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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Friday, August 3, 2012

3 August - News Notes

Street scene from the centre of Burgas.Street scene from the centre of Burgas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Burgas_HPIM4601Burgas_HPIM4601 (Photo credit: darioalvarez)
Choctaw Nations Ring


Which 'terror plots' are relevant to Burgas ?
While the Obama administration and the Israeli government have pointed to murky allegations in Cyprus and Bangkok as relevant to Burgas, it has exhibited no apparent interest in the historical record of actual suicide bombings against Israeli tourists.
The reason, apparently, is that all of the terrorist attacks that fit that description have been claimed by Al Qaeda or an affiliate.

I started writing this as a post after reading the Smirking Chimp article about a pregnant woman being tased in front of her child 3 times because she did not sign a traffic ticket. Then, in the same article, I read about a nine-year-old and a six-year-old being tased by police for simple non-compliance when no threat was present. So, I began thinking this through.
Just what on earth would cause a policeperson or someone in authority to want to cause excruciating pain for another person who is no threat whatsoever to him or her?
.......in the minds of police bullies with tasers, who use them when no threat to their bodily safety is apparent, the “good citizens” are the people who worship them and always approve of their actions and even support their torture of “bad citizens.”
And if you are one of the people who disapproves of police, or any kinds of police actions or even police torture of children and of pregnant women in any way, you become a public enemy in the minds of cops who feel personally threatened by your disapproval. You just do not respect "proper authority," and you deserve anything police can do to you, including torture and beatings.
Now, in a weird sort of way, these taserings and torture is seen by police as “saving you” from disaster.
Police, under such mental and psychological pressures, rationalize that they are "saving you" if they can torture you into some sort of fearful compliance and a worshipful mindset toward them and their "betters." They believe they must "break" you to save you, even if it means endangering your life and causing you terrible psychological and physical pain.

The Milgram Experiment Today? « The Situationist
Dec 22, 2007 ... Students commonly assume that, even if Milgram's famous experiment sheds important light on the power of situation today, were his ...
Milgram's Obedience to Authority Experiment 2009 1/3 - YouTube
May 15, 2009 ... Milgram's Obedience to Authority Experiment 2009 1/3 ... Original Milgram Experimentby restoreeducation143102 views · Lethal Injection: The ...


tens of thousands of U.S. servicemen have been waterboarded.

 New Iran Sanctions Undermine Diplomacy and Human Rights
 "The fact that some in Congress insist on calling this a human rights bill is a bad joke. The bill imposes collective punishment on the Iranian people by seeking to destroy the Iranian economy. Collective punishment is in itself a human rights violation. Inside Iran, human rights defenders are sounding the alarm against these measures. Ordinary Iranians are suffering by the day as food prices skyrocket and basic medicine falls in shorter supply. Iran's middle class is being pummeled and private businesses are being squeezed out by sanctions. Iranian Americans are seeing the impact of sanctions here in the U.S. in the form of discrimination. Meanwhile, Iranian regime officials do not suffer from lack of food or medicine and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps enjoys an increasing share of economic power under a sanctions economy. 
Noam Chomsky - In Hiroshima's Shadow
World  (tags: ethics, freedoms, conflict, death, world, war, violence, society )
Wild - 2 hours ago - nationofchange.org
This year's Aug. 6 memorials have special significance. They take place shortly before the 50th anniversary of "the most dangerous moment in human history," in the words of the historian and John F. Kennedy adviser Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., referring to
Those “Torture Memos” set out to contrive a legal and acceptable basis, with all the spin and twist and misapplication of law Gonzo’s boys could contrive, for the sole purpose of justifying OUR commission of inhumane and horrific acts against other humans on a continued basis. A POLICY stance starting with the redefinition of the word “torture” to “the infliction of physical pain “equivalent in intensity to the pain accompanying serious physical injury, such as organ failure, impairment of bodily function, or even death,” or the infliction of mental pain which “result[s] in significant psychological harm of significant duration e.g. lasting for months or even years.” Then proceeded to justify it in a manner to address each issue arising from the use of such inhumane acts.
John - 2 hours ago - freakoutnation.com
Includes links from Andy Worthington's tireless effort for Gitmo prisoners as well as much other info. My link looks to be missing in comments http://opitslinkfest.blogspot.ca/2010/09/law.html
Why We ALL Have Psychic Powers: How Thought Premonitions & Telepathy Are More Common Than We Thought
Offbeat  (tags: humans, interesting, telepathy, senses )
John - 1 day ago - wakeup-world.com
Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. is one of the world's most innovative biologists, and is best known for his theory of morphic fields and morphic resonance, which leads to a vision of a living, developing universe with its own inherent memory.
CIA Manages Drug Trade, Mexican Official Says
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: )
Walter L - 4 days ago - thenewamerican.com
The Central Intelligence Agency's involvement in drug trafficking is back in the media spotlight after a spokesman for the violence-plagued Mexican state of Chihuahua became the latest high-profile individual to accuse the CIA, which has been linked to na
Notes on Climate Crisis
Environment  (tags: healthconditions, conservation, climate-change, ecosystems, energy, pollution )
John - 4 days ago - opitslinkfest.blogspot.ca
People are alarmed about the environment. I think they should be - including monitoring changes in weather - but focusing on a fixed 'debate' run in circles is not my idea of analysis
Pharmaceutical Drugs Are 62,000 Times More Likely to Kill You Than Supplements
Health & Wellness  (tags: nutrition, risks, drugs, healthcare, government, science )
John - 4 days ago - articles.mercola.com
The original NDI draft essentially claimed dietary supplements are unsafe and must be carefully tested in order to "protect consumers." It's an obvious attempt to eliminate competition for the drug industry.
Zelda Medley- Lindsey Stirling   video
Offbeat  (tags: violin, YouTube performance )
John - 7 days ago - youtube.com
I was surfing around a Skyrim combo - and thought of the community when I saw and heard this
MN's Scorched Earth Food Rights Policy
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: government, Govtfearmongering, propaganda, corruption, dishonesty )
John - 9 days ago - thecompletepatient.com
If you want a sense of how the atmosphere around obtaining raw milk and other nutrient-dense foods has changed over the last couple years you should read the exchange that follows.

Dairy Farmer Michael Schmidt to Appeal His Convictions for Sale and Distribution of Raw (Unpasteurized) Milk.
Health & Wellness  (tags: nutrition, prevention, risks, research, society, science, safety )
John - 10 days ago - thebovine.wordpress.com
Spectators and media representatives are welcome to attend. Expert testimony at trial may have led the court to believe that pasteurization renders milk safe Related http://www.care2.com/news/member/468457648/3418243 Doubt on Pasteurization Techniques
New Research Casts Doubt on Pasteurization Techniques For Milk
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: corruption, regulations, corporate farming, nutrition )
John - 10 days ago - preventdisease.com
This story reminds me of posts on The Bovine ( CowBoss http://www.care2.com/c2c/people/profile.html?pid=4 57840906 who is no longer active on Care2 ) and notes about effects of use of growth hormone in US dairy cattle

In Court Today: CIA Claims That Torture Technique Is an “Intelligence Method” Exempted From FOIA

( Bullshit. It isn't accepted in court simply because the tortured will say literally anything to make it stop. )

 Syrian war of lies and hypocrisy

ACLU Launches Database on U.S. Torture

Blogging on the International Day of Support for Victims of Torture (June 26) Kevin Gosztola called on readers to remember the still-unpunished crimes committed by agents of the United States under the Bush Administration – unpunished because, as Gosztola noted, “Obama has effectively decriminalized torture by refusing to pursue prosecutions of former Bush administration officials.”
            As a reminder of the crimes for which Obama has failed to seek retribution, the author quotes several CIA memos included in a “Torture Database” of over 100,000 pages launched by the American Civil Liberties Union on the 26th. The documents were obtained under Freedom of Information Act filings by the ACLU.


A Forum Sponsored by The Refuge Media Project

New Resources: August 3, 2012

2012 August 3

No More Euphemisms: Waterboarding is Torture

The latest issue (#22) of the journal Torture, published by the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims includes, as usual, a number of articles of interest to both professional and general readers. I was particularly struck by physician Jonathan Beynon’s contribution, Not waving, drowning,” which, as far as I’m concerned, explodes forever any argument that waterboarding can be discussed as anything other than torture. No more “enhanced interrogation,” no more “simulated drowning.” (The IRCT Journal Torture is available online or by print subscription.)

U.S. Guns, The Awful, Shocking Truth

It is almost impossible to buy firearms legally in Mexico.  But on the U.S. side of the border, in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, there are more than 8,000 federally licensed firearms dealers.  Behind these weapons there is a multibillion-dollar industry

Syria crisis: UN Assembly condemns Security Council 

Alistair Burt, UK Foreign Office minister for the Middle East, confirmed to the BBC that the UK would be providing further communications equipment to the opposition in Syria in the next month.

US media say US President Barack Obama has signed a covert order authorising support for Syrian rebels.


DNA Clues From Fruit Flies Help Explain Why Women Live Longer Than Men

The Only Thing Going Against Pennsylvania Republicans In The GOP Voter ID Law Case Is: 100% Of The Facts, Testimony, Proof, and Evidence

Researchers Find New Way Of Measuring 'Reality' Of Virtual Worlds (Oct. 31, 2008) — A research team has developed a new way of measuring how "real" online virtual worlds are -- an important advance for the emerging technology that can be used to foster development of new training ...  > read more
Animation Aids Psychology In 'Second Life' Experiment (Mar. 21, 2008) — A new project will test how people respond to extreme social situations - particularly the 'bystander effect' - using an immersive virtual environment like Second Life where real people interact with ...  > read more

New Generation of Virtual Humans Helping to Train Psychologists

 More widgets for your blog - WordPress

The first widget, named Blogs I Follow, allows you to display a list of the blogs that you are following via the WordPress.com Reader. You can display the list as a grid of images representing the blogs or just a series of links. This widget is perfect for introducing your readers to the blogs that inspire and interest you.

Owen Jones: One tragedy doesn't make the case for compulsory cycle helmets

If we're going to make cycling safer, we need to tackle bad driving
( Surfing around today confirmed Red Deer requires the use of motorcycle helmets - on electric bikes. Stupidity squared.  And I couldn't find my comment - which included the links on helmet use in the left column.  ) 

For profit education is a complete rip-off 

  • “More than half of the students who enrolled in in those colleges in 2008-9 left without a degree or diploma within a median of 4 months.”
  • “In 2010, the for-profit colleges examined employed 35,202 recruiters compared with 3,512 career services staff and 12,452 support services staff …”
  • The average compensation for a chief executive officer at a publicly traded for-profit college was $7.3 million in 2009.
  • “In 2009-10, the sector received $32 billion, 25 percent of the total Department of Education student aid program funds” — while accounting for only 1 out of 10 post secondary school students. 

The Drugstore in Your Meat and Other Table Top Terrors; Review of Born with a Junk Food Deficiency by Hugh Iglarsh 

Only in America are prescription drugs treated as advertisable commodities, creating the widespread impression, after sufficient battering by pharmaceutical TV commercials, that every variety of human suffering and inadequacy is a preventable symptom of pill deficiency, and producing an irresistible pressure on even the most conscientious of physicians to prescribe, prescribe, prescribe.

Author Martha Rosenberg—an Evanston-based writer and cartoonist whose pithy if rough graphics dot the text—notes the predictable result of this unequal contest: Direct-to-consumer advertising means that the U.S. has the “sickest people in the world,” at least in our own media-chondriacal imaginations, while the glut of highly advertised junk food saps our vitality and leaves us vulnerable to such preventable conditions as obesity and type-II diabetes. According to Rosenberg, the agribusiness and pharma industries are locked in unholy commercial embrace, the food suppliers creating the chronic illnesses, unknown to less-affluent societies, that Big Pharma expensively prolongs, while the pharmaceutical companies supply the livestock antibiotics and growth hormones that make possible the humanitarian and health horrors of factory farming.

 ( Sounds like Mike Adams ! )

Besieged Coalfield Residents Denounce Court Decision Against EPA Rules on Mountaintop Removal

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