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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

14 January - The Geezer Suspects

Unusual SuspectsImage via Wikipedia
English: East Baghdad, Iraq (March 23, 2006) -...Image via Wikipedia
Spc. Colby Richardson detains a man after he i...Image via Wikipedia
English: ICE Special Agents (U.S. Immigration ...Image via Wikipedia
February 4–11: Yalta ConferenceImage via Wikipedia
Marshal meeting.Image by Ginger Me via Flickr

Back to a non-resilient future? 

At this time of year storms are normal, but last week’s gale force winds broke records and much else. Buildings did not fare too badly though as most were constructed over 150 years ago with big-weather resistance a specification.  It was the infrastructure of modern life that suffered massive damage - the electricity supply and communications systems went down for 3 ½ and 5 days respectively in our village, with many people further down the coast out for even longer. Mobile masts failed, digital signals to TV and radios stopped, petrol could not be pumped.

One-third of Earth's soil is degraded because of unsustainable farming methods
With the Earth's cropland quickly eroding, a shift to perennials is needed for a sustainable food supply.

The foundation of humanity’s food supply is crumbling.The United Nations now estimates that more than 20 per cent of the Earth’s cultivated soils have been significantly degraded, while in the United States, 28 per cent of cropland is eroding at an unsustainable rate. Research shows that of all human activities, agriculture is the biggest threat to biodiversity and ecosystems.

History of Mesopotamia

U.S. Army Goes Farming in Iraq

5 great agriculture jobs

'Food Safety' has to be as good a farce favouring Big Ag as the 'war on drugs' - and has been around longer. Have you had your pesticides today ?

Outline: “The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.”
 Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote those words in 1937

Iran : Paranoid or under seige ? 

The problems go as far back as the US and UK-led coup that unseated Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq in 1953 and reinstated the unpopular Shah.

What does help garner support for the Iranian government amongst the Iranian people is the sanctions and the secret assassinations and the killings that are going on 

Obama signs defense bill, pledges to maintain legal rights of ...
 Supporters of the legislation have said it codifies current arrangements such as the indefinite detention of terrorism suspects ... trial in U.S . law,” Kenneth ...

( Well. What is Iran worried about ? Surely Guantanamo itself is sufficient evidence of the benevolent intentions of the U.S. !

WASHINGTON—U.S. officials say they are looking for evidence that directly links elements of Pakistan's powerful spy agency to this week's assault on the ...
( See ? Allies are treated that way !

Citizens too ! )

Deputy U.S. Marshal indicted, charged with assaulting suspects

Deputy U.S. Marshal indicted, charged with assaulting suspects BY NATASHA KORECKI Federal Courts Reporter ...

Senate Declines to Clarify Rights of American Qaeda Suspects ...

[Dec 1, 2011] The Senate on Thursday decided not to make clearer the current law about the rights of Americans suspected of being terrorists.
 ( Like Timothy McVeigh ? )

  1. A Somali man has appeared in a civilian court in New York, charged with assisting al-Qaeda and militants from Somalia's al-Shabab group. It has emerged that Ahmed ...
    ( You know. The group created by the C.I.A. 
    Hillary said so herself . They are the righteous revolutionaries of Libya and Syria. )
U.S.: NATO forces may have been lured into attacking friendly Pakistani border posts in a calculated maneuver by the Taliban.
( Hm. Where's that ? Near Portland ? lol There was a time I biked near Portland Maine with friends. )

Iranian state television said on Saturday Tehran had evidence Washington was behind the latest assassination of one of its nuclear scientists. 

( Now look at the article above this one - and understand Iran has power for water treatment and supply, hospital operating rooms,refrigeration for food storage, communications and even traffic lights all at risk from sanctions and outside interference in its affairs - yet promotes nuclear disarmament regardless of continued lies by nuclear powers. The alternative is destruction and loss of life in the style of Iraq thanks to the former suppliers of military 'aid' to Iraq - and of nuclear power generation technology to Iran ! - to help Saddam Hussein prosecute invasion and war. Apparently Iran is not Kuwait.  )

 Author and Middle East analyst Dilip Hiro examines the chronology of events and argues that Iran started and ended its nuclear-weapons program for one reason: the rise and fall of Saddam Hussein in neighboring Iraq.

1981  Israel bombs Baghdad nuclear reactor 

The Israelis criticised the French and Italians for supplying Iraq with nuclear materials

In 1986, Mordechai Vanunu, a former nuclear technician was found guilty of espionage after he told a British newspaper, the Sunday Times, that Israel was secretly building atomic bombs.
French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac cultivated France's special relationship with Iraq during the 1970s to maintain an influence in a region dominated by Anglo-Saxons and boost trade links with the oil-rich nation.
He led the universal condemnation of Israel's attack on Osirak.
Then, 22 years later - as French president - Mr Chirac was vehemently against the USA and Britain going to war with Iraq over the issue of weapons of mass destruction.
( Remember 'Freedom Fries' campaign to denigrate all things French ? You'd think they were anti -Islamic  Taleban - not the Norman tyrants of Great Britain and defenders of the new independent 13 Colonies back in the day.

The Magna Carta 1215

The Magna Carta* (The Great Charter) Preamble: John, by the grace of God, king of England, lord of Ireland, duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, and count of Anjou, to the ...
* Conflict with the Pope.....hmmmm 
" rebellions were not particularly unusual "
*That was at the heart of Henry Bolingbroke's [ VIII ] decision to separate the English church from the Papacy. HE was going to rule the Kingdom ...and see an end to their clerical domination of education.
Henry was given a first-rate education from leading tutors, becoming fluent in Latin, French, and Spanish. Henry was prepared for a clerical career.
Henry VIII is known for his role in the separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church. Henry's struggles with Rome led to the separation of the Church of England from papal authority, the Dissolution of the Monasteries, and establishing himself as the Supreme Head of the Church of England)

While in the Lisbon meeting, held on Oct. 19-20, 2010, NATO declared Iran a threat due to its nuclear program, it did not officially name the country as such. French President Nicholas Sarkozy clearly stated that Iran was the “threat,” although, upon Turkey’s insistence, this was not written in the official documents. Let us have a look at how Iran, currently the main target of the Western media, has come to embrace a nuclear program.

After the Islamic revolution in 1979, Imam Khomeini was not keen on the production of nuclear energy and weapons. Khomeini was concerned about possible damage to the environment and the death of civilians. However, Iran was all but forced to accept the nuclear program over time:
(1) Israel turned out to have a big repository of nuclear weapons.
(2) In 1988, Saddam Hussein threatened to strike Iran with nuclear weapons. This was the main reason Khomeini was forced to accept a cease-fire.
(3) In 2003, the US occupied Iraq, claiming that it had nuclear weapons. But, if Iraq had really had nuclear weapons, the US would not have dared to invade, which is the case in North Korea.
(4) Oil may be exhausted in time, and Iran will eventually need nuclear energy.

(3) Iran refuses to integrate itself into the global economic system, but is trying to find its own course.
There is the glaring proof that this is more disinformation. The global economic system has confiscated Iran's deposit for nuclear power technology and refuses to treat it a a member of global society. 

And yes, there is an echo. 
Story of a changing headline: Iran 'regime collapse'  
Iran's pro-democracy movement, not to mention the alleged Iranian-American "spy" Amir Hekmati, will likely bear the brunt of the Obama administration's slip-ups as they are scapegoated or used as playing cards to deflect attention from the worsening state of Iran's economy and its isolated position abroad.
Want to understand the economy ?  Don't read the press !
Perhaps we shouldn't restrict ourselves to avoiding reading the press for merely news of the economy !

How will Political Action Commitees impact US politics and the 2012 election? 
Super PACs are funded by American individuals, corporations and unions, who are legally allowed to donate as much money as they want to supposedly independent organisations but which are linked to a particular candidate. These Super PACs then unleash a slew of political TV ads that are not designed to support their candidate but rather take down the opposition. And so far they seem to be working.  

Support the proposed amendment that would ABOLISH Corporate Personhood
SCOTUS 'created' real people of mere corporations declaring that corporations have, among every Constitutional right, a right of 'free speech' under the First Amendment. It was declared that the government may not 'impose restrictions' on the political speech that corporations may indulge.
83% of Whites Voted in Favor of Polling Place Photo ID Restrictions in Mississippi
While 75% of non-Whites voted against the November ballot initiative, suggesting Jim Crow still alive & well in the southern state... 
Who needs to count ballots? News nets find new love for Exit Polls... 
Google Posts NH GOP Primary 'Results' Early...Before Polls Even Open
And even in the fake results, poor Buddy Roemer is nowhere to be found... 
Roemer's Exclusion from GOP Debates Underscores Corporate Media Manipulation
Former LA Gov's powerful indictment of corporate money in politics is shut out of national debates...
 Damn. But why would you say that Iran is paranoid....when the U.S. sounds more like the head case ?
Paranoid Personality Disorder is a condition characterized by excessive distrust and suspiciousness of others

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