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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2 February - War and Cold War

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Greg Thielmann on U.S. Assessment of Iran’s Nuclear Program: Essentials Remain the Same

the U.S. intelligence community’s assessment of Iran’s post-2003 nuclear activities has apparently not convinced it that Tehran has decided to build a nuclear weapon.  Moreover, Clapper’s testimony suggests that Iran has the domestic capabilities eventually to do so, regardless of foreign actions taken against it. The “central issue” is thus affecting political will. *

William O. Beeman

February 1, 2012 @ 3:29 pm
Greg Thielman presents the “nice” part of Clapper’s testimony.
In addition, in his testimony before Congress yesterday (January 31) Director Clapper is positing an campaign of attacks from Iran on the United States solely and exclusively on the absolutely ridiculous “plot” against the Saudi Ambassador of several months ago. That childish “plot” has been eviscerated by the press, by intelligence experts and by Iranian specialists. Clapper’s testimony stinks to high heaven of cover-up. the intelligence community botched this really stupid incident and now they are trying to create a casus belli out of it to look good by resorting to the “big lie.” Like so much else surrounding U.S.-Iranian politics, facts don’t matter as long as the spin artists and myth-makers are around. Let the brouhaha of scandal from a silly incident like the arrest of used-car salesman Manssor Arbabsiar for a plot that never happened die down, and then someone like Clapper comes along and revives it again in the abstract hoping that no one remembers the sordid and ridiculous details:
1. That no Iranian official was ever implicated. (Clapper, with no corroborating evidence says that Ayatollah Khamene’i “probably” knew)
2. That no one could figure out why the “Qods” force would carry out such a stupid and inept plot.
3. Why Iran would want to kill a Saudi national at all, and on American soil.
4. Why this wasn’t plausibly a sting operation on the part of the FBI rather than an Iranian-generated plot.
and on and on. Clapper’s testimony is an outrage and an affront to American intelligence (in both senses of the word), really. He should resign.

* Noting the phrasing : if Iran resists nuclear weapons technology, doesn't 'affecting political will' imply driving Iran to acquire it ? North Korea decided constant military confrontation and economic warfare - including defaulting on alternative fuel supply arrangements - gave no choice but to emulate the UN Security Council and manufacture at least a token of 'nuclear preparedness' after decades of economic warfare, changing the mandate of the IAEA, increasing its responsibilities and defunding it while cutting off the ability of Libya, Iran, Korea etc. to contribute to its maintenance. And there is the institutional 'diplomacy' of undeclared war ; the NPT TRAP sabotages both the Third Pillar of the NPT  and the disarmament conferences which Iran has recently started hosting by consistently violating Iran's rights to certified ! ( they don't have to bother - certainly not when penalized while doing so ) peaceful use of nuclear power.

Western Elites Caught 'Red-Handed' in Iran?

We've pointed out many times now that we believe much of what passes for the Western historical narrative – especially over the past few hundred years – is what we call "directed history." That is, the power elite that today seeks to run the world has been creating economic, political and military incidents that it then enshrines as "accidents of history."
But they are not accidents of history. They are seemingly deliberately planned provocations that result, almost always, in increased globalization. It is the Internet that shows us this fearful pattern and seemingly reveals to us the irrevocable and breathtaking influence of Money Power.
Once these incidents have been created, the great families that run the world's central banks turn to their bought-and-paid-for media and court historians to write narratives that enshrine their globalist narratives via magazines, novels, textbooks and, ultimately, historical presentations.
To add credibility, they invent and create literary and historical prizes including the Nobel Prize. Then they dress up their narratives in the entertaining cloak of Hollywood movie-dom. It is an all-inclusive "matrix."
In Iraq, the US "embedded" reputable journalists with the troops. But the result of such reporting was merely fact-based. It seemed genuine but did not deal with the larger issues of the war or its inception – or even Saddam Hussein's past history with Western intelligence that, for all intents and purposes, may have placed him in power to begin with.
"I know history will be kind to me," Winston Churchill reportedly said, "because I intend to write it."
Several years ago we pointed out reports that Iran's clerical revolutionary Rouhollah Mousavi Khomeini's father was British MI6. There are other apparent anomalies.
It is important to note that such revelations are a direct result of the Internet – the Internet Reformation, if you will. It is NOT a hypothetical concept. We've also pointed out that damage control, when it comes to the Internet, is exceptionally difficult.
The Internet is a process not an episode. It mimics the first information revolution sparked by the Gutenberg Press. Ultimately, the ramifications, in our view, will be just as resonant. At this point, no matter what the powers-that-be try to do, it's probably too late.
The evidence of the power elite's failing dominant social themes is all around us. And now information about the Anglosphere's incredible, mind-boggling war-time lies are becoming clearer. What is emerging about Iran is stranger than any James Bond fiction or CIA narrative.
Once again we see Western power elites creating the enemy they then claim to wish to destroy.
VIDEO: Directed History, the War on Iran and Gold-for-Oil
The Rise of Iran
Excavator Digs up Truth About CIA's Support for Khomeini's Regime Change in Iran
Is Iran War Up Next?

Effects of Iran sanctions painting grim picture 

On January 23, the EU announced more sanctions and an oil embargo on Iran. The new restrictions impede cooperation with Iran in foreign trade, financial services, energy sectors and technologies, and ban any form of insurance by member states to businesses associated with Iran. EU countries also have until July 1 to secure alternative oil and petroleum sources from states like Saudi Arabia, which is supposed to increase output to prevent market supply shocks. In response, Tehran has threatened to sanction itself by halting oil shipments to certain EU countries ahead of the summer, a move it’s reportedly still debating. Iran complained that the EU measures were “unfair” and “doomed to fail”, but the effects of the new sanctions, which enhance the pains of preexisting EU, US and UN sanctions, are already being felt. A Thomson Reuters headline from today reads: “Iran grain shipments stranded as sanctions bite“. Jonathan Saul and Michael Hogan build on a report from last week detailing how cargo ships destined for Iran, a major importer of grain, are waiting outside Iranian ports stocked with “about 420,000 tonnes” of product, because Tehran, with its blacklisted Central Bank, is finding it increasingly difficult to send “workable” letters of credit.

 ( When I was working on the Sanctions post, I was thinking of the constant references to starvation in nations which have been 'occupied' - and the almost complete lack of reference to a major cause of death and suffering. Certainly the information varies in likelihood of just stumbling over it - though the latest Haitian occupation seems to have better damage control, with references to widespread disease not presented in a comprehensive fashion with reference to lack of reconstruction. 

Again, it is Iraq that provides the best picture of how infrastructure is destroyed and people murdered en mass without obvious connection. Destroying power supply interferes with anything from water safety to hospitals and universities. Killing educated leadership by secret campaigns of assassination just is not spoken of. Yet these people are not available to maintain or rebuild even if the power to run them was there.

So when I read of American natives dying in their open prisons from lack of heat and today of communities in Kazakhstan without power in a cold snap...it isn't just a matter of planning or foresight being lacking...but of remedial action being stymied. Maybe we'll start to get the point as our water supply systems are 'privatized.' )

ACLU Wants Obama To Release Targeted Killing Records 

The ACLU filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit Wednesday seeking not only the legal justification for America's targeted killing program, but the process by which US citizens suspected of terrorism are placed on its so-called "kill list." The ACLU is also seeking the evidence the US government used to determine that radical American preacher Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed in September, was actually a terrorist.

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