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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

11 November - Lest We Forget

Albert Carrying Pogo - Walt KellyImage by Lynn (Gracie's mom) via Flickr

 This is an odd place for it - but I will likely replay the New Reality Transmission a number of times. Growing up in the shadow of  The Bomb affects a kid - thinking there has to be a better way to run a world.

And a week later note that Canada is committing to a further 2 years in Afghanistan through 2011 and the US 'drawdown' of 2011 is to be a farce - with even the 'projection' of closure in 2014 admitted to be little more than fantasy.


Mother of Canadian Soldier in Afghanistan Calls for An End to the War

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Lest We Forget 2009

"Bad jokes and gay marriage are destroying this country. But torture can save it." –Jon Stewart

 Pogo daily strip from Earth Day, 1971.Image via Wikipedia

Vagabond Scholar

 War and the Denial of Loss

(This post is part of a series on war, and a smaller set of posts for Armistice Day 2009.)
Nations wage unnecessary wars because their leaders lack wisdom or conscience, and the checks to force them to act wisely and conscientiously are tragically wanting. However, wars also start – and persist - because of the denial of loss. Scoundrels and fools in positions of power and influence can urge splendid, glorious war in large part because it's unlikely they'll pay the terrible costs. Soldiers, civilians and their loved ones bear those, as always. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

11/11 Armistice Day 2010

In 1959, Pogo creator Walt Kelly wrote:
The eleventh day of the eleventh month has always seemed to me to be special. Even if the reason for it fell apart as the years went on, it was a symbol of something close to the high part of the heart. Perhaps a life that stretches through two or three wars takes its first war rather seriously, but I still think we should have kept the name "Armistice Day." Its implications were a little more profound, a little more hopeful.
You said it, brother.Afghan women at a hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan.Image via Wikipedia

( That's just the teaser ! There's much more )








Through Thick and Thin

A veteran myself, I am appalled about how what should be a day of somber reflection about the horrors of war has turned into a celebration of permanent war.  And I am so sick of hearing people say and write “Our troops are protecting our freedoms.” The last time American troops fought to protect our freedom was during the Revolutionary War in the late eighteenth century. Americans have fought in hundreds of wars and military actions since then, some justified, some less so … but in no case was an enemy fighting to take away our freedoms. And in some cases the opposite was true, it was the other side fighting to protect their American Revolutionary WarImage via Wikipediafreedoms.

And this is most certainly true in our current wars, where we are fighting to deny our chosen enemies the most important freedom of all, the freedom to form their own government. Invading a foreign land and installing a government of our choosing is called conquest, and has nothing to do with protecting America. It has everything to do with enriching our oil industry and military/industrial complex, generals and armaments manufacturers love war. And war is what we now have, war forever. Terrorism forever too, since our wars seem designed to breed terrorists.Surrender of Cornwallis at YorktownImage via Wikipedia

 The following came in mail a few days ago. I don't care to violate that privacy on the open Net by specific reference.

Psychic Event Horizon - The Eve Of Our Major Societal Transformation

[*Note: I am relating my personal experiences publicly and fully aware of this fact. I freely submit this into the permanent public record.  I felt I had to enlist some imagery that the reader would perhaps be able to identify with; such as from the movie "Paycheck".]
*Foreword Preface:

I am hurriedly gathering research material and reading through Internet links and archives myself to resolve a personal situation in my life and freely admit to using the Internet, you, everyone who will give input, and this very debate itself to achieve the desired objective.

I have a situation that translates into 'we may have a real and serious problem' in the very near future (common logic is currently dictating that this to already be the case regardless of what I have to say on the subject!).

It is imperative for me to personally seek resolution quickly to a once private matter that involves psychic phenomena.

I have just now decided to write it up and air it publicly, on the public record for assistance and no doubt will have to experience massive misplaced ridicule from some.

Nothing is free and I intend to post my personal journal entry within a day or so, because I will have to condense it down for the reader.


> The Following Is My Journal Entry:
I intended to eventually share this with everyone and now is as good a time as any . . . and you will have to admit that it takes great nerve on my part to come forward across a growing more shallow everyday Internet, which is seriously lacking (in some instances) of manners and the proper 'code of conduct'. I am sorry if this statement offends some Internet users, but it's the truth.
At the very beginning of identifying that there was a phenomena in progress (1985), I started assuming that the U.S. Government was the sole culprit and was at the very heart of it all, in regard to their USN high-energy experiments, which I had been privy to one particular classified event (No Comment).
But now in retrospect, I seriously suspect that this is now becoming a more personal and localized event in its very nature; meaning that I believe it to be originating from something that I am yet to do.
However, there is evidence that the government has become aware of this ongoing phenomenon event, perhaps has tapped into it, and is even now being manipulated by it somehow.
I am currently tracking the origin point.
When I boil it all down, it involves the powers of the human mind, psychic research, government intervention, and an advanced technology that is way ahead of our time.
> RE: Case Evidence:
I am currently at home with my large dining room table filled with physical evidence to substantiate my claim that something extremely unusual is going on in the 'real' world.
I only began using and learning the Internet in 2007, so my skills for creating videos and the like are unfortunately nil and I don't have the proper equipment either, or else I could easily and visually place this evidence on public display.
The stark reality is that based upon my personal testimony alone, you will have to either believe me or else you will not.
This is your domain and all I can do is swear it to be the truth and put forth its warning message that is being delivered through very unusual methods.
[*Note: I had developed a working theory early-on during my teenage years, in case I was ever confronted by an early death experience, to telegraph an alert warning backward in time to myself and thus be able to change the circumstances. That was presupposing at the time that psychic phenomena was real, but I had already had my share of like experiences to say there was indeed at least something supporting its existence.]
It involves my early family photos, family memories, family members, even personal books and memorabilia, and my entire life being literally invaded and altered by an external psychic phenomenon force, which is in no uncertain terms an advanced early warning message concerning our future destruction.
Quite normal physical objects are also being slightly transformed and encoded with unique symbols, that I seem to have been programmed with the codex capability to decode these incoming messages.
I show signs of missing time and have successfully recovered most of the information through professional hypnosis sessions.
MK-Ultra and their mind control process are at least in part responsible for this missing time, but since these Black Operations are so covert in nature and compartmentalized, it leaves a rather large grey area of speculation.
The U.S. Government is either trying to control and guide my memories or else they are attempting to edit or delete certain aspects.
This is mental manipulation at its very finest, but does not account for the physical manipulation of visual objects around me.
Don't worry, this always sounds strange even to me!
Some of you cannot handle this idea very well, but I assure you that you should learn to and also know that I have been doing everything humanly possible to divert the human disasters listed down below.
However, by the act of you (the reader) reading this and coming into direct contact with its internal message, then this could cause history to become better or worse from the experience through the 'ripple effect' or otherwise known as the 'butterfly effect'.
There is no way to exactly know for sure, however I have been compelled to share this with you nonetheless.
> My Personal Testimony:
[*Note: Farther below is a list of what you might consider as prophecies (knowledge in advance), which are not written in stone and the central message of this text is to warn us all that we can take action and make proactive daily attempts with our minds and exert our physical activism efforts toward changing human history before it arrives. If at all possible.]
I have access through old military channels and acquaintances from my military past, who are validating 'for me' that at least something very significant is occuring throughout our world as we approach 2013.
Of course my few contacts are demanding anonymity, which leaves me standing all alone and hanging in the breeze, but I refuse to let that stop me.
I personally see no evidence concerning the Mayan 2012 media frenzy, however it is extremely interesting to note that everything involving my phenomena also relates directly to the beginning of a massive tribulation period during the same time of 2012-2013.
I am currently being forced to presuppose this to be only a random coincidence, but I am certain that some readers will chastise me for not vindicating their 2012/Nibiru belief-system; however I will not refute their assumptions at this time . . . due to insufficient evidence.
Some readers will say that I am just a nut-job, in order to quickly dispell their close-minded fears and anxieties, but believe you me, there will be no place to hide, so now is the time for action!
I have actively pursued petition signing, started groups and entered into heated debates in an attempt to awaken and alert a sleeping global public.
I am sure that some of you are already quite awake and taking action on a daily basis.
However, this text also refers to subject matter involving multi-dimensions, repeating loops in time and quantum physics.
There are probably no scientists among us here, but this is what messaging backward through time truly involves.
All I can do here is swear this to be the truth as I have and am currently experiencing it and I am equally certain that you can tell by the way I write this text, that something out of the ordinary is in progress here and is truly compelling me to come forward at this time.
> Warning of Events in Advance:
#1.  Global rising temperatures will accelerate projected ice-melt, thereby beginning to rapidly increase coastal flooding around the world. Solar and cosmic radiation interference is actually at the route cause and global CO2 rising levels are only magnifying the worst case scenarios.
#2.  2011 Tax Hikes and continued excessive government spending will merge taking us to the brink of a global economic depression. Another terrorist attack on New York City and the U.S.'s retaliatory military strike response listed below in #3 will crash the global stock markets.
#3.  War:  A united and well coordinated terrorist force of 200+ radical Islamic terror cells connecting China, Iran, Russia, Syria, Lebanon, North Korea, and Venezuela will effectively strike New York City. The U.S. Government will greenlight the U.S.S Enterprise to make two conventional strikes upon declared intelligence targets, then will continue the assault with a 'glowing hit', which is thought to be in regard to bunker-buster nuclear ordnance and another conventional air strike. This action will topple our 'house of cards', but if we fail to retaliate, the the terror cells will hit the U.S. over and over and over again. At the core of this conflict is religious belief-systems and the depletion of all natural resources on Planet Earth.
#4.  The U.S. will experience a long-lasting wave of hyperinflation and all gold transactions will be outlawed right in the middle of the worst economic disaster, which will make the Great Depression look like a school field trip to the bread factory.
#5.  During this same time period all ocean life will begin to become extinct, with bizarre mutations being brought up from the ocean depths as key evidence of changing ocean temperatures, pressure distribution and salinity indexes. Mass human migrations will begin.
#6.  Above numbers 1-5 will trigger exponential feedback loops adding to more personal public devastation.
#7.  Specifically the United States Government's 'business as usual' policies throughout 2011 to 2013 are the key cause for our seemingly inevitable demise, so I challenge you here today to take immediate proactive steps to help me divert this tragic vision being sent backward through time. They will not even prepare for the coming worldwide fresh drinking water shortages.
#8.  An asteroid impact large enough to wipe out one American city.


> Closing Statement:

Even if you don't believe in psychic phenomena, you should still see where our future seems to be leading and take the appropriate steps to help stave off the possibility of my being right . . . even if it is quite merely by chance or even perhaps just by accident.

I can only relate my information to you, but it is you who will have to decide upon the proper response and perhaps you can see a plan of action that I have failed to perceive.

It sounds like to me that we should either prepare to evacuate the planet or else prepare to dig-in and try to ride this out.

Please provide you own personal insight, even if you don't believe it, but rather instead as if you were giving this discourse the benefit of the doubt, for I would surely thank you for your input.
Remember: I might just be unfortunately correct.
 Internet Map. Ninian Smart predicts global com...Image via Wikipedia
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