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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

4 August - Blogs I'm Following

Town of Cantwell, Alaska, with railroad tracks...Town of Cantwell, Alaska, with railroad tracks for the Alaska Railroad running in the foreground. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

uploaded a video 18 hours ago

Iran-Contra: America's biggest political scandal?

Boast of Water-Run Car Thrills Pakistan

I recall a story listed at Common Dreams - among others

A Filipino Inventor created the Water Car Before China, USA and Japan took credit ABS-CBN News

A Filipino inventor actually invented the Water Power Car or Hydrogen car before China, USA, Japan, And Europe stole his idea and took credit for it.
by dinfg6  3 years ago  272,434 views

Who Killed the WATER Car? Part 2 of 6

Oil company murdered family. A friend of mine bought a car from an old lady. She said she was selling because she was moving out of the country ...
by trthskr2012  3 years ago  32,372 views

Chevrolet 2006 HHR Water For Fuel - HHO Gas Part 1

HHO Flashback Arrestor's For Sale on E-Bay stores.ebay.com Chevrolet 2006 HHR Water For Fuel - HHO Gas Part 1 I am a perfectionist in doing things ...
by pjckac1  3 years ago  10,425 views

hydrogen water fuel, run your car on water

7) Videos about Stan Myers will explain why you do not know about this technology. "Cars that Run on Water". Water car, drive your car on water. Run your car onwater, hho, hydrogen powered cars. Run your car on water, jules verne, hho, hydrogenwater powered cars.
hydrowaterpower.com   –  seo   more

TheAlexJonesChannel uploaded a video 12 hours ago

Agenda 21 Cutting Off Electricity To US Cities!

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