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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11 January - iGoogle

English: University of BaghdadImage via Wikipedia
English: College of Science - University of Ba...Image via Wikipedia
The result of a car bombing in Baghdad, IraqImage via Wikipedia
IRAQImage by Aldemir Suku via Flickr
 'Car bomb kills nuclear scientist near Tehran university' - Jerusalem Post
 Iraq 2004

Adobe PDF
... institutional and research fields from Iraqi Universities, ... and of the Iraqi Council of Medicine, president of the Iraqi Union of Doctors. Killed July ...

UNHCR | Refworld | Education under Attack 2010 - Iraq

... doctors, pharmacists and engineers had fled the country since 2003. 512 ... 531 Aswat al-Iraq, "University Student Killed in Ninewa," March 17, 2009.

Unidentified gunmen have killed another university ... There are no exact figures on the number of Iraqi ... among them highly qualified doctors, ...
www.uruknet.info/?p=m80908&hd=&size=1&l=e - Cached

His name is now on the list of Iraqi intellectuals who have been killed since the ... University who heads Iraq's University ... of two doctors, ...
www.commondreams.org/views06/0310-25.htm - Cached

* Link to a list of 193 killed Iraqi academics, ... Bachelor and lecturer at Basra University. Doctor and professor at Baghdad University Dean of Mosul University‘s ...
Other unofficial estimations said that 2000 Iraqi doctors emigrated ... 172 university teacher were killed, ... prevent the Iraqi universities academics of ...
www.brussellstribunal.org/DeathAnxiety.htm - Cached


Op-Ed: Canadian health care makes me feel lucky

Did Yugoslav space technology sold by Tito put America in space?

The release of a Slovenian documentary, Houston We Have a Problem, alleges a new twist to the the Cold War: American bought a secret Yugoslav space programme to put it in space.

Beaufort: Why We Must Leave Afghanistan Now, Not End 2014

On each occasion when our forces are sent into action I ask myself six simple questions concerning objective, strategy, cost and performance. Specifically, I seek to understand the aim and that said aim is properly clarified and weighed against the necessary method and resources - strategy. 1. Is the use of force, the size of the force and its method appropriate to the achievement of a just political objective? 2. Is there a clear strategy for success? 3. Are the minimum conditions for ‘success’ achievable and understood? 4. Is the use of force legitimate in the eyes of the international community and the region to which the force is being sent? 5. Is there sufficient political will and capital at home to sustain such an effort? 6. Are the resources committed sufficient to succeed? 

Mark Collins - If the Scots Go

All Things Considered - NPR
Former Sen. Bob Smith Discusses Newt Gingrich
Doug Wead Discusses Ron Paul


Romney takes New Hampshire spoils
Mitt Romney wins the US Republican primary vote in New Hampshire, strengthening his lead in the race to take on President Obama in November's...
( Sure he did...have you followed the stories of rigged elections, polls, etc ? )
Doomsday clock closer to midnight

Blog of Rights - ACLU

Check Out Our "Close Gitmo" Activist Toolkit!
Bowing to ACLU Lawsuit, South Carolina Jail Lifts Book Ban

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

There’s no contest when it comes to CEO compensation
Public and Private Sector Pay Differences

Circle of Blue WaterNews

U.S. Administration Bans Uranium Mining Near Grand Canyon
Update: China Completes Tunnel Under Yellow River for South-North Water Transfer Project


Politicians should be wary of the dangers of Twitter
Dominic Prince: The horse lover's view: this film is a dead cert

Common Dreams
Now That He's Won 39% of Not Much, Maybe Romney Will Relax and Stop Arresting People for Showing Up At His Events
Who Are These People?

Daily Bell

The Farce of Government 'Growth'
Destroying YouTube
The US is the biggest empire in the world, probably ever, and its power elite is determined to rationalize the Internet Reformation right out of society.
The site already acts as an agent of Leviathan (to put it politely), removing videos that are overtly political and offensive to the power structure while increasingly going out of its way to promote adolescent fart jokes and man-in-the-moon conspiracy theories to discredit the larger alternative media. It is all too predictable and one can see the same tricks being played at Google, which not so coincidentally owns YouTube. This, too, is the way the game is played. There is NO DOUBT (none) at this point that American Intel basically runs Google – at least from a data-mining standpoint.
Google used to promote alternative Internet websites but a series of redesigns has basically recast the front page so that almost all the information displayed is from the mainstream media. The famous algorithm that YouTube uses is constantly being rejiggered as well, to the detriment of alternative news sources as well, from what we can tell.
US Intel is pretty much in bed now with social media (Facebook), with Google (the dominant search engine) and YouTube (the video/TV facility of the present and future).
By identifying the proper technology and investing early, US Intel makes itself an invaluable partner in these facilities. Then the spooks sit back and let the "magic" of the market work. The actual propaganda is fairly minimal. Most sophisticated propaganda involves leaving things out. Faking news and information is a good deal more difficult and prone to "blowback" (see global warming).
When one speaks of a "commercial" product for US markets, one is speaking of an entertainment that is resolutely apolitical and does not deal with unpleasantness like the US's serial wars or its terrible (and exploitative) financial system and resultant hopeless poverty.
One is not supposed to mention there are apparently great families located in the City of London that dominate and control trillion-dollar central banks. One is not supposed to intimate that there is a larger plan to institute world government, though the basics of world government – the UN, the IMF and NATO – have all been put in place already.
 Comment  349 video sharing alternatives to youtube.
Comment Google ...




Pack your little Analog TV Transmitter up & take it on the road as a roving Pirate TV station broadcasting just a few hours at a location before moving on, absolutely no Censorship!

It's easy (there are even "Instructables" on how to do it) & there are literally hundreds of "Conspiracy Documentaries" on the net to download, burn to disc or copy to tape & broadcast.

You can't stop the Signal or the Message. 

Saw this coming from way back....and obvious to anyone subjected to targeted search returning results which are lists of advertisers.
I wondered why http://www.info.com/ was redlisted by Web of Trust. It was an included Linux browser default Search that I used routinely!   Yet there are spam/malware reports in comments. WTF ?
Dogpile   Firefox AddOn
Scroogle  Firefox AddOn - English)

The Ultimate Consumer Protection

Daily News - Egypt

Judge releases Ayman Nour without bail, interrogation of others to follow over Cabinet clashes

Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico

The Spill Seekers: Sailing into the Gulf after the BP oil spill
Majia's Blog: The BP Gulf Oil Spill Was the Rehearsal for Tepco's ...
Corexit is particularly toxic. It contains petroleum solvents and a chemical that, when ingested, ruptures red blood cells and causes internal bleeding. It is also bioaccumulative, meaning its concentration intensifies as it moves up the food chain
ENGLISH Gulf non-whites may not be evacuated to white safety zones

Democracy Now!

Laid-Off Steelworker: Mitt Romney and Bain Capital Profited by Shutting Down Kansas Steel Plant
Guantánamo Exclusive: Former Chief Prosecutor, Ex-Prisoner Call on Obama to Close Prison


Geeks to Testify (Finally!) About SOPA Blacklisting Implications 

Every Step You Take, Striiv is Watching You

This personal fitness device uses games and challenges to motivate wearers to reach fitness goals.
Best Surgeons Are Not Too Young or Too Old

Food and Water Watch

The Road to Rio+20: Why You Should Care and What You Can Do
Resolve to Keep Science Experiments off Your Dinner Table in 2012

FreakOut Nation

Stephen Colbert to the rescue, helps Santorum with his “blah/black people” Problem

Let it snow – Google is kidding sometimes

Russia, A Nation Shaped By Tragedy And Hardship
Top Stories
By MIKAELA CONLEY (@mikaelaconley) A new study finds marijuana use has a significantly less damaging effect on one's lungs than tobacco smoke. (Getty Images) Occasionally puffing the magic dragon does not appear to have long-term adverse effects on ...
More employers across the United States are considering the off-duty conduct of job applicants. BY KATY MOELLER - kmoeller@idahostatesman.com The Central District Health Department recently became the first health district in Idaho to adopt ...
By Sharon Begley | NEW YORK (Reuters) - After years of predictions that the "$1000 genome" - a read-out of a person's complete genetic information for about the cost of a dental crown - was just around the corner, a US company is announcing Tuesday ...
We bring you the liveliest views on the latest news in diet, fitness and wellness from TODAY experts like Dr. Nancy Snyderman and nutritionist Joy Bauer. Let us make a healthy difference in your life today. By Linda Thrasybule Eating at restaurants ...
The price of orange juice on the global markets has hit a record high, after surging over the past few days. Traders say the main reasons are safety concerns about juice from Brazil, the world's largest producer of orange juice, and cold weather in ...
Mike Stobbe, AP Toby Talbot / AP FILE - In this Tuesday, June 29, 2004 file photo, a bartender serves two mugs of beer at a tavern in Montpelier, Vt. College-age drinkers average nine drinks when they get drunk, government health officials said Tuesday ...
By Makiko Kitamura Jan. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Having both a car and a television raises the risk of a heart attack, while owning livestock reduces it, according to a study that looks at the links between possessions and physical activity. ...
Though commonly used to treat patients with moderate-to-severe Alzheimer's disease (AD), the anti-dementia drug Memantine - trade name Namenda - has been labeled as ineffective for treating AD patients with Down's Syndrome over the age of 40. ...


Don’t Listen To A Word Obama Says About Energy Exploration, Because He’s In An All-Out Fight Against It
QUIN HILLYER: Hey Gingrich, How Come You Don’t Get Out Of The Race And Back My Guy Santorum?

Inside Facebook

Breaking: Sponsored Stories begin to appear in News Feed
Announcing the Agenda at Inside Social Apps 2012


The Busy City Home Screen [Featured Home Screen]
Remains of the Day: Apple Being Sued by Chinese Writers for Profiting from Pirated eBooks [For What It's Worth]

Majia's Blog

Excellent Video on Evacuating Fukushima



Ron Paul To Everyone But Mitt: Drop Out (Zeke Miller/Politics)
Romney and McCain: The GOP Frenemies' Club (Michelle Malkin)

NRC News Releases

II-11-070: NRC Finds Brunswick Emergency Diesel Generator Inspection Finding to be of Low to Moderate Safety Significance
IV-11-050: NRC to Meet With Energy Northwest Officials to Discuss Performance Improvements at Columbia Nuclear Power Plant

News 24
SA to assume Security Council presidency
President Jacob Zuma has arrived in New York ahead of South Africa officially assuming the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council for January.
35 due in court for public violence

New Scientist - Online News

Lizards may be made smarter by warming world
Twitter helps track cholera spread in Haiti

Obama Conspiracy Theories

Alabama ballot challenge dismissed
Newt called

Oddly Enough

The last huzzah?
You’ve got till tomorrow to pay up, pal…

Open Secrets

Three Money-in-politics Tidbits to Remember about New Hampshire
California Republican Elton Gallegly Becomes Latest House Member to Retire

Outlook Blogs

All Roads Lead To Kottayam
Players: What A Game!


Mass suicide threats at Xbox 360 plant

Pew Clean Energy

Editorial: Keep Fighting to Cut Military's Energy Costs
Congress Continues Military Program to Use Advanced Fuels

Pesticide Action Network

Best safety net for farmers? Healthy soil.
Dow logo sacked; is sponsorship of Olympic games next?

Philippines News

P2,000 'Pantawid Pasada' load planned for jeepney drivers
Govt eyes work-from-home, rationing amid looming fuel crisis

Political MoJo | Mother Jones

Huntsman on Obama: "A Pathology Emerges Here."
GOP Candidates Promise to Revive War on Porn

Politics Security Secrecy

CLAW Politics: Oprah visits Haiti under tight security, secrecy ...
Warren: Secrecy From the Cold War to WikiLeaks - Chicago News ...

Psychology Today

The Will to Win
It Takes Courage

Satellite News
What's Next For NASA?

The end of the space shuttle program does not mean the end of NASA, or even of NASA sending humans into space. NASA has a robust program of...


1,000-piece puzzle may unlock secrets to the Roman conquest of Britain
Have your own genome decoded – for just £650

Science Daily - news

Scientists look to microbes to unlock Earth's deep secrets
Fish offspring grow best at same temperature as parents

Scientific American

Soda Tax Could Turn Health Profit

Secret Arcana

The Order of the Illuminati: Its Origins, Its Methods and Its Influence on the World Events
The Mysterious Connection Between Sirius and Human History

Star Online :Nation

Syabas: Langat 2 can alleviate water shortage
Strong earthquake jolts northern Sumatra

 Protecting the Source


Romney wins New Hampshire, strengthens front-runner status

TED Blog

Award-winning teen-age science in action: Video on TED.com
High-velocity innovation: Fellows Friday with Jodie Wu


To Pols Trying To Raise Money From Silicon Valley: Supporting SOPA/PIPA Probably Isn't Wise
Infographic Showing The Problem With Patents

Ten Percent

Liam Byrne’s Dead Meat Puppet Show

This Week in Science

Supersoldier Throwbacks
Wiring Up Silicon Surfaces

USA Today

In light of police deaths, training is scrutinized
Report: Wastewater preferable to wasting water

Unexplained Mysteries

Kittens born with 18 extra toes between them
Robot farm to open in tsunami disaster area

War is Business

Raytheon ‘Seasparrow’ Makes Missiles Sound Cuddly (Aggregated)

Web MD Health
Study: Higher Heart Attack Risk From Pradaxa
Patients taking the new blood thinner Pradaxa have a 33% higher risk of heart attack or acute coronary syndrome than those on warfarin, an analysis...
CDC: 1 in 6 US Adults Is a Binge Drinker


Astronomer creates red wine with a 4.5billion-year vintage
Three-year-old girl amazes parents with calm reaction to angry zoo lion

White House

Remarks by the President to EPA staff


An Open Letter to NYT Staffers: Leave the Plantation and Join Us
Brave Reporter Challenges Romney Deceit

Zoe - It's Our Nature
An Act of Dog
Orcas Frolick in the Ocean near Seattle

Daily Galaxy
NewsFlash: Extreme Monster Galaxy Cluster from Early Universe Discovered --Could Reveal Ultimate Secrets of Dark Matter
Five Galaxies Discovered in Deep Wells of Dark Matter 13.1 Billion Light-Years Distant
Cygnus X Star Birth Region --Massive Pillars & Dark Filaments of Stellar Embryos
Resurrected Extinct Proteins Shows How Cellular Machines Evolved
Scientists Set to Research Largest Unexplored Biomass on Earth --Realm of Volcanic Lava Beneath Oceans

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