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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

25 January - iGoogle

Habeas Corpus (1928 film)Image via Wikipedia

Mass psychogenic illness or brain damage of unknown origin?

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034754_vaccines_mass_hysteria_mystery_illness.html#ixzz1kWwCjqff

Why is there such a high level of child poverty in the UK?

Why is there such an astonishing lack of social mobility?

Why is both the US and Europe crumbling under mountains of debt?

Why were so many people left to die after Hurricane Katrina?

Why did the US drop not one but two atomic bombs on Japanese cities and not off the coast of Tokyo which would have served precisely the same lesson?

Why did the British preside over famines in Ireland and India where millions died with millions more scattered to the four corners of the globe?

Why did the conquistadors wipe out 70 million native Indians in South America?

Why were over a 100 million transported as part of the slave trade?

Why did the Soviets and Chinese kill millions both directly and indirectly?

Why the global arms race?

Why petrol shortages in oil exporting Nigeria?

Why do billions live on a dollar a day or less?

Why do Western war criminals never face the international criminal court?

Why did Britain do recored arms deals with Gaddafi before the unrest broke out?

Why did Mubarak receive $1.5 billion per annum to support his security state?

Why, oh, why???????????????

The answer: because this is a deeply perverse and upside down world which no man will ever make right.

Google announces privacy changes across products; users can’t opt out

Activists Mark A Decade of Guantanamo With Enhanced Pressure on White House and Supreme Court

The War on Terror has carried a load of disregard to civil liberties praised by this nation; illegal detention sites are just a single salient facet of the post-9/11 era.

The American military has taken an Islamaphobic tactic to its defense strategies against Al-Qaeda*, with belligerence ranging from indefinite (and most illegal) detention without trial or evidence, to extraordinary rendition of suspects onward to locations where enhanced interrogation is euphemism for torture.

Beyond the damage perpetrated against the international Muslim community -- and the new look and smell of the U.S around the world as a hypocritical democratic superpower -- the blowback effect pushes this costly war even further. 

Although the ability for one to question the legitimacy of his arrest has been a basic right since before the Magna Carta, as well as Habeas Corpus becoming a demanded law of liberty by the people, when the Bush administration opened the can of worms that is GITMO they pretended this universal freedom did not extend indiscriminately, and so since its inception GITMO has detained 2771 prisoners, many without merit.

* Al Qaeda - the invented all purpose Enemy pejorative from B.S. R US


AllThings Considered - NPR

American Water Intelligence


Blog of Rights - ACLU
On National GSA Day, Tell Congress to Stand Up for LGBT Students

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
What economic recovery?
University students more than repay tuition costs through taxes after graduation

Circle of Blue - water news

New Economics of Energy Production Tilts President’s “All-of-the-Above” Strategy One Way
The Stream, January 25: Milk, Arsenic and Mexico’s Water


Hamish McRae: The gloom is overdone but this is a blow to the recovery
The Sketch: Ed's role needs a rewrite – and recasting
Mark Steel: Palace life is all about losing on penalties

Common Dreams

Anonymous Takes Down FTC Online Security

Daily Bell

Breaking Up the Western World
NHL Hockey Star Endorses Ron Paul?

Daily News - Egypt

Tens of thousands mark revolution's first anniversary in Alexandria

Democracy Now!

"He Says One Thing and Does Another": Ralph Nader Responds to Obama's State of the Union Address

EPA Radiation news

New York City Student Helps EPA Educate the Public on Dangers of Radon; Wins National Radon Poster Contest

USDA issues new rules for school meals
Lessons from famous college dropouts

Food and Water Watch

Presidential Primaries: All Entertainment, No Food Safety

food consumer
Compounds in mate tea induce death in colon cancer cells (PR)
Food fried in olive or sunflower oil is not linked to heart disease


Urge New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to Pass Marriage Equality Bill

FreakOut Nation
Rick Santorum gets Glitter Bombed…again


First Macintosh birthday 

Guardian UK
Egyptian protesters say 'the revolution never went away'
A year after the overthrow of Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, protesters return to Tahrir Square to hold the military to accountThe final approach to Qasr...
Scene set for a gloomy summit


The Spill Seekers: Sailing into the Gulf after the BP oil spill


What Nancy Pelosi Knows About Newt Gingrich
Santorum About To Pull Out Of Florida; Says He’s Not Getting Out Of The Race

Inside Facebook

Facebook gaining edge with journalists using subscribe
Yahoo, Netflix, Pinterest, Spotify, WashPo, cards, more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook apps by DAU


Slavin: Israeli pressure results in “unprecedented” EU sanctions against Iran
If you are interested in Israel’s security, oppose military action against Iran


Pelosi talking about what's public (Tim Mak/The Politico)
Brewer, Obama exchange tense words over book, immigration at airport (Carrie Budoff Brown/Arizona Republic)

News 24

I am too clever, says Donovan Moodley
Convicted murderer Donovan Moodley has constantly argued in court that he is "too clever" to have committed the "haphazard" kidnap and murder of...
Spike in car jamming in Johannesburg

New Scientist

Sky shimmers after solar storm

Obama Conspiracy Theories

GA Secretary of State: The hearing is on!
What does Orly Taitz not want you to see?

Open Channel

Uzbek refugee arrested in Chicago, charged with terrorism support
Interpol faces legal threat for helping oppressive regimes hunt dissidents

Open Secrets

Spending by Super PACs Shows Deep Differences
OpenSecrets Blog PolitiQuizz: Callista Gingrich in the Spotlight


The Ad War In Chennai
'A Black Farce'

Pew Clean Energy

Stand Strong for Fuel Efficiency

paper.li blog
Paper.li Topical Browser (Alpha)

Explore the Web by topic...Today we are excited to introduce our Topical Browser, a new content discovery experience, powered by the collective...

Payvand Iran news

Iran Ups Interest Rates To Stem Currency Crisis
Key Reasons against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran


Fried food heart risk ‘a myth’

Pesticide Action Network

German biotech giant flees Europe
Kids & bees at risk from synthetic 'flower power'


Womens group slams CBCP official for comparing RH Bill to Corona impeachment

Political MoJo : Mother Jones

Politics Security Secrecy

Secrecy News - Deep Politics Forum

Reef News

Florida Coastal and Ocean Coalition: Updated Blueprint released
Seeking Your Input on the U.S. Open Government National Action Plan

Satellite News

2012 Research and Technology Studies Resume at JSC
NASA’s Research and Technology Studies (RATS) team will conduct its 2012 testing events in two phases. The first phase is further separated into...
What's Next For NASA?


The plane truth: Scientist reveals how wings really work
Once they were blind, now they see. Patients cured by stem cell 'miracle'

Science Daily

Prenatal testosterone linked to increased risk of language delay for male infants, study shows

Scientific American

Brown Fat Furnishes Physiological Furnace
Risk of Heart Disease Underestimated, Researchers Say

Star Online

Malacca to give RM7.7mil compensation to ailing omnibus operators

Statesman - news

'I was so helpess,' Walnut Place tornado victim says

Steve Munro

First Steps for a Transit Compromise (Updated)
Council Votes a Small Increase in TTC Funding (Updated)


New TED Book asks: can changing how we teach make our kids smarter, more creative?
Event innovations from TEDx events: We pick 5


This Week in Science

Quantum Blindness
Tracking Reaction Surfaces


UN chief: Cypriot talks make limited progress
Two days of talks between Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders aimed at reunifying the divided Mediterranean island of Cyprus made limited progress...
Moscow pushes for Syria talks as Gulf observers leave

USA Today
Geithner: I likely won't be back in 2nd term

Unexplained Mysteries
Magnetic soap could help oil spill clean-ups

White House

Remarks by the First Lady in School Lunch Standards Announcement
Press Gaggle by Press Secretary Jay Carney en route Cedar Rapids, IA, 1/25/2012


Ten Questions on Romney’s Taxes
WhoWhatWhy Radio: Fukushima Update

Zoe - It`s our Nature
Killer Whales in Ocean Show
Dolphins at War – 40 Years Ago

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