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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

11 August - Pictures from Facebook

The Pentagon's tribute in lightThe Pentagon's tribute in light (Photo credit: @mjb)Gen. Norton Schwartz address crowdGen. Norton Schwartz address crowd (Photo credit: Official U.S. Air Force)IMG_1183.jpgIMG_1183.jpg (Photo credit: Koukouvaya*)Mushroom clouds over Hiroshima (left) and Naga...Mushroom clouds over Hiroshima (left) and Nagasaki (right) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cannabinoids Benefit Us Tremendously!

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War is hell, but for Hollywood it has been a Godsend, providing the perfect dramatic setting against which courageous heroes win the hearts and minds of the movie going public. Empire examines Hollywood, the Pentagon, and war.

Empire examines the symbiotic relationship between the movie industry and the military-industrial complex.

An image for somber reflection today, the 67th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki

From OtherWords cartoonist Khalil Bendib

Iron: The Most Dangerous Element
A fascinating look into the lives and deaths of stars, and why iron is the most dangerous element in the universe.
Mitchell Coombes
Ok everyone, you've been warned of what's to come, we are getting extremely close to the 104 hour tsunami warning. I strongly advise that if you live on the east coast of NSW and west coast of USA, have your evacuation gear ready to go as soon as possible. I said on March 11 that California would be next after Japan's countdown... Sydney's earthquake will be magnitude 9.5, California's earthquake will be magnitude 9.6, followed by two 9.4's, all of these tsunamis will be created in the same exact hour· · Wednesday at 10:03pm

A volunteer collects plastic pellets washed up on a bank of Lamma island during a cleanup operation in Hong Kong Sunday, Aug. 5, 2012. Hong Kong government said about 150 tons of the pellets were spilled into the sea from a vessel when Typhoon Vicente hit two weeks ago, and some of the pellets drifted into fish farms. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)

An update on an earlier post, reporting on a 17 year old who sold his kidney for an iPad. Nine people went on trial in southern China over allegations they helped a teenager to sell one of his kidneys so he could buy an iPhone and an iPad, a court in Hunan Province said Friday. [...]...
Rick Burgess TenPercent recommends an article.

BORDER officials have seized more than £30,000 in euros from a refrigerated lorry at a port.
Putting it in perspective... as July 2012 breaks every record ever held, snow falls across South Africa and even the lions question their world. Sad that denial rules the day. Have a great Thursday, and do ONE thing to make a difference today. - Real Coastal Warriors
John Farnham Putting it in perspective. 'Denier' is both a framing pejorative and a political Logical Fallacy / Debater's Trick in the use of Poisoning the Well Argumentation while crying 'science' and simultaneously calling Scientific Method - which requires assessment and contesting of claims - 'unscientific' and 'politically motivated.'

Putting it in perspective... as July 2012 breaks every record ever held, snow falls across South Africa and even the lions question their world.  Sad that denial rules the day.  Have a great Thursday, and do ONE thing to make a difference today.  - Real Coastal Warriors


QUOTE OF THE DAY FROM Darla Rooks, Veteran Fisherwoman, Plaquemines Parish, LA: "Plaquemines Parish Seafood report 8/8/2012 Crabs which came up in the oyster dredge normally live for two to three days are dying within minutes of being out of the water."
Controversial deep sea mining project approved in Papua New Guinea, first of its kind



The Papua New Guinea government has granted a 20-year license for copper and gold mining around a mile (1.6 kilometers) below the ocean's surface, jump-starting the world's first commercial deep sea mining venture. Undertaken by Canadian company, Nautilus Minerals, the venture will mine deep sea hydrothermal vents off the coast of New Britain. However, the project faces stiff concern from local activists, fishermen, and environmentalists.

Indonesia grants 342,000 ha of forest for plantations



Indonesia's Ministry of Forestry has issued permits to convert 342,709 ha of forest for plantations so far in 2012, reports The Jakarta Globe.

It wasn't immediately clear what type of land was granted by the Ministry of Forestry. Some of the "forest estate" controlled by the Ministry isn't actually forested.

OK … I want this spread FAR and WIDE! Rick Green of WallBuilders, David Barton’s radio show co-host, posted a post on his website saying: “If you can show me specifics that back up the image created by the critics innuendo, I’ll post it right here for the world to see.” Link to Rick Green’s [...]...

Attacks on David Barton Same as Tactics of Saul Alinsky

Atheist Film Festival  ( today )

This is good. American Atheists announces that Anthony Grayling is the keynote speaker for their 2013 national convention. Yay! I’m going to be there too, and Anthony’s a friend. ...

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