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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8 August - iGoogle

WASHINGTON - FEBRUARY 25:  Federal Reserve Boa...WASHINGTON - FEBRUARY 25: Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke testifies during a hearing before the House Banking Committee February 25, 2010 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Bernanke delivered his semiannual monetary policy report to the congress at the hearing. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
Illustration for Edgar Allan Poe's poem "...Illustration for Edgar Allan Poe's poem "Al Aaraaf" by W. Heath Robinson. From The Poems of Edgar Allan Poe, London: George Bell & Sons, 1902. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Collection of W. Heath Robinson's "Railwa...Collection of W. Heath Robinson's "Railway Ribaldry", originally published at the request of the Great Western Railway, which was celebrating its centenary in 1935. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Houses of Parliament are situated within t...The Houses of Parliament are situated within the Palace of Westminster, in London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  Note on the brouhaha on bike helmets via Zemanta related content at bottom : the sidebar has links to posts saying bicycle helmet laws cause both higher incidence of accidents and drastic cut in bike use - not an exercise fitness win at all. Plus the 'quoted' cyclist says ... I was MIS-quoted. Shocker. Not.


 Disaster delayed : Greece, Europe and your investments

Financial markets have become less willing to give the political leadership the benefit of the doubt. While new policy announcements continue to drive short term relief rallies on global markets, their impact is become more and more limited, with investors rapidly recognising the shortfalls of the policy prescriptions served up so far.
As a result, it's likely that this mismatch between the expectations of financial markets and the solutions that politicians are willing to deliver will see volatility continue for some time, with more uncertainty for investors around the world, including Australia.

$9 trillion reasons the market is smiling
$9 trillion reasons the market is smiling Global monetary policy is still easing and the combined balance sheet of the four major …
Europe races towards a debt-day decision
Europe races towards a debt-day decision As the eurozone debt crisis worsened overnight, Paris and Berlin were able to agree on …
Investing in cash: 10 things you should know
Investing in cash: 10 things you should know From cash flow to cash management accounts we look at the 10 things you should know …
Islamic investments in Australia
Islamic investments in Australia While Islamic or Sharia financing has been available in Australia for some time, …
Swan song for the RBA Rare earths and why they matter
Savers should act fast to lock in high rates Leveraging retail's online solution
Limping towards a carbon tax finish line Market update on the Eurozone
A mining tax only W. Heath Robinson could love

Taiwan cemetery 'threatens leopard cats'  
Grey whale baby boom noted in Alaska
Credit card rules change
NSW to pay for 'repugnant' jailing
Man ignites home by microwaving socks

Happy Go Electric Bikes ( Ad - Inverness ) Supporter of Inverness Cycling Club
who do political activism as well

Pedal on Parliament 28/04/2012
Pedal on Parliament 28/04/2012Safer cycling and cities fit for people is an important issue for Scotland. Pedal on Parliament will be gathering cyclists (and anyone who wants to join them) from across the nation to cycle on Holyrood to tell our politicians that cycling matters. In February, up to 2000 cyclists gathered in London to cycle on the Westminster Parliament in support of safer cycling and cities fit for people. On April 28th, to coincide with a follow-up ride in London, Pedal on Parliament will be gathering cyclists from across the nation to cycle on Holyrood to tell our politicians that cycling matters.

Read more for more information.

To Do

Western Farm Press
As part of President Obama's 'all-of-the-above' strategy to responsibly develop America's domestic energy resources, the Department of the Interior and the Department of Defense are teaming up to strengthen the nation's energy security and reduce ...
The program is part of a Department of Defense initiative to meet at least 25% of energy demand on its bases from renewable sources by 2025. The military is also aiming its bases to become “net zero” consumers of electricity – generating more power ...
LONDON, Aug. 8 (UPI) -- British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says renewable energy will remain a key part of the country's energy policy despite reports of government infighting. Clegg, appearing Monday at an energy conference in London, declared ...
Bringing together knowledge, expertise and state of the art facilities to help UK businesses innovate, finding new ways to capture and use the energy, as well as reducing the cost of offshore renewable energy sources. UK businesses engaging with the ...
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Human Habitat

Party for Socialism and Liberation
The central lesson of ecology is that everything is connected to everything else, meaning that human activities interact with nature in sometimes problematic ways. Thus, evidence accumulating this summer of powerful and accelerating changes in the ...
Business Examiner (blog)
The Washington Department of Ecology is seeking public comment on the City of DuPont's recently updated shoreline master program. The proposed updated shoreline master program will guide construction and development in DuPont's 3.54 miles of ...
Luanda — The Minister of Environment, F├ítima Jardim, left this Wednesday for the central Huambo province, where she is inaugurating the Tropical Ecology and Climate Changes Centre (CETAC). According to a press note that reached Angop, the Tropical ...
Working with an international team of ecologists, lead author and PhD student Charlotte Walters from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) selected 1350 calls of 34 different European bat species from EchoBank, a global echolocation library of more ...
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Water Power

Huffington Post
The project is part of the company's $1.1 million investment in the Nature Conservancy, designed to benefit five Texas watersheds — including Nash Prairie outside of Houston — from which its bottling plants draw water. The money will go toward ...
New York Post
LONDON — The ball ricocheted hard off the crossbar, high into the out-of-bounds water, and all at once you could hear the relieved sighs and bitter gasps of 5000 people inside the Water Polo Arena, and then the inevitable chants of “U! S! A!” There ...
The Yugoslav school of water polo is renowned for its physicality in what is already a particularly grueling contact sport where players wrestle against each other for position, in an underwater struggle which is not seen by the referees. "We prefer to ...
Good afternoon and welcome to Primo Water's second quarter fiscal 2012 earnings conference call. On the call with me today are Billy Prim, President and Chief Executive Officer; and Mark Castaneda, Chief Financial Officer. By now, everyone should have ...
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All Things Considered - NPR
American Water Intelligence Project Tracker
Assad forces claim Aleppo advance
Syrian state media say government forces have taken full control of a strategic district in the biggest city, Aleppo - a claim denied by the rebels.  
Egypt officials sacked over Sinai 
  • Objects may be 'earliest matches'
    Researchers from Israel say clay mysterious clay artefacts from the Neolithic are the earliest known "matches".
  • 'Cold fusion' chemist dead at 85
    Martin Fleischmann, the Czech-born chemist who claimed to have achieved "cold fusion" - a claim later discredited - is reported to have died.
  • Rover pictured on Mars from space
    Nasa uses one of its satellites to image the Curiosity rover on Mars, including all the components of the vehicle's discarded landing system.
  • Europe split over waste disposal
    Some countries in southern and eastern Europe are falling well below European targets for waste management, an EU report concludes.
  • Website warned over MMR claims
    A website offering parents advice on vaccines has been ordered to remove information about the MMR jab after claiming it could be linked to autism.
  • Farm virus 'may spread across UK'
    Schmallenberg virus is present in the UK this summer and could spread throughout the country, scientists say.
Blog of Rights - ACLU
Ernesto makes landfall in Mexico
Ernesto slammed into Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula early today, whipping the region with heavy rain and 80 mph winds before weakening to a tropical...  
Antarctica medical rescue under way 
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Carbon Farmers of ustralia
( Beats me. Is there sanity in destroying natural fertilizer ? However, extracting an energy source from manure is no different than doing it from human waste as is done in treatment plants. And whether or not you believe the AGW bumpf,  it should continue as an  attractive energy option....which kills stink around piggeries. Heck, it should even generate 'carbon credits'. )
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
Circle of Blue Water News
Common Dreams
Daily Bell
 Democracy Now!
EPA Radiation News
EPA Water Science News
 Food and Water Watch
food consumer
Force Change
FreakOut Nation
Guardian UK
Egypt launches Sinai air strikes
Military officials say helicopters fired missiles and killed 20 'terrorists' after latest attacks on security checkpointsEgyptian military attack...  
Bo Xilai's son submits witness statement 
Inside Facebook
Steve Munro
New Scientist
 News 24
Tough economy bites McDonald's profits
McDonald's Corp says a key revenue figure came in flat in July as diners pulled back amid a tough economy.  
Eskom struggling to restore Free State power 
Obama Conspiracy Theories
Open Channel
How an EPA project backfired, endangering drinking water with lead
By Sheila Kaplan and Corbin HiarInvestigative Reporting Workshop, American UniversityMillions of Americans may be drinking water that is...  
China has its own subprime investments: Meet 'Golden Elephant No. 38' 
Open Secrets
Payvand Iran News
Pesticide Action Network
Philippines News
Political MoJo | Mother Jones
Politics Security Secrecy
Psychology Today
Science Daily
Scientific American
Shaleshock Media
Star Online
This Week in Science
Iran, South Korea close to deal to resume crude exports
A South Korean government source has said that his country is close to a deal with Tehran to resume buying Iranian crude as soon as September...  
Revenue of Turkmen state budget executed at 125.6 percent 
USA Today
Unexplained Mysteries
Web MD
White House
A Witchy Life
So a few days ago, The Wild Hunt published a post called “Question: When Do You Get to Choose Your Faith?“  Intrigued, I read through...  

A big government study shows that in the last decade, the proportion of children who have high cholesterol has fallen. (Aug. 7) Dr. Sarah de Ferranti, director of preventive cardiology at Boston Children's Hospital, left, meets with patient Quinn ...
The number of reported cases of humans with West Nile Virus in Illinois increased over the past week from two to six, and all instances were found in Cook County, officials said today. The Illinois Department of Public Health updates its records of ...
WASHINGTON: Adults of a normal weight with new-onset diabetes die at a higher rate than overweight/obese adults with the same disease, according to a new US study. The study found that normal-weight participants experienced both significantly higher ...
You don't have to live in a "high-crime neighborhood" to understand the difference a little bit of green can make in a community, whether it be well-tended grass or a canopy of leafy trees or a bustling park. But it's still nice to read this Philly.com ...
CHICAGO--A senior Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services official told state lawmakers Aug. 6 the federal government would permit states forgoing Medicaid expansion under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to enroll in the expanded ...
A major collapse in the Alzheimer's drug world generated buzz around the pharma industry about what comes next. Eli Lilly ($LLY), of course, stands alone with a late-stage drug for slowing progression of the memory-thieving illness, now that Pfizer and ...
The health-care overhaul provides a safety net for young adult children, who can now stay on their parents' health plans until they reach age 26. But it doesn't guarantee that their parents' plan will cover a common medical condition that many young ...
Daily Galaxy 
A pressing retail chain reaction

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