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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

5 August - My Feedly

Syrian girls play on top of a destroyed Syrian...Syrian girls play on top of a destroyed Syrian riot police tank at Bayada neighborhood in Homs Syria (Photo credit: FreedomHouse)A Syrian refugee girl looks out from behind th...A Syrian refugee girl looks out from behind the fence at Yayladagi refugee camp in Hatay province near the Turkish-Syrian border April 10, 2012. (Photo credit: FreedomHouse)

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Casualties in US Sikh temple shooting
At least 20 people feared injured in multiple shooting in Milwaukee temple, with hostages still inside, officials say.
Five Best Desktop Mice
Picking the best mouse to use is a pretty personal decision—it often comes down to taste and how the mouse feels under your hands, but there are definitely some stand-out models that most of us would recommend to friends if they asked us. Well, we asked you which desktop mouse you thought was the best, and this week we're going to take a look at five of the best, based on your nominations. More »
Corbett Report Radio 187 – The Battle for Syria with Syrian Girl
Tonight we talk to Syrian Girl about the latest in Syria, from the “battle for Aleppo” to the moves toward all-out sectarian war. We discuss the US Government’s own “Guide to the Syrian People,” the outside influence of the Freemasons, the Zionists, and other groups, and the real endgame for the region.

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David Evans in the Fairfax press: Climate change science is a load of hot air and warmists are wrong
Today in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, for the first time, David Evans has been published in the Op-Ed section. Something is going on in those newsrooms…? This article, below, simply makes the point that the models amplify the direct effect of CO2 by a factor of three and that is where the most important uncertainties lie. This key factor in the debate — which we cover repeatedly on this
Supplier Of Kids To Top People?
Sir Jimmy Savile with Elvis.Allegedly, Sir Jimmy Savile supplied children to the elite for the purposes of child sexual abuse. On 5 August 2012, we learn that, according to a new documentary, the BBC star Sir Jimmy Savile sexually abused teenage girls, including one aged 13.The Independent Television documentary is based on research by  Mark Williams-Thomas, a former detective with Surrey PoliceTh
If The Democratic Party Is Dying In Parts of The Country, Don't Blame Mark Clayton, Blame Steve Israel And The Beltway Insiders
The last time, which was also the first time he won, Bob Corker ran to represent Tennessee in the U.S. Senate, his Democratic opponent was notorious corporate shill and faux-Democrat Harold Ford, Jr. Nationally, 2006 was a very Democratic year. The 55 seat Republican majority disappeared and Miss McConnell stepped down to the Minority Leader slot. Not a single Senate seat held by the Democrats fel
Texas Orders Up a New Test to Solve Problems Created by 32 Years of Testing
Texas has been been doing more of the same standardized testing and expecting different results (see Einstein's definition of insanity) for 32 years now, and the children of the Lone Star state are as poor, malnourished, and miseducated as ever.  One in four lives in poverty, just as one in four Texans has no health insurance. Poverty rates jumped by 9 percent in the last U. S. Census, while t

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The zombie novel grows up – This Dark Earth by John Hornor Jacobs
This Dark Earth is about zombies the way that Othello is about interracial marriage. Sure, it has zombies – it pretty much jumps right in with them. And their introduction is as terrifying a passage of fiction as I have ever read. A hospital that in a few pages goes from a place of healing to the mouth of hell. A plague introduced not only in its implacable horror, but also in its wrenching humani


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Las Vegas Sands Target Of U.S. Money-Laundering Probe, WSJ Says
Chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation Sheldon Adelson. AFP PHOTO / AARON TAM Reuters | Posted: 08/04/2012  1:25 pm Updated: 08/04/2012  2:55 pm CHICAGO, Aug 4 (Reuters) – Las Vegas Sands Corp,  controlled by billionaire Republican donor Sheldon Adelson, is  the target of a federal investigation into possible violations  of U.S. money-laundering laws, the Wall Street Journal reported  on
Mitt Romney Comments At Fundraiser Outrage Palestinians
By KASIE HUNT and KARIN LAUB  07/30/12 11:18 AM ET JERUSALEM — Mitt Romney told Jewish donors Monday that their culture is part of what has allowed them to be more economically successful than the Palestinians, outraging Palestinian leaders who suggested his comments were racist and out of touch with the realities of the Middle East. His campaign later said his remarks were mischaracterized. “As

The Corbett Report
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Interview 530 – Deadline Headlines with Jack Blood
Jack Blood of DeadlineLive.info joins us to discuss some of the latest stories he’s covering, including the moves toward bringing the weather manipulation agenda into the open, Rand Paul’s moves to shut down alternative journalism at the Senate, and the latest on the terrorist “rebels” in Syria. We also discuss political philosophy and what type of system Jack wants to see take the place of the cu
Milk Wars: The latest battlefront in food freedom
[CLICK HERE to continue watching on BoilingFrogsPost.com] by James Corbett boilingfrogspost.com 31 July, 2012 For centuries, the image of the family farmer has been as iconic a piece of Americana as baseball and apple pie. Rugged and independent, the farmer still represents in the minds of many those true ideals of American individualism that the country was based on, with Thomas Jefferson’s ideal
Corbett Report Radio 186 – Politics and Language with Andrew Gavin Marshall
It’s all around us. We all use it on a daily basis, and it is used against us, even if we don’t know it. It is language, and it can be used as a political weapon even more effectively than outright oppression. Andrew Gavin Marshall of The People’s Book Project joins us tonight to discuss his article, “Austerity, Adjustment, and Social Genocide: Political Language and the European Debt Crisis” and
Corbett Report Radio 188 – Agenda 21 in Canada with Richard Heathen
Tonight we speak with Canadian researcher and documentary filmmaker Richard Heathen about Agenda 21, the NGOs, foundations, and government entities behind it, how it is destroying property rights and threatening society, and what we can do about it.

The EnvironmentaList
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Curiousity to Land on Mars in Two Days
NASA's space rover on track to begin most ambitious and adventurous mission to the Red Planet
Facebook Reveals its Carbon Footprint
Data shows social networking site's annual emissions are significantly less than those of Google's
Court Favors Indigenous Community in Decade-Long Struggle Against Oil-drilling in Ecuador
Inter-American Human Rights Court finds Ecuadorean govt guilty of violating physical and cultural wellbeing of the Sarayaku people

(title unknown)
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“Eric Holder’s Plantation” by Derryck Green
Op-ed submission by Project 21 It’s said Lyndon Baines Johnson used voter fraud to win his 1948 Senate primary campaign. In 1954, then-Senator Johnson orchestrated a law prohibiting church involvement in electoral politics. Yet it was LBJ’s presidential library where Attorney General Eric Holder chose to demonize ballot protection laws last year. And it was Holder who, this past May, huddled with
sat’day riddymz
Byts and Bytes
Two Classes, Divided by “I Do” The Morehouse Male Initiative: Black Male Statistics Obama’s Scramble for Africa Mauritania: Slavery’s Last Stronghold Echwalu Photography

American Leftist
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Possible New Occupy Oakland Occupation/People Smash Windows at Oakland Obama Campaign Office
Photograph attributed to David Colburn.UPDATE (10:40 PM PST): CourtneyOccupy is ustreaming from Oakland. Others will probably soon be doing so as well. Find them through the Twitter hashtags mentioned below.INITIAL POST: This is breaking news at 10:22 PM PST. People in Oakland have smashed the windows of the Obama 2012 campaign office, unknown as to whether people involved in Occupy Oakland wer
Pam Spaulding Wets Her Pants Over a Kiss In at Chick-fil-A
Just to show how bad things have gotten at firedoglake, Pam Spaulding had a panic attack over gays and lesbians having a kiss in at Chick-fil-A today. After another instance of firedoglake historical revisionism analogous to Southern Dragon's claim that Marx abandoned his activism and limited himself to the understanding of a capitalist economy after 1850, wherein Spaulding states that the kiss i
A Brief Remark About the Death of Gore Vidal
Born into privilege, Gore Vidal lived 5 lives simultaneously. I can barely get to work everyday, raise my son and emotionally participate in my family, while Vidal was a novelist, socialite and periodic politician with an acute sense of American history and culture. Vidal published numerous novels, nearly got punched out by William F. Buckley on national television during the 1968 Democratic con

Did You Know
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Enbridge barred from restarting leaky oil pipeline
August 1 2012 Enbridge won’t be allowed to resume oil transmission in its leaky Wisconsin pipeline until it can prove it’s safe, according to a U.S. government order. The pipeline, which carries Canadian crude oil to refineries in the Chicago area, ruptured on Friday and spilled about 1,200 barrels (190,000 litres) onto farmland, forcing the evacuation of two homes and threatening a drinking-water

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Limbaugh shouts the panic of the Romney Team who fear Palin as VP.
by Mark Vogl:    Limbaugh says Palin was the game changer four years ago, giving McCain a chance, but as much as he denied the importance of the VP spot ...
Sports journalists are excellent examples of mindless news reporting
by Mark Vogl:    When you listen to reporters at the Olympics or at a baseball or NFL game you can only think they are somebody's neice, or best friends son.
Tea Party and Palin win again!
by Mark Vogl:    Ted Cruz wins in Texas, defeating the Texas insiders who were supporting David Dewhurst for GOP US Senate Seat.
Exhibitionists prove it's not about the bedroom!
by Mark Vogl:    The recent battle focused around Chick - Fil - A has done alot to define the battle over homosexuality and it's not about privacy!

The Arabist
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Romney's stupid pandering to the lobby
Romney outrages Palestinians by saying Jewish culture helps make Israel more successful  - NY Daily News: "JERUSALEM - Mitt Romney told Jewish donors Monday that their culture is part of what has allowed them to be more economically successful than the nearby Palestinians, outraging Palestinian leaders who called his comments racist and out of touch. ``As you come here and you see the GDP per cap
Crackdown on Islamists in the UAE
Jenifer Fenton writes in about the mass arrests of Islamists in the UAE, whose spiraling campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood regionally and domestic dissidents (Islamists from Islah and others, including non-Islamists) at home continues apace. One question I have about these arrests is, how do they play out in the inter-family politics of the Emirates? Notable in all this is the public absence
On jihadists and Syria
There may very well be jihadists who swear allegiance to al-Qaeda in Syria, but I do not like the way this NYT story starts: CAIRO — It is the sort of image that has become a staple of the Syrian revolution, a video of masked men calling themselves the Free Syrian Army and brandishing AK-47s — with one unsettling difference. In the background hang two flags of Al Qaeda, white Arabic writing on a
Sick: Why don't we know more about the Free Syrian Army?
Good questions from Gary Sick on the dearth of information about the FSA and how it has built up a fighting force — gary's choices - Syria: The Untold Story? ... we are getting only the vaguest possible references to the description and sources of all that new weaponry, the training of FSA cadres, and how much it is costing to build a new army from scratch. Since the folks doing it are generally

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Michael Kors bags are well-known around the world, trend manner styles were created with the well-known artist
Michael Kors handbags are well-known around the globe, development manner variations were created through the well-known designer. Like a manner type, what is a vital is the best high quality. This well-known handbags brand, Michael Kors is becoming increasingly desirable being a manner luxury handbags brand.  michael kors outlet need onward the highest quality, manner element, what is a vital cou
Whole world of sun glasses the top in mens manufacturer sun glasses to make a collection that is good for deciding on a genuine Dads Evening surprise.
Today marks the beginning of Whole world of Discount sunglasses. Each and every year, Whole world of sunglasses the top in men’s manufacturer sunglasses to put together an assortment that is ideal for deciding on a genuine Dads Day surprise. Consumers can decide Oakley Radar Sunglasses from an accumulation of around 50000 sunglasses, several of which are best vendors, as well as which characterist
Discounted Oakley Sun glasses in Sunglass Stockroom
fake oakleys have got always enjoyed any identifying role in the development of eye wear. The business in addition manages to be in this news with contributions to culture along with wonderful sunglass designs. cheap Oakley Sunglasses head lines lately with its donation of Thirty-five pairs of “Radar” sunglasses for the Chilean miners to protect their particular face after their particular escape
Eradicating sugirlser, whipping go well the actual shortage linked to comfy and cozy styles, up to a mulberry purses recreational television show
mulberry handbags scorching sugirlser, conquering go well with this scarcity involving peaceful and comfy outfits, to a sugirlser pleasurable demonstrate. Ways to in numerous of your outfits in opt for the proper undertake collocation, as well go with a would like pleasurable elegant riders, is actually a merit planning on issues. 04 continues to be towards the trail of your spring, the next wind

Texas Liberal
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Drought And Heat Go On And On In The United States—We’ll Ignore The Causes And Ignore The People Who Are Impacted
Many places in the United States are dealing with drought conditions. Above you see a map of drought conditions in the United States from the National Drought Mitigation Center. It is very dry out there in our great nation. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has declared more than half of all U.S. counties as disaster areas for this year’s growing season. It has also been very hot in the United S
Bolivar Ferry Gibb Gilchrist In Houston Ship Channel Boat Yard For Work—Free Ferry Is Socialism
Where are boats in the Bolivar Ferry fleet sent when they need maintenance or repairs? From the picture above that I took last week, I’d say they go to a boat repair yard in the Houston Ship Channel. Above you see the Bolivar Ferry called the Gibb Gilchrist in a boat repair yard in Houston Ship Channel. The Gilchrist is the yellow boat in the middle of the picture. The Bolivar Ferry runs from Gal
First Marker At San Jacinto Battlefield Park Marks Gift Of Cannons From People Of Cincinnati—Self-Reliance Is A Myth
For all the talk of self-reliance in Texas, the very first marker at the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Park just outside of Houston—where Texas independence was won—notes the fact that the people of Cincinnati contributed two cannons to the cause in 1836. These are the famous Twin Sisters. Here is an account of the Twin Sisters from the excellent Handbook of Texas online. Above you see
Fixed Points Of Reference Guide A Conservative Like Myself—Everyday Life Offers Both Clear Facts And Hopeful Imagination
Above is a picture I took last week while on a walk in Houston’s great Tony Marron Park. It is hard to get lost in a flat city like Houston because Downtown is visible from so many vantage points. This is a fine metaphoric example for a conservative like myself to say that we need fixed points of reference to find our way in life. Hard work, reading, civic involvement, my marriage, longtime relat

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My Own Sleuthing From Home
Sorry about the light posting last week, but I had a bit of an adventure.  Let me tell you about it. One of my favorite articles of all time was published in 1993 in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.  Called “Sleuthing From Home,” Vipin Gupta and Phillip McNab detailed their  effort at VERTIC to use commercial satellite imagery and seismic networks to detect, characterize and announce a Chinese n
Diplomacy 101
What are we to make of these two statements, one by Senator Jon Kyl and the other by Representative Michael Turner? A central tenet of the Obama Administration’s security policy is that, if the U.S. ‘leads by example’ we can ‘reassert our moral leadership’ and influence other nations to do things. It is the way the President intends to advance his goal of working toward a world free of nuclear wea
Career Counseling
Back in the day when dinosaurs roamed the earth, we used telephones with long cords and wrote personal letters. This dinosaur still abstains from Facebook, rarely texts, and doesn’t tweet. The transition from writing on a yellow legal pad to a six-lines-of-text training computer in the 1980s was a harrowing experience. My cell phone prompts derision, and my PC is old school. Given this checkered a

Obsidian Wings
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When the rich really were different
by Doctor Science I got caught up in one of those obsessive desires to find out what something is -- a lifelong procrastination trap of mine which the Internet is *not* helping -- and found myself at the British Museum website[1], looking at this pot: Vase with turquoise glaze, 17th century China. Porcellaneous stoneware wine-jar of guan form, with ovoid body. The wine-jar has a gilt copper-bo
To have and have not Friday open thread
by liberal japonicus Tons and tons of stuff to choose from, so, as is my basic principle, I go for the one with the lowest form of humor. Specifically, this: The judges declared that the claim regarding their learned friend's allegedly missing testicles could not be regarded as offensive because it had been levelled "in the context of a family dispute". Undaunted, the offended party
Discrection and Rule of Law
--by Sebastian Over at Crooked Timber, Chris Bertram riffs off of the recent badminton game throwing scandal at the Olympics to offer support for an organizing principle of discretion by law enforcers.  There are people who devise and employ elaborate schemes to evade or avoid (I never know which is which) their taxes whilst staying just within the law. There are bankers who stay technically wit
The trouble with Apollo: harassment at geek cons
by Doctor Science As abi sutherland said on Making Light, It’s been a heck of a week for feminism in our neck of the internet. Or maybe month. Or year ... The particular items I'm considering at the moment have to do with women being harassed at geek cons. Specifically:Readercon is a very bookish New England con; I went a couple of times in the late 90s and enjoyed it immensely. Summary: pro wri

Syria Comment
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Will Syria Remain Fragmented for Years?
Will Syria Remain Fragmented for Years? by Joshua Landis – Syria Comment – July 30, 2012 Afriend flew into Aleppo’s airport 3 days ago from Germany where he had been on business. On his drive into the city, he was shocked to run into a FSA roadblock. The militiamen who greeted him were polite. After asking him where he had been and where he was going, they sent him on his way. A kilometer down the
Could Syria’s Current Predicament Have Been Avoided Over A Decade Ago? – By Ehsani
Like nearly 25 million other Syrians, one cannot help but feel stunned and exasperated by the events engulfing our country.  How did we get here? How can a country long associated with “stability” suddenly unravel and enter what seems to most like a black hole? Things could not look more differently back in November 2000. Barely few months into his Presidency, the 34 year-old new leader declared t
Rebels Get Missiles; Kurds; Aleppo; Opposition Divided; al-Qaida
Aleppo continues to be the focus of rebel strategy. Watch this AP video Ghufran writes: SNC is refusing to participate in Haytham al-Maleh’s conference in Cairo. Al-Maleh said, “I have been tasked with leading a transitional government,” Maleh said, adding that he will begin consultations “with the opposition inside and outside” the country. Maleh, a conservative Muslim, said he was named by a Syr

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Dark crawler.
And the "is this guy for real?" gold medal goes to...
Andrew M Brown, for this passable Alan Partridge impression. He's terribly concerned that the girlies might hurt themselves at judo:With those judo contestants – and I realise this will probably sound appallingly sexist – I couldn't help wondering about their soft limbs battered black and blue with bruises.No, it doesn't sound appallingly sexist Andy, it is.
ATOS and Chris Grayling continue to not give a toss.
Right on cue, up pops Chris Grayling in the Graun to argue that white is actually black and that even though you can see he's pissing on you it's in fact raining. Despite the BBC and Channel 4 doing their level best to bury their separate investigations into Atos Healthcare's helming of the work capability assessment, the Dispatches revelation that those administering the system are told if they
Steve Bell: legend.

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Men’s Rights Activists Disdain Men’s Sacrifice in Colorado Shooting
For most Americans, the recent mass murder in Aurora, Colo., was an unspeakable human tragedy; if the story had any political dimension at all, it was guns and gun control (or the lack thereof). But for a vocal few in the misogynistic online world of “men’s rights” — and no, not all men’s rights activists [...]
Anti-Muslim Activists to Gather in Stockholm Tomorrow
Pamela Geller, American Islamophobia’s shrillest voice, is planning yet another demonstration of anti-Muslim hate – this time, in Europe. According to her blog, Atlas Shrugs, “the world’s leading freedom action organizations” (read: anti-Muslim hate groups) will rally in Stockholm, Sweden, tomorrow to launch a “worldwide counter jihad alliance.” The conference’s sponsors are a coalition of anti-Mu
Gay-Bashing American Family Association Thick With Crazies
We used to think the $20 million-a-year American Family Association (AFA) acted as crazy as it does mainly because it allowed mostly free rein to its best-known spokesman, the truly nutty Bryan Fischer. Fischer, after all, spends his days raving about how gay people were behind the Holocaust, how black people on welfare “rut like [...]
Racist Decapitation Murder Shakes Small North Dakota Town
The small North Dakota town of Cooperstown has been forever changed by its first murder in 80 years – a brutal decapitation-killing carried out by a racist, a state’s attorney says. “There are doors locked now that weren’t locked before, said Marina Spahr, the assistant state’s attorney for Griggs County, the Jamestown Sun reported Thursday. The 984 [...]
Lions and Tigers and Fonts, Oh My! Proving the President is a Commie
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