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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Friday, February 3, 2012

3 February - Articles of Note

Bamoos Lake IBamoos Lake I (Photo credit: Petroglyph)
The McMahon natural gas processing plant in Ta...Image via Wikipedia
English: EIOLCA - Conventional Air PollutantsImage via Wikipedia
Internet Caffe Internet cafe , Republica Domin...Internet Caffe Internet cafe , Republica Dominicana (Photo credit: Remolacha.net pics)
SOUTH MONTROSE, PA - JANUARY 18:  A Cabot Oil ...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Shareaholic share buttons are the calls to action that will prompt your readers to spread your content out to their social networks. But in order to give your
Mainstream environmental groups have struggled to find the right line on shale natural gas and the hydraulic fracturing or fracking process. Gas has a much smaller carbon footprint than coal—according to most scientists—and produces far fewer air pollutants.
( Water pollutants OTOH are produced in endless abundance )
The federal government seems set on further gutting the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA), and is expected to introduce “sweeping” regulatory changes to CEAA and related legislation in the House of Commons in the coming weeks. These changes could affect upcoming proposals for pipelines, t...
Massive media conglomerates are lobbying the government to create shadowy legislation: an Internet lock-down, where Internet users are cut off for no good reason, where vast swaths of the Internet are removed or hidden from view, and where users are locked out of their own services.
Due to popular demand from the pro-Internet community we've set up a petition so Canadians can say no to this Internet lock-down (aka Bill C-11). Please sign here: http://openmedia.ca/lockdown

Let's stand up - share it on Facebook via this link: http://on.fb.me/xqUF4x
Massive media conglomerates are lobbying the government to create shadowy legislation: an Internet lock-down, where Internet users are cut off for no good reason, where vast swaths of the Internet
Just when you thought you could relax, after the defeat of the SOPA/PIPA bills in the US, another freedom-crushing legislation rears its ugly head. It's an international treaty called ACTA, which Australia signed back in September 2011.
From TOKFM, translated by Google: I made a definite decision to suspend the ratification process of ACTA - said Prime Minister Donald Tusk today. - It
Slovenia's Ambassador to Japan has made a quite incredible apology after she signed the ACTA agreement on behalf of the Eastern European country, as Techdirt reports. After being ...
The US is seeking to control the Internet, which is an instrumental of its foreign policy. Writer and political scientist Igor Panarin believes Syria and Russia have been picked as a testing ground for America’s media intervention doctrine.
Journalist Chris Hedges discusses his recent book Empire of Illusion: the End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle. In it, he charts the dramatic rise of a post-literate society that craves fantasy, ecstasy, and illusion.
Of course, the high-tech companies are telling the White House and Congress that they can't find US citizens for the H-1B jobs, but many critics argue that many high-tech companies hire H-1B workers without even offering the positions to Americans.
NEW ORLEANS — A federal judge ruled Tuesday that Halliburton can avoid paying most of the pollution claims that resulted from the catastrophic 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill because it was shielded in a contract with well-owner BP.
SUPERPOWER is a comprehensive film that asks tough questions and goes behind the scenes of America’s national security apparatus and military actions. Far from a conspiracy film about the dangers of government secrets and regime change, this well-balanced film straddles the philosophical divide and allows viewers to understand the US quest for global dominance through economic and military strategy. Featuring interviews with Michel Chossudovsky, Bill Blum, Chalmers Johnson and Noam Chomsky, among many others.
‎"The only thing new in the world is the history you don't know." --Harry S. Truman
Long-running negotiations between Russia and USA about NATO's European missile defence shield are currently deadlocked. Both countries want to protect their ...
"During the twentieth century both Syria and Libya experienced the brutal repression and racism of European colonialism, while Iran was invaded by British Empire forces a few years before Anglo-American meddling imposed a brutal puppet regime. For Libya a parallel experience has now returned. For Syria and Iran the same fate awaits the unwary and the unprepared. The dark shadow of colonial occupation has made an unexpected and unwelcome return."
Danny Schechter attending a conference in Iran about Hollywood propaganda had an opportunity to engage President Ahmadinejad in a discussion 'asking if he would be willing to talk to American leaders.' Ahmadinejad responded, 'Washington does not want to have any dialogues.'
Schechter asked, 'if the American people have reasons to fear him and an Iranian nuclear bomb.' ... 'Looking up at me, he asked if I thought he was scary, and then denied that Iran was building bombs or threatening the American people.' Danny Schechter, Reader Supported News

Possible False Flag? - USS Enterprise Makes Way Towards Middle East Theater

by Richard Lightbown: As regional war threatens drastic and unforeseen consequences in the Middle East some commentators claim that humanitarian benefits justify Western intervention in repressive states. This claim is worth considering in the context of the events that have befallen Libya.
by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya: In the letter, the White House spelled out the position of the United States, while Iranian officials said it was a sign of things as they really are: the U.S. cannot afford to wage a war against Iran.
The World is at a critical crossroads. The Fukushima disaster in Japan has brought to the forefront the dangers of Worldwide nuclear radiation. The crisis in Japan has been described as "a nuclear war without a war".
Global Research's Online Interactive I-Book Reader brings together, in the form of chapters, a collection of Global Research feature articles, including debate and analysis, on a broad theme or subject matter. 
After meeting again to decide Syria's fate, the Arab League again decided to extend its "monitoring mission" in Syria. However, some Arab League nations under U.S. diplomatic control are clamoring for blood. These countries — virtual sock puppets of U.S. foreign policy — want to declare the Arab League monitoring mission "a failure,” so that military intervention — in the form of a no fly zone — can be used for regime change.
by Shamus Cooke: The U.S. has proven on multiple occasions that military solutions solve nothing, having torn asunder the social fabric of Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Libya. The working people of Syria and Iran do not desire "help" from the U.S. government and its allies to prevent bloodshed.
We bring to the attention of our reader's the Observers Mission Report of the League of Arab States to Syria. The report acknowledges the existence of "an armed entity" involved in the killings of civilians and police as well as the conduct of terrorist acts, which contributed to triggering actions by government forces.
Commentary by Michel Chossudovsky: While the Mission does not identify the foreign powers behind "the armed entity", the report dispels the mainstream media lies and fabrications. It largely confirms independent media reports including Global Research's coverage of the armed insurrection since April...
"The propaganda fog over Iran in particular is becoming so thick it is almost laughable – because the political leaders who are spouting this fog don’t even seem to realize just how much they are tripping up over their own absurd statements. And thanks, in a way, to the pathetically servile mainstream media, the lies and deceptions of these political figures are being exposed for all their worthlessness and criminality."
by Finian Cunningham: Thanks to a subservient mainstream media, we are now fed a constant diet of preposterous double-think...
"From beginning to end, Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech was replete with delusion and falsifications. His promise of building an “America that lasts” was predicated on a sentimental, but utterly disingenuous notion of selfless teamwork. The invocation of American military “heroes” and their “achievements” during nine years of waging war on Iraq as an exemplar of how to salvage his nation from economic and social catastrophe was both sickening and laughable."
The last thing Haki Dervishi wants to do is kick out the group of homeless people that have been gathering day and night behind his Indio store. The 'tent city' that's popped up has drawn ire from police and some other businesses, but Dervishi has also been hearing thank- yous.
by Finian Cunningham: "What is sickening is how a truly gargantuan criminal war and blot on humanity is deified as a paragon of virtue to provide inspiration."
by Tom Burghardt: When the European Union declared that it will impose an oil embargo on the Islamic Republic, it set the stage for a new escalation of the Western-created crisis over claims that Iran has an active nuclear weapons program.
by Ben Schreiner: With the drums of war beating ever louder against Iran, the U.S. military has quickly moved to reestablish a war footing in the Persian Gulf. The preparations for a looming military confrontation thus continue apace. 
Barely a month after the last US combat troops walked out of Iraq, the Pentagon announced on Wednesday that they would be altering already established plans in Afghanistan and doing the same there in a matter of months.
Hama was taboo. In a country where the regime's eyes and ears were ubiquitous, silence was a kind of self-exile... The brave ones who questioned and spoke out ended up dead, exiled or in detention.
The death toll in 1982 will not matter until the country is freed from the grip of a sectarian dynasty.
The military build-up and economic sanctions against Iran are designed to unleash a global war from the Mediterranean to China with unpredictable consequences, warns Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization.
Barack Obama says the drone attacks he authorises are targetted only at named people on a list of active terrorists who are a direct threat to America. The facts tell a different story.
Anonymous have unveiled their second major release for this week’s installment of FuckFBIFriday. Their target this time around is Frank Wuterich, the US Marine that admitted to killing Iraqi civilians — and received no jail time for his crime.
More than 100 wonderful people showed up to support the proposed legislation to ...
One month into 2012, and the optimism of a new year and a fresh start seems like a distant memory. The world is holding its breath in anticipation of war... Iran? Syria? Who will be next to receive a dose of the West's profit-driven military imperialism? 
MORE than 400 doctors, medical researchers and scientists have formed a powerful lobby group to pressure universities to close down alternative medicine degrees. Almost one in three Australian universities now offer courses in some form of alternative therapy or complementary medicine, including tr...
FDA approves computer CHIP in humans
Hackers Anonymous release a recording of an intercepted conference call between the FBI and UK police discussing their efforts to fight hacking.
 Goodnight white pride: Anonymous hacktivists expose Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul’s connection with American neo-Nazis. On Tuesday, Ano
The Prime Minister, the man she ousted from the job, and senior Labor ministers have publicly laughed off suggestions of a leadership coup, but there's no escaping speculation that Julia Gillard's prospects in the job are terminal.
Learn More about the mysterious MERS and why it matters in our Sourcewatch wiki, we have a great article on the topic.
The Mortgage Electronic Registration System, or MERS, tracks more than 65 million mortgages throughout the United States,[1] and is listed as the mortgagee for 60 percent of U.S. mortgages.[2]Incorporated in October 1995,[3]MERS sought to reduce the costs and inefficiencies associated with the tradi...
The job market is still on a long road to full recovery, but it took a big step in January. U.S. nonfarm payrolls grew by 243,000 jobs in January, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday, up from a revised 203,000 jobs in December.
America's longest recession since World War II officially ended in June 2009. Since then, the economy has expanded by almost 6 percent (adjusted for inflation). All of the losses of 2007-2009 have been erased.
In the latest of a flurry of under-the-wire lawsuits that seem to conflict with an imminent foreclosure fraud settlement, Eric Schneiderman, the Attorney
Richard Eskow in today's Chimp: "if you're concerned about paying Social Security benefits to the wealthy retired, that can be solved with a tax-based program too. But it shouldn't be solved that way. Why? Because Social Security benefits aren't 'pension checks,' despite Mitch Daniels' rhetoric. They're benefits from a fund that every working person in this country contributes to with every paycheck."
Amy Goodman speaks with Wyoming farmer John Fenton, 'It didn't take long to notice significant impacts to the water, the change to smell like diesel fuel. Methane was bubbling in the water.
We had neighbors that actually had livestock die from drinking the water' and to Filmmaker Josh Fox who was arrested for filming a congressional hearing over the EPA report on Fracking. Fox is making a sequel to his award-winning film, 'Gasland.' Amy Goodman and Josh Fox, Democracy Now!
A new estimate of shale gas in the US, released by the Energy Information Agency, sharply revises downward available reserves: 40% lower for the nation and 66% lower for the Marcellus Shale.
NEW ORLEANS – An environmental watchdog group filed a lawsuit Thursday against the company it blames for an oil spill 11 miles off the coast of Louisiana, claiming oil has been flowing into the Gulf of Mexico for more than seven years with few details about what's being done to stop it.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/02/02/apnewsbreak-company-sued-over-2004-oil-spill/#ixzz1lHBvrZ2n


Unlike other Gulf states, Texas beaches did not get soaked with oil after the BP spill two years ago. Nonetheless, $100 million — and possibly far more, depending on the courts and Congress — is about to start flowing to Texas from BP for coastal restoration.
Solangi said he is barred by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration from discussing details gathered
from the dolphin because it's part of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment process related to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010. The Natural Resource Damage Assessment determines damages from the spill.' Harlan Kirgan, Mississippi Press
Washington, DC--(ENEWSPF)--February 2, 2011. Beyond Pesticides has partnered with the Just Label It (JLI) campaign, which is made up of a broad-based coalition of 460 partner organizations demanding that consumers have the right to know what is in our food. The campaign has already generated over a half-million consumer comments in support of a petition which calls for food that is produced with genetically engineered (GE) ingredients to disclose this information on the label. The petition was filed with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and written by attorneys at the Center for Food Safety. Sign the petition and submit your comments at www.justlabelit.org/takeaction
Americans have the right to know what's in their food. Tell the FDA to label GMO food.
As many critics have long maintained, the proliferation of genetically modified crops would eventually lead to the proliferation of herbicide-resistant superweeds. Hence, we now have a dangerous escalation of chemical warfare in the fields from which our food is being harvested. The “new” herbicide ...
Monsanto has been adept at infiltrating the govt agencies that should be regulating it. All in one pretty chart
How bad is the revolving door between Monsanto and government? This handy chart (from geke.us) pretty much sums it up. Monsanto has been particularly talented at vacuuming up well connected ex-Congressmen, Senators and other government officials to go back and lobby the government, using their co...
Hey there! Thanks for dropping by Occupy Monsanto! Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. See you around!
BREAKING NEWS: Governor Brown has just appointed Brian Leahy as the new Director of California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR). California is now poised to reverse the decision to permit the use of the cancer-causing pesticide, methyl iodide.For over a year, Gov. Brown has not taken actio...
 thinkprogress.orgProgressives have long tried to expose the influence the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) wields in state house across the country, but one Florida lawmaker is making it too easy. Funded almost entirely by large corporations, ALEC produces “model legislation” favorable to industry that s...
Even as the Securities and Exchange Commission has stepped up its investigations of Wall Street, the agency has repeatedly allowed the biggest firms to avoid punishments.
Egypt's long-term prospects may depend more crucially on its economic policy choices than anything else. Read the article to find out more:
Two Koreas offer two instructive case studies of how decisions about economic policy can play out in the long-run.
Total corporate federal taxes paid fell to 12.1% of U.S. profits in the government's latest fiscal year, the lowest level since at least 1972 and well below usual rates of around 25%. Most of the credit--or blame--goes to a temporary break to spur investment.
The Belfort Group on Chemtrails/Geoengineering and the political system
Hackers have targeted the website of Greece's justice ministry, sharply criticizing the internationally imposed austerity measures as "enslavement." The hackers also attacked a controversial anti-piracy deal. DW-WORLD.DE: German and European news, analysis and multimedia from Deutsche Welle - in 30...
A flyer designed by the FBI and the Department of Justice to promote suspicious activity reporting in internet cafes lists basic tools used for onlin...

A crew from RT's Arabic-language channel Rusiya al-Yaum got under fire from tear gas in Egyptian capital during clashes between protesters and police on Thursday night.
And now for something completely different... more BBC propaganda!
I'm William the Conqueror My enemies stood no chance, They call me the first English king Although I come from France, 1066, the Domesday book I gave to hist...
( His Story -what a difference that little space makes in perceived meaning  )

We are purposely and covertly divided in hundreds of different ways, our lives are so complicated we could not understand what it really means to be a human being if we lived to be 1000 years old, but theres no harm in trying!!!
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