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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

21 February - My Feedly Page 1

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Nate Silver makes it 51-49 to Mitt in Michigan
538 blog New York Times And Gingrich could be struggling in his home state Above is the latest projection from Nate Silvers 538 blog at the New York Times and shows his latest projection for the crucial Michigan primary that takes place a week today. As can be seen he’s giving it to Romney by the smallest of margins. A new Mitchell Research poll taken yesterday has Romney 2 points ahead. Just ove
After finally reading his own bill, it appears Vic Toews has decided to side with the child pornographers:Public Safety Minister Vic Toews says he is surprised to learn that a section of the government's online surveillance bill provides for "exceptional circumstances" under which "any police officer" can request customer information from a telecommunications service provider.In an interview airin
The Constructivist Peace: Shared Norms and Pacific Relations Among Human Rights Abusers
Timothy Peterson and Leah Graham recently published a study in the Journal of Conflict Resolution showing that, after you control for the democratic peace, similarities in human rights performance have an important effect on any two countries' likelihood to go to war. The interesting caveat is that this finding holds true for states that abuse their citizens as well as those that don't: Although m

Corbett Report Radio 073 – The Fight Against Fluoridation with Dr. Paul Connett
Dr. Paul Connett is a retired professor of environmental chemistry and toxicology. He is the Director of the Fluoride Action Network at fluoridealert.org, which details the documented health effects of water fluoridation, from lowered IQ to increase in bone cancer. Tonight on the program we talk about the fight against fluoridation and how the people in community after community are taking the pow
The Financial Coup (and How to Overcome It) – Catherine Austin Fitts on GRTV (Video)
In this GRTV Feature Interview, Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari.com explains how the debt bubble system has been designed to serve a small caste of elite (the “breakaway civilization”). She also discusses how we can invest our time, effort and energy building up an alternative system that fosters true wealth and prosperity. Be sure to listen to the whole interview in The Corbett Report interview
Interview 464 – Michael Vail interviews James Corbett
Michael Vail of StratRisks.com interviews James Corbett for his program, The Vantage Point. We discuss geopolitical flashpoints, the psychology of defeatism, behaviour due to controlled response and terrorism. (NOTE: The BBC article about the split in the human species mentioned in this interview can be found here.)
Interview 463 – The International Forecaster with Bob Chapman
This week on The International Forecaster with Bob Chapman: What does Iceland’s investment upgrade mean for other countries that are facing bankster-imposed austerity? Also, the Greek drama continues with the continuing second bailout saga and the mainstreaming of calls for a return to the drachma. China sets up a war chest for foreign takeovers and cuts reserve requirements for its major banks. A
Interview 462 – Thorsten Pattberg on Language Imperialism
Dr. Thorsten Pattberg of Peking University joins us to discuss the concept of language imperialism and how words and their (mis)translations can prevent us from truly understanding another culture.
Sh*t Government Says
Plug your ears if you don’t like to hear your politicians using bad language…or any time they open their mouths, really. Documentation Ted Kennedy – The “Breast” and the Brightest Time Reference: 00:00 Bush senior had sex.. so did fellow americans Time Reference: 00:04 Minister Anthony Albanese borrows from Hollywood Time Reference: 00:18 Out Of Control Congress Deem

David Koch: ‘No Stopping Union Power’ If Scott Walker Is Recalled. Challenge Accepted, Dave!
Think Progress reporter Lee Fang interviewed David Koch in a sidewalk ambush last year. February 20, 2012 10:00 AM Crooks and Liars  By- Susie Madrak Boy, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, huh? What a swell family those Kochs are: Billionaire David Koch has vowed to defend Wisconsin governor Scott Walker against the union-backed recall election underway in that state. In aninterview with
Billionaire Romney Donor Uses Threats To Silence Critics
Friday, Feb 17, 2012 2:02 PM UTC Salon  By Glenn Greenwald Frank VanderSloot is an Idaho billionaire and the CEO of Melaleuca, Inc., a controversial billion-dollar-a-year company which peddles dietary supplements and cleaning products; back in 2004, Forbes, echoing complaints to government agencies, described the company as “a pyramid selling organization, built along the lines of Herbalife and A
Obama Payroll Tax Cut: President Finally Scores Coveted Win
By ANDREW TAYLOR 02/18/12 06:47 AM ET Associated Press  via: Huff Post WASHINGTON — The $143 billion payroll tax cut won by President Barack Obama may be the last significant measure he receives from a deeply divided Congress that promises to only get more polarized as Election Day approaches. Obama’s coveted renewal of the payroll tax cut for 160 million workers and jobless benefits for millions

Conspiracy Behind US Congress Resolution
By Mohammad Jamil Dana Rohrabacher has tabled a resolution in the US House of Reprehensive, calling for right of self-determination for the Balochi people. The bill states that Balochistan is currently divided between Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan with no sovereign rights of its own. Some American writers have already indicated in the world map about Pakistan’s province of Balocshistan, joining
US Blatant Intervention in Balochistan
By Sajjad Shaukat According to various international laws and declarations, the principle of non-intervention involves the right of every sovereign state to conduct its affairs without outside interference. In this regard, Article 2 (4) of the UN Charter prohibits “interference in the internal affairs” of a state. But setting aside international laws, and the UN Charter, Dana Rohrabacher introduce
Dimensions of the drone dilemma
By Air Cdr Khalid Iqbal (R) While Pakistan is reviewing its new relationship with the United States; the latter has again started drone attacks on the former, which shows American double game with Pakistan. However, the use of drones raises some interesting questions: Are drones any less intrusive than sending troops in? Don’t they constitute cross border violations? And do these strikes violate i
Diplomacy Behind Pak-Iran-Afghan Cooperation
By Sajjad Shaukat Diplomacy is employed for both positive and negative purposes. In positive sense, it is used to resolve an issue peacefully, and in negative sense, it is applied by states to gain selfish ends without caring for peace. Secret diplomacy always thwarts the aims of peace diplomacy. Let us analyse the new determination of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan for regional cooperation in wak

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A piece of heaven in a world of hell
As I was watching this documentary on Liberia, I though to myself: “here we go again, white people showing the worst of Africa, disease, death, crime, corruption, prostitution, cannibalism, civil war, dirt, filth, despair, hopelessness etc.” I almost turned it off but as I continued watching, it took a turn to to highlight that throughout this hell of an existence, there was repentence, redemption
A Thought on Abortion
“America needs no words from me to see how your decision in Roe v. Wade has deformed a great nation. The so-called right to abortion has pitted mothers against their children and women against men. It has sown violence and discord at the heart of the most intimate human relationships. It has aggravated the derogation of the father’s role in an increasingly fatherless society. It has portrayed the
“Africa needs to sign a new social contract‏” by Nkwazi Mhango
Jean Russeau wrote in Social Contract, “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains.” To free himself, Russeau suggests that man must gain security and a measure of freedom from action, in exchange for surrender of rights and property to the general will. This is not the language of compliance or cowardice but of rebellion. This means, if you want me to pay my tax as my obligation, you must me
The Day My Heart Broke
Rest in Peace My Beautiful Diva!
“Certain Signs of Societal Decline” ‏By Deneen Borelli
Op-ed submission by Project 21 There were reports of babies out in the cold for hours in Houston. In Indianapolis, two dozen police officers used pepper spray to control an unruly crowd that pried shopping center doors off their hinges. These were just a few of the scenes caught on video across America as people tried to get their hands on a pair of sneakers. These instances point to a moral break

Syria Comment
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In Mezzeh, Wealthy Sunnis Begin to Demonstrate; Washington Unlikely to Arm Syrians Soon; Friends of Syria to Meetin in Tunis
The demonstrations in Mezeh, Damascus, as shown above, suggest that the revolt has spread to the heart of bourgeois Damascus, an area many said would not be affected. The Homs repression is spreading revolt to new areas. The opposition is not being cowed. In this video police shoot into the air in order to frighten the women of Mezeh, Damascus. It does not seem that security shot into the crowd,
“The Implosion,” by Jon Lee Anderson in The New Yorker
Jon Lee Anderson, Letter from Syria, “The Implosion,” The New Yorker, February 27, 2012, p. 58 Before the observers left, hundreds of townspeople gathered in the main square to shout slogans and call for freedom. Anas told me he knew that Zabadani’s moment of “freedom” wouldn’t last; the Army could come back in whenever it wanted to. “It will be a black end,” he said flatly. “But we will have to
“The Declining Number of Christians in Aleppo, Syria,” by Ehsani
Fewer Christians Live in Aleppo than is Commonly Thought By Ehsani for Syria Comment February 18, 2012 – No more than 100,000 Christians live in Aleppo – 3.3% of the city’s population, not the 12% commonly stated. The exact number of religious minorities in Syria is difficult to ascertain. It is often reported that Christians make up somewhere between 9% and 12% of the population. Nearly two year
Rockets Fall on Homs as West and Turkey Weigh Support for Opposition
Charlie Rose – Crisis in Syria http://www.charlierose.com/view/interview/12139 The crisis in Syria with Fouad Ajami; Thomas L. Friedman; Joshua Landis; and Anne-Marie Slaughter West Reluctantly Weighs Military Aid For Syria Rebels By: Nicholas Blanford | The Christian Science Monitor After diplomatic efforts at the UN failed Saturday, there is a growing consensus that supporting the rebel Free S
Landis and Heydemann on PBS News Hour Discuss Diplomatic and Military Options
Watch Syrian Instability: How Would Rest of World Respond? on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour. Ray Suarez discusses other countries’ diplomatic and military options and the mounting pressure on Assad’s regime with the University of Oklahoma’s Joshua Landis and Steven Heydemann of the United States Institute of Peace. Many readers have asked me to post the location of the League of Arab States Obs

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Naval Treaties
Before Ronald Reagan, there was Charles Evans Hughes. Both men were unorthodox thinkers, spotlight stealers and risk takers. Both were dismissive of the status quo, and sought deep cuts in strategic forces. Battleships were the strategic forces of the 1920s and 1930s, able to traverse long distances to project power and assert national interests. The big guns of capital ships made their presence f

Green & White
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Startup weekend starts with a Bang!
So Startup Weekend Lahore started with a bang, There were 22 outstanding startups who launched on the event. If you were unfortunate like I was and did not attend the event in person, or you are resident of another city, twitter was buzzing with what happened at the event. The Hastag for event was #swlhr and just going through it tells what a wonderful event it must have been. I am grateful to Soh

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Further Notice
I am in the process of moving, physically, as well as making myriad other adjustments, major and minor. All of these things are good. They have been in the works for some time, but now is achieved escape velocity. For every silver lining, they say, there is a cloud. And the cloud here is that, for the foreseeable future, escape velocity will not permit me to post to this blog. There is neither tim

Did You Know
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Florida says NO to Private Prisons
Florida Lawmakers Defeat Prison Privatization amid National Push for For-Profit Jails The Florida State Senate has defeated a measure to privatize at least 27 prisons, which would have created the largest corporate-run prison system in the country. Despite the vote, Republican Gov. Rick Scott could still privatize the prisons through executive authority. According to the U.S. Department of Justice

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Scientists Urge Reform for a Broken Global System
Unless governments work actively to build a brighter future for humanity, climate change, poverty and loss of biodiversity will worsen and continue to exacerbate existing global problems, top scientists warned ministers at the United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) governing council meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, on Monday.
Scientists Denounce Climate Change Denial, Censorship
Amid revelations of a well-funded U.S. organisation's plans to deliberately distort climate science, scientists and journalists at a major scientific conference called on the Canadian government to stop its muzzling of scientists.
INDONESIA: Community Radio Helps Revive Forests
Irman Meilandi unhesitatingly attributes the return of birds, wildlife and the forests around his hilly village of Mandalamekar in West Java province to conservation advice streaming in over community radio.
Imagining a Better World Is First Step to Sustainability
Humanity's failure to halt the deepening planetary emergency of climate change, extinctions of species and overconsumption of resources is a failure of imagination and mistaken beliefs that we act rationally.
Q&A: ‘World Bank in Tiger Territory – No Greenwashing'
When World Bank president Robert Zoellick steps down in June, the tiger will lose an ally who worked to prevent the decimation of Asia's iconic animal by a voracious demand for its bones and parts in newly affluent China.
Building Sustainable Future Needs More Than Science, Experts Say
Contrary to popular belief, humans have failed to address the earth's worsening emergencies of climate change, species' extinction and resource overconsumption not because of a lack of information, but because of a lack of imagination, social scientists and artists say.

Centauri Dreams
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Black Hole Flags Galactic Collision
HLX-1 (Hyper-Luminous X-ray source 1) is thought to be a black hole, one that’s a welcome discovery for astronomers trying to puzzle out the mysteries of black hole formation. Located roughly 290 million light years from Earth and situated toward the edge of a galaxy called ESO 243-49, this black hole looks to be some 20,000 times the mass of the Sun, which makes it mid-sized when compared with t
Jupiter’s Protective Role Questioned
How likely are we to find other planets in the universe that are as habitable as Earth? One key to the puzzle has long been thought to be the presence of Jupiter in our own Solar System. In fact, the presence of the giant planet has become a player in the so-called ‘rare Earth’ argument that sees Jupiter as just one factor that makes our Solar System unique. Put a gas giant in the proper position
Targeting Primitive Asteroids
I see that there is a symposium on the MarcoPolo-R mission coming up in late March, which reminds me that at a time when asteroid missions are increasingly in the news, I have yet to cover this one. It was about a year ago that the European Space Agency selected MarcoPolo-R as one of four candidates for a medium-class mission that would launch between 2020 and 2024. The selection doesn’t mean the
SETI in the News
Let me draw your attention to two interesting stories this morning, one harking back to the night in August of 1977 when the Big Ear radio telescope at Ohio State University recorded the famous ‘Wow!’ signal. For those unfamiliar with it, the ‘Wow!’ signal gets its name from Big Ear volunteer Jerry Ehman’s annotation (several days later) on the signal’s printout. ‘Wow!’ seemed appropriate for a si
‘Super-Earth’ in a Triple Star System
GJ 667C is an M-class dwarf, part of a triple star system some 22 light years from Earth. Hearing rumors that a ‘super-Earth’ — and one in the habitable zone to boot — has been detected around a nearby triple star system might cause the pulse to quicken, but this is not Alpha Centauri, about which we continue to await news from the three teams studying the prospect of planets there. Nonetheless, G
IBEX: The Heliosphere in Motion
The beauty of having spacecraft that far outlive their expected lives is that they can corroborate and supplement data coming in from much newer missions. That’s the case with our Voyager spacecraft as they continue their progress at system’s edge. The Voyagers will be moving outside the heliopause in not so many years, and when they do, they will tell us much about the behavior of charged particl

In These Times
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Argentina’s Pulp Fiction: Grupp Clarín and Freedom of the Press
BUENOS AIRES--In June 2002, hundreds of Argentines swept through this city in protest, calling for the government's help in the wake of an economic crisis that had devastated the nation. In a fit of violence, police officers fatally shot two young men. The following day, Clarín, the nation's largest newspaper, ran the following headline:"The crisis causes two new deaths." The tone of the headline
Newt Gingrich’s Vintage Female Problem
and snarled his way through the Republican primary's gladiatorial spectacle, much has been made of the massive hypocritical gaps between his rhetoric and his behavior. We've learned that Mr. "Family Values," the Christian crusader leading the pitchforked crowd against the infidel sinner, Bill Clinton, was at the same time having an affair with a staffer 23 years his junior while still married to h
A Hipstamatic Moment
There was a certain quiet inevitability about the news that one of the most venerable brands of industrial-era American innovation, the Eastman Kodak Company, was filing for bankruptcy. George Eastman's photographic empire had, for much of the past century, been all but synonymous with the family snapshot: a rare fixed point of reference for the chronically placeless American memory. But, like ot
Embracing ‘Enough’
Of all the no-no's in contemporary America--and there are many--none has proven more taboo than the ancient doctrine of dayenu. Translated from the original Hebrew, the word roughly means "It would have been enough." The principle is that a certain amount of a finite resource should satisfy even the gluttons among us. I know, I know--to even mention that notion is jarring in a nation whose consum
All You Need (to Protest) Is Love
Love--according to one line of thinking, anyway--is our first and most important education in social justice. To love someone, religions and therapists and poets and various sitcom episodes tell us, is to care about their well-being as profoundly, and as constantly, as you care about your own. If love works this way, there can be no oppression within it. There can be no exploitation, no stereotyp
The Gray Lady’s Decline
The nation's most powerful newspaper, The New York Times, faces a sixth straight year of profit loss. The unions are forced to save editorial jobs by taking salary cuts. How does one make a living in print journalism anymore? As Mike Elk reported last month on this website, in an effort to trim its overhead costs, in December the company froze the pensions of its foreign citizen employees and thr

Texas Liberal
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I Saw The Emancipation Proclamation Today–The Work Of Freedom And Progress Is Up To Each Of Us
This afternoon I went to the Civil War exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences. I saw the original Emancipation Proclamation that has been on display in Houston for 6 days. Today was the last day the Proclamation was being shown to the public. The remainder of the exhibit is at the museum through April 29. It is well worth your time. I don’t have any pictures of the exhibit as you were
Breakfast at 4:30 AM—A Helpful Waiter, A Book To Read And A Good Start To The Day
Due to an unsual set of circumstances, I was out and about this morning around 4:30 AM. It usre is nice and quiet at 4:30 AM. I think I’d enjoy being out at that hour more often. I decided to stop at a 59 Diner along the 1-10 east feeder road for breakfast. I ordered what was termed the “Texas Sampler.” You see the Texas Sampler above. It was a very fine breakfast. Here is a history of breakfast
Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up—The Same Message Each Week Because You Already Know The Underlying Facts
Below you will find the weekly posting of the  Texas Progressive Alliance round-up. The TPA is a confederation of the best political bloggers in Texas. TPA members are citizen-bloggers working for a better Texas. Every Texan and every American has the ability to attend a public meeting, attend or organize a protest, write or call an elected official, talk to friends and family, start a blog, dona
Just Imagine If The Catholic Church Advocated For The Poor And For Peace To The Extent They Advocate To Deny Women Birth Control
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is still not satisfied with President Obama’s stance on the provision of contraceptives by entities affiliated with the Catholic Church. Just imagine if the Catholic Church had taken such a forceful stand against the unjust war in Iraq, or growing American poverty, or the failure of its own officials to protect young people who trusted the Church. R
Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up—The Pecan Tree Is The State Tree Of Texas
Here is  the weekly posting of the  Texas Progressive Alliance round-up. The TPA is a confederation of the best political bloggers in Texas. TPA members are citizen-bloggers working for a better Texas. (Above–The Pecan Tree is the State Tree of Texas. What you see here is a copyright free picture of Pecan Tree in Abilene. Here are facts about these trees. Here are some things to do should life ta
Why Not Show Some Valentine’s Day Love And Respect For Your Fellow Working Person?
Valentine’s Day 2012 is Tuesday, February 14. If you have a Valentine or not is your concern alone. The gender of that person is your concern alone. I’m not like these conservatives out there prying into your bedroom and your personal life in the name of limited government and personal liberty. My Valentine’s message here is that we show some love for each other as working people. Above is a pict

WWF - Latest News
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Smart green infrastructure takes center stage at Malaysia tiger forum
Kuala Lumpur – As the infrastructure growth in the “Asian Century” shows no signs of slowing down, Malaysia has taken a first bold step in addressing how this growth will affect tigers and tiger habitats by holding a leadership forum on including priority tiger habitats into land and infrastructure planning. The meeting, entitled Cross-Sectoral Executive Leadership Forum on Mainstreaming Priority
Our Far South voyage to highlight pristine ocean under threat
Wellington, New Zealand - Our Far South, a voyage to Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic Islands, will set sail tomorrow (Fri 10 Feb) to highlight the global importance of this last great unspoiled wilderness and the urgent need to protect it from growing human-made threats. WWF-New Zealand’s marine advocate Bob Zuur will be joining scientists and other Antarctic experts for the month-long voyage or
WWF finds US grocery retailers stocking toilet paper linked to rainforest destruction
WASHINGTON, DC:   American companies and consumers are inadvertently contributing to Indonesian rain forest and tiger habitat destruction by buying toilet paper and other tissue products made with fiber from Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), according to a World Wildlife Fund report released today. Don’t Flush Tiger Forests: Toilet Paper, U.S. Supermarkets, and the Destruction of Indonesia’s Last Tige
Rare Irrawaddy dolphins found in Indonesian waters
Jakarta, Indonesia - Vulnerable Irrawaddy dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris) have been discovered for the first time in West Kalimantan, a part of Indonesian Borneo that best known for its dense tropical forests and rich wildlife.  WWF-Indonesia and the Regional Office for Marine, Coastal & Resources Management Pontianak  (BPSPL) found the rare dolphins while conduicting a study in the narrow
WWF captures first known tiger images in northern India forest
New Delhi, India - As it nears the end of its journey inside the northern Indian State of Uttarakhand, the Kosi River flows down the Himalayan foothills that separate the Corbett Tiger Reserve from the Ramnagar Forest Division to its east. The rustic forests that blanket this area are an important tiger habitat and form part of a crucial natural link – known as a corridor – that allows the endange
Fascinating ancient Sahara site celebrated for World Wetlands Day
Tunis, Tunisia: A remote seasonal salt lake on the edge of the Sahara leads a list of 15 new Ramsar Wetlands of International Importance being declared in the country on World Wetlands Day, February 2. Chott Elguetar, a 7,400 ha site with an intermittent lake, is vital to the survival of the threatened Scimitar Oryx, Addax and Dama Gazelle. It also contains traces of human religious and

Obsidian Wings
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Did McCain-Feingold Have A Pervese Effect?
--by Sebastian Apparently I will be continuing my recent trend of riffing on Kevin Drum's posts.  He points to this fascinating chart: Kevin notes the surprisingly stable Presidential campaign costs from 1964-2000.  I was especially surprised by 1992.  I would have thought that a three way race with the closest thing this country has had to a third party in almost a century would certainly ha
Romney and the Mormon Church's position on immigration
by liberal japonicus This is really interesting to me. While stressing the Mormon faith's historic connection to converting immigrants, Latino Mormons point directly to immigration stories in the Book of Mormon and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' recent statements against policies targeting immigrants. They also view Romney's stance against proposals giving illegal im
Your they write letters Friday open thread
This letter (picked up from Yahoo news), from a former slave answering his master's request that he return is the topic of today's open thread.  Apart from the wonderful window it opens up on history (and the exquisitely modulated sarcasm, excerpting it here would not do the letter justice), it provides a jumping off point for whatever strikes your fancy. Still, the last line is the best.
The Color of the Country: Demographic History of the US Black Population
by Doctor Science I stayed up waaaaaaay too late Monday night because I got caught up in Science. Or rather, Research. As so often happens on the Internet, I started with one small question and hopped link to link until I found myself in a World of Mystery, or maybe Discovery. Along the way, I created a graph of the growth of the US population by race -- because, astonishingly enough, I couldn't
Tab Dump: January Thaw
by Doctor Science Not that we had much of a January freeze, mind you. Sir Thomas More, by Hans Holbein. Because he has such great links. Hardiness Zone Changes -- good tool to show how the USDA has re-calibrated the hardiness zones used by farmers and gardeners. My town has moved from 6b to 7a since 1990, which is a pretty serious change. Detailed USDA map here. Swiss "Verdingkinder" and Ameri
There is no barrel bottom to scrape Friday open thread
by liberal japonicus I'm not trying to get a rise out of anyone, but in the thread that turned into a copyright discussion, one person (and I'm not going to go back and check who it is, cause it's not really important) posited a situation where iirc a plumber breaks into your house and fixes your pipes. What should pop up but this article, with a story that about some horologists break

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Mainstreaming Moar Crazy
When you start looking at things in a particular way, you're likely to see more of it. So, after looking at how the Atlantic is persuading us that being worried about fluoride poisoning your precious bodily fluids the other day, I've found somemoars: The Atlantic (again, but another author) tells us that British reporters (the author is a Brit, so I guess we must believe him) see "the Tea Party as
Flu Secrets to be Revealed - Updated
It looks like the World Health Organization (WHO) is not going to listen to me and has given the go-ahead for everyone to publish everything about deadly and highly transmissible influenza viruses. My concern has been less for terrorists and more for people messing around in their home labs, convinced that they know how to handle this. That fear has been somewhat allayed by reports that although t
It's the ACA They're Trying to Abort
I think we have to be clear about the goals of all those men wanting to shove things into women's vaginas.Kay at Balloon Juice gets it right: it's the ACA they want to gut. And, of course, shame the sluts. Presumably this is as good as those little blue pills.I'd add that they're also spoiling to send some of these state laws against women's health sent up to the Supreme Court, because they're con
The Day After Israel Attacks Iran - Updated
Iran seems to have responded to the attacks on its nuclear scientists by similar bombings of Israeli embassy personnel in Tblisi and New Delhi. The perpetrators haven’t been identified. Hezbollah is everyone’s first guess, although Juan Cole questions that.These incidents seem unlikely to spark the war that Israel has been broadcasting its readiness for, but it’s not clear that Israel isn’t planni
Bits and Pieces - February 15, 2012
I've wanted to write about the Russians drilling into Lake Vostok, isolated from the rest of the world by thousands of years worth of ice, but there just doesn't seem to be much more than this available.Lise Meitner, one of my role models.When I go to an official DOE meeting, I am always put off by the way the question period is run. Five minutes for each commenter, while the government participan

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A historic comment.
Never has the expression same shit, different day been so apt.
Syria: get used to our impotence.
There is only one way to describe you can describe the attack on the city of Homs by the Syrian army: it is nothing less than an attempt to crush the uprising against Bashar al-Assad through wholesale murder. Especially hard to take is that if Benghazi had been subject to a similar siege, rather than just a threatened one, it would have been incredibly difficult to oppose intervention in Libya on
The same mistakes.
It's odd the way the slowly turning wheels of justice can have an effect out of all proportion to the the punishment that can be passed when they stop grinding. Had John Terry's trial for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand (maximum penalty: a £2,500 fine) been scheduled to take place in March as it was thought it would instead of being postponed to July, then Fabio Capello would tonight still be in
Abu Qatada: same shit, different month.
One of the problems of doing much the same thing creatively over a long period is that you can fall into the trap of repeating yourself to the point where it not only turns off those who previously paid something approaching attention, it also leaves you thoroughly dispirited with how you can't seem to get out of the same old routine. While this is obviously not a problem for Liam Gallagher, and
The revenge of UNSC 1973.
I was going to write a (short) post on the Russian-Chinese veto of the security council resolution on Syria at the UN, but thankfully Craig Murray has said everything I wanted to in his usual fine style.

The Truth is Where?
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A quote from Mao Tse-tung.
Politics is War without bloodshed.   War is Politics with bloodshed.
John Yates of Scotland Yard, seeking peace in Bahrain.
By Damien McElroy, Manama, 12th February 2012.  Full Article Here:- John Yates, the former assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, has moved to the Gulf kingdom to spearhead an overhaul of policing as its front line struggles to handle bitter clashes with a youthful protest movement. Sir Paul Stephenson & John Yates The attempt to clean up the service faces its first test tom
Euro Mps Demand Pay Rise As The Eu Falls Apart.
By Martyn Brown  17th February 2012.  Find Full Article Here:- As the eurozone teeters on the brink of catastrophe and Britain is forced to tighten its belt, the shameless demand added to the growing clamour for us to pull out of the EU. The basic salary of an MEP is already £82,915 a year, compared with £64,766 for an MP at Westminster. Euro MPs can also rake in £360,000 in expenses. If the thr
Swede saved after months in snowed-in car.
By Peter Vinthagen Simpson 18th February 2012.  Find Article Here:- A middle-aged Swedish man has been found alive after having sat snowed under in his car for the past two months, with only ice and snow to keep him alive. The man, who is from southern Sweden, was found on Friday in his vehicle parked on a forest track near the northern town of Umeå, according to a report in the local Västerbotte
Despite Safety Worries, Work on Deadly Flu to Be Released.
By DENISE GRADY    17th February 2012.   Find Article Here:- The full details of recent experiments that made a deadly flu virus more contagious will be published, probably within a few months, despite recommendations by the United States that some information be kept secret for fear that terrorists could use it to start epidemics. The announcement, made on Friday by the World Health Organization,
Hitler had son with French teen.
By Peter Allen, Paris 17th February 2012.  Find Article Here:- Adolf Hitler had a son with a French teenager while serving as a soldier during the First World War, according to new evidence. Hitler is said to have had an affair with Charlotte Lobjoie, 16, as he took a break from the trenches in June 1917 Photo: AP Jean-Marie Loret, who died in 1985 aged 67, never met his father, but went

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FEMA Follows DHS In Monitoring News Coverage Of Its Activities 24/7
FEMA Follows DHS In Monitoring News Coverage Of Its Activities 24/7 Federal agency seeks to track "effectiveness of public affairs messaging" Paul Joseph
Iran Teams Up With Al-Qaeda, Claims Dubious Telegraph Report
Iran Teams Up With Al-Qaeda, Claims Dubious Telegraph Report While Israel openly directs US-backed Al-Qaeda linked terror group to carry out attacks in Iran
Russian Army Chief: Decision On Iran Attack To Be Made By Summer
Russian Army Chief: Decision On Iran Attack To Be Made By Summer S&P says Iran will disrupt Strait of Hormuz, pushing oil to $150 Paul Joseph Watson Prison
Investigation: Media Matters Conspires With White House to Influence
Investigation: Media Matters Conspires With White House to Influence News 'Progressive' government mouthpiece routinely attacks Alex Jones, Ron Paul Paul
Leftist Media Resorts To 'Conspiracy Theories' To Sell Syria Invasio
Leftist Media Resorts To 'Conspiracy Theories' To Sell Syria Invasion Despite Arab League confirming opposition rebels are committing violence, Guardian blames
DHS To Launch Insurgent-Tracking Drones Inside America
DHS To Launch Insurgent-Tracking Drones Inside America Technology used to hunt enemy combatants in Afghanistan will be used for "non-emergency incidents"

Pesticide Action Network
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Sweet strawberry victory on Valentine’s Day
On Valentine’s Day, Monterey County Supervisors voted overwhelmingly to urge California to take action on methyl iodide. Over one hundred farmworkers filled the hearing room in the heart of strawberry country, along with farmers, rural residents and physicians. Tuesday’s vote was historic not only because of the resolution passed, but because of the triumph in the face of powerful corporate pr
French court finds Monsanto guilty
On Monday, a French court ruled in favor of farmer Paul François, who suffered neurological symptoms including headaches, memory loss and stammering after inhaling Monsanto’s herbicide, Lasso. The decision marks the first time the pesticide and biotech giant — the largest of the Big 6 — has been held liable for poisoning caused by its products. Monsanto is appealing the verdict. read more
Acusación Mundial Sobre la Violación los Derechos Humanos Básicos
En un evento que no pasa todo el tiempo, un Tribunal del Pueblo, frente a cientos de campesinos y trabajadores agrícolas en Bangalore, India, el 3-6 de diciembre del 2011, escuchó como las seis corporaciones agroquímicas más poderosas del planeta han violado sistemáticamente los derechos humanos básicos, como el derecho a la vida, a la salud, al ambiente sano, a la alimentación, a condiciones sa
Fair & healthy flowers
Flowers on Valentine's Day? It's a lovely tradition, and I enjoy a gorgeous bouquet as much as anyone. I also do my best to remember — and support — the workers behind the enormous global flower trade. They are mostly women, many of whom work in Colombia and Ecuador. They toil long hours for low wages, and too often brave exposure to pesticides known to be harmful to their health and t
Clean water battle takes "perplexing" turn
Lawmakers are taking another run at weakening the national rules protecting our waterways. This time, they're using the specter of West Nile virus to make the case for reviving a pesticide loophole that was recently closed. But their arguments simply don't (ahem) hold water, and PAN and our allies are calling on the Senate leadership to hold the line. read more
What Gates gets wrong on GE, every time
Influential philanthropists like Bill Gates hold a responsibility to be well informed about the impacts of their spending — and their words. Late last month in his annual letter on his foundation's priorities, Gates asserted that lack of support for genetically engineered (GE) crops allows world hunger to endure. He is wrong.  We engaged the editorial team at TakePart.com, which covered Ga

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JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax
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  1. Occupy Monsanto
  2. OpenMedia.ca
    Toews is misleading Canadians and we need to scale up our campaign to stop him. With your help, we’ll launch a massive public pressure campaign, including a professional viral video and targeted local actions across the country. We have a special chance to do that now—since we put out our appeal for support last week, indie ISP Acanac came forward to offer matching funds. Please donate in the next 24 hours, and help unlock these matching funds: http://openmedia.ca/donate Letter to Supporters: Vic Toews is talking about you like
  3. Al Jazeera English
    A spokesperson for the Israeli Supreme Court told Al Jazeera that based on the deal reached between Adnan's lawyers and the Israeli justice ministry, Adnan will end his hunger strike in return for the supreme court's decision to "erase" his file and release him on April 17. Deal to end Palestinian's hunger strike like
  4. Al Jazeera English
    Op-ed: "Is this a partnership - 'strategic mutual trust', as Beijing would like it? Or is this outright strategic competition, openly confrontational? Will they shape, together, the 21st century multipolar world; or are we already in the fog of a New Cold War?" asks Pepe Escobar. Continue reading his analysis: http://aje.me/wK5mHH Barack and Mitt do the dragon dance like
  5. Truth News Radio Australia
    resonant effects allow THz waves to unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication. 
  6. RT
    Gastronauts NASA’s Hawaiian Mars diet experiment like
  7. Al Jazeera English
    Op-Ed: "While governments in Western nations are beginning to disassociate from Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade, the unacknowledged fact is that he has served them dutifully. Wade certainly knows this, which is why he feels capable of playing his hand so confidently in his determination to stay in power and suppress opposition," writes Toby Leon Moorsom, editor of Nokoko Journal of African Studies. Statues and spectacle: Senegal's petit-dictator is the West's man like
  8. Sahara Reporters
    Nigerian Police Bomb Squad Finds "Large Bomb" In Kaduna | Sahara Reporters Nigerian Police Bomb Squad Finds "Large Bomb" In Kaduna | Sahara Reporters like
  9. Real Coastal Warriors
    "The government has failed, yet again, to protect the ocean from pollution in 2011," a report by the Zalul Environmental Association told the Knesset Environmental Committee last week. 'Gov't failing to protect ocean' like
  10. Real Coastal Warriors
    The massive Cherry Point refinery near Blaine, WA, owned by BP Arco, had a major fire Friday night. A key link called a "crude vacuum distillation unit" was so badly burned that BP experts had yet to approach it to assess damage Monday, according to an incident report filed with the federal government and obtained by the Bellingham Herald newspaper. Refinery Fire Pushes Gas Prices Higher like
  11. Real Coastal Warriors
    ATHENS, Ga. -- Three university of Georgia scientists have received a three-year grant to study the effects of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem. University of Georgia marine scientist Samantha Joye and UGA colleagues Patricia Medeiros and Christof Meile have received a $1.3 million grant from the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative. UGA scientists to study effects of Gulf oil spill - Regional Wire - SunHerald.com like
  12. Real Coastal Warriors
    ALBANY — One of the most contentious issues in the debate over shale gas drilling in New York’s share of the Marcellus Shale region — how to handle millions of gallons of contaminated wastewater — remains unsettled. As the state ponders final regulations, environmental advocates say the issue is a glaring gap in preparations. “What’s disconcerting is that while the state raises a number of possibilities, there isn’t any real clear sense as to what the path forward is going to be,” said Mark Brownstein, deputy director of the Environmental Defense Fund’s national energy program. “On an issue as important as this, all of us who commented from the environmental community are looking for greater clarity.” Hydrofracking wastewater issue remains unsettled in N.Y. like
  13. Real Coastal Warriors
    BP Plc, operator of the Macondo well that caused the worst oil spill in the United States, may reach a settlement for the disaster this week after a partner agreed on fines, an Oppenheimer & Co. analyst said. BP may soon reach deal on oil spill like
  14. Real Coastal Warriors
    BP and Transocean have settled a lawsuit filed by an employee that was injured on the Deepwater Horizon rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, reported businessweek.com. The employee, Oleander Benton, said that all his claims were amicably settled. There was no disclosure of the amount of the settlement. BP and Transocean Settle With Injured Worker – Job Mouse like
  15. Real Coastal Warriors
    WASHINGTON -- The U.S. and Mexico reached an agreement today to cooperate on oil-and-gas development in waters along the nations’ maritime border in the Gulf of Mexico. Deal could promote U.S-Mexico oil work in Gulf like


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