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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

15 January - The 'Developed' World

View of the Persian GulfImage by bryangeek via FlickrOcean currents in north atlanticImage via WikipediaGulf Shores, Alabama. One of several BP Gulf o...Image via WikipediaSign protesting use of toxic "Corexit&quo...Image via WikipediaThe Gulf of Mexico region (in 3D) is encompass...Image via WikipediaSarasota - Gulf Gate East and Vicinity from th...Image by roger4336 via FlickrEnglish: A C-130 Hercules from the Air Force R...Image via WikipediaOil Spill, Gulf of Mexico (NASA, International...Image by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center via FlickrEnglish: This is map of the worlds"convey...Image via WikipediaSimulations of Underwater Plumes of Dissolved Oil in the Gulf of Mexico
( Head scratchings by the non technically adept : it is assumed capping stopped flow. Months later analysis of recent oil release matched that from Mercado Prospect: Deepwater Horizon  Nor is there an  accounting of Corexit dispersant toxin to match actual conditions - including suppression of information about application flights by the coast Guard for months and months continuing to add to the brew, ever increasing the toxicity of the Gulf to life as we know it.  As to any kind of life or life like infestation from vulcanism....it has no viable competition left.  This while evidence of fracturing of the sea bottom is also unmentioned.
Majia's Blog: The BP Gulf Oil Spill Was the Rehearsal for Tepco's ...
Say No To Corporate America: The Gulf of Mexico Is NOT Safe! It Is ...

Meanwhile  How ocean currents work
Since phytoplankton - the base of the food chain - depends on this action,then

Ocean Currents: Is the Global Conveyor Belt Slowing Down?

The dashed line between the North American and African continents denotes a transatlantic section ... Several lines of evidence indicate that the Global Conveyor Belt ...
Now if that was modeled to include regional climate and weather effects changed by oil on the surface of the Gulf, we might start to have some appreciation of where we are at.
As for the safety of seafood from the Gulf, a cradle of life for many species....this may become a relatively meaningless question. But if you go by the usual standard of proven harms, since we are in forbidding - even terrifying - waters where past experience is suppressed or ignored; everything is just fine. )

Thermohaline circulation - Methane catastrophe

Thermohaline circulation The water of the great world ocean is, like its crust and interior, constantly in motion. Currents carrying colossal amounts of water ...

There should be no change in deep-ocean temperatures because the deep ocean is quite isolated from the upper ocean, at least on short time scales. This deep ocean water should not have been in contact with the surface in 800 years (Davidson, 2004). Textbook time for ocean mixing -- the amount of time it takes for a mass of ocean water to blend with other ocean water -- is 1000 years. This slow rate, and the isolation of deep water from the surface, means that there should have been no warming whatsoever in the period studied. The fact that there has been such warming is a matter of surprise and concern -- and even alarm -- to oceanographers.
The oceans are the roach motel of global warming. In the case of the oceans, it is heat which checks in but doesn't check out. Water has an extraordinary heat capacity. In other words, it holds heat better than almost anything else. That means that when the oceans warm, they lose that heat only slowly and reluctantly. Ocean heat stays around for a long time. And most of the heat from global warming -- over 90% -- goes into the oceans.
And the oceans hold 99% of the world's supply of methane hydrate; the rest is in permafrost. Inevitably, in a warming world, hydrate methane will also be released from permafrost, but its quantity pales to insignificance compared to that in the oceans. Moreover, it is not merely hydrate methane that will be released, but also free methane from below the BSR.
It used to be thought that the depth of the methane hydrates within the ocean floor sediments would delay and perhaps prevent methane release with global warming. This thinking was based on the amount of time it would take for warmth from the overlying ocean to penetrate the sediments, and upon scientific understanding of the physical contours of the methane hydrate deposits. The bottom simulating reflectors (BSRs) that marked the boundary between the overlying hydrate and the underlying free methane closely mimicked the contours of the ocean floor (hence their name), though generally several hundred meters deeper.
These contours were fairly smooth and gently rolling (see the sonar image of the "old" BSR, above, in the Methane and Methane Hydrates, Part 2, section), and the upper boundary of the hydrate was similarly presumed to be relatively smooth. Because this hydrate methane was thought to be located well below the seafloor, it was assumed that heat from global warming would take a long time to penetrate that far, and that any significant release of margin methane would take place at least hundreds (Kvenvolden,1988a), and perhaps thousands of years in the future. Even employing "worst case estimates," little methane release was presumed to be possible, because about 98% of methane hydrate is found in sediment conditions which would require a 4°C (7.2°F) warming to dissociate (Harvey and Huang, 1995).
Such findings could provide consolation to those concerned about the possibility of a near-term methane catastrophe, were it not for the qualifying statement heading a list of conclusions: "In the absence of fracturing or sediment failure..." (Harvey and Huang, 1995). If fracturing or sediment failure were indeed possible, the comforting conclusions would not be valid. In fact, however, fracturing and slumping (sediment failure) turn out to be the major modes by which large quantities of hydrate methane can be released.
New, more detailed sonar images have completely changed our understanding of BSR topography. Instead of being fairly smooth and gently rolling, the BSR surface is now known to be punctuated with sharp, needle-like peaks, columns, and discontinuous knife-edge ridges, which may extend all the way up to the top of the sediment. These features apparently represent escape routes for free and dissociated methane, which at times follows "chimneys" (the needle-like peaks and columns), and at others follows faults (the knife-edge ridges) through the consolidated sediments (Wood, 2002; Pecher, 2002). [Sonar image from Wood, 2002.]

A careful examination of the pressure of the free gas below the hydrate on several passive margins shows it to be essentially identical to the pressure needed to pry open overlying faults (Hornbach, 2004). This pressure is referred to as the critical pressure, and the amount of free methane under the hydrate is, in passive basins, at critical pressure. Free gas tends to remain at critical pressure because it forces open the safety valve when the pressure of the gas exceeds the critical pressure. When the free gas is at less than the critical pressure, the safety valve remains closed.
Seafloor faults thus seem to be highly responsive as pressure safety valves. In those active margins where oceanic plates are subducting beneath continents, the pressure being applied to the wedge of sediments piled against the continent (the accretionary wedge) forces fluids up through the hydrates. This process, called hydraulic fracturing, creates temporary pathways through the sediments, and allows free and dissociating methane to escape (Zühlsdorff and Spieß, 2004).
Because many active continental margins are being compressed by the forcing together of tectonic plates, it is not surprising that faulting and fracturing should be common there. On passive margins, by contrast, faulting should be much less. Therefore, there should be less free gas, and less pressure, under hydrate on active margins than on passive ones. And, indeed, that is the case: on the Blake Ridge off the Florida-Carolina coast (a passive margin), the free gas column is 200 to 250 meters (yards) thick. Other passive basins display similar free gas column heights. But the free gas columns in active margins are much less: typically about 35 meters thick, they rarely exceed 50 meters (Hornbach, 2004).
Sonar images of an active margin area, off the west coast of Canada's Vancouver Island, reveal the same sort of wipeout zones (transparent to sonar: here they are referred to as "blanking zones"; Zühlsdorff and Spieß, 2004), as reported elsewhere (Wood, 2002). The seafloor surface exhibits a pockmark, a familiar sign of fluid venting, with massive gas hydrate lying at only 3 to 8 meters (yards) depth (Riedel, 2002). It is presumably the process of hydraulic fracturing which allows a rather free flow of methane out of the hydrate zone, and prevents the buildup to critical pressures found in passive margins and basins. The process, in fact, may be important for methane release in all margin settings (Zühlsdorff and Spieß, 2004).
Thus free methane, as well as hydrate, extends in places to, or almost to, the seafloor, where it can be -- and presumably is -- released into the ocean. This means that at least part of the oceanic methane reservoir is much more accessible to warming than previously thought. The gas chimneys and faults that serve as escape routes for methane are therefore likely to be highly responsive to the oceanic warming that is accompanying global warming generally. Consequently, assumptions about the relative remoteness and inaccessability of oceanic hydrates will have to be scrapped. Clearly, methane hydrates and the free methane below them are considerably more vulnerable to warming than was previously presumed. Most dismayingly, there may be little lag time -- or even no lag time whatsoever -- between ocean bottom warming, and the initiation of seafloor methane release in response.

Inevitably, then, with the amount of global warming projected to occur in the next century or so, most or all seafloor methane will be released. Exactly how fast that release will take -- and how catastrophic that release will therefore be -- is something that can at best be only dimly glimpsed. Clearly there are some critical parameters which are unknowable or must be guessed at.

Thermohaline Circulation  NOAA tutorial 

Thermohaline Circulation -- Summary

The two places that are believed to be the major locations of oceanic deep water formation that are thought by many to drive the global thermohaline circulation are the North Atlantic and Southern Oceans, each of which is surmised to have supplied equivalent amounts of new deep water to the system for most of the past 800 years.  Periodically, however, it is believed that the strength of each of these deep water sources waxes and wanes; and Broecker et al. (1999) have suggested that these oscillations in deep water formation may be responsible for millennial-scale climate oscillations, such as the recent Little Ice Age and prior Medieval Warm Period.
In a study of grain sizes of deep-sea sediments obtained from the northeast Atlantic Ocean, Bianchi and McCave (1999) discovered a similar millennial-scale oscillation of the thermohaline circulation that extended back in time over the past 11,000 years and seemed, at the younger end of the record, to be related to these two historically-well-known climatic regimes.
observations, they noted, were consistent with the contemporaneous slow-downs of North Atlantic Deep Water formation that are known to have occurred at those times: with less heat being transported northward, temperatures rise in the south.
Finally, in a study of physical and chemical characteristics of a sediment core obtained south of Iceland, Raymo et al. (1998) determined that millennial-scale oscillations of this type were occurring well over a million years ago, leading them to conclude that associated alternating warm and cold periods of this time-scale "may be a pervasive and long-term characteristic of Earth's climate, rather than just a feature of the strong glacial-interglacial cycles of the past 800,000 years."
.....there is good reason to believe that the modest global warming that has followed on the heels of the apparent demise of the Little Ice Age may be totally unrelated to the concomitant increase in the air's CO2 content that is generally attributed to anthropogenic CO2 emissions.  Nevertheless, a number of scientists continue to believe that the ongoing rise in the air's CO2 content could well perturb this finely-tuned system and upset earth's climatic equilibrium.
( Meanwhile, perturbing water vapour convection - clouds - may have done just that. We are looking at possible changes in convection thermal transport in two physical mediums : gas and liquid  )

  Since the demise of the last great continental ice sheets in the Northern Hemisphere, large and abrupt climatic changes have no longer been observed (Stocker, 2000).  In addition, under more normal circumstances, the model study of Gent (2001) suggests that global warming would lead to the northwest Atlantic becoming both warmer and more saline, with little net effect on surface water density and, therefore, "no evidence of a significant weakening of the thermohaline circulation."  Likewise, the model study of Latif et al. (2000) also predicts a stabilized thermohaline circulation in response to global warming, due to large-scale air-sea interactions that produce anomalously high salinities in the tropical Atlantic that are subsequently advected into the region of North Atlantic Deep Water formation.
.....one terawatt of tidal energy is indeed dissipated in the vicinity of rough bottom topography must be extremely gratifying to Munk and Wunsch; for together with the two terawatts of energy estimated to come from shallow-water tidal energy dissipation, the three terawatts of energy needed to account for the yearly energy loss from the earth-moon system due to the moon's receding from the earth at about four centimeters per year has now been found.  Wunsch, for example, remarks that "it appears that the tides are, surprisingly, an intricate part of the story of climate change, as is the history of the lunar orbit."

Reports - Science at the Service of Europe
Science at the Service of Europe is an illustrated a guide to the 2010 annual activity report of the European Commission's Research & Innovation DG. It covers all research areas from Health to Transport and Energy to Environment. Each thematic area presents two short project descriptions to explain how science is serving Europe. Read more

 Research Headlines - Homeless marine species? Blame climate change
New international research suggests that increasing temperatures will affect the habitats of animals and plants, as several will be forced to leave their surroundings and find new environments; some marine species will have nowhere to go. The findings of the study, published in the journal Science, indicate how it will be difficult for marine species to keep up with the changes. Read more

Dutch and Swiss researchers have developed a four-wheel drive car that produces no noise and no emissions. Presented in the journal Nature, the study was funded in part by the MOLECULAR MOTORS ('Molecular motors – controlling movement at the nanoscale') project, which is supported through a European Research Council Advanced Grant worth EUR 2.18 million under the FP7. The researchers say this prototype symbolises lightweight construction at its most extreme. Read more

The objective of the Event is to inform the Parties to the UNFCCC as well as the other interested entities and civil society on the advances of the GEO initiatives aimed at better understanding the global carbon cycle in the climate and at supporting countries in monitoring their forest resources andimplementing national MRV systems for REDD+.The Group on Earth Observations is a voluntary partnership of governments and internationalorganizations that is coordinating efforts to build a Global Earth Observation System of Systems(GEOSS). It provides a framework within which these partners can coordinate their Earth observation strategies and investments, share their data, and develop new projects. Read more

Prior to the Zeppelin Campaign of the EU-funded research project PEGASOS, a workshop for journalists is held at ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik in Friedrichshafen, Germany, on 17 November 2011. The project:In spring 2012, scientists of the EU-funded PEGASOS project will embark on a Europe-wideresearch mission with a Zeppelin NT airship. The aim is to explore relationships between atmospheric chemistry and climate change. In 2012, measurement flights will take the research team to the Netherlands and then on to Italy. In 2013, the north-bound flight leads from Friedrichshafen, Germany, to Finland. Read more

The EU-funded twin projects COPHES/DEMOCOPHES organise a Human Biomonitoring week in order to discuss and present some of their joint work. On Wednesday, 30 November, a first open workshop will focus on Human Biomonitoring experiences in Europe, highlighting the policy implications. A press conference will be held from 11.00 to 12.30. On 1 and 2 December, two further open workshops are held on Bisphenol-A and indoor/outdoor air quality. Please consult the projects' website for more information and registration. Read more

Cancer rates are rising at around 1% per year, while fertility rates are declining in some countries. Allergies and asthma are also up around 5% per year. Air pollution and exposure to chemicals are commonly cited as possible causes, while potential risks stemming from emerging technologies like mobile phones and nanotechnology need to be carefully assessed. It is also becoming apparent that climate change can be associated with a variety of health effects, from those relating to heat and floods to those linked with changing distribution of infectious diseases. 

Regardless of whether you're a botanist or a weekend gardener, you know that too much water can kill your plants. Flooding or water logging of plants doesn't allow them to take up enough of the oxygen required to ensure their cellular respiration and energy production. In order to deal with this state of hypoxia, plants stimulate specific genes. But exactly how plants sense the oxygen concentration has remained a mystery, until now. Researchers in Europe have identified a protein able to bind to certain regions of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), thus triggering the transcription of stress response genes. Read more

'Research on water resources: a joint agenda' – proposed recommendation. Read more

25. Research Headlines - Remnants discovery sheds light on landslide activity
Scientists in Denmark and the United Kingdom have unearthed the remnants of the world's best preserved examples of a massive ancient landslide in Spain. Their finding, presented in the journal Geology, gives volcanologists the information they need to determine when the landslide occurred following a large volcanic eruption on the Canarian island of Tenerife. Scientists welcome the news because little information is known about why such landslides occur. Read more

26. Research Headlines - Trees and their role in filtering out pollution
Trees in London can give air quality a boost by filtering out pollution particulates, new British research shows. Presented in the November issue of the journal Landscape and Urban Planning, the study is an outcome of the BRIDGE ('Sustainable urban planning decision support accounting for urban metabolism') project, which has clinched EUR 3.1 million under the Environment Theme of the FP7. The methodology developed in this study enables scientists to predict the amount of pollution that can be removed in the future, as we face changes in the climate and increased pollution emissions. Read more
(But Desdemona Despair has been noting tree deaths...as have I, BTW - from different causes. In North America larch in the eastern forests and pines in the west are subject to depredation by pests - and the ones in the west seem to be jumping tree species )

Desdemona Despair

Desdemona Despair is the clearinghouse for all of the very worst news about the future of life on Earth, such as global warming, climate change, deforestation ...
( fan report ! )


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I no longer use the term “mainstream media. I call it “the suppressed news.” We have real stories to cover, how foreign agents have been throwing money at Gingrich, how the Republican primary campaign has had voting rigged and how the press has been “bought” to destroy Ron Paul.


The news you're not supposed to know...

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Vote Fraud - Diebold Whistleblower Speaks Out

Bev Harris | The world’s dominant Internet voting company has purchased the USA’s dominant election results reporting company.

What you should know all about Zionist Israel

‎25-04-2010. MINDTECH seeks to establish a network of laymen and media. This group will be dealing with the social and ethical sides to research, development and the implementation of emerging technologies in our society.


Be ready,false flag,false visions,sound generated in your brain,or ears.

The Latest Global Warming Scare Tactic It could have been so fine. Here, at long last, was the magic incantation for controlling people's lives. Here was the...

David Icke is one of the most visible outspoken and controversial speakers and writers about the Illuminati and the New World Order control agenda, will need practically no introduction to most readers of this blog.

In the late summer of 2010, the ATF agent leading the failed Fast and Furious gun-smuggling operation in Arizona flew to Mexico City to help coordinate cross-border investigations of U.S. weapons used by Mexican drug cartels.
Convergence State Update. Fox News wants drones spying on Americans. Homeland Security and the LAPD are field testing minority report style predictive analyt...

Heretic Productions present: Alexander Massa's The Time Has Come America!. http://www.rense.com/general94/911time.htm In perhaps the most heinous act of high...

I have to ask this question. Has anyone ever seen anthything like this in the White House? Does this evoke a feeling of dignity and leadership for the Presidency of the United States? Does this express concern for the rest of the Country as people are dying economically? You be the judge:

RAN activists took to the streets of San Francisco last night and turned every Bank of America ATM in the city into an Automated Truth Machine.

Warrantless Big Brother Spy Law COMING • Bill C-52 • Harper Government http://stopspying.ca/ Canadians contact your MPP here! http://www.parl.gc.ca/Parlinfo/...

The Wobblies (Full Documentary) IWW

The number of E.I claims now waiting beyond 28 days has ballooned to 80,000. Over the next three years, The Harper government (Conservatives) is going to clo...

Criminalizing Dissent in America - by Stephen Lendman America has a sordid repressive history. Among others, First Amendment rights are violated.

Bruce Fein | A prominent libertarian constitutional lawyer and civil libertarian has drafted an article of impeachment against President Obama.

‎- “Permissible to restrict rights of personal freedom (habeus corpus) – enter the recent NDAA “law”

According to a United States Department of Homeland Security document, a Right Wing Extremist is defined as someone who: 1. is concerned about illegal immigr...

Cop gets pissed when the driver of a pulled-over SUV refuses to let him search his car without a warrant. This is a perfect example of the importance of know...

The Florida Senate Rules Committee has proposed a bill that would require the state’s Department of Corrections to privatize all prisons and other correctional facilities in 18 counties, according to the News Service of Florida.


Interesting interview (from a few years back) with the leader of Iran. Is he really a terrible monster (as our media portrays him)? Here he calls out 9/11 as...

Iran said on Saturday it had evidence Washington was behind the latest killing of one of its nuclear scientists, state television reported, at a time when tensions over the country's nuclear program have escalated to their highest level ever.' Parisa Hafezi, Reuters

Is Henry Kissinger a war criminal? Featuring previously unseen footage, newly declassified U.S. government documents, and revealing interviews with key inside...

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Devious Reporter Lie to Sell another war to the public. Don't Let Them Trick Us into Another War! See These Videos, Click Here for Playlist: http://www.you/...

‎[Author's Note: SAY NO TO WAR ON IRAN, Spread the word, forward this article, post it on Facebook. Our objective at Global Research is to curb the flow of media disinformation, reverse the tide of war and restore World peace.] Introduction

Unocal proposed building the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline to congress in 1998 to provide oil and natural gas to several Asian markets. Regardless of their stat...

America will go to war with Iran and here is the History of the NWO thugs that have taken over America!

http://www.RonPaul.com/ - Please like, share, subscribe & comment! 01/12/2012 Ron Paul is America's leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low ...

Each star marks a US military base, but just so we're all clear: Iran is threatening us; we're not threatening them.

Court rules organic farmers can sue conventional, GMO farmers whose pesticides 'trespass' and contaminate their fields

It seems that if the US government can't get around your constitutional rights one way, they will try to find another way to do it. Meanwhile, in Canada, we ...

US-made tear gas, manufactured by companies like Combined Systems Inc. (CSI), Defense Technology, and Nonlethal Technologies, continues to be used by governments including Egypt, Israel, Yemen, Bahrain and the United States to repress popular protest movements for social justice.

A Palestinian minister says Israel jails are more horrific than Nazi concentration camps.
In Jaboatão Guararapes to 21.6 kilometers from Recife on 21 November 2011, several people were alarmed by an event that had broken their routine. An anomalou...

by Dr. Mercola Death by medicine is a 21st-century epidemic, and America's war on drugs is clearly directed at the wrong enemy! Prescription drugs are now

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A mother and son discover the healing power of hemp oil on a third-degree burn. UPDATE: Concluded...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Dne8eYILE0

On Dec. 15, 2011, Premier Anna Bligh responded to questions on fluoride during the www.oursay.org forum. Now, the people respond to her response. The people have critiqued her claims about the purported safety and effectiveness of fluoridation. Water fluoridation is unethical forced mass medication.

Aspartame is a deadly poison! Over 92 horrible side effects result from its usage, including death... Please share this info with others and feel free to pos...

Woman put in jail for being poor — RT
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I give you an few of my objections to the current practice of vaccination. Subsequent videos will hopefully address vaccine misconceptions, the flu vaccine

Iceland’s special prosecutor into the banking crisis has confirmed that raids have taken place today and that arrests have been made. The Central Bank of Iceland is among the institutions under investigation.
Heretic Productions Present: From the pen of Mike Rivero: History is about to repeat itself.http://whatreallyhappened.com/

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Of course, any establishment system which is willing to dissolve the inherent liberties of its citizens certainly isn't going to stand by quietly whil

To arrest every single TRAITOR who signed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.

John Stockwell, former CIA Station Chief in Angola in 1976, working for then Director of the CIA, George Bush. He spent 13 years in the agency. He gives a sh...

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I take no credit for making this video. I just wanted to share it. Please go to ronpaulbrochuredotcom and buy a precinct mailing in South Carolina. This is a...


This is the future according to the United Nations, (you can read it on their website). Under 'AGENDA 21', (the Global Agenda for the 21st century), it clear...

RICHMOND, VA—At a press conference Tuesday, tobacco giant Philip Morris introduced its new medicinal cigarette, Marlboro Sinus PM, a smokable nighttime cough suppressant and analgesic designed to ease cold symptoms.
A GENERAL strike has brought business and transportation in key Nigerian cities to a complete standstill over the past week. Millions of Nigerians have refused to work in protest over the government's decision to cut a state gasoline subsidy.

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