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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

7 August - Tweets


Is the War on Dissent a cover for something else ? Can't see forest for trees
Discount rates on throwing a nation into murderous chaos for NATO colonialism
koolaid Search NPT TRAP Sanctions are war Nuke tech is a bs excuse to bully no WMD antinuke nations
Not Hansen fan Warming precedes co2 rise Track ozone Forecasting future is b.s. not science
Christopher Booker: Keeping the country short of water is now government – and EU –…
If you look at Iraq similarly experienced Baathist bureaucrats were locked out It ensures incompetence
You don't hear much about Obama's opinions on that He kills
People in Gulf area ill See YouTube Dr. Riki Ott on HuffPo interesting
Nope I`d love to find it myself Currently I have to enable the link then use URL That`s not exclusive to Google
Which does what for Taleban confidence in their resurgence after US loses interest...in what mission anyway
LOL Chinese perhaps don't read Anglo press lies on Iran UK banks shoot self in foot US has NPT TRAP
Who do you think supports Mousavi and kills govt and military figures Defence chief is in Israeli jail via NATO
Largest cycling group in Ottawa endorses my push for Truck sideguards in letter to Minister Lebel
Been there Done that War on Drugs promotes crime See Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Sustainable alternatives Technology is suppressed by U.S. military at Patent application stage
American Airlines Exposes Bush’s ‘Big Lie’: Flight 11 DID NOT FLY on 911!:
In Bad Faith: New Study Further Underscores Lack of Truth in Anti-Choice Claims | RH Reality Check
Just as soon as we put Harper up for war crimes - torture - in Afghanistan
Whatever. I found a Jewish site which slams historical research into WW II Germany as antisemitic. Guess what it does.
Bush's CIA director: We determined attacking Iran was a bad idea
NATO black ops are run out of Turkey and are multinational incl Mossad
I can't imagine why Search fate of academics in Iraq post invasion
US ( and UK )mudflinging poisoning the well framing arguments see CASMII
'Palestinians' are an 'invented people' too - of diverse origins which include native Semites called Samaritans.
Nonsense. The name of the game is "The U.S. suspects" Go check out CASMII to see how this is ongoing garbage
Explain please. I see much more reason to say the U.S. and U.K. have an ongoing active campaign against Iran
X-Rays are radiation : causing cancer and other physical problems. They are not suitable for routine use - not
America did It is now outsourced to his torturer who aided CIA rendition
RT- "We Cannot be Both the World's Leading Champion of Peace, & the World's Leading Suppliers of the Weapons of War" ~JIMMY CARTER~
Note source SB Checking African Mathaba and Arab sources for skepticism reporting accurate Do U watch RT or Real News
Or better appreciation of crisis creation expertise NATO Colour Revolutions
Because the food fight was about who gets to rob people of legal recourse
Interesting note Web of Trust has a Red Alert on this link - which is perhaps common for reality reports
Play Ahmadinejad interviews on Youtube Holocaust Pay attention 2 who says what Note recurring questions different interviewers
:) lamestream media monopoly of the bipartisan war party tyranny ( see Wikipedia kleptocracy)
If it works - it'll kill you Suggest vaporizer and use to disperse Friar's Balsam
But you will not know how world views U.S. re: battlefield by US punditry
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