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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1 February - iGoogle

One of 39 downtown fire hydrants painted by st...Image via Wikipedia
A photograph of Ann Arbor's downtown business ...Image via Wikipedia
The Huron River within the Ann Arbor area. 2010Image via Wikipedia
Ethnic cleansing of an Invented People

3 Ds
The Week Ahead in Foreign Affairs

All Things Considered -NPR

For Hungarian Borrowers, A Mortgage Nightmare

American Water Intelligence

Woonsocket WWTP upgrade, RI
Frederick WWTP upgrade, MD

Pakistan dismisses Taliban links

Pakistan's foreign minister says her country has no hidden agenda in Afghanistan, as a leaked Nato report accuses Islamabad of links to the Taliban.
Big freeze extends across Europe

Blog of Rights - ACLU

No Gaming the System When it Comes to Title IX
Will Congress Take Privacy Out of Your Netflix Queue?

No major injuries in Michigan train derailment

Two passenger rail cars jumped the tracks Wednesday near Ann Arbor, Michigan, but no life-threatening injuries were reported in the accident...
Does defiant Gingrich help or hurt GOP's chances?


VW tries to out-Vader its last Super Bowl ad
Swedish high court scuttles Pirate Bay appeal

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Resources on pension reform and Old Age Security
Infographic visualizes rising income inequality in Canada

Circle of Blue - water news

The Stream, February 1: Reversing the Chicago River to Stop Asian Carp
The Stream, January 31: Mining and Food Production


Archie Bland: Forget music – financial wars are the route to power
Robert Fisk: Syria is used to the slings and arrows of friends and enemies

Common Dreams

What Me Worry? "No Need to Panic About Global Warming," Say "Scientists"


Bedrock of a Free Society
VIDEO: UN Five-Year Plan Is Globalist to the Core

Daily News - Egypt

Iraq to host Arab summit on March 29
British Museum exhibit offers visitors chance to experience Muslim pilgrimage

Democracy Now!

Exploring Mitt Romney's Shifting Stances From "Moderate" Governor to GOP Frontrunner

Apple's Siri Isn't Really Female

In other countries, Siri's voice sounds male.
Sea Turtle Baby Boom Breaks Records


USDA issues new rules for school meals
Lessons from famous college dropouts

Food and Water Watch

Monsanto Returns to the Scene of the Crime

food consumer

$29 Billion Reasons to Lie About Cholesterol
Posted By Dr. Mercola | February 01 2012  $29 Billion Introduction from 29billion on Vimeo.  Visit...
Why is the Government Buying You Twinkies?

Force Change

Tell Colorado Legislators To Create Database For Animal Abusers


It’s time to Clean House to fix our Broken System: Take the extremists out of Congress
Sarah Palin: “Annoy a Liberal, Vote for Newt” (Yes, please do!)
Romney, Eye Still on GOP Rivals, Turns Back to Obama - New York Times
Facebook Is Said to Pick Morgan Stanley for Initial Offering - BusinessWeek
Getty Images Virtually all health insurance plans could soon be required to offer female patients free coverage of prescription birth control. Pfizer Inc. is recalling 1 million packets of birth control pills because of a packaging error.
By Kim Painter, USA TODAY Breast surgeries questioned: More than 20% of women who have lumpectomies for breast cancer end up having second surgeries -- but the rates vary widely depending on where a woman is treated and who her surgeon is.
Two months after touching off controversy by asking both Science and Nature to publish only abbreviated versions of new research on the H5N1 avian flu virus, members of the US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB) said they are ...
Nearly half of women who had lumpectomies for breast cancer had second operations they may not have needed because surgeons have been unable to agree on guidelines for the most common operation for breast cancer, a new study finds.
By James Gallagher Health and science reporter, BBC News Skin cells have been converted directly into cells which develop into the main components of the brain, by researchers studying mice in California. The experiment, reported in Proceedings of the ...
Postmenopausal women with a history of smoking who take heartburn drugs called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) for two years or longer may be more likely to sustain a hip fracture. And the longer women take PPIs, the greater their risk.
A new device reportedly has the ability to read your mind by analyzing your brain waves, according to study published by scientists from four universities. The study, conducted by researchers at UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, University of Maryland and ...
Dr. Richard Olney died after his own eight-year struggle with the disease. He spent most of his 25-year research career at UC

Guardian UK
Taliban 'will take over in Afghanistan'

Pakistan and Nato reject assertions by Taliban and al-Qaida detainees in document based on interrogationsA secret US military report says the...
Romney crushes Gingrich in Florida


KEVIN MOONEY: Louisiana’s Teacher Evaluation System Could Remove Tenure From Autopilot
JEREMY ALFORD: The Sleazy Accusation Billy Nungesser Made Against Jay Dardenne, And The Show We Didn’t Get To See

Inside Facebook

Inside Social Apps 2012 is in One Week
Facebook gives users option to hide Ticker


In Defense of Video Games: More Than Just an Entertaining Time Sink [Video Games]
Make Your Own Wire Stripper that Warns You When You Hit the Wire [DIY]


Greg Thielmann on U.S. Assessment of Iran’s Nuclear Program: Essentials Remain the Same
The latest offer to Iran of nuclear talks: don’t hold your breath


Mitt Romney's Florida Republican primary speech (full text, video) (Washington Post)

Steve Munro

Ford Attempts Coup to Stall Debate on Transit City
Six Years
NPR - news
Romney Rivals Are In It For The Long Haul

New Scientist - online news
Baby pulsars spawn universe's most energetic particles
Scientists suing the FDA after covert surveillance

News 24

Eskom ordered to raise pay
The National Union of Mineworkers says an arbitrator has ordered Eskom to up wage increases by at least 1% after the utility unilaterally...
Prospective Tshwane cop's death probed

Obama ConspiracyTheories

Russians jump on Birther Bandwagon
Colbert Super PAC raises over $1,000,000

Oddly Enough

The last huzzah?

Open Channel

Pro-Ron Paul PAC misses $$$ deadline, blames credit card company
A Super PAC supporting Ron Paul was the only major presidential fundraising operation to miss Tuesday's federal deadline for disclosing its donors...
After TV cameras leave, Romney Super PAC discloses $18 million

Open Secrets

E-Filing Campaign Finances Remains a Rarity for Senators


The Dreaded K Word
'Tweets Still Must Flow'

paper.li blog

Celebrating Digital Learning and Classroom Innovation
Last fall we interviewed Paper.li publisher, Kate Morgan, an educator at Penn State who was using Paper.li in the classroom as a part of her...
Paper.li Topical Browser (Alpha)

Payvand Iran News

Opposition group calls on Iranians to join rally on February 14


Massive U.S. Military Buildup Reported Around Iran; Up to 100,000 Troops Ready By March

Pesticide Action Network

2,4-D corn? Bad idea, and here's why.
Genetically engineered bourbon?! No joke.

Philippines News

Gunmen abduct Swiss, Dutch nationals in southern Philippines

Political MoJo : Mother Jones

Occupy Oakland's Black Panther Roots
We're Still at War: Photo of the Day for February 1, 2012

Politics Security Secrecy

Secrecy Bill less about media freedom, more about national security ...
Judicial Watch Can Push for Immigration Info - Courthouse News ...

Psychology Today

Forbidden Thoughts

Reef News and Issues

Florida Coastal and Ocean Coalition: Updated Blueprint released

Satellite News

NASA's THEMIS Satellite Sees a Great Electron Escape
When scientists discovered two great swaths of radiation encircling Earth in the 1950s, it spawned over-the-top fears about "killer electrons" and...
Jeff Adams – Real Estate Investing


Electronic telepathy breakthrough hailed
The plane truth: Scientist reveals how wings really work

Science Daily

Why the brain is more reluctant to function as we age
Artificial intelligence: Getting better at the age guessing game

Scientific American

Certain Neurons Respond Specifically to Animals

Star Online : nation

Boat capsizes near Kota Tinggi, eight drown, five missing (Updated)


NASA's THEMIS Satellite Sees a Great Electron Escape
When scientists discovered two great swaths of radiation encircling Earth in the 1950s, it spawned over-the-top fears about "killer electrons" and...
Jeff Adams – Real Estate Investing


Announcing a global talent search for TED2013 speakers
Extreme swimming with the world’s most dangerous jellyfish: Diana Nyad on TED.com


White House Says It Can't Comment On Possible Chris Dodd Investigation
Dutch ISPs Refuse To Block The Pirate Bay Without A Direct Order

Ten Percent

Fighting The Good Fight

This Week in Science

Locust Heaven
Potassium Permeation


About 20 seismic stations with satellite communication opened in Azerbaijan
Seventeen new telemetry seismic stations with satellite communication were opened in Azerbaijan in 2009-2011. Seven telemetry seismic stations...
Annual national program on integration into NATO approved in Georgia

Unexplained Mysteries
Is a life of crime all in the genes ?
Elephants grew over 24 million generations

US EPA Water Science News

2012 Beach Grants
Notice of Final 2010 Effluent Guidelines Program Plan; Re-Opening Public Comment Period

USA Today
Ariz. police sergeant in Obama photo flap reassigned
Afghans' attacks on U.S. troops often personal

War is Business

Americans In Afghanistan Likely Causing More Corruption Than They Stop (Original Reporting)
New U.S. Nuke Facility Shows One Way Military Costs Get Hidden (Original Reporting)

Web MD
Antidepressants Take Time to Work, Time to Quit
Thinking about quitting your antidepressant? Find out what you should do before you take matters into your own hands.
Are You a Mosquito Magnet?


'Offensive' Rolling Stones urinals cause uproar in Germany
CNN apologises for placing London in Norfolk during news report

White House


Wag the Seal

Zoe - It`s our Nature

War Dogs Get Robo-Trainer – ‘RATS’
How My Cat Sees Things

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