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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

12 August - My Feedly

English: Mustafa Kemal in Chanakkale, Gallipol...English: Mustafa Kemal in Chanakkale, Gallipoli, 1915 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Brig. Gen. Brown Meets With Kurdish PeopleBrig. Gen. Brown Meets With Kurdish People (Photo credit: DVIDSHUB)Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder and first p...Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder and first president of the Republic of Turkey with Faisal I of Iraq. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Ankara 002hdrAnkara 002hdr (Photo credit: Mr. Aktugan)Massoud BarzaniMassoud Barzani (Photo credit: Kurdistan Photo كوردستان)Massoud BarzaniMassoud Barzani (Photo credit: Kurdistan Photo كوردستان)


The delight from Switzerland...

Swiss carrot cake

 Canada's streaming radio stations

Obama Lawyer Admits Forgery but disregards “image” as Indication of Obama’s Ineligibility Damage Control*

Crocodile Tears For Kurds…or, Math a la Ankara

Besides the imprisonments, massacres, and other violence, the Kurds’ language and culture were outlawed to Arabize them as Ankara did likewise to Turkify them–to the point of renaming the Kurds “Mountain Turks” instead. The PKK, mentioned in the above excerpts, was sired by Ankara’s subjugation of almost one half of the entire Kurdish population of the world (some 35-40 million truly stateless people) who remained within its post-World War I borders.

Recall that Iraqi Arabs gassed and slaughtered some two hundred thousand Kurds during the Anfal Campaign in the 1980s–and many others prior to that.
With the breakup of the age-old Ottoman Turkish Empire after World War I, and prior to the League of Nations’ Mosul Decision in 1925, Kurds had been promised independence in at least part of the Mandate of Mesopotamia. After 1925, a collusion of British petroleum politics and Arab nationalism secured the entire Mandate solely for the Arabs’ interests instead.
Caught between a reinvigorated, if constricted, nation of the Turks due to Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk) and his Iranian counterpart, Reza Shah Pahlavi, the Kurds’ best chance at independence in the new nationalist age was thus reduced to Mesopotamia–and the Brits nipped that in the bud. Keep in mind that Kurdish population is double that of Syria’s.
Almost a century later, we are living with the tragic consequences of this earlier treachery today

Exposing lies against the Chetniks

Outside the Box *

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Shop Salad Bars for Quick and Easy Omelet Ingredients
If you're the type of person who never takes the time to chop up vegetables but know you need to start cooking at home consider going to a salad bar and only filling your salad container with mushrooms, diced ham, cheeses, and other ingredients that would work well in omelets, quesadillas, and other foods. More »
Olympics 2012 ends with extravaganza ceremony
The curtain falls with the Olympic flag being lowered and passed by London to the 2016 host city Rio.
Allegations about our PM raging across the internet around Australia
For the last three months emails have been burning across Australia with links to Larry Pickering. It’s a mark of the times that the ground breaking investigative research and news is breaking through the blog world, and barely touched in the mainstream media (see here and here as it starts to come out.) All I will say is that our prime minister, Julia Gillard, strenuously denies any knowledge of illegal activities, but Larry Pickering, a well known national cartoonist, is piecing together allegations (like extortion, misuse of union funds and money laundering) that many Australians will find
Truth Poetry
by James Corbett corbettreport.com 13 August, 2012 Listeners to Corbett Report Radio will have heard an interesting call from Ronson in Kansas last Thursday. He shared with us the following poem: Bodhisattva The obvious atrocity; in the study of philosophy; …Is the fact we failed to remove hypocrisy from democracy. Let alone cleanse the pollution that resides inside of me. Half truths leave whole fools still wishing remittance to thought schools. Self Observation is the patient upon the conscious table, Live in the moment and not the fable. Long-time listeners of The Corbett Report will k

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Dr Paul Bain and Nature issue partial correction
It’s a start. Paul Bain regrets the offense caused by the term denier. But there’s no mention of the term failing basic English or it’s unscientific nature. The term has been used by professors, M.P.’s, Prime Ministers and national broadcasters, and none of them have expressed even a hint of regret, but we can nonetheless call this a small win. Notch up one for skeptics, but ten for the fog. Credi
Israel's Netanyahu Attempts to Shame UN
Netanyahu regime 'leaks' phone conversation with UN's Ban Ki Moon to shame him over decision to attend Non-Aligned Movement Conference (NAM) in Tehran, Iran. Pulls "antisemitic" card. by Tony CartalucciAugust 12, 2012 - Haaretz in their report titled, "UN chief angered over Netanyahu's 'leak' of private talk on Iran, sources say," claims, "United Nations Secretary General Ben Ki-moon has been ange
Tradition betrayed: the false prophets of modernism by Professor Harry Oldmeadow
Wikipedia: "Kenneth "Harry" Oldmeadow is an Australian author, editor and educator whose works focus on Eastern religion and philosophy." "First of all, let us agree ladies and gentlemen, that we are in the midst of a spiritual crisis." - Professor Harry Oldmeadow.
It’s 2012…Do You Know Where Your Children Are? And Who’s “Instructing” Them?
Teen Collapses After 4-Day Xbox Marathon huffingtonpost.com August 8, 2012 A four-day Xbox gaming marathon apparently was too much for one 15-year-old Ohio boy. The boy was so engrossed in playing Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox that he made himself sick. He’s expected to be OK – but his mom has taken away the Xbox. Read more Group with Scientology ties tutoring kids in Colorado public schools By Eric Go

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I invade the UK – kicking off novel pimping season with The Old Rules
The author in full book-pimping regalia. If we haven’t met and you’re going to Bouchercon in Cleveland this October, just look for the jacket. Sure, London’s overrun with hard bodies in tight, skimpy outfits performing breathtaking athletic feats, but the big news out of the UK this summer is my debut on the far side of the pond. My short story, The Old Rules, is up in Shots, the esteemed crime fi
A writing lesson in the pimping – and then more pimping
First, the lesson . . . I’ve now written three short stories that delve into the pasts of the characters from my upcoming novel, PENANCE, and I have plans to write at least three more. (Earlier, I outlined my plan to use these stories to achieve global publishing domination. And you can read the first of the lot, The Old Rules, at Shots Magazine, where all the cool crime fiction kids over in the U
Radioactive Rats, Nuclear Techno Geeks And Life In The Damage Control Continuum
By Richard Wilcox August 8, 2012 “A fish rots from the head down” “Rats desert a sinking ship” “[T]here is no such thing as society.” - Margaret Thatcher, England’s prime minister, 1987 (1) “If there is a single, metaphysical idea that I have dedicated my life’s work to [exposing], it is that the greatest evil, the greatest destructive force, in terms of thought, is nominalism…the idea that t

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Paul Ryan’s Jack Abramoff And Tom DeLay Connections Likely To Draw New Scrutiny
Huff Post By- Jason Cherkis Posted: 08/11/2012  5:58 pm Updated: 08/11/2012  6:02 pm WASHINGTON — As Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has served more than a decade in Congress, President Barack Obama and his allies will surely be scouring his extensive voting record, if they haven’t done so already. But along with key votes, the Democrats have begun to highlight some of the questionable relationships that
Romney-Ryan 2012: The Herman & Eddie Munster Ticket
Crooks & Liars By karoli August 11, 2012 06:00 AM As I write, the only thing lacking is official confirmation by the Romney campaign that Mittens will adopt young Paul Ryan as his running mate. It would appear as though Mittens’ disaster-laden campaign of the past few weeks has prompted his billionaires to lay down the law and require Ryan as the Very Serious Running Mate. Ah, yes. Paul Ryan,
Obama Camp Slams Romney’s Claim About Ohio Early-Voting Lawsuit
A woman in Ohio fills out a provisional ballot during the 2008 election. President Obama and Mitt Romney are trading charges over a lawsuit Democrats filed after the state’s early voting law was changed. (Chris Hondros, Getty Images / November 4, 2008) Charges that the president aims to undermine service members’ rights are called ‘shameful.’ By Seema Mehta, Los Angeles Times August 6, 2012, 6:02

The EnvironmentaList
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Climate Change is Raising Sea Level – and Threatening Havoc
RISE: A Six-Part Video Series. Part 5: "The Flood Next Time"
For California Voters, Candidates’ Positions on Global Warming is Crucial
When it comes to environmental issues, Californians have more faith in Obama than Romney, finds survey
Crop Insurance Subsides are Contributing to Massive Wildlife Habitat Loss in the US
More than 23 million acres of grassland, shrub land, and wetlands lost in past three years, says new report

The Corbett Report
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Interview 532 – Terry Wilson on Canadian Awareness
Today we talk to Terry Wilson of The Canadian Awareness Network at http://canadianawareness.org/. We discuss the status of Canada in the overall New World Order plan and Agenda 21 in particular.
Episode 238 – Meet the Corporatocracy
Are corporations using the mask of government to collectivize wealth, selectively regulate their competition and completely subvert government by and for the people? You bet they are, and we have a name for that. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we explore corporatocracy from Wall Street and the Bolsheviks/Nazis to Government Sachs to the CFR and the International Crisis Group. For those wit
The Thorium Solution with John Kutsch
The nuclear crisis at Fukushima has once again focused the world attention on the nuclear energy industry as it exists. But what if there was a form of nuclear power that was more abundant than uranium, which could be used in reactors that could not melt down and which could not be used to produce material for nuclear weapons? Find out more about the promise of thorium with our guest John Kutsch o
Press For Truth with Dan Dicks
Dan Dicks of PressForTruth.tv joins us once again to discuss the latest news and information on the globalist’s moves in Canada, from the Trans-Pacific Partnership to internet censorship to cross-border policing. We also talk about his forthcoming documentary on the Bilderberg group. Dan Dicks’ YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/weavingspider CLICK HERE to listen to the audio of this radio broadcast.

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For four years now, STRATCOM has hosted an annual deterrence symposium that provides opportunities for younger officers and their seniors to hear old hands, U.S. government officials, foreign perspectives, policy influentials, and the occasional heretic. As a networking and learning experience on all matters relating to deterrence, it doesn’t get much better than this. I was on a panel this year w

Obsidian Wings
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a bucket of warm piss thread
by liberal japonicus A thread for all your Paul Ryan thoughts. My own thought is that they chose him because he presents so many possibilities that the Dems will forget how to be as ruthless as they were with the Mitt Romney singing ad. A target rich environment, so to speak. Here's a quick collection of links about Ryan, from various places. Ryan pick highlighting Romney's tax problem lin

(title unknown)
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Caster Semenya Wins Olympic Silver!
Congrats and much love to Sister Caster (yes I said “Sister”) for overcoming all the haters and doubters and winning a silver medal in her first Olympics!
sat’day riddymz

Syria Comment
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Was Insufficient Economic Growth A Critical Factor? – A SyriaComment Article From 2006 By Ehsani
This morning, Mitt Romney picked Representative Paul Ryan as his running-mate as the Republican party attempts to win back the White House from President Obama. This choice is noteworthy because it will make the economy and the country’s fiscal challenges the focal point of this election. Mr Ryan is the current Budget Committee Chairman. The upcoming election is unlikely to be about Mr. Obama’s co

Pesticide Action Network
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Hands off my ovaries, chemical industry
When it comes to ovaries, I get protective. Infertility, endometriosis, and fibroids aren't words I should have to use as frequently as I do. And I'm not the only one noticing this disturbing trend. Women around me agree that something is definitely wrong. Science is increasingly pointing to chemicals in our lives that act as endocrine disruptors, causing problems associated with reproduct
Thousands sue DuPont over tree-killing pesticide
Legal claims against the Big 6 pesticide company DuPont are piling up based on Imprelis, which has been linked to the loss of hundreds of thousands of trees nationwide. Some 30,000 claims have been filed from individual homeowners, municipalities, landscapers and golf courses. There is also a class-action lawsuit in the works. read more

The Angry Black Woman
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Why It’s Important To Cut That Creeper Guy From Your Social Group
I read a post on “My friend group has a case of the Creepy Dude. How do we clear that up?” over on Captain Awkward with growing horror and recognition. It combines two letters asking for advice about dudes in social groups who act inappropriately to the point where sexual assaults have occurred or are very likely to occur, yet the SOs and male friends of the letter writers refuse to step up, back
Craziest Sh*t A White Girl Has Ever Said To You?
BlogHer 12 was this weekend and, as always, I was happy to be around a bunch of women who take blogging seriously and meet the many awesome people who attend. Plus, I love that tons of black women attend this event as I always discover wonderful new blogs and powerful voices. But, of course, one cannot go a whole conference without some ratchet mess going down.  Luvvie of Awesomely Luvvie relates

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Thought Experiment
Let's say that a Sikh nationalist attacked a suburban Milwaukee Baptist church on a Sunday morning, killing six people and wounding a number of others, including a cop who was trying to rescue the wounded. Let's also say that said Sikh nationalist, who had to be killed during the action, was a member of two rock bands that composed music putting forth his group's racist views. He was also active o
Mathematical Set Theory, Please, Boing Boing
Maggie Koerth-Baker pens a very long post in Boing Boing to opine on what she thinks Christian fundamentalists have against set theory. She admits that her knowledge of set theory comes from classes in anthropological linguistics, which, the last time I looked, wasn't mathematics. It's mathematical set theory that the Christianists are opposed to, and Koerth-Baker cites the reason:"Unlike the "mod
Bibi Netanyahu tells Ban Ki-Moon how to do his job.
Bits and Pieces - August 9, 2012
Most of the noise takes place on the anniversary of the atom bombing of Hiroshima. Today is the 67th anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki.What would happen if a Tea Party-oriented militia took over an American town?Mitt Romney, Tzipi Livni has something to tell you about the Palestinians.Why the Iran oil sanctions are biting.Turkey's relations with Iran are cooling.Israel's Defense Minister Ehud

Texas Liberal
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A Great Day For Racing Even Though They Often Treat The Horses And Jockeys Quite Poorly
It was a great day for racing yesterday at Arlington International Race Course in suburban Chicago. Here are some horses approaching the finish line and two photographers present to record the event. The New York Times has recently written a series of articles detailing practices in horse racing industry-wide that endanger horses and jockeys. And yet I went to the track anyway. I’ve been going to
Romney & Ryan Set For All-Out Attack On Everyday Americans
Tax-avoider Mitt Romney—who has engaged in business practices that have led to the death of American workers—has selected Ayn Rand-extremist Paul Ryan as his running mate. If elected, these two will to execute a Rand-inspired social engineering plan that will slash the social safety net for children, veterans and seniors, and will alter so-called entitlement programs to make sure that American wor
Chicago River At Night
Here is the Chicago River at night in Downtown Chicago. Chicago is a great place to take a vacation.
Chicago Stock Exchange Room In Art Institute Of Chicago
Here is the old Chicago Stock Exchange room that has been moved to the Art institute of Chicago. I took this picture yesterday. There were a few minutes I was in the room by myself. It was great to have the chance to look around without anybody bugging me. Some folks would walk in the room and not have a clear sense of what it was. They’d walk out a moment later without checking it out. Sometime

The Arabist
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On the attacks in Sinai
The attack that took place yesterday on a checkpoint on Egypt's border with Gaza and Israel is a serious escalation of armed activity in the Sinai Peninsula, with a wide range of consequences on the young presidency of Mohammed Morsi, Egypt's relationship with both Israel and the Hamas government in Gaza, as well as the question of who controls Egypt's foreign and national security policy: the pre
The Morsi Maneuver: a first take
I hate to come out with a full-fledged analysis as the full picture of today’s news from Egypt is still coming out, but the importance of Morsi’s changes to the military and cancellation of the terrible June 17 Supplementary Constitutional Declaration deserves some comment. Here is my preliminary take, which I will no doubt revise in coming days and that is not exhaustive. Please leave what I’m mi
Breaking the Arab News
✚ Breaking the Arab News Sultan al-Qassemi, in Foreign Policy, delivers the harshest possible statement on al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya's Syria coverage: For the non-Arabic-speaking viewer, news coverage of Syria on these channels is akin to CNN's iReport -- the monthly interactive half-hour citizen journalism show -- but for several hours a day. iReport? More like iTryToSaveMoneyByNotUsingRealJourna
Last Days Of The Pharaoh
✚ Last Days of the Pharoah Bradley Hope writes: I have just published a Kindle Single with Amazon.com, an E-book that is available through Amazon's cloud reader or on the Kindle/IPad/etc. The piece explores the last days of Mubarak's rule in Egypt through the eyes of some of the government officials that were in close contact with the former president. One of the most compelling voices is Hos

News Center PK
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The Indian Girls in Trouble
by Professor Ali Sukhanver A few weeks back, The Times of India published an article “Shame: Delhi still India’s rape capital”. This article by V Narayan says, “Delhi continues to be the rape capital of the country, followed by Mumbai. Delhi registered 568 cases of rape, compared to 218 in Mumbai in 2011, National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) statistics showed. In the period of 2007-2011, Delhi top
No Secret Deal with the US
by Sajjad Shaukat Since the DG of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Lt. Gen. Zaheerul Islam returned Pakistan, both foreign and our media analysts have been misguiding the general masses regarding the outcome of his trip to the US. Initially, false reports had already started by some of US so-called think tanks and media just after the meeting of DG ISI with CIA Director David Petraeus. In thi
US New Sanctions on Iran will Worsen the Crisis
by Joby Warrick The Obama administration and Congress moved separately on July 2 to further tighten the economic screws on Iran, expecting that additional duress of sanctions will force Iranian rulers to accept a compromise to stop their nuclear programme. The White House imposed new penalties on two foreign banks — one in China, another in Iraq — for allegedly acting as surrogates for Iranian fin
Co-relationship of Pak-Afghan Stability
by Sajjad Shaukat In the recent years, a series of conferences were held in order to bring stability and peace in Afghanistan before the foreign troops complete withdrawal from that country in 2014. In earlier July, in the Tokyo conference, US-led western nations and institutions pledged $16 billion for the economic development of Afghanistan over the next four years. Afterwards, efforts to convin

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Obtaining the Value of Michael Kors Purses
Michael Kors Outlet Online has become a well-known title with the high-class and also fashion brand names today, especially with the plethora of artist totes. The story since how Karl Anderson started to be Michael Kors is quite interesting. A lot of you may not understand about the reputation just about the most well-known labels within the fashion world. Mr. Kors came to be since Karl Anderson J
For Fashion along with Functionality Check Out Michael Kors Bags
Many women individual multiple kind of Michael Kors Handbags .The carrier a lady utilizes typically depends on what exercise she will be going after. One more element in what she makes a decision to make use of is the place where nicely this complements the girl ensemble. In case you are the sort of lady who wants to make use of classy luggage in which match your garments you’ll such as the Michae
Deals Mentor Store loops about for your pick up way up
These types of plastic-type Coach outlet online are not usually created entirely like a diaper bag, just like any well-pocketed box sizes anywhere between a child’s higher education backpack and after that individual pro-camping book carrier can be used your. Generate a number of previous with each. Remember to wait even though packing Properties windows docs.Coach Outlet For reasonable Prada Athl
Deals Trainer Electric outlet circles in to the elevate upward
These types of plastic material coach outlet online won’t be typically created specifically like a baby bag, just like any well-pocketed container dimensions anywhere between children’s higher education coach purses after which personal pro-camping book carrier can be used the. Generate several earlier with each. Make sure you wait around even though filling Properties windows documents.Lv Handbag

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Social and Heartland conservatives must focus on Congress.
by Mark Vogl:    No matter what happens at the top, conservatives must dominate both Houses of Congress, if Romney wants to win let him come to us!
Overtly Expressing A Slave Morality
by Van Bryant, II:    An article about language-games and finger-guns.
Romney back to zero!
by Mark Vogl:    He just doesn't get it, and I cannot support somenoe who doesn't get it. So now back looking for a candidate in November.

In These Times
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Gabby Douglas’s Grace Under Fire
In the history of the Olympics, we've witnessed a lot of faceplants. However, in the race for most embarrassing moment of London 2012, I think we already have a winner, and it wasn't an athlete's slip-up--rather, it was the colossal media fail when Natalie Hawkins, mother of gold-medal-bedecked 16-year-old gymnast Gabby Douglas, was called upon to publicly defend her daughter’s hair.
Freedom of the Press Remains Elusive in Turkey
ISTANBUL—Necati Abay is not afraid to speak his mind. “If I were afraid, I would not be talking to you,” he says, after listing all the woes he and other Turkish journalists have faced. But he is cautious, and for good reasons. “There are many innocent people in prisons,” says Abay, sitting in a café in Istanbul’s Kadikoy section, looking like an anonymous small businessman with a heap of
The Scourge of Meritocracy
"Social mobility” has become a rallying cry in the U.K.—and a useful distraction. Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader and the coalition government’s deputy prime minister, says it’s the government’s “central social preoccupation.” They have even imported someone from Tony Blair’s government to make helpful suggestions on the subject. None of them are in favour of radical change or legis
GOP Time Travelers and Other Hucksters
As the rough beast known as the 2012 presidential campaign slouches toward the candidate-coronation phase of things at the end of August, it’s also entered the high-baroque phase of language manipulation. In July, Romney campaign hands deftly altered the video of a campaign speech about the economy by President Obama in Roanoke, Va., making it sound as though the president denies the role of i
Obama’s Trump Card: Ohio
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