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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Friday, February 17, 2012

17 February - Surfing Report

China's FIRST McDonald'sChina's FIRST McDonald's (Photo credit: flickr.Marcus)
NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 16:  An Occupy Wall St...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 16:  An Occupy Wall St...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 16:  An Occupy Wall St...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
facebookfacebook (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

BIG NEWS: The Online Spying petition just hit 100,000 signatures!! - It's now one of the biggest online petitions in Canadian history. Thanks to your videos, signatures, letters, tweets, Facebook shares, event coordination, donations, graphic design, and more, there’s a massive national debate happening right now and all of you are at the centre of it. THANK YOU so much for being a part of this - for leading this process. There's lots of work to do, but take a moment to give yourselves a pat on the back. Check out the campaign rundown below and then let's get back to work.

The Stop Online Spying petition just hit 100,000 signatures. This puts the petition in historic territory; it is now easily one of the largest online petitions and grassroots campaigns ever in Canada.
‎'At the General Assembly meeting last night, Occupy Wall Street's dreamer contingent got a very special valentine: the GA endorsed the Direct Action Working Group's proposal to call for a general strike on May Day - May 1, 2012.' Nathan Schneider, Waging Nonviolence

‎"Its not just the people you know. It's the people they know - your second - and third-degree connections..." Read the article to find out more:

LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and entrepreneur Ben Casnocha give tips for successful networking.

BEIJING — China has detained and forced into re-education classes hundreds of Tibetans who went to India to receive religious instruction from the Dalai Lama, a U.S.-based human rights group said. It is the first time since the late 1970s that Chinese authorities have detained large numbers of...

Whitney Lackenbauer says we need to be very cautious when talking about adding "Security" issues to the pervue of the Arctic Council

iPolitics is serious about the business of government. In-depth, Informative, Insightful, Influential.
SOUNDS LIKE SCIENCE FICTION...OR SOME CONSPIRACY THEORY...BUT IT ISN'T. Have you wondered where these terms 'sustainability' and 'smart growth' and 'high density urban mixed use development' came from? Doesn't it seem like about 10 years ago you'd never heard of them and now everything seems to include these concepts? Is that just a coincidence? That every town and county and state and nation in the world would be changing their land use/planning codes and government policies to align themselves with...what?

Democrats to Stop Agenda 21. We are making common cause with others to end UN social engineering and communitarianism.

David Icke speaks about reality being an illusion. An illusion that we can enjoy or an illusion that can control us...

Bill Moyers: "The president did something agile and wise the other day. And something quite important to the health of our politics."


The president did something agile and wise the other day. And something quite important to the health of our politics. He reached up and snuffed out what some folks wanted to make into a cosmic battle between good and evil. No, said the president, we’re not going to turn the argument over contracept...
CommonDreams.org shared a link.


Willie Nelson joins a plaintiff group of over 300,000 members in a lawsuit against big-ag giant Monsanto challenging the company's patents on genetically modified seed.
Occupy gives a voice to prisoners and immigrants locked up in private prisons.


On Wednesday, January 24, the Occupy movement joined the National Prison Divestment Campaign in 13 cities across the country for a nationwide day of action that gave a voice to an invisible segment of the 99 percent exploited by the private prison industry.

Central American governments have long battled drug gangs and related violence. So is decriminalising drugs a viable solution when the fact is that US demand for drugs is the reason the trade is thriving?

As Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras combat drug gangs we ask if US addiction is serving to nourish the cocaine trade.

Iran Calls for World Without Nuclear Arms; U.S. Touts 'Practical Solutions' 

Ahmadinejad also suggested restructuring the International Atomic Energy Agency, asking why the United States could be on the Board of Governors of the NPT after using the atomic bomb in Japan during World War II. 

When Clinton took the podium, she urged signatories of the treaty to work with the United States on strengthening the nonproliferation rules and standing together to punish violators. *"We cannot fall into the ruts left over by old divisions."
She said Ahmadinejad used the "same tired, false and sometimes wild accusations" against the U.S. in his speech, and she called on Iran to fulfill its international obligations. "Now is the time to focus on practical solutions," she said.

* Just so that we know the focus of NPT direction under US guidance : punish alleged shortfalls in voluntary compliance. So the nation with WMD from Hell treats one which has had over 4000 inspections without finding one nuclear weaponry device with malice aforethought.
I might make some allegations myself ! They did it for me : Sanctions
What was that about the ruts of the old divisions again ?


Federal public prosecutors in Brazil have challenged a plan to strip protected status from 86,288 hectares of land to make way for five new dams, reports International Rivers. The challenge is set to be heard by Brazil's Supreme Court.


TOKYO (Reuters) - Nearly a year after a huge quake and tsunami sparked Japan's Fukushima nuclear crisis, then-premier Naoto Kan is haunted by the specter of an even bigger disaster forcing tens of millions

‎"The DMZ has become a green ribbon of hope, representing not only Korea's ecological and cultural past but its promise for a healthy, peaceful future." Read the article and tell us what you think:

The demilitarised zone between North and South Korea is home to thousands of species extinct elsewhere on the peninsula.

Green Prophet

Leora gets to grips with Michael Crichton's 'State Of Fear'

511gc769r7l_ss500_ Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear” is a thriller, telling the story of eco-terrorists artificially creating extreme weather events in order to convince the world of the non-existent threat known to the rest of us as “anthropogenic (human caused) climate change”….

Politics Makes Scrapping Fossil Fuel Subsidies in the Gulf Difficult

Ramot Polin: Crazy Israeli Architecture Gone Terribly Wrong

Piping Sunlight with Solotubes, Plastic Bottles and Islamic Architecture

a group of students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recently came up with a much less expensive way to pipe sunlight into the interiors of shanties in the slums of Manila Philippines using plastic bottles filled with water.


Lebanon’s Mediterranean Apocalypse: Scuba Diving In Waters Devoid Of Life

There’s no need to worry about being distracted by color and life while diving in the Mediterranean. There’s none left. Previously off-limits to human beings, Jacques Cousteau brought the wonders of the ocean depths to the general public in two…

The researchers report that exposure to oil has hardly ended—and the likelihood of exposure is highest for mothers with pups than any other members of the otter population.

A new study identifies a likely pathway by which Exxon Valdez oil is likely infiltrating the bodies of sea otters and undermining their recovery 23 years later.
A new study published in the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (CJFAS) says that over 7 years this oil spill could have a $US8.7 billion impact on the economy of the Gulf of Mexico. This includes losses in revenue, profit, and wages, and close to 22 000 jobs could be lost. "Oil and hydrocarbons are taken up by plankton and other surface-dwelling species that link to aquatic food chains." This in turn affects the fishing industry.


‎(Newsroom America) -- The Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010 will have a large economic impact on the U.S. Gulf fisheries.

Oil giant BP, the company behind the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, reported profits of $7.7 billion for the last quarter of 2011. Company executives and industry analysts sounded bullish about the company's future in a recent New York Times article,...

The Gulf has been plagued with a suite of unexplained afflictions. Gulf fishermen say this is the worst season they can remember, with catches down 80 percent or more. Shrimp boats come home nearly empty, hauling in deformed, discolored shrimp, even shrimp without eyes. Tar balls and dead dolphins still wash up on beaches. Scientists report huge tar mats below the sand, "like vanilla swirl ice cre...


The Gulf of Mexico is still reeling from BP oil spill and new oil http://www.nola.com/news/gulf-oil-spill/index.ssf


“The risks and potential impacts associated with this Arctic offshore oil development plan are currently unacceptably high and unmanageable” said WWF’s Arctic Program’s Layla Hughes, Senior Program Officer for Oil, Gas and Marine Shipping. “There is no evidence that oil companies and regulators have fully addressed the obvious lessons from the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Given the difficult working conditions and lack of infrastructure found in the Arctic, it would be irresponsible to begin drilling.”


Drilling Plans do Not Address Barriers to Spill Response Says WWF
It’s a ticking time bomb up in Alaska. The North Slope blowout is a grim reminder of that fact. Warnings that we are completely unprepared and unable to effectively respond to a spill in the Arctic have come from virtually every quarter, from emergency response experts to members of Congress to our own U.S. Coast Guard. Remember the name Repsol, you’ll be hearing it more frequently – I certainly ...See More


The Spanish oil company, Repsol, had an exploratory well blowout Wednesday morning on Alaska's remote North Slope, spewing natural gas into the frigid Arctic
The Interior Department signed off on a plan Friday that brings Shell closer to drilling in Arctic waters off Alaska’s coast this year.
The Interior Department signed off on a key plan Friday that brings Shell closer to drilling in Arctic waters off Alaska’s coast this year. Interior’s Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) approved Shell’s oil spill response plan for exploration in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea.
House lawmakers on Thursday approved a plan to authorize the Keystone XL pipeline and expand drilling offshore and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The 237-187 victory for Republican leaders — as part of one portion of a much larger energy and infrastructure strategy — was a relatively painless start to what has become a difficult endeavor for the overall package.


The 237-187 victory for Republican leaders approved a plan to authorize the Keystone XL pipeline.

According to reports: A rupture in the Keystone XL pipeline could cause a BP style oil spill in America’s heartland, over the source of fresh drinking water for 2 million people. NASA’s top climate scientist says that fully developing the tar sands in Canada would mean “essentially game over” for the climate.

AUSTIN, Texas — Marine scientist Deana Erdner is part of an international team of researchers awarded an anticipated five-year, $4 million grant to study the causes of ciguatera fish poisoning, the most common form of algal toxin-induced seafood poisoning in the world. The study is being funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It will focus on ciguatera in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.


AUSTIN, Texas — Marine scientist Deana Erdner is part of an international team of researchers awarded an anticipated five-year, $4 million grant to study the causes of ciguatera fish poisoning, the most common form of algal toxin-induced seafood poisoning in the world.

‎078 The Fate of Discharged Hydrocarbons from the Macondo Reservoir and the Impacts to Gulf Ecosystems - With my favorite scientist Dr. Samantha Joye.

‎2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, 20-24 February 2012, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Sponsored by the The Oceanogrpahy Society, the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, and the American Geophysical Union.
Feb 16 (Reuters) - Anadarko Petroleum Corp said on Thursday it had drilled a successful appraisal well near its Heidelberg discovery in the Gulf of Mexico, supporting its model for a reservoir it believes contains 200 million barrels of oil.

I've visited natural gas operations in Washington County. The county is home to almost 700 Marcellus Shale wells and at least 11 compressor stations. Given the recent news from PennEnvironment that oil and gas companies violated the law 3,355 times between 2008 and 2011 in Pennsylvania, it's safe to assume that some of these operations in Washington County have not been in complete compliance with all applicable rules.

There is a recent report that EPA is conducting a


This story is important. The FDA claims that the pesticide Bt-toxin, inserted into corn and cotton plants in order to kill insects, is harmless to humans and animals. They have ignored peer reviewed studies in the past, showing that the natural soil-born toxin does lead to allergic and flu-like symp...

Holland’s Proposed Ban on Ritual Slaughter Affects Jews and Moslems

imag3-cows Holland, where religious tolerance has been known since the 16th century, proposes a step backwards to the Dark Ages. Although here on Green Prophet we advocate adding more vegetables to your diet, we acknowledge the human appetite for meat. In…

When Tourism and Nature Collide- Protected Land Under Threat in Egypt

lake qarun el fayoum An Egyptian real estate developer is planning to build on 650 acres of protected land near Lake Qarun Despite the huge potential for Eco-tourism in the Middle East, the reality is that most tourism development in the region are about…

  1. Is Pink Slime Worse Than Meat Glue for Enhancing Fast Food?
  2. McDonald's Drops Pink Slime But Questionable Products Remain
  3. Arabic Calligraphy - eL Seed's Writing Is On the Wall
  4. New Natural Gas Field in Israel on Lebanese Border Stokes Conflict Flames
  5. Something Green – Muslim Couples Required to Plant Trees Before Marriage
  6. EU's Planned Nabucco Gas Pipeline To Be Displaced By Russian Project
  7. The World's Most Beautiful Mosque in Malaysia is Vulnerable to Rising Seas
  8. 20 Penguins From Texas Live at Dubai Ski Slope
  9. Piping Sunlight with Solotubes, Plastic Bottles and Islamic Architecture
  10. Pollution From North Africa Shuts Down Israeli Airports
 Sydney Morning Herald
 Plastic, Not so Fantastic

Child asylum seekers get payout in UK

11:24am The UK government has paid out STG2 million over the detention of 40 child asylum seekers, some of whom were survivors of torture in their home countries.

Computer salesman get 18 months for sales to Iran

NEDRA PICKLER 10:20am The owner of an electronic wholesale business has been sentenced to a year and a half in prison for selling computers to Iran without obtaining licenses from the U.S. government.
( are Stuxnet worms to be reliably exported ? )

‎'...over the course of a decade, a bunch of cheats, thieves, and suited mountebanks stole most of the national economy and then wrecked whatever was left of it.

But what's most extraordinary about the whole thing is that, after they swindled their swindles and heisted their heists, and got paid off by the rest of us for having looted our national economy, they all kept doing the same things they were doing before.' Charles P. Pierce, Esquire


The poorest people in America are running out of places to live. In every state in the country, there are people looking for cheap rental housing -- and in every state, there aren't enough units available, according to a report released Wednesday by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, a nonpr...

US sites hacked as objections grow to piracy deal

RAPHAEL SATTER and VANESSA GERA 5:20am Opponents of a controversial global copyright treaty counted three victories Friday as American government websites were hacked and the Eastern European nations of Poland and Slovenia distanced themselves from the deal.

Serious Facebook hack lands UK student in prison

RAPHAEL SATTER 8:20am A British student who stole sensitive information from Facebook's internal network was sentenced to eight months in prison Friday in what prosecutors described as the most serious case of social media hacking ever brought before the country's courts.

Minority BP partner to pay $90m for spill

7:04am A partner in BP's blown-out well in the Gulf of Mexico has been hit with the largest-ever civil penalty under the US Clean Water Act.

German president quits over lack of trust
Indigenous kids excluded from survey tests
Government defends asylum seeker help
  1. Air Australia passengers stranded
  2. Dutch prince buried in avalanche

Learn all about the US drone program in Pakistan and other lucky countries across the globe! See how fortunate one young villager is to have the US looking out for him and fighting extremism! But wait! Don't touch that dial! Call our toll-free 24/7 order number in the next 30 seconds and have your c ... 

Underground News Network shared a link.


WASHINGTON -- The stigma of long-term unemployment is so bad that it actually contributes to a higher national unemployment rate, according to an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office. As workers sit idle for months and years, their skills deteriorate and the very fact of their joblessness mak...
More than 4,400 people are held in immigration detention centres across Australia. 101 East asks if the treatment of detainees is creating a generation of people with major mental health problems.

Is the treatment of detainees in Australia's immigration detention centres causing long-term mental health problems?

‎"A scheme to privatize Florida’s prisons failed (19-21) in the state Senate yesterday after a huge public outcry led by Florida working families, community and civil rights groups."

I'll tell you who did this below.  First read his rather unusual letter: "I have transferred to you as trustees $231 million in bonds, the revenue of which is to be administered by you to hasten the abolition of international war, the foulest blot upon our civilization.  Although we no lon ... 
Originally published at TomDispatch.com When it comes to U.S. policy toward Iran, irony is the name of the game.  Where to begin?  The increasingly fierce sanctions that the Obama administration is seeking to impose on that country’s oil business will undoubtedly cause further problems ... 

People & Power sent filmmaker John D McHugh to Afghanistan's Kunar province to assess the willingness and capacity of the combatants - the US forces and the Taliban fighters - to see it through to a definitive conclusion.

In the frozen peaks of Afghanistan's Kunar province, a ferocious clash for supremacy rages amid the mountaintops.
Imagine that your son, your darling little boy, was killed during the past eight years in a war that served purely to kill a whole lot of Iraqis and enrich a small number of billionaires, while causing horrible environmental damage, stripping away our civil liberties, and poisoning foreign relations ... 
Let’s just dip our fingers in purple ink and pose for photos now that voting has the same significance for us as it had for those Iraqis who got conned into thinking they were participating in some grand democratic experiment. Our own elections, the ones our government has modeled for the world, ar ...

from Cora Currier, ProPublica (view source) The Obama administration is billing today's $25 billion agreement between most states and five banks that engaged in flawed or deceptive practices as a big win for struggling homeowners. Most of the money in the settlement isn't a penalty, or a fine levied ... 
Arab League Secretary General Nabil Alarabi andQatari Foreign Minister Hamad bin Jasimattend the Arab Foreign Ministers emergency meetingabout Syria in Cairo - Photo: EPA/KHALED ELFIQI Originally published at Asia Times Here's a crash course on the "democratic" machinations of the Arab League - ra ... 
Exclusive: New Iranian Commando Team Operating Near U.S. (Tehran, FNA) The Fars News Agency has confirmed with the Republican Guard’s North American Operations Command that a new elite Iranian commando team is operating in the U.S.-Mexican border region. The primary day-to-day mission of the te ... 
by Steve Horn Discontent with the political system as a whole is rising, as seen clearly through the lens of struggles around the world and right here at home, via the ongoing Occupy movement. Numerous figures have speculated and are continuing to speculate as to what the electoral strategy, if any, ... 
( The same colour used for the fake NATO Twitter Revolution in Iran
This may be the most genuine, sensible political speech you'll ever see. For more information see JillStein.org and New Progressive Alliance 

Now out on the Token Skeptic Podcast (with a transcript to follow!): Episode One Hundred And Eight – On James Randi’s An Honest Liar – Interview With Justin Weinstein And Tyler Measom. Also, don’t forget to check out the earlier transcripts of podcast episodes - available on the Curiouser and...
Originally published at TomDispatch.com At some basic level, climate change shouldn’t be hard to grasp.  Fossil-fuel burning -- the essence of our civilization since the industrial revolution -- dumps prodigious amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.  As it happens, 2010 w ...

One would think that if condemned to lose sanity it would be preferable not to be aware of what was happening. On the contrary, as in lucid dreaming, there is something empowering and even comforting in lucid derangement, particularly national as opposed to personal derangement.We may be in the adv ... 
The US spy chief has told the Congress President Bashar Al-Assad is fighting against Al-Qaeda of Iraq. James Clapper is the first top US official to acknowledge US might indirectly support insurgents.
( This is just so wrong on so many levels.  Al CIA-da is on the payroll in Iran,Syria,Libya...)

Coastal communities at Qua Iboe Oil fields that use the Atlantic access road have been cut off from this vital commercial artery while ExxonMobil, works on an upgrade of a crude oil pipeline.

‎"Poor practices are poor practices and they need to be identified and need to be penalised so they are not carried on beyond a reasonable point," he told BBC News. Dr Groat said far more research on hydraulic fracturing was needed, and his Energy Institute planned now to take a closer look at the other concerns such as any increased earthquake risk.


A report claims groundwater contamination concerns around fracking - hydraulic fracturing of shale formations to extract natural gas - are overstated.

These are the live forecasts for the Gulf Loop and Atlantic Currents. Some have expressed an interest earlier in how things were looking. These are the best and most accurate displays of the current flow, which some were looking to analyze the potential impact on the deaths of dolphins in the upper Atlantic region against the flow from the Gulf of Mexico.

This is a map of the magnitude of the horizontal velocity of the seawater at the indicated depth. Units are meters per second
What good a revolution, have you no fixed plan for what comes next? ~ Be careful what you wish for.... ~ Things aren't that bad. The devil you know may be better than the devil you get... Things are that bad. Things are unimaginably bad, had people the ability to connect dots so obvious a kinder ...
Originally published at TomDispatch.com These days, with a crisis atmosphere growing in the Persian Gulf, a little history lesson about the U.S. and Iran might be just what the doctor ordered. Here, then, are a few high- (or low-) lights from their relationship over the last half-century-plus: S ... 

A US soldier looks over the Baiji Refinery in Baiji, Iraq, December 16, 2009. (Photo: Ayman Oghanna / The New York Times)

Governor Akpabio’s handpicked members of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly have arrogated to themselves the powers constitutionally vested in the Nigerian Press Council by seeking to probe media houses in the state.

With a security budget of $7 Billion Dollars US, Nigeria still can't provide their Bomb Squad Police Officers with the proper equipment for Explosive Ordnanc...

A group of heavily-armed gunmen invaded a prison for high-profile criminals in Koton Karifi in Kogi state. They blasted through secure prison doors and set free an unspecified number of inmates.
The militant Jamatul Ahlis Sunnah Lid Daawa Wal Jihad, widely known as Boko Haram, has warned that it will soon turn its bombing and striking attention to installations of telecommunication service providers.

At the London trial of former Delta State governor and Peoples Democratic Party stalwart James Ibori, the prosecution and the defence on Monday got down to examining the finer points of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
The biggest oil companies in the world want you to believe that electric cars are inferior to their gas-guzzling counterparts. Recent reports by ExxonMobil (NYS: XOM) and BP (NYS: BP) say that few, if any, of you will see electric cars outnumber gas vehicles in your lifetimes. However, recent breakthroughs in electric powertrain technology tell a different story. With or without biased reports, disruptive innovation ultimately leads to change.

Tamara Rutter sees Big Oil pronouncements that electric cars are decades off as self-serving.


Soon, govt will keep track of where every mobile user is - The government is looking to track all mobile phone users.

A video and picture collection of all my personal footage of the war going on above are heads. Hope its encouraging to all the viewers that we can use non-vi...

Amazing testimony of ex CIA Asset Susan Lindauer. 5 years of legal troubles, 1 year in prison for daring to tell the truth. During the Bush era the top controllers of the governmental mechanics of Defense and national Security wanted to have a war with Iraq. They got their wish and anyone who got in...


A decade has passed since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, and many people feel that we have still not had a real investigation into what really happened that day. Many believe that the investigations into the destruction of the three WTC skyscrapers by the National Institute for Standards a...


Every victim of a crime in Michigan is entitled to make a statement in open court regarding the impact of the crime on their life. The statement is limited to the victim’s physical, emotional and financial well being as it relates to the crime. Keep that in mind as you read my statement. Below is a ...
In Palm Beach County, overall foreclosure activity was down 4.5 percent in January from last year, but a 52 percent spike in initial filings affirms experts’ predictions that lenders are revving their home repossession engines.


‎(Source: Kimberly Miller The Palm Beach Post, Fla. (MCT)) --Lenders ramped up Florida foreclosures last month, an acceleration driven by continued robo-signing
‎"With the advent of debt securitisation, creditors have become far more numerous, and include hedge funds and other investors over whom regulators and government have little sway." Read the article and tell us what you think:


Fighting for an economy that works for all of us

‎* Report found 84 pct of San Francisco disclosures illegal * High levels found across the country, experts say By Tim Reid LOS ANGELES, Feb 16 (Reuters) - A report this week showing rampant foreclosure abuse in San Francisco reflects similar levels of l...
I met a man the other day, pretty regular guy all in all except he was homeless. Just one more, one more of the millions of Americans to whom healthcare is dream, food is a hope and even shelter is questionable. It is an American story; it is a microcosm of modern American society. And a most amazin...
Congratulations to Iceland. Fitch has upgraded the country to investment grade BBB – with stable outlook, expecting government debt to peak at 100pc of GDP. The OECD's latest forecast said growth will be 2.4pc this year, after 2.9pc in 2011. Unemployment will fall from 7pc last year to 6.1pc this ye...

Not sure exactly what genetically modified or engineered foods are? Well, fasten your seat belt folks, 'cause it's a bumpy ride. 
Institute for Responsible Technology shared a link.


Squarebar is launching three Non-GMO Project Verified organic nutrition bars. “We believe that everyone has a right to know what is and isn’t in their food. -Michelle
‎""This disease has happened all over the world where farms are heavily stocked, farms close together ..."


Federal authorities have quarantined a Nova Scotia salmon farm after a suspected case of a contagious virus was detected a week ago.
( Fish move from one location to another in the wild. One known problem with farms is sea lice. I believe I also recall an instance of a farm overrun by poisonous jellyfish )

Fifty medical doctors who favor a single payer health insurance system today urged the US Supreme Court to strike down the individual mandate.
‎"With the advent of debt securitisation, creditors have become far more numerous, and include hedge funds and other investors over whom regulators and government have little sway." Read the article and tell us what you think:

There are several explanations for the ECBs insistence on a "voluntary" restructuring of Greece's sovereign debt.
Greece: A Ruling Class Experiment


Greek unions launched a two-day general strike on February 10 against new extreme austerity measures the “troika” of the International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and European Union is seeking to impose on the southern European nation. The deal will give Greece a new “bail-out” worth 130 bi...
Substitute Deutchland for Greece and Greece for Athens and then tell me history doesn't repeat itself. Perhaps karma has been taking it's sweet time to revisit the Athenians, but it's now here with bells on!

This was sent to me by a reader. It is from the Melian Dialogue by Thucydides. Athens (then the big bully on block) wanted control over the little island of Melos as a strategic asset in its quarrel with Sparta. It gave the Melians an ultimatum: either submit to Athenian control or face annihilation...
‎'Strangely, the current run-up in prices comes despite sinking demand in the U.S.' Matthew Philips, Bloomberg Businessweek
Envisioning London’s Water Level In 1,000 Years


A portrayal of how our world may be changed: Plunge is the title of an installation created by Michael Pinsky scattered at sites across London. Halos of blue
It’s a common misconception that you need animal products to get enough protein into your diet...



Get more updates like this everyday at Press For Truth TV: http://pressfortruth.tv/register/
Help keep Press For Truth alive and support alternative independ...
That brilliant smile - his loss is great. "At the time of his passing, Mike was doing work on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, his son Max working with him during at least one shoot to get underwater footage of the environmental disaster."


Mike was director of photography for a gazillion films and series about ocean animals. He worked for National Geographic and PBS, for BBC and David Attenborough and James Cameron and Turner Broadcasting. His contagious enthusiasm was once graphically captured in his jumping and gesturing during a o...

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