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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

19 January - News Notes

SOPA means LOSER in swedishImage by nickcummins via Flickr
English: Dilemma of man's love of the world an...Image via Wikipedia
SOPA Resistance Day!Image by ~C4Chaos via Flickr
 Issues and Activism > Global Warming
This ring accepts sites that examine the global warming issue with open minds, rather than simply falling in line for political correctness. Both sides of the issue are welcome, but this ring features sites where cooler heads prevail.  We wish to educate, not brainwash when it comes to climate change

Rapid Climate Change 

Obama's Keystone Denial Prompts Canada to Focus on China - San Francisco Chronicle

Unsafe Abortions on the Rise: New Global Analysis

"What we clearly know is that making abortion less available does not make it performed less often," said Dr. Lauren Streicher, assistant clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. "It's just more unsafe. Condemning abortion is a cruel and failed strategy.

Blackout: What Online Protest Looks Like
Move To Amend
The Internet Goes Dark

We Still Need Diversity and Minority Ownership in our Media

Time to Play Dirty: Boycott the movie industry in Protest of SOPA & its Evil Twin PIPA

ABC/Wash Post Poll Concludes: 80% better off financially under Obama, Congress sucks

Why SOPA is a bad idea: Clay Shirky on TED.com
What we’re doing about PIPA/SOPA: Talking about it

DOJ Gives Its Opinion On SOPA By Unilaterally Shutting Down 'Foreign Rogue Site' Megaupload... Without SOPA/PIPA
What Is Ron Paul Thinking? Sues To Unmask Anonymous Internet Users
Bill C-52 - 5months ago Need a warrant to unmask Internet users? Not if Canada gets its way. ·

SOPA backer reassures his troops: "Facts will overcome fears"

The key backer of the Stop Online Piracy Act, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX)

 SOPA protest by the numbers: 162M pageviews, 7 million signatures

SOPA lives—and MPAA calls protests an "abuse of power"

PIPA support collapses, with 13 new Senators opposed

Facebook approving Open Graph Timeline integrations starting today, announces 60 new app partners
Facebook updates app install dialog for user clarity

Supreme Court rules Congress can re-copyright public domain works

Science Online: how to deal with science going digital

Apple to announce tools, platform to "digitally destroy" textbook publishing

Apple is slated to announce the fruits of its labor on improving the use of technology in education at its special media event on Thursday, January 19.

An inside look at the secrecy that is Apple culture | Edible Apple
How Apple's Organizational Structure and Policies Contribute to ... 

Moving Farther and Faster
The distributions of terrestrial organisms are shifting in response to climate change. Research shows that these changes are happening at a much faster rate than previously estimated.

How Moken Children See With Amazing Clarity Underwater

Banner week in bee science: Zombie flies & poisonous 'planter exhaust'
Dow & Monsanto in deadly race on the pesticide treadmill

War Plan Iran Dispelling the Lies, Telling the Truth about Western Aggression in the Persian Gulf

Statement from The President on the Retirement of Congressman Maurice Hinchey
Notice -- Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Terrorists who Threaten to Disrupt the Middle East Peace Process

Mark Collins - Perils of War With Iran

Iran Threatens To Sink US Carrier With Torpedo

Nassau County O&M, NY

Rizal WTP

Azerbaijan commemorates 22nd anniversary of 20th January tragedy
Today, Azerbaijan commemorates the 22nd anniversary of the 20th January tragedy.

Rep. Peter Welch: Gulf Allies Expressed ‘Great Reservation And Caution’ About Attacking Iran

Responsibility to protect: the liberation of Sirte
According to NATO  figures, coalition aircraft delivered 415 key strikes on the town of Sirte between Sunday 28th August and Thursday 20th October...

Simon Kelner: Miliband is right to attack 'predatory capitalism'
The Sketch: By jingo, 2012 is the year of true-blue bulldog spirit!
It's hip to be E=mc²: Can the worlds of art and fashion help to make the lab cool?

Natural History Museum attacked over links to 'illegal' Israeli company
Leasa Brand 6 oz. Living Alfalfa Sprouts Recalled
Warning: 50 Minutes with This Daily Gadget Can Alter Your Brain and DNA 
Student detained for Facebook threat against PM
Construction work at fire site in KL Sentral halted pending probe 
Seniors Helping Seniors: Doris Day Gives to Muttville
Peter Singer on the Dolphin Conscripts 
Women leaders swap experiences at Yahoo Summit
Egypt Brothers mix pragmatism, ideology on Israel
Can Catch Shares Save the Whales? 
'Vedanta Brain And Islam Body'  
Philippines - Publisher threatened after condemning colleague's murder
Palace denies targeting SC's Marquez on WB fund mess

China Failing, as Predicted?
Another Failure for the Elites as the EU Sinks?
What to Do While Waiting for Presidential Campaign Reports
Super PACs A Hot Topic in GOP Debate

Another clue in the mystery of autism
Jindal: I’m A Free Agent Endorser Until We Nominate Somebody
Helicopter Crash Over Morgan City, Two Dead 
The Stream, January 19: Shale Gas and the Renewable Energy Sector
Obama Administration to Reject Keystone XL Pipeline
Central Texas homes sales rose 11 percent in Dec.; finish up 7 percent for 2011
Store aims to fill high-end fabric niche  
35+ complaints sent to ANC on candidate list
The ANC received more than 35 complaints from party members in Limpopo on alleged irregularities in the May 2011 local government elections...
Govt has shut over 4 000 schools

Recount Leaves Santorum Ahead of Romney in Iowa GOP Caucus

Rick Perry quits White House race
The Republican presidential race is shaken up as Rick Perry exits and endorses Newt Gingrich, whose ex-wife says he asked for an open marriage.
Megaupload sharing site shut down

Rick Perry pulls out of Republican race
• Texas governor Rick Perry pulls out of Republican race• Iowa GOP strips Mitt Romney of win after ballot confusion• Newt Gingrich surges in South...
Arab states warned against alliance with west

Yemen amends draft law granting immunity to Saleh and his aides
A Yemeni draft law granting immunity to outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh over the killing of protesters during the country's crisis was...
Russian Deputy FM discussed cooperation with U.S. on Karabakh settlement in Washington

Genetically Engineered Stomach Microbe Converts Seaweed into Ethanol

Quantum Blindness
Tracking Reaction Surfaces
Army suicide rates decline for first time in 4 years
Thousands gather for protest march in Bucharest

Princess Diana's ghost filmed in church
App to help save ancient language

First secure quantum computer is blind to its own bits
Apple turns educator with iBook Textbooks for iPad

Why We Dream
The Conspiracy Theorist Next Door

Kathleen Edwards: A Breakup Song's Bigger Picture
In Former Steel Town, Residents Question GOP Candidates' 'Entitlement Society' Talk

The last huzzah?

Google disappoints with 4th-quarter revenue
Apple bests Samsung as buyer of tiny mics

Dying dog saved by neighbour (also a dog) after canine blood transfusion
Cute alert: Cheeky young chimp throws tantrum after getting hungry

Science Confirms: Don't Go to Sleep Sleep Angry [Anger]
Prepare to Ace Your Job Interview with This Job Interview One-Sheeter [Job Interview]

Rock And A Hard Place: What To Do With Concordia
GM Regains Top-Selling Automaker Title From Toyota

Why Does Our Universe Have Three Dimensions?
Did our universe expand from an original embryonic universe of ten dimensions? To explain, we'll need to make our beds...
NASA Debunks Mysterious Triangular 'UFO'

Do Grapes or Alcohol Make Red Wine Good for the Heart?
Studies have long suggested that drinking red wine in moderation might be good for the heart. What’s been less clear is whether it’s the alcohol in...
What Do You Know About PE for Kids?

Helix Nebula's Molecular Knots --Each the Size of our Solar System
Image of the Day: A Dark Matter Galaxy 10-Billion Light Years from Earth
EcoAlert --NASA Data Predicts Continuing Drought with a Repeating La Nina at Its Peak
From the X-Files Dept: NASA Refutes Triangular "UFO" Seen in Footage Captured by the STEREO-B Spacecraft
"The End of the World!" --The Day the Earth Passed Through Halleys Comet 24-Million-Mile Tail

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