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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

29 January - Did You Know - feedly

English: The Occupy Boston camp in Dewey Squar...Image via Wikipedia
Occupy North PoleImage by dullhunk via Flickr
English: Koostachin Store in Attawapiskat, Ont...Image via Wikipedia
English: Map showing the location of Attawapis...Image via Wikipedia
English: Attawapiskat First Nation with logoImage via Wikipedia
Shameful News from Canada 2.0 (Christmas Wish ...Image by Canadian Pacific via Flickr
English: Attawapiskat First Nation of Communit...Image via Wikipedia
Attawapiskat First Nation Band OfficeImage via Wikipedia




Canada: Attawapiskat Citizens In Desperate Need of Housing -Some are Living in Tents
Canada: Attawapiskat Housing Crisis A Serious Risk To Women, Children, Elders By Ahni Nov 22, 2011 Children living in un-insulated tents; families relying on buckets for toilets; elders living in sheds–these are some of the conditions witnessed by Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus and MPP Gilles Bisson on a tour through Attawapiskat this month. For almost two years, the Attawapiskat First Nation
Occupy Wall Street Updates
Over 4,000 have been arrested to date. Police brutality is growing. Police Evicted from Occupy UC Davis after Pepper Spraying Peaceful Protesters November 18 3011 If you haven’t seen this video yet from yesterday’s police action at Occupy UC Davis, you have to watch it, and watch it through the end. Honestly… it brought tears to my eyes. Tears of joy. It starts with a group of students quietly a
Israel: Segregation of Children in Extremist religious schools, Lost rights of Women
November 18 2011 Israeli parents protest growing extremist bent in religious schools Our outcry is over the prohibition against kindergarten girls singing,’ Ariela Miller, mother of three children in the Orthodox state school system, tells Haaretz. By Talila Nesher Parents of some 400 children in the state religious school system have banded together to protest what they view as the extreme bent t


Jan 24
How to watch Press TV in UK
Censorship is a way to keep people from knowing the truth. In the UK Press TV is no longer on the air as of January 20 2012. Check this link for more information. ‘Press TV was menace to imperialist UK’ Just last week the US tried to pass a couple of bills to censor the internet and people, millions spoke  out against both bills and as a result both bills were stopped. They will of course try ag
Nov 22 2011
McDonald’s drops U.S. egg supplier over ‘disturbing’ animal-cruelty video
By Mira Oberman Nov 19, 2011 CHICAGO — Fast food giant McDonald’s severed ties with one of its American egg suppliers Friday after a video taken by undercover animal rights activists exposed shocking cruelty to chickens at a farm. The footage showed chicks having the tips of their beaks being burned off by a machine and then tossed into cages along with images of barely identifiable corpses of bir
War Crimes Tribunal finds Bush and Blair are war criminals
Bush, Blair are war criminals, court says November 23, 2011 A War Crimes Tribunal in Malaysia has found former US President George W. Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair guilty of war crimes for their roles in the Iraq war, Press TV reports. The five-panel Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal decided that Bush and Blair committed genocide and crimes against humanity by leading the invasi
Nov 20 2011
US Lawmakers Corruption “Busted”
If any ordinary person did this they would go to Jail. When Lawmakers make Laws that allow them to break the law that is a crime. No Lawmaker should be above the Law. This is an absolute Breach of Trust. I would even say and act of Treason against the citizens of the US. I knew about this years ago so what took everyone else so long to figure this out? If the US mainstream media had not been so co
Indonesian Citizens Protest Obama’s Visit to Bali
Activists in Bali protest against the ASEAN summit and the presence of U.S. president Barack Obama. From November 18 2011 Indonesians demonstrate in Bali during a meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to protest US President Barack Obama’s presence at the meeting. November 18 2011 Protesters gathered outside the United States consulate in Bali on Friday and chanted slogan
Nov 16 2011
US wants to Censor the Internet
For years, the US government has condemned countries like China and Iran for their clampdown on Internet use. But now, the impact of America’s new censorship laws could be far worse — effectively blocking sites to every Internet user across the globe. Last year, a similar Internet censorship bill was killed before reaching the US Senate floor, but it’s now back in a different form. Copyright laws
Nov 15 2011
Over 7,000 prisoners are held in Libya
November 15 2011 As of June 2011 NATO had exacted 26,000 sorties and nearly 10,000 airstrikes. The number of actual Airstrikes is much higher, as the bombing continued up until October 2011.   At least 30,000 people were killed and 50,000 wounded in Libya’s six-month NATO war. The numbers may be higher. As of today there are at least 7,000 prisoners held by the NTC/Rebels  at this point in time pr
New leaders in Greece, Italy are BANKERS
New leaders in Greece, Italy call for united front to combat debt crisis Respected economic experts have stepped into the political vacuum created by the collapse of partisan governments in Athens and Rome, raising the hopes that they can build a broad coalition to combat the debt crisis. November 15 2011 Non-partisan technocrats slated to take the reigns of power in Greece and Italy are seekin
Nov 10 2011
US is lobbying nations to bring Cluster Bombs back “NO” would be my Answer
Ahmad picked up a bright metal object in a park where he was celebrating his 5th birthday in Lebanon. It was an unexploded cluster bomblet, which blew up in his face, killing him slowly in front of his family. Three years ago, public pressure pushed through a ban of these cruel bombs. But now the US is lobbying nations to quietly sign a new law that allows their use — signing the death warrant for
Canada: Stop Harper’s cruel crime bill
November 10 2011 The Harper Government wants to create more Criminals. The total crime rate for serious offences fell by 19% between 2000 and 2010. The crime severity rate has fallen 6% since 1998, which means that Canadians commit fewer violent crimes like murders, attempted murders and serious assaults. There are also fewer brake-ins, car thefts, robberies and drunk driving charges — still Harp
Nov 07 2011
The Prison Industry in the United States Costs Taxpayers Billions
So lets start with a report from 2008. There were only 2 million prisoners then. The prison industry in the United States: big business or a new form of slavery? by Vicky Pelaez March 10, 2008 El Diario-La Prensa, New York Human rights organizations, as well as political and social ones, are condemning what they are calling a new form of inhumane exploitation in the United States, where they say a
Nov 05 2011
ICC to Probe NATO, NTC War Crimes in Libya War
Court to Consider ‘Series of Complaints’ Against NATO, NTC by Jason Ditz, November 03, 201 NATO’s careful avoidance of any investigations of the many civilians they killed over several months of bombing western Libyan cities may have kept the situation quiet for awhile, but now it looks like the story is coming out without them. That’s the news out of the Hague, anyhow, where Luis Moreno-Ocampo, t
Oct 29 2011
US, NATO and Rebel war crimes in Libya
Here are few reports on War Crimes and Crimes against humanity. There will be more coming out in the near future and I am sure there will be many. Rense & Susan Lindauer – NATOs Libyan War Crimes Aug 1, 2011 NATO Committing War Crimes In Libya – Ex US Congresswoman Jun 15, 2011 GOING ROGUE: NATO’s War Crimes in Libya By Susan Lindauer, former US Asset covering Libya at the United Nations Ju
Oct 26 2011
The Libya American’s never saw on Television
You know I have to wonder if Americans know anything about Libya at all. There are many from other countries that don’t seem to know much about it either I am afraid. Comments on different news sites tell me  how mislead many are. One of the most predominant comments is now Libya will come out of the Dark Ages. Well I am not sure what dark ages they are talking about as Libya was quite advanced. N
Oct 25 2011
The Iran you will never see on American Television
Be patient it may take some time for all the videos to load. I was tired of all the bad news and warmongering so I decided to go on a tour of Iran.I must say I enjoyed my tour. I found some of the most interesting things. So you can take with me the same tour I found and you know it gets rather addictive after a while.  Do be sure to take the entire tour and you will be amazed at what you see and
Oct 23 2011
Canada: Mohawk Elders looking for mass graves of Children that died in Residential Schools
A Weekly Update on the Mohawk Inquiry: The Search for the Dead Continues  October 17, 2011 by itccs A second indigenous Nation authorizes digs for their lost children and endorses the ITCCS – The Canadian government strikes back against the Mohawk residential school inquiry, and a long cover-up is revealed. Brantford, Ontario: At the start of a third week of an unprecedented aboriginal-led investi
Oct 22 2011
Deaths in Afghanistan 5.6 million due to war
The US killed 10 more civilians yesterday. October 22 2011 A US rocket has struck a residential area in war-torn Afghanistan, claiming the lives of at least 10 Afghan civilians, The fatal blast took place in a village in the northeastern Kunar Province. The attack follows a surprise visit by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Kabul, to take part in a meeting aiming at finding a political sol
Oct 20 2011
Violence erupts as general strike shuts down Greece
Oct. 19 2011 ATHENS, Greece — Hundreds of rioting youths smashed and looted stores in central Athens on Wednesday during a big anti-government rally against painful new austerity measures that erupted into violence. Outside parliament, demonstrators hurled chunks of marble and gasoline bombs at riot police, who responded with tear gas and stun grenades. Police said at least 14 officers were hospi
Oct 16 2011
World Wide Occupy Wall Street Protests
Wall Street Tsunami: OWS grows in force Oct 22 2011 ‘OWS ain’t a war zone’ – One marine vs 30 cops in NYC Oct 22 2011 If you don’t understand the Occupy Wall Street Movement check out this Video Occupy Wall Street Spells It Out Updated Photos: Occupy Vancouver – global movement Photos at link below Thousands participated in the Vancouver leg of the financial protests. Video on the protest in
Oct 15 2011
Pentagon Insider Says Green Light On Israel/USA To Strike Iran Within 2 Weeks
Security specialist, ex cia agent , Steve Pieczenik, breaks down the fake terror plot and how it will be used by Israel as reason to attack Iran. The USA, and probably the UK, will back up the military action taken by Isra-hell Part 1 Part 2 Iran does not attack other country’s. The propaganda fed to the public by the US/Israeli propaganda machine is not to be believed. They lies that have been
Oct 14 2011
Jewish ‘Heroes’ Contest: “self-loving” Jew VS “self-destructive.
October 14 2011 You don’t care about Jewish future. You should be thankful for what Cicilie is doing What does Chabad Rabbi Manis Friedman have that I don’t have?… And frankly-speaking as someone who cares deeply about a Jewish future– the Federation should be thankful for that. The Lobby boots Cecilie Surasky from Jewish ‘Heroes’ Contest because her aims run counter to Lobby’s mission. Th
Oct 13 2011
UN Member States Must Demand Action Against NATO War Crimes
By Shenali Waduge October 13, 2011 Why & how is it that international laws & international bodies & international public figures paid to maintain peaceful co-existence keep silent while even endorsing repeated NATO bombings that have killed thousands of innocent men, women & children & destroyed public & private property in a show of supremacy & arrogance over the natio
We fabricated drug charges against innocent people to meet arrest quotas, former NYPD detective testifies
By John Marzulli October 13 2011 A former NYPD narcotics detective snared in a corruption scandal testified it was common practice to fabricate drug charges against innocent people to meet arrest quotas. The bombshell testimony from Stephen Anderson is the first public account of the twisted culture behind the false arrests in the Brooklyn South and Queens narc squads, which led to the arrests of
Wall Street and Greek protests spread to Brussels
A nurse shouts slogans during a protest by hospital staff in Athens, Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011. (AP / Thanassis Stavrakis) Disenchanted citizens promise to fill the streets of financial districts en masse this weekend as they grow weary of bailing out banks. EurActiv Greece contributed to this article. While people in the US, the UK, and many European countries including Belgium, are mobilising f
Oct 08 2011
Wall Street/Washington Protesters an Inspiration to Behold
Who is protesting on Wall Street? Protesters speak up NEW YORK — One is a Harvard graduate who was laid off from her publishing job. Another is a retired teacher. Both marched this week in lower Manhattan, protesting for the first time in their lives. As the Occupy Wall Street protests expand and gain support from new sources, what began three weeks ago as a group of mostly young people camping ou
Sep 24 2011
7/7: An Historical Analysis – Tom Secker on GRTV
September 21 2011 This week GRTV talks to Tom Secker, the documentary filmmaker behind the newly released 7/7: Crime and Prejudice. In this wide-ranging discussion, we examine inconsistencies in the police investigation of the alleged terrorist bombings in London on July 7, 2005, and interrogate the way the memes and ideas about suicide bombings have echoed down through the decades to implant “War
Land Grab in Ugamda leaves 20,000 homeless
Ugandan farmer: ‘My land gave me everything. Now I’m one of the poorest’ Land tenure in Uganda is a subject of much dispute, and last year’s farming evictions have left 20,000 homeless September 22 2011 By John Vidal These people living close to Kicucula village claim to have been evicted from forest land in Mubende district, Uganda. Photograph: Simon Rawles/OxfamFrancis Longoli, a small farme
Sep 23 2011
Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, asking the UN Palestinian ‘freedom’
September 23 2011 Today, the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, presented a bid for the state of Palestine, based on the 1967 borders, to be considered by the Security Council for full membership in the United Nations. Shortly afterward, he addressed the General Assembly, where he reviewed, from the 1948 Nakba until today, the multitude of ways in which Israel has suppressed Pa
Sep 20 2011
Cost of war to Libyans about $200 Billion
A couple of excerpts from a report I read earlier.  Libya’s top diplomat in Ottawa expects Canadian companies to benefit from the goodwill earned by this country’s active military involvement in the effort to topple Moammar Gadhafi’s regime. A senior French official recently estimated it could cost $200 billion over 10 years to rebuild Libya after six months of civil war between rebels and pro-Gad
Sep 19 2011
Over 800 Bodies Dumped in Libyan Cemetary by Rebels
by Jason Ditz September 19 2011 The Libyan rebel movement’s primary embarrassment at the moment is that their claims of “50,000″ civilians slain by Moammar Gadhafi looks by early bodycounts to be about 49,000 too many. Bodies are turning up, however, and not the ones the rebels were hoping for. Instead, reports have the rebel forces dumping hundreds of bodies in a “pro-Gadhafi” cemetary with no
Sep 17 2011
The International Hearings into the Events of September 11 2001
September 18, 2011 The hearing was over 4 days, the 8, 9, 10 and 11 of September 2011. There were 16 Witnesses who were there to give evidence. There were Four distinguished panelists to hear the evidence at the hearing held in  Toronto, Canada. The panelists will help in creating the final report that will include their conclusions. The final report will also consist of all expert witness testimo
Sep 15 2011
Afghan Children Being Sold Into Forced Labor/Slavery
Four-year-old Farid was sold by his mother to a relative eight months ago. September 12, 2011 KABUL — Endemic poverty in parts of Afghanistan is forcing many poor families to sell their children in order to survive, RFE/RL’s Radio Free Afghanistan reports. Human rights officials say dire economic conditions have forced many families in the northern Jawzjan Province — one of the most undeveloped r
Sep 14 2011
Criminal State – A Closer Look at Israel’s Role in Terrorism
This series is based on an article by Jeff Gates, who is a widely acclaimed author, attorney, merchant banker, educator and consultant to governments worldwide, who served for seven years as counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance. He is the author of Guilt by Association, Democracy At Risk and The Ownership Solution. See his website http://criminalstate.com/ Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 How th
Racist murders in Libya at the hands of rebel forces
NATO is helping terrorist organizations. Isn’t that special? NATO lied and innocent civilians died. This of course is not new. The UN has stolen The Libyans money. So who are the real terrorists? Be sure to send E-mails to the UN security council. Information provided at the bottom of the post. Please pass it on. Help stop the Crimes in Libya. August 31 2011 By Madison RuppertThe mainstream media
Sep 12 2011
Israel angers Egyptian Protesters
September 12 2011 Cairo Anger: ‘Israel done plenty to make enemies of Egyptian people’ 5 policemen killed: Egypt withdraws its envoy from Israel CAIRO, Aug 20 (AFP) – Egypt has decided to withdraw its ambassador from Israel to protest the deaths of five policemen killed on the border during retaliatory attacks on Palestinian militants, state television said today. “Egypt has decided to withdraw
Aug 19 2011
Fukushima, Japan China Syndrome or Chernobyl
Christopher Busby: Chernobyl-like radiation found in Tokyo Aug 17, 2011 Workers at Japan’s Fukushima plant say the ground under the facility is cracking and radioactive steam is escaping through the fissures. They also say pipes and at least one reactor were seriously damaged before the tsunami hit the area in March. RT talks to Christopher Busby of the European Committee on Radiation Risks. Aug
Aug 16 2011
What in the World are they Spraying on Us “Toxic posion”
I heard about this years ago. This Video came out in October of 2010 The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup Revealed. By now everyone has seen crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the sky into a murky haze. Our innate intelligence tells us these are not mere vapor trails from jet engines, but no one yet has probed
Aug 12 2011
I get chemtrails shots on Facebook through We Are Change members, one of whom photographed them locally and showed me some of the finer points observed  )
Nuclear Sites in US, Europe and Japan
I came across this site today as I was wondering about. They apparently monitor radiation levels which can be read on line and are apparently updated every minute or so. What Amazed me is how many Nuclear sites there are. The numbers are staggeringly high. There sure are a lot of  potential accidents waiting to happen. Here are the three maps Click on them and they will go into to new window. If y
Libya war lies worse than Iraq
By Thomas C. Mountain ASMARA, Eritrea—The lies used to justify the NATO war against Libya have surpassed those created to justify the invasion of Iraq. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch both had honest observers on the ground for months following the rebellion in eastern Libya and both have repudiated every major charge used to justify the NATO war on Libya. According to the Amnesty ob
Pfizer pays Nigeria drug-trial victims
US-based Pfizer pays first four of possible 546 families for deaths and disabilities caused by meningitis test vaccine. August 11 2011 US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has begun long-awaited compensation payments to families over a 1996 drug trial blamed for the deaths of 11 children and disabilities in dozens of others. But the payments, which started on Thursday, were initially distributed only to
Aug 11 2011
UN chief Ban alarmed over rising civilian toll in Libya
August 12 2011 UNITED NATIONS: UN leader Ban Ki-moon on Thursday expressed alarm over the rising number of civilian casualties in the Libya conflict, including those inflicted in NATO airstrikes. Without specifically naming any side, Ban called on “all parties” to use “extreme caution” in the battle, said a UN statement. Ban also stepped up calls for a political solution to the conflict, in which
(Libya 1) A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words
Here are a few photos. In this photo taken on a government-organized tour villagers inspect one of the houses reportedly hit during a NATO airstrike a day earlier in the town of Majar, near Zlitan, Libya, Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2011. Photo AP In this photo taken on a government-organized tour an armed guard watches as a local policeman searches through the rubble as government officials, not seen,
Families Cry Out for Palestinian Prisoners
By Eva Bartlett “We could enter the Guinness book of records for the longest running weekly sit- ins in the world,” Nasser Farrah, from the Palestinian Prisoners’ Association, jokes dryly. Since 1995, Palestinian women from Beit Hanoun to Rafah have met every Monday outside the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) office in Gaza City, holding photos and posters of their imprisoned love
NATO raids kill 85 civilians in Libya
August 9 2011 At least 85 civilians have been killed in the latest NATO airstrikes in Libya near the western city of Zlitan, a Libyan official says. The attacks took place in the village of Majer, south of Zlitan, which is located 160 km (100 miles) east of the capital, Tripoli, late on Monday, Libyan government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim said, AFP reported. Thirty three children, 32 women and 20 men
Aug 10 2011
“Tortured” veterans to sue Donald Rumsfeld
August 9 2011 Two American men can go ahead with civil lawsuit over allegations they were tortured in Iraq at the hands of US forces. A lawyer representing Rumsfeld said the appeals court decision was a blow to the US military Donald Rumsfeld, the former US secretary of defence, must face a lawsuit filed against him by two American men claiming they were wrongfully held and tortured by US forces i
Aug 08 2011
The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: High Radiation Levels In America! Oklahoma City
The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: High Radiation Levels In America! Oklahoma City Hit By High Radiation Levels From Rainfall On August 6th, 2011.  August 7 2011 For a while now, I have been trying to keep up on any reports of high radiation being experience here in Canada as a result of the fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster that is still ongoing, despite all of the news reports that are no
Aug 07 2011
Israel’s middle class launches mass protest at rising cost of living
Reports of 300,000 on streets across country as pressure for reform grows on Netanyahu By Catrina Stewart August 8 2011 Over a quarter of a million Israelis staged the country’s biggest protest in decades over the weekend, calling for far-reaching social reform to ease the financial burden of the increasingly straitened middle class. Israeli media reported the numbers of protesters at over 300,000
Sep 09 2010
Canada: Council delivers thousands of petitions opposing Schedule 2 to Environment Minister Prentice
The Council of Canadians and MiningWatch Canada delivered almost 15,000 petitions against Schedule 2 to the Confederation Block where Environment Minister Jim Prentice has his Parliament Hill office this week. The delivery was made in advance of a federal Cabinet decision on the future of Teztin Biny (Fish Lake), a freshwater lake that is facing the threat of destruction under Schedule
In Shining India, Over 5,000 Children Die Every Day From Hunger And Malnutrition
By Devinder Sharma September 9, 2010 The startling figure still resonates in my memory. Some 25 years back, I remember reading a report in one of the major dailies which said that some 5,000 children die every day in India. Today morning, my attention therefore was automatically drawn to a news report: 1.83 million children die before fifth bithday every year: Report (Indian Express, Sept 8,
The boycott of Israel is “gaining speed”
By Lawrence Davidson September 9 2010 On 5 September 2010 the Israel newspaper Ha’aretz published an article the headline of which read ‘Anti-Israel economic boycotts are gaining speed’. The subtitle went on to state that “the sums involved are not large, but their international significance is huge”. Actually, what seems to have triggered the piece was not international. Rather, it was the de
Sep 07 2010
The next big thing in autos: a hand-cranked hybrid?
By Melissa Hincha-Ownby, Forbes.com August 21, 2010 The next big thing in hybrid vehicles may not come from the likes of Toyota or General Motors. Instead, it may come from Charles Samuel Greenwood. Greenwood has been working on a human-powered vehicle concept for decades, and all of his hard work is coming together in the form of the HumanCar Imagine PS. The vehicle seats four and generates
More birds dying in Alberta oil sands than first reported
September 7 2010 A new report suggests more birds are dying in Alberta’s tar sands than the government has let on. Government industries have estimated that on average, about 65 birds die each year from tailings pond exposure, according to the study released Tuesday. The mean annual rate was determined by analyzing the mortality rate between 2000 and 2007. However the study, which has been publ
Sep 04 2010
Blackwater Worldwide/Xe Services formed a network of 30 shell companies
September 4, 2010 WASHINGTON — The security company Blackwater Worldwide formed a network of 30 shell companies and subsidiaries to try to get millions of dollars in government business after the company faced strong criticism for reckless conduct in Iraq, The New York Times reported Friday. The newspaper said that it was unclear how many of the created companies got American contracts but t
Pentagon declined to investigate hundreds of purchases of child pornography
September 3 2010 By John Cook A 2006 Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigation into the purchase of child pornography online turned up more than 250 civilian and military employees of the Defense Department — including some with the highest available security clearance — who  used credit cards or PayPal to purchase images of children in sexual situations. But the Pentagon investigated o
Aug 10 2010
Mail Destined to Gaza Strip from Canada Stopped By Israel
August 10 2010 Canada Post is advising customers that it is unable to accept outgoing mail to the Gaza Strip. In a statement to customers on Tuesday, Canada Post said it has been informed by Israel Post that mail service to the coastal Palestinian territory is unavailable “due to circumstances beyond their control.” Canada Post does not stop delivering mail to countries or areas. Instead, cou
Aug 05 2010
The real terrorist was me
Our real enemies are not those living in a distant land whose names or policies we don’t understand; The real enemy is a system that wages war when it’s profitable, the CEOs who lay us off our jobs when it’s profitable, the Insurance Companies who deny us Health care when it’s profitable, the Banks who take away our homes when it’s profitable. Our enemies are not several hundred thousands aw
Jul 29 2010
Who Is Behind the 25,000 Deaths In Mexico?
By Charles Bowden and Molly Molloy July 28, 2010 With at least 25,000 people slaughtered in Mexico since President Felipe Calderón hurled the Mexican Army into the anti-cartel battle, three questions remain unanswered: Who is being killed, who is doing the killing and why are people being killed? This is apparently considered a small matter to US leaders in the discussions about failed states, nar
Aug 05 2010
Killing Civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq
By Tom Engelhardt August 05, 2010 Consider the following statement offered by Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at a news conference last week.  He was discussing Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks as well as the person who has taken responsibility for the vast, still ongoing Afghan War document dump at that site. “Mr. Assange,” Mullen commented, “can say whatev
Aug 04 2010
Abdullah Khadr released as extradition request denied
By Linda Nguyen August 4, 2010 TORONTO — An Ontario court on Wednesday quashed a bid to extradite Abdullah Khadr to the U.S. on terrorism charges following a lengthy legal battle between the federal government and one of Canada’s most controversial families. Khadr, 29, who has been held for the past five years at a Toronto detention centre, was immediately released following the decision by S
Police: 4,000 Heroin Bags Seized In Investigation
Fairfield Heroin Bust 2 New York Men Charged In Investigation August 2 2010 Police said an ongoing drug investigation led to 4,000 bags of heroin being seized in the Fairfield area.Police said the Statewide Narcotics Task Force, which is comprised of state police narcotics detectives and officers from the Groton, Willimantic, New Haven, Orange, Woodbridge and Cheshire police departments, seiz
Aug 02 2010
Poorer Canadians less likely to survive cancer
August 2, 2010 Cancer patients from poor communities have lower survival rates than those from more affluent neighbourhoods, a new Canadian study has found. What’s more, the research team discovered that the explanation for similar disparities in U.S. research — that patients from poorer areas are more likely to be diagnosed when their cancer is at a later stage — did not hold true. The resear
Fox News moves up to the front row in the White House briefing room
Fox News moves up to the front row in the White House briefing room, and the Associated Press gets Helen Thomas’s old seat. By Linda Feldmann, August 2, 2010 Washington Drumroll please…. The winner of the great Helen Thomas briefing room seat sweepstakes is Fox News. And the Associated Press. The AP will occupy the seat of the legendary, now-retired White House co
Jul 31 2010
NPR vs. Fox News For Front Row seat at White House Breifing Room
August 2 update Sorry to say Fox News has a front row seat. Fox News moves up to the front row in the White House briefing room July 31 2010 As early as tomorrow, the White House Correspondents’ Association will decide which news organization will be awarded a recently-vacated front-row center seat in the White House briefing room. The contenders? National Public Radio, Bloomberg News—and Fox. Y
Jul 29 2010
Citigroup to pay $75 million to settle SEC charges
By Maria Aspan NEW YORK | Thu Jul 29, 2010 9:46pm EDT Citigroup Inc (C.N) will pay $75 million to settle charges that it failed to disclose subprime exposure to investors in 2007, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said on Thursday. The SEC also charged a Citigroup executive and a former chief financial officer of misrepresenting the bank’s exposure, although not with inte
DoD Document Reveals Military Was Concerned About Gulf War Vets’ Exposure to Depleted Uranium in 1993
“The VA does not listen to expert scientists. The VA does not even listen to Congress,” said Paul Sullivan of Veterans for Common Sense (VCS) in his testimony. “Two decades of inaction have already passed. Gulf War veterans urgently want to avoid the four decades of endless suffering endured by our Vietnam War veterans exposed to Agent Orange.” By: Mike Ludwig, July 28 2010 For years, the gove
Jul 28 2010
Another oil spill in Gulf of Mexico
July 28 2010 A new oil spill has been spotted in the Gulf of Mexico, nearly 100 days after the BP-run oil rig disaster, which caused the worst environmental crisis in US history. The fresh spill off Louisiana’s coast occurred as a tugboat struck an abandoned well in Barataria Bay in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The collision sent a plume of oil and gas 100ft into the air. A mile-long s
The attack on the Gaza relief flotilla jeopardizes Israel itself
Israel – What Next July 28 2010 - The IDF has not become more competent in recent years. By almost all accounts—including the Israeli government’s own commission of inquiry—it performed abysmally in the 2006 Lebanon war. … Finally, there is the danger that Israel might attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, which could have terrible consequences for the United States. The last thing America needs
Nobel Peace Prizes ‘are being awarded illegally’
Norwegian author claims the committee behind the coveted award routinely violates the terms of Alfred Nobel’s will By Hugh O’Shaughnessy July 25 2010 Can we have our Nobel Peace Prize back, please? We got most of our decisions wrong. We should have laid much more emphasis on abolishing the military and outlawing wars, but we didn’t. Such is the message about to go out to the more undeserving wi
US House Vote on Afghan War Funding a Disgrace
By Jason Ditz July 27, 2010 In a 308-114 vote Tuesday the House of Representatives ignored a massive influx of new evidence underscoring the futility of the conflict in Afghanistan, approving a massive new appropriation of emergency war funding. The vote came just two days after the world was treated to a massive leak of some 92,000 classified documents. The documents provided hundreds of inc
Fourteen Examples of Systemic Racism in the U.S. Criminal Justice System
By Bill Quigley July 27, 2010 The biggest crime in the U.S. criminal justice system is that it is a race-based institution where African-Americans are directly targeted and punished in a much more aggressive way than white people. Saying the US criminal system is racist may be politically controversial in some circles. But the facts are overwhelming. No real debate about that. Below I set out nume
Jul 27 2010
The CIA: Beyond Redemption and Should be Terminated
July 24, 2010 By Sherwood Ross The Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) has confirmed the worst fears of its creator President Harry Truman that it might degenerate into “an American Gestapo.” It has  been just that for so long it is beyond redemption. It represents 60 years of failure and fascism utterly at odds with the spirit of a democracy and needs to be closed, permanently. Over the years “t
Jul 25 2010
US occupation not for “liberation of Iraqis
Peace activist and Iraq war veteran Mike Prysner was one of the 160 people arrested in the Anti-war march from the White House to the Capitol Building in September 2007. July 26 2010 Michael Prysner, an Iraq war veteran and peace activist, was a corporal in the US army that invaded Iraq in 2003, today he is a leader of March Forward, an organization of American veterans from both the Iraq an
Mental illness rising among US troops
July 25 2010 America’s wars on Iraq and Afghanistan are taking a toll on US soldiers, as the latest statistics show one out of every nine American soldiers leaves the army on a medical discharge due to a mental disorder. “We have 100,000 troops and a third of them suffer some sort of mental health disease and half of those suffer multiple health disease,” Paul Martin from Peace Action told P
Jul 24 2010
Republicans in the US House of Representatives want Israel to attack Iran
July 25 2010 Republicans in the US House of Representatives have introduced a measure that would green-light a possible Israeli bombing campaign against Iran. Resolution 1553 provides explicit support for military strikes against Iran, stating that Congress backs Israel’s use of ‘all means necessary’ against Iran, “including the use of military force,” BBC Persian reported. The introduction o
Jul 12 2010
Gaza Flotilla: Lawyers from 60 Countries to Sue Israel
JAKARTA, July 12, 2010 Lawyers from 60 countries, including Indonesia, will gather in Istanbul, Turkey, from July 15-16, to prepare a legal suit against Israel for its attack on the Gaza-bound humanitarian flotilla on May 31, Antara news agency reported. “There are a number of lawyers from 60 countries who will take legal steps to sue the attackers of Mavi Marmara,” Mahendradatta, patron chief
Hospitals in Haiti to be shut down due to lack of funds
By Dr. Sanjay Gupt July 12 2010 It was hard to know what to expect a half-year after the Haiti earthquakes. Driving through the town of Port Au Prince a few days ago, rubble seemed to have been merely swept off the streets, and into alleyways. Debris and garbage had simply shifted around the city, more out of sight, but still present. It was like a college kid, knowing his parents were comin
Jun 24 2010
Mossad hit men targeted Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan
The Israeli intelligence agency Mossad has failed in an attempt to assassinate Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a Jordanian weekly says. Informed sources in Turkey say that the Mossad plot has been foiled by the country’s security forces, al-Manar quoted a report in the most recent edition of the Al-Majd weekly as saying. There are also reports that Israel has been trying to incite
Jun 16 2010
‘Situation in Gaza must change’
June 17 2010 A top UN official has bristled at Israel’s “failed policy” toward Gaza-bound aid convoys and said the UN is ready to take responsibility for the safety and distribution of humanitarian assistance. In an open briefing, United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Robert Serry told the UN Security Council that “the flotilla crisis is the latest symptom of a
Interpol Fugitive “Maksim Bakiyev” arrested in UK
June 14 2010 A FUGITIVE on Interpol’s most wanted list has been arrested after a top secret swoop by the UK Border Agency. Maksim Bakiyev — the son of a deposed president — vanished from his native country, Kyrgyzstan, more than two months ago but he was arrested at a tiny Home Counties airport yesterday.Bakiyev — whose father is former Kyrgyz president Kurmanbek Bakiyev — was arreste
Jun 08 2010
Gaza Freedom Flotilla Eyewitness Accounts
Was the Obama Administration involved in the Planning of the Israeli Attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla? The Broader Military Agenda June 6 2010 By Michel Chossudovsky The Israeli Navy Commando had prior knowledge of who was on the Turkish ship including where passengers were residing in terms of cabin layout. According to Swedish author Henning Mankell, who was on board the Marmara , “the
Jun 02 2010
Israel attacks Gaza Flotilla in International Waters
June 4, 2010 updates added at bottom. Updates of upcoming protests and a petition to the United Nations have been added. Will be adding more as I find them. Israel is violating international law.  UN Security Council resolution 1860, passed in January 2009,  calls for an end to the Gaza blockade and to allow the unimpeded flow of aid into the region. Reports on deaths of victims of the Israeli
May 30 2010
Gaza Flotilla Drives Israel Into a Sea of Stupidity
Of course the peace flotilla will not bring peace, and it won’t even manage to reach the Gaza shore. The action plan has included dragging the ships to Ashdod port, but it has again dragged us to the shores of stupidity and wrongdoing By Gideon Levy May 30, 2010 The Israeli propaganda machine has reached new highs its hopeless frenzy. It has distributed menus from Gaza restaurants, alo
May 09 2010
Most Jerusalem Palestinians Live in Poverty
Most Jerusalem Palestinians Live in Poverty: Israeli Study May 10 2010 Jerusalem. Most Palestinians in east Jerusalem, including three out of four children, live below the poverty line, an Israeli rights group said on Monday, accusing Israel of neglect and discrimination. “A unified Jerusalem does not exist,” the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) said in a report released as the
May 08 2010
Why won’t Israel allow Gazans to import coriander?
In its response to a freedom-of-information suit last week, the state admitted that there is specific list of goods permissible for import to Strip. By Amira Hass May 7 2010 The Defense Ministry is refusing – on security grounds, it says – to reveal why Israel prohibits the import into the Gaza Strip of items such as cilantro, sage, jam, chocolate, french fries,
What I Learned in Afghanistan – About the United States
By Dana Visalli May 7,2010 I was surprised on my recent trip to Afghanistan that I learned so much…about the United States. I was in Afghanistan for two weeks in March of this year, meeting with a large number of Afghans working in humanitarian endeavors – the principal of a girls’ school, the director of a school for street children, the Afghan Human Rights Commission, a group working on environm
May 07 2010
Total number of suspected Mossad agents involved in Dubai assassination reaches 32
Dubai names five new suspects in Hamas murder May 7 2010 Total number of suspected Mossad agents involved in Dubai assassination reaches 32. DUBAI – Dubai police have named five new suspects in the assassination of a senior Hamas official at a hotel in the Gulf emirate, bringing the total number to 32, Al-Arabiya news channel reported on Friday. The murder is widely believed to be carried o
May 06 2010
Interrogator says Khadr was told he’d likely be raped in U.S.
By CAROL ROSENBERG May 6 2010 GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba — To get teen terror suspect Omar Khadr to cooperate, a former U.S. Army interrogator testified Thursday, he told the wounded Canadian a “fictitious” tale of an Afghan youth who was gang-raped in an American prison and died. “We’d tell him about this Afghan gets sent to an American prison and there’s a bunch of big black guys and big Nazis
Judge dismisses scores of Guantanamo habeas cases
By Carol Rosenberg May 5 2010 WASHINGTON — A federal judge has dismissed more than 100 habeas corpus lawsuits filed by former Guantanamo captives, ruling that because the Bush and Obama administrations had transferred them elsewhere, the courts need not decide whether the Pentagon imprisoned them illegally. The ruling dismayed attorneys for some of the detainees who’d hoped any favorable U.S.
Drone Pilots Could Be Tried for ‘War Crimes’
Drone Pilots Could Be Tried for ‘War Crimes,’ Law Prof Says By Nathan Hodge April 29, 2010 The pilots waging America’s undeclared drone war in Pakistan could be liable to criminal prosecution for “war crimes,” a prominent law professor told a Congressional panel Wednesday. Harold Koh, the State Department’s top legal adviser, outlined the administration’s legal case for the robotic attacks last mo
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