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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Friday, February 24, 2012

24 February -My Yahoo!

The Perversion of Canada's Military

Since he clawed his way into power, Steve Harper has wasted little time turning Canada's public and armed services into political agencies of the prime minister's office.   He began by gagging the public service and the armed forces.  Under Harper's iron fist communications policy, the public were not allowed direct contact with public servants or members of the military.   Communications commissars in the PMO were appointed to ride herd, filtering requests for information, deciding what could be or wouldn't be answered, and then doctoring the response to ensure it conformed to Stevie's message.  

Now further evidence of the political perversion of the armed forces has emerged.   When Harper defmin Peter MacKay ran into controversy for his personal use of an armed forces Cormorant helicopter, he instructed military officers to dig up dirt on a Liberal MP, Scott Simms.


Greece a Goner But What Is the Lesson for Us?

The Greek problem didn't pop up out of nowhere.   It was the accumulated result of a succession of "kick it down the road" governments.   The Greek government actually claimed there were barely 5,000 citizens earning 100,000 euros or more annually and collected taxes as though that was true.   The trigger may have been pulled by Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street vultures but they merely took advantage of an opportunity presented by governmental malpractice.

There, I said it - governmental malpractice.   The critical failure of governments to do their job.   A run of Greek governments were woefully negligent in their duties to the rank and file, ordinary Greek citizen.  They allowed the rich and powerful to shirk their tax obligations and hide their money, making good that default only by reckless borrowings.   Then they set out to hold ordinary Greeks liable to bear the brunt of the pain of their own negligence only it hasn't worked.

These governments don't set out to destroy their countries.  Most of them have very sensible, short-term programmes and operate as if that was all that should be expected of them.   They don't look back and they don't look ahead, at least not much past the next electoral cycle.  It's this failure to treat themselves as part of a continuum that can create nation-destroying crises.  This is the result of excluding posterity as an essential element of government planning.   If a predecessor hasn't provided for you and you, in turn, don't provide for your successor, these long-wave length problems can behave much like a tsunami.   They're really nothing to worry about as they cross thousands of miles of ocean.  It's only when they reach that last half-mile approach to the beach that all hell breaks loose.

Why governments "should burn in Hell"...

too much is "believed", too little known, as the current global crisis so clearly demonstrates. It's all about money, not the benefit of people. Asked WHAT money factually is and HOW 'the economy' works, even experts agree that they in fact do not know... It is scary, that so many people continue to believe in the absurd, like CO² and global warming, shortage of energy, water, food, where it clearly and visibly only is to 'steal' money to finance wars, worthless and ugly windmills and keep an 'elite-cartel' at peace that finances the 'thieves'.

Comment  I've never heard a politician being so honest or so blunt before. lol .
I've always maintained that the only difference between Medieval feudalism and modern 'democracy' is that you get to choose your despot in a 'democracy'.

 Shale tax comes up dry for third year

Is this a joke or do they really believe this???


 Seeking the Third Story

Symbols of an Alien Sky 


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