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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1 February - Noted Articles

Barbara Bush, Jeb Bush, George H. W. Bush, Lau...Image via Wikipedia
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Official photo of former Florida Governor Jeb BushImage via Wikipedia

Jeb Bush Lobbied On Behalf Of Infamous Medicare Swindler

In 1992, as his father, President George H.W. Bush, ran for reelection, Jeb Bush denied having reached out to HHS Secretary Margaret Heckler on Recarey's behalf, a denial he maintains through a spokeswoman to this day. Bush said that he only spoke to a lower-level HHS official to ask that Recarey be given a "fair hearing" with regard to his application to renew a waiver that allowed IMC to receive more than 50 percent of its revenue from Medicare. (The waiver had been granted as part of an HMO pilot project that was set to expire. The renewal was ultimately not granted.)
But now former Secretary Heckler herself, in an interview with HuffPost, has confirmed that Jeb Bush lobbied her, that she was in favor of renewing the waiver (although she left office before doing so) and that his input played a major role in her thinking.
Heckler's statement backs up congressional testimony offered by two other HHS officials in 1987. If all three are to be believed, Bush has been lying for some 20 years. He did, in fact, directly lobby the secretary for the IMC waiver.
The same year that the HHS officials testified, Recarey, who regularly bragged of his connections to the Miami Cuban mafia, was indicted for defrauding Medicare, among other charges. He fled the country, first to Venezuela, then to Spain, where he fended off an extradition effort. It is alleged that he and IMC stole hundreds of millions of dollars overall. The IMC Medicare fraud is one of the largest in the program's history.


Tougher Than Wisconsin: Arizona Republicans Launch ‘All Out Assault’ On Public Unions

The bills were crafted with the help of the Goldwater Institute, a powerful conservative think tank in Phoenix that flew Walker to the state for an event in November. Nick Dranias, director of the institute’s Center for Constitutional Government, told TPM he sees Walker as a “hero” but that Wisconsin’s laws were “modest” compared to Arizona’s measures.

Beyond a ban on collective bargaining, the bills would also prohibit state and local government workers from deducting money from their paychecks to pay union dues.
They would ban state and local governments from paying anyone to spend time doing union work, a practice known as “release time.”
And in another break from the Wisconsin model, the restrictions would affect every type of public union, including police and firefighters.

Panetta: Decision to Kill Americans Suspected of Terrorism Is Obama's

Panetta's explanation of why he believes killing an American citizen without due process is legal wasn't exactly comforting. 

President Obama just signed a bill that, if not for its many administrative loopholes, would "mandate" military detention for non-citizen terror suspects apprehended on American soil, so it's not accurate for Panetta to state that "any" suspected terrorist apprehended by the US receives due process. The vast majority of the nearly two hundred detainees at Gitmo have never been charged with anything, let alone tried and convicted. Osama bin Laden was the admitted leader of a group engaged in an armed conflict against US troops in Afghanistan; concrete evidence that al-Awlaki was more than a font for extremist propaganda has never been aired. 

( Except the question is really `Do people who shoot back when the U.S. invades their country have any rights` mixed with another spinmeister`s  favourite : seeing as how Clinton herself said that Àl Qaeda` was a fabrication. )


Seeking sanity for a criminal justice system

Thirty years of prison expansion has spawned an ethical and budgetary crisis that Webb wants to examine with a federal, bi-partisan commission that would recommend reforms to Congress. ”This has been the most expensive experiment in the United States, and the most inhumane in some ways,” said Jennifer Stitt, director of legislative affairs for Families Against Mandatory Minimums. “It’s getting to a breaking point.”

 East Africa hosts greatest natural gas finds

From index cards to information overload

The perks and pitfalls of scientific databases

Politics is a Matter of Life and Death


Lost in Litigation: Sue or survive in America

Public outcry is growing in the US at emergency services' seeming policy of standing by while houses burn down and people drown, if services have

Australian News

A year after Yasi - ABC North Qld

abc.net.au - Brand new houses and newly clad buildings sit next to empty shells of buildings and homes that still have tarps for roofs. The emotional recovery of these communities too is far from over, with com...

Occupy London assault: Bailiff plows car through protesters

Police in London have been accused of excessive force in their efforts to clear out Occupy demonstrators. Protesters stood together last night as

Infuriating Red Dragon: 'US to target China & Iran as primary threats'

America's decision to station its forces in the Philippines, as part of its new Asia strategy, is now threatening repercussions. The State-owned

'CIA & Mossad penetrated Iran via UN nuclear mission'

U.S. Senate lawmakers have released a plan for a new round of sanctions targeting Iran's energy sector. The bill aimed at choking funds, used by

'Iran scientist murders expose CIA & Mossad paranoia'

As Iran braces itself to face the effect of fresh Western-imposed sanctions, we sit down with its Interior Minister to ask how the current standsti...

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