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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

17 January - My Feedly

Dirty Harry: The War Against DrugsImage via Wikipedia
Timeline of total number of inmates in U.S. pr...Image via Wikipedia
English: Visitors entrance to the Utah State P...Image via Wikipedia
United States criminal justice system flowchart.Image via Wikipedia
Militares del Ejército Mexicano a su llegada a...Image via Wikipedia
Sailors on USS Rentz (FFG 46) combat a fire se...Image via Wikipedia
Sarah, Duchess of YorkImage via Wikipedia

Medicinal Marijuana

Ontario Judge Rules Canada's Marijuana Laws Unconstitutional

Apr 13 2011

( Third time in 10 years. Time for Prohibition to end.

Criminal justice professionals speaking out against the "War on Drugs"

After nearly four decades of fueling the U.S. policy of a war on drugs with over a trillion tax dollars and increasingly punitive policies, the population has quadrupled over a 20-year period making building prisons the nation's fastest growing industry. More than 2.2 million of US citizens are currently incarcerated. In the last five years 9 million people were arrested for nonviolent drug offenses--far more per capita than any country in the world. The United States has 4.6 percent of the population of the world but 22.5 percent of the world's prisoners. Every year we choose to continue this war will cost the United States another 69 billion dollars. Despite all the lives destroyed and all the money so ill spent, today illicit drugs are cheaper, more potent, and much easier to get than they were 36 years ago at the beginning of the war on drugs. Meanwhile, people continue dying in our streets while drug barons and terrorists continue to grow richer than ever before.

China is the world's factory, but does a dark secret lurk behind this apparent success story?
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Hazards of investigative journalism

Sarah Ferguson faces serious charges

The Duchess of York could end up in a Turkish prison for as much as 22 years over a 2008 TV documentary. Details 

Who is responsible for U.S.-Iran tensions?

Sanctions and spy operation memos increase friction 

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You're Holding It Wrong: Here's How to Hold Your Touch Screen Gadgets Correctly
We've talked about how to ergonomically optimize your desk, but if you're rocking a smartphone or tablet, you may find that it's hard to follow the same rules. Weblog InfoWorld shares some tips on avoiding RSI when using your mobile devices. More »
White-nose Syndrome Has Killed Nearly 7 Million Bats in North America, says USFWS
With No Cure in Sight, Preventing the Fungs from Spreading is the Only Option for Now
Can Aspiring Democrats Promise Their Way to Democracy?
On his Foreign Policy blog today, political scientist Stephen Walt weighs in on a problem that keeps recurring in countries hit with popular uprisings in the past year: how do you convince the power-holders in an authoritarian regime to exit gracefully when the elected governments that follow might punish them for their crimes or strip them of their wealth? A central issue is the familiar problem

A tour of the word factory
  The desk and The Writer Gym Guess there’s some kind of web meme going ’round, all us writer types are supposed to show off our offices.  John Hornor Jacobs started it. Yes, THE John Hornor Jacobs – author of the acclaimed SOUTHERN GODS, the soon-to-be-acclaimed THIS DARK EARTH,  an upcoming YA trilogy. The man has more book deals than Carters has liver pills. Don’t know what that means, ex


Yokohama Anti-Nuke Meet Draws Thousands of Activists, Experts
But 10 Months After the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster it’s Unclear if Japanese Citizens will be Able to Force their Government to Phase Out Nuclear Power
Many Restaurants Fake it as Demand for Organic Food Rises
Complicated Certification Regulations Mean Violations can Sometimes be Unintentional
Where Did the Phrase “Tree-Hugger” Come From?
Indian Roots of the Term Speak of a History of Non-Violent Resistance
EPA Releases List of Worst Greenhouse Gas Emitters
Emissions Data from Large Industrial Facilities Now Available via Interactive Map
New York Should Extend Moratorium on Fracking
We Simply Don't Know Enough About Fracking Impacts to Frame Regulations that Would Protect the Environment and Us

Police State International: The globalization of control
[CLICK HERE to continue watching this video on BoilingFrogsPost.com] by James Corbett BoilingFrogsPost.com 17 January, 2012 With the National Defense Authorization Act, the Enemy Expatriation Act, and other startling measures by the US government to crack down on their own population making headlines around the world at the moment, the idea of an American police state is becoming all too familiar
Corbett Report Radio 050 – Deconstructing Pearl Harbor with Robert Stinnett
Today on the broadcast we’re joined by Robert B. Stinnett, a decorated World War II Navy vet who authored the book “Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor” detailing the long-suppressed documents and records showing that the US government not only deliberately provoked the Japanese into attacking, but that they knew specifically about the Pearl Harbor attack well in advance and allowe
Interview 451 – Andrew Gavin Marshall on the High-Tech Police State
Writer, researcher and podcast host Andrew Gavin Marshall joins us to discuss the police state, the technologies that undergird it, and how the police state spreads across borders to become an international phenomenon. We talk about methods and techniques of control, and how they serve the interests of the social engineers.
Interview 450 – The International Forecaster with Bob Chapman
In today’s whirlwind conversation with International Forecaster Bob Chapman we discuss: the possibility of a Robin Hood or financial transaction tax in Europe, the need of a world tax springboard for launching world government, Bob’s take on the urinating Marines, Pakistan and the loose nuke scenario, the latest on the Iran war front, and finally Bob’s response to listeners’ reactions to last week
The NDAA: Just one more link in the chain of tyranny
by James Corbett GRTV.ca 15 January, 2012 Each year, the United States Department of Defense budget and expenditures are approved by Congress, which must pass a National Defense Authorization Act in order to fund the DoD. The most recent bill, however, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, shocked many by containing an extraordinary provision allowing for the indefinite dete
Episode 214 – Truth Music III
In this third installment of the “Truth Music” series, we shine the spotlight on more artists who are channeling their creative energies into raising awareness of truth issues. This time we highlight the work of: Blakhatz, JJ Jones, The Robots, Dan Dicks, James Evan Pilato, Mike von Hash and Alan Watt. See the links in the documentation section for more about these artists and their work. For thos

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The multitude of vista problems that is included in the house windows landscape structured home pc will be embarassing in order to
Been looking to get a Windows Vis repair? Can’t bring your personal computer to the go shopping for expensive fixes and updates? People really plunk lower thousands with the idea to fix their computers or even buy a new when they start getting Windows problem messages. Nevertheless, you can maintenance Vista complications a much better way.There will probably be a number of things built wrong so a
Smoking Marijuana Won’t Hurt Your Lungs: New Medical Report
One more anti-marijuana scare tactic takes a hit with a report out of all places, the University of Alabama that taking bong hits isn’t going to harm lung functions. In fact the researchers found that multiple measures of lung function actually improved slightly at least up to a couple thousand lifetime joints. The new data come from a long-term study of more than 5,000 young adults in Oakland, C
touchscreen mp3 player
The 8GB Samsung Mp3Either mp3 players are evolving in storage space or style and functionality. The 8Gb Samsung Mp3 takes a turn by incorporating a large 3 inch widescreen (16×9) display that doubles as a touchscreen for navigating through the interface and choosing songs. This display makes it great for watching movies in their full vibrant colors or checking out some HD quality photos. The touch
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TenPearls Launches Multi-Platform Mobile Apps for Dawn Media Group
TenPearls has announced the successful delivery of mobile apps for Dawn.com on multiple platforms,   including Apple iOS (iPad and iPhone), Android and Symbian (Nokia). The mobile apps have received great feedback from the users from around the world. It may be worth mentioning here that DAWN.COM is the #1 English News website from Pakistan averaging over 16 million page views a month, and 3.1 mi
Second Pakistan Blog Awards by CIO Faces severe criticism
CIO Pakistan started blog awards last year. Its is a good sign when some one takes initiative and starts some thing new. However its also difficult to introduce this into an already budding field of new media in Pakistan. Last years (or two years back now since its 2012)  Awards were initiated so as it is expected it faced initial growing up pains. It always takes time for such thing to wins the
Do We Vote : A great statistical tool by PakReport.org
Pakreport.org a tool which was instrumental in gathering statistics during the massive flooding in Pakistan, has created another study/stats gathering tool for our electoral activities. Interestingly its called do we vote With political scene in Pakistan heating up it provides very valuable information to party supporters and their leaders.  A quick look at it shows the all known facts that peopl

Remembering MLK: Why my daughter should have MLK day off
The fact that my daughter's Islamic school does not take MLK day off bothers me. All Islamic schools, except perhaps those established by African-American Muslims, have been built by Muslims who have immigrated to this country from abroad. They, even more than many African-Americans themselves, have benefited from the struggles of the civil rights movement. But for brave Americans like Dr. Martin
Social change in 2012: After the revolution
The temperatures plummeted to sub-zero in Anchorage, Alaska, in November 2011, but that did not deter the protesters who had gathered to occupy Town Square. They stayed, rotating shifts to ensure that their encampment was never left unoccupied. In the city of Fairbanks, members of the Occupy movement who stayed stalwart even as temperatures dipped to minus 40 insisted that they had to remain to sh
Year in review: The top ten good news stories of 2011
Sometimes it seems Muslims can’t get a break, and 2011 was no exception. The "creeping sharia" paranoia in the US continued unabated (despite any evidence that there is any real threat of sharia law supplanting the Constitution) with the passage and/or introduction of anti-sharia legislation in over 20 states, and alleged threats posed by Muslim Americans were brought up at nearly every Republica
Muslims & Christmas: Santa Claus is coming to town - not
When I was a kid, I - like millions of other children across America - ardently believed in Santa Claus. The problem? That persnickety detail that I'm Muslim. Oh, and that I happened to be living in Saudi Arabia at the time. There I was, in a desert nation, mere miles from Mecca, the birthplace of Islam, captivated by mistletoe, turtledoves, Christmas lights, and outlandish accounts of reindeer wi

Republicans Across The U.S. Are Trying To Disenfranchise Voters – What Are You Going To Do About It?
In case you haven’t been paying attention, Republicans in some state legislatures have been trying valiantly to make it harder for people to vote by chipping away at long-standing policies that have traditionally made it easier to vote and sneaking in policies that the Federal government thought they abolished long ago. The introduction of ID requirements, shortening early voting windows, taking

Years of Living Dangerously
Happy New Year! There have been five particularly horrific years of living dangerously in the nuclear age. The first was, most jarringly, 1945, when the Bomb made its spectacular appearance. No advance in the history of warfare was more jarring than a city-killing weapon that could be delivered by surprise for which there was no defense. The second period of maximum danger was 1949-1950, when the
Lyric Contest Results
The contest to pick the best lyric about the Bomb and best adapted lyric about the Bomb generated so many superb entries that our distinguished panel of judges had great difficulty selecting winners. Truth be told, in both categories we have split decisions. In the best lyric category, Josh Pollack’s strong preference was “Crawl Out Through The Fallout” by Sheldon Allman (1960), but nobody submit
Iran’s Quest for the F6 in its UF6
In the old days before the first Gulf War, most nuclear export controls were pretty cut-and-dried: Exporters checked for items on a short ”trigger list” that could be used for making nuclear bomb fuel. But after they learned what Iraq had secretly been up to for about a decade before 1991, the Nuclear Suppliers Group came up with a second list, Infcirc/254/Part 2, and it got into the tricky busine
Broken Arrows
Consider this long post a crude proselytizing effort in this holiday season for those who doubt the existence of God, angels, guardians, guides, benevolent spirits, or deities of any kind or persuasion. One way to get religion is to have two near-death experiences and three surgeries in a year. I do not recommend this. Another is to read about US nuclear weapon-related aircraft accidents that coul

Haplogroup U – Are We More United And Similar Than We Think? – By EHSANI
The Syrian crisis was always going to be different than what we all witnessed in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen thus far.  Every country has its own nuances that render it a unique case.  One of the glaring characteristics of the current Syrian conflict is to do with its sectarian fault lines. Syrians like me have always been apprehensive about discussing our sectarian and religious differences.  Indeed
“When is the Financial Crisis Coming?” by Ehsani
I will be traveling to the Middle East for a week and will be unable to post or moderate. Joshua. Ehsani Writes: The Syrian economy will soon suffer from what I will call a “financial crisis”. This will occur as credit write offs mount. The banking system will soon be hit with a wave of defaults at both the corporate and retail levels. The former will come about as the larger companies decide not
Opposition Fails to Unify; More Calls for Intervention; The Arab League; First Political Defections
The Syrian Opposition tried to further unify its ranks this past week, but failed. Instead the various factions of Syrian National Council – the main opposition front that has met most frequently with Western government officials – fell into recriminations. The problems started with the announcement of an agreement to unify both the NCB [sometimes call NCC] – National Coordination Body for Democr
Arab League Enters Syria as Violence Rises. Syria’s Deficit Spending Explodes but Government Hangs On
Arab League monitors are visiting a number of restive Syrian towns and cities, including Hama, Idleb, and Deraa. Though Syria has made some concessions to the monitors since they began work Tuesday, government forces have at the same time been pressing ahead with attempts to put down peaceful protests in Hama, Homs and other parts of the country. Activists said at least 39 people have been killed

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Tenth Blogiversary
TENTH BLOGIVERSARYDecember 30th, 2010, was the 10th blogiversary of this blog.  I began it on December 30th, 20018973 posts.  I'd like to chat more about this, and much else, but I'm preoccupied with a dreadful cold.  I'm too sick to go out to tonight's New Year's party I was greatly greatly looking forward to, but may all unable to celebrate with others tonight have as much good cheer as

Amused Cynicism
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2011: a year of change in a decade of change
2011 was a year of change in a decade of change. The UK It’s been obvious since before the 2010 general election that the coming decade was likely to involve big constitutional changes in Britain: Scotland might leave the UK, the UK might leave the EU, the electoral system for the commons might change, or the House of Lords would be elected using a PR system. The probablility of each of these chan

Anti-Gay Groups Protest SPLC with Claims of Hate and Intolerance
About a dozen African American pastors joined anti-gay extremists today in condemning the Southern Poverty Law Center for using its “hate group” label to describe faith-based organizations that demonize the LGBT community, characterizing it as part of an orchestrated liberal plot. The pastors spoke at a press conference staged outside the SPLC offices in Montgomery, Ala,. [...]
Anti-Gay Haters Plan Press Conference Today at SPLC
Today at noon, a group of the nastiest gay-bashers in America plans to hold a press conference in front of the Montgomery, Ala., offices of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which publishes this blog. Claiming that the SPLC is engaged in a “campaign to demonize adherents of traditional Judeo-Christian morality,” the white organizers of [...]
Alabama Anti-Shariah Bill Penned by Key Islamophobe
An Alabama state senator plans to introduce a constitutional amendment that would ban state courts from looking to Islamic Shariah law in adjudicating cases, Hatewatch has learned. Republican Senator Cam Ward pre-filed the “American and Alabama Laws for Alabama Courts Amendment” with the state Senate Judiciary Committee on Jan. 4. The amendment’s language is clearly drawn from [...]
NYC Probes Anti-Semitic Attacks as Firebombing Hits NJ Rabbi’s Home
Concern is mounting over an apparent wave of anti-Semitic assaults and vandalism in the New York City area since November, with the latest two incidents being investigated as hate crimes. At about 4:30 a.m. today, several Molotov cocktails and other explosive devices were thrown into the rabbi’s residence at Congregation Beth El in Rutherford, N.J., according [...]
Campus Group Weighs in on South African Violence Targeting Whites
Youth for Western Civilization, an ultraconservative student group sworn to protect the West from the perils of multiculturalism, has issued a report claiming the South African government is responsible for “orchestrat[ing] the systematic slaughter of the white community.” “The worst fears of the so called ‘radicals’ of the white minority that were discounted in the early [...]
Trial Opens for White Supremacist Twins Accused in Arizona Bombing
White supremacist twins Dennis and Daniel Mahon went on trial today in Phoenix, charged with mailing a package bomb in 2004 that exploded and injured a black man who was a city official in Scottsdale. The 61-year-old longtime racists were arrested in 2009 after a five-year undercover investigation involving an attractive female informant who put a [...]

Bits and Pieces - January 17, 2012
Reactions to Rick Perry's charge that Turkey is "a country that is being ruled by, what many would perceive to be Islamic terrorists," from Juan Cole, the Foreign Ministry of Turkey, and Turkey's ambassador to the United States.Marc Lynch: No Military Option in Syria.City dwellers in China now outnumber rural dwellers.And now NATO helps some Iranian fishermen. I suggested a while ago that the two
Bits and Pieces - January 16, 2012
If you read only one thing about Iran today, make it Gary Sick's analysis of the Obama administration's approach.And, speaking of the Obama administration, Sick's analysis dovetails with Andrew Sullivan's broader analysis. Which has some similarities to my analyses that I can't immediately find links for.Speaking of getting it wrong, here's a good analysis of what far too many people get wrong abo
Martin Luther King Day - Lyndon Johnson's Speech on Civil Rights
It's almost half a century now. This speech was made in 1965. There is so much win in it - read the whole thing. In our time we have come to live with moments of great crisis. Our lives have been marked with debate about great issues; issues of war and peace, issues of prosperity and depression. But rarely in any time does an issue lay bare the secret heart of America itself. Rarely are we met wit
A Warning to Israel? - Updated 1/15/12
The latest assassination of an Iranian scientist took place a day or so after American Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton released a statement condemning the Iranian Government’s decision to begin enrichment operations at its Qom facility but also calling for a return to negotiations. One interpretation of the assassination is that it was intended to disrupt the possibility of negotiating.T
Bits and Pieces - January 12, 2012
The United States no longer has heavy-duty icebreakers, and the delivery of fuel oil to Nome, Alaska, couldn't take place before the sea froze because of an unusual monster storm. So now Russia is helping us out, but it's touch-and-go for the people of Nome.A Nordic-Baltic bloc is forming in the EU. It's been an obvious move for influencing Germany for some time, but it seems to be firming up. And
Bits and Pieces - January 10, 2012
I don't want to be able to search Google+. Or Facebook. Possibly Twitter. What I write on Google+ and Facebook (Facebook more than Google+) is mostly trivial. If I write something there that I think is worthy of further distribution, I'll write it here or at Nuclear Diner. So give this up, Google!This is a longish article, the large middle part of interest mostly to air-power wonks. But the beginn

May you get an interesting computer virus
by Doctor Science Now *that*'s a phrase to strike fear into every heart. And that's what I've been dealing with for much of the past week -- a virus that even pros thought an "interesting case". The lovely & talented people at geekstogo came to my rescue, and after about two and a half days of work I am finally clean. It was a lot of this:   on YouTube only *much* less
by russell Today, we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King.  Some folks do so enthusiastically, some less so.  Some not at all. It's been almost 45 years since the man was shot dead in Memphis.  How far have we come? about 40% of the US prison population are black men two-thirds of black kids are in single-parent homes American blacks earn less than nearly every other demographic group
Your handmade map Friday open thread
by liberal japonicus Dr. Science wrote earlier about Google maps and I've always loved maps. So I thought that this was pretty cool: American mapmaking’s most prestigious honor is the “Best of Show” award at the annual competition of the Cartography and Geographic Information Society. The five most recent winners were all maps designed by large, well-known institutions: National Geographic (t
Scotland, the brave?
by liberal japonicus (Alternative title: Hooray for Holyrood?) My understanding of parliamentary government is a lot like my understanding of centigrade (or celsius, I guess). I can get a rough idea of the temperature outside when I see a temperature with a ℃ after it, but I don't understand it in my bones, the way I do Farenheit. Losing a vote gets you kicked out of office, figuring out when
Kids These Days: That Music, and the people who sing it so loud. On my lawn.
by Doctor Science Andrew Sullivan pointed to DJ Earworm's year-end Mashup, United State of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom):   At YouTube Now, I admit I am a fogey, and I don't necessarily understand Kids These Days and Their Wacky Music on My Lawn. I watched the video -- which I think is extremely cleverly edited -- in part to see how many of the riffs and singers I would even recognize. Results: ... s
I was scared but it felt sweet
by von (retired) A vote has been taken, and the following is at least seven (7) times awesome. Seriously, this is one of the better covers that I've seen -- and I'm a pretty harsh judge, since I was maybe a drink away from getting a four F's tatoo (Jawbreaker fans will understand). In other news from long ago: wugazi (scroll down, it's a genius mashup). That is all.

When Thursday comes
WotN put me on to The Anthologist by Nicholson Baker. It's quirky - reminding me a bit of David Sedaris - and funny, and different; and also most illuminating, for those of us who aren't poets, about how poetry 'works', and why it's... well, important and great. Here's a passage from the book that should be recognizable to many others than poets and anthologists:Thursday is the day of fear. On Mo
Ugly discussion
Yesterday at Comment Central (£) Danny Finkelstein argued that it's perfectly all right for a survey poll to ask people if they think Ed Miliband is 'too ugly to be Prime Minister'. To try to ascertain people's reasons for voting is a legitimate activity. I think he's right. Research on voting intentions and what lies behind them doesn't imply approval of the reasons given
Writer's choice 333: Lynn Shepherd
Lynn Shepherd studied English at Oxford, and later went back to do a doctorate. This was on the 'father of the novel', Samuel Richardson, and was later published by Oxford University Press. She worked in the City and then in PR, and now works as a copywriter for companies. But she always wanted to be a writer, and her first novel, Murder at Mansfield Park, was published in 2010. Her second is a ne
World without war
Haaretz carries an interview with John Horgan, presented by them as the author of a new book in which he argues against the idea that humankind is just stuck for all time with the periodic recurrence of war. There is no inevitability about it. Yet an odd tension emerges in Horgan's answers to the interviewer's questions. War is stupid and absurd, he says, and he wants to convince people that it's
Again those islands
I do not labour under the delusion that in international politics moral principle always or even mostly rules. Power, national interest, economic consideration, diplomatic pressure, traditional legal norms - all of these and more play their part. Still, when actors in and commentators on this area themselves invoke moral argument in writing about issues in international politics, it is hard to avo
The Robert Fisk theory of war crimes
According to this report from Christina Lamb in the Sunday Times (£):The four US marines filmed apparently urinating on Taliban corpses in northern Helmand may face charges of war crimes amid fears that their actions could derail sensitive negotiations to bring an end to the Afghan war.They are expected to be court-martialled, she writes, and then continues:At such a sensitive point the last thing
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