pictures are from the first set of items
Your Eucharist friday open thread
by liberal japonicus Sort of. Santorum's Catholicism (and his lack of catholicism) came up when we were talking about Romney and Mormon support of immigration, so I'm pleased to share this pic that I took yesterday in Fukuoka's Hakata center. This is wine that is supposed to be suited for particular bloodtypes. It's common in Japan to believe that blood types (sans Rh factors, whi


Pakistan and the FMCT
Pakistan is blocking the start of negotiations of a global halt to the production of highly-enriched Uranium and Plutonium for nuclear weapons. The Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty can’t begin, Pakistani diplomats say, because existing stockpiles won’t be covered. But Pakistan would be loath to reveal its existing stocks, and no one in any position of authority would permit foreign inspectors to ver
Goldschmidt on Iran
Pierre Goldschmidt imagines a fictional conversation with a senior Iranian official that presents in lively way the arguments in his excellent talk, The Iranian Nuclear Issue: Achieving a Win-Win Diplomatic Solution. Click on the jump for the full text. February 22, 2012 Negotiating with Iran A hypothetical dialogue with a peace-loving nationalist Iranian decision maker Pierre Goldschmidt During

Did You Know

Bush, Fed, Europe Banks in $15 Trillion Fraud, All Documented
LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH, EXPOSING “TRILLION DOLLAR TERROR” Feb 21 2012 By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor ———————- Below is one of the strangest stories in financial history, one involving the US government lying about hundreds of thousands of tons of imaginary gold, illegal wire transfers and loans totaling $15 trillion.  The video, from the House of Lords, is amazing in itself.  What it doesn’t exp


Wanted: Climate-Smart Agriculture
As the links between food security and climate change become increasingly inextricable, the necessity for sustainable agriculture is now a universal concern.

Worth Saying Again
The judgement of the US intelligence community and others in the government is that Iran does not have a current nuclear weapons program.Also, they don't have missiles that can reach the US and aren't likely to for several years at the earliest. Israel pulled this one out of their, um, hat this week to try to drum up support for - what? Even more sanctions? War? Dan Murphy points out that this kin

I’m standing for election to the City of Edinburgh Council
I mentioned this in my previous post, but I might as well make a formal announcement here: I’m standing for election to Edinburgh Council — obviously as a Pirate Party candidate — in the Meadows/Morningside ward. The election is on Thursday 3rd of May 2012. Want to know if you live in the ward? There’s a map here, or a bigger PDF map from the council.
Edinburgh’s cultural life is under threat
The cultural life of Edinburgh is under serious threat due to changes to Public Entertainment Licenses. These proposed changes will impose new fees and place an unworkable administrative burden on free admission arts centres and grassroots cultural initiatives across the country. This will affect visual art, music, performance, community and charity-led events and many other forms of public event.
Amused Cynicism / by Phil Hunt / 3 days ago


  1. Underground News Network
  2. Disinformation
    9/11 Terrorist Featured in Facebook Ad 9/11 Terrorist Featured in Facebook Ad | Disinformation like
  3. Underground News Network
  4. NaturalNews.com
    RSB talks with New York attorney Patricia Finn, who has challenged the Constitutionality of mandatory vaccination in West Virginia, representing parental rights against a totalitarian state. But she's paying dearly for her liberty-defending work. She is under threat of having her law license removed, after she sued the State of West Virginia over vaccine mandates. Full archived interview will be available under NaturalNewsRadio.com. Support Patti by visiting her FB page. Patricia Finn Attorney like
  5. Reader Supported News
  6. NaturalNews.com
    Premiering today at NaturalNewsRadio.com - Linderman Unleashed - Linderman Unleashed will bring you informative and insightful commentary on politics, autism, vaccines, GMOs, agriculture, natural living, organics, homeopathy, pharma and much more in a blue collar, no nonsense way that will be appreciated by most and hated by some. NaturalNews Radio - The Best in Health Talk Radio like
  7. Occupy Monsanto
    He calls animal rights activists taking pictures "terrorism". Bastard. Bill Targets Animal Rights Activists Exposing Animal Cruelty at CAFOs | Occupy Monsanto like
  8. Truthout
    As the housing crisis lingers on with little sign of relief from the Feds, innovative state and local solutions are gaining adherents. New State Bank Bills Address Credit and Housing Crises like
  9. Center for Media and Democracy
    "A Local television station in Omaha, KMTV, investigated the ALEC connection to the proposed voter ID laws in Nebraska... We need more hard-hitting journalism like this from our local media outlets." Local TV Station Exposes Secret Group Known As “ALEC” | Blog for Iowa like
  10. Al Jazeera English
    On The Stream: The New York Police Department continues to defend itself as more information is unearthed regarding its infiltration of various Muslim organisations and students across the northeastern part of the US. Many Muslims are now left wondering if they are still under surveillance. Can and should monitoring programmes like the NYPD's be stopped? Join our conversation live at 1930 GMT. Al Jazeera - The Stream like
  11. Center for Media and Democracy
    "Gov. Scott Walker will not challenge any of the recall signatures filed against him on Monday because his campaign did not have enough time to review them, campaign spokeswoman Ciara Matthews said." Walker won't challenge any recall signatures like
  12. Sahara Reporters
    D'banj, Prof. Wole Soyinka, Barrister Femi Falana, Miss Universe Leila Lopes, Ambassador John Campbell, Pastor Tunde Bakare, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, Dr. Tam David-West....what do they have in common? They have all appeared on #SaharaTV! Who's next? Find out by checking out our brand new website: WWW.SAHARATVONLINE.COM Sahara TV like
  13. Project Syndicate
    "Although the current European political process will not create strong fiscal discipline, financial markets are likely to force eurozone governments to reduce their sovereign debts and limit their fiscal deficits." "Europe’s Empty Fiscal Compact" by Martin Feldstein like
  14. Levees.Org
    The American Whistleblower Tour stops tomorrow at Tulane University. The event is free and open to public. Free easy parking. Yours truly is speaker. http://levees.org/?p=6626 Levees.org to speak in Whistleblower Tour | Levees.Org like
  15. Sahara Reporters
    Show #SaharaTV some love by checking out our brand new website! WWW.SAHARATVONLINE.COM Sahara TV like


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