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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

29 January - My Yahoo!

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Did You Know
The UK is censoring the news people view by removing Press tv. It is a sad day when a country that brags of Free Speech removes a News station from the airwaves. Many people are concerned and so they should be.
What will they try to censor next?
Fortunately Press TV viewers in the UK can continue to watch the news channel via the following satellites or by visiting the following websites despite the British Office of Communications (Ofcom) removing the channel from the Sky platform.
You can watch Press TV broadcast from anywhere in the world by visiting the following websites:
· Press TV watch live services (Worldwide)
· Zattoo (Internet platform and IPTV. Supports PC, MAC, Linux and all tablet PCs and smartphones) (UK)
· OHTV Box (Internet Set-top box) (Worldwide)
· Roku Box (Internet Set-top box) (Worldwide) (Available in UK from January 2012)
Livestation (Internet platform. Supports PC MAC, Linux and all tablet PCs and smartphones)
You could also view their broadcast through the following satellites:
Hot Bird 8 (13E)
Eurobird 1 (28.5E)
I was taking a vacation away from things for a while, but this I just had to post this.
I hate censorship of News.
Obviously Press tv was doing a great job otherwise they would not have been taken off the air.
I have visited their site many times and their news is not filled with propaganda. It is short sweet and to the point. They also do not fill it with with personal opinions like much of the main stream media in the US. Even in Britain much of the media just tows the war propaganda line of the Government.  They feed the population with misinformation instead of the truth.  Such a shame they are not allowed to be more truthful.
Most people  who want real truth do not depend on the main stream media, as they know all to well the BS they spin to persuade the people their wars are justified.
War is for profit and control over resources, not to help or protect anyone.
Wars are for greed and power nothing else.
Iran is not the one that starts wars.
The US,  Britain and Israel seem to be doing everything in their power to make Iran seem like the evil demons, but the ones who are always starting wars is everyone else other then Iran.
Seems those who want war are those who want oil.
The EU are now not going to make any new contracts with Iran for oil. I guess they will be stealing the oil from Libya.
If the price of Gasoline and heating oil go up in the UK to bad so sad, your Governments want it that way and the prices will go up mark my words.

Ofcom | Ofcom Licensing

Ofcom Licensing. Find out how Ofcom manages the airwaves, why and when you need a licence and how to get one.

Iranian authorities have arrested a group of film-makers and accused them of working for the BBC Persian service, which is banned in the country.*
The BBC's language service chief Liliane Landor said BBC Persian had done nothing unusual in buying the rights to independent films.
She said the arrests were part of the "ongoing efforts by the Iranian government to put pressure on the BBC" to influence its impartial and balanced coverage of its Farsi-language TV broadcasts.
*Research conducted with reference to primary
sources and interviews with those who have worked in the BBC Persian
service indicates strong pressure from the Government at crucial political
This paper attempts to look at whether the British Government as the
provider of funds for the Persian Service has tried to use the broadcasts as
a tool for political influence.

Iranian Sanctions UK, UN, EU - Melli Bank - Iran Sanctions HM ...

Iranian Sanctions UK - Bank Melli Iran & Melli Bank Plc. Read Iranian sanctions banks, legislation, HM treasury, Iranian sanctions EU, UN, UK, sanctions against Iran.

  1. It is worth noting that the Foreign Office and the British espionage service launched BBC Persian ... British Broadcasting Corporation ... started in 686 AD from Kufa ...
    [Jun 20, 2009] Immediately after the 'elections' the broadcasts of the BBC Persian service were being electronically blocked all over Iran. ... Get Started! Related Questions ... ~ by bok ( 7 comments )
    Well MI6 has to try and destabilise A-JAD's govt so the "democratic" sellouts in Iran can give the Americans and Israelis all their oil, money, freedom and most importantly "quality" in exchange for McDonalds and re-runs of Friends...
    "It responds to repeated demands from Iranians themselves for news they can trust, in a society confused by both organised lying and spontaneous conspiracy theories."
    Oh, that we in the English speaking world could have such a station. On listening to BBC World broadcast unchallenged the Orwellian lies of Jerusalem , London and Washington, one cannot but be rather sceptical about whose truth BBC Persian will be delivering.

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